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  1. I guess such irresponsible parents are the results of creating nanny states. I hate the attitude about things being the fault of the society. If you create kids, then they are ought to be your responsibility to raise them right.
  2. Who got the main responsibility for children? While the operator should not have allowed this for a bit extra profit, the parents should be responsible enough to not even consider it. The responsibility is mainly at the parents, no matter how you want to spin this.
  3. Suspect sketch released in Krabi massacre

    Doesn't really matter what opinions people might throw around as guesses. All we can do is hope that the guilty will be found and held responsible for this horrific action.
  4. Bipolar Russian rampages through Phuket Spa

    They are not mutual exclusive and the vodka is just likely to awake the manic beast inside.
  5. Mob referred to is likely the masses reacting to it online with their commets.
  6. The latest developments in the US elections

    Yeah, what would make him much different from many of the previous presidents on this matter ;-P
  7. The latest developments in the US elections

    I for one welcome our new republican overlord!
  8. Not sure what your point is about it. I am very well aware of the dangers he will put himself in, if he ever put a foot on thai soil. My point is that saying that he should mind his own business is asking everyone to do so. We all as consumers for a responsibility, hence why it is folly to say that he should mind his own business. Thailands main incomes is from tourist industry and rice export, and if we as consumers should mind our own business, we should also take our business elsewhere. In other words, you cannot have the cake and eat it too.
  9. Then maybe every citizen of the world should stay away from Thailand? Whoopti, there went one of the main incomes for Thailand! Maybe every country with respect for themselves should stop all kind of business with the Thai industry? Whooti, there went the rice export industry as well. Maybe you should consider thinking before suggesting such nonsense!
  10. While it is annoying that people linger in the overtaking lane, it doesnt justify any bad behavior, specially not pulling out a gun.
  11. Wondering what the labour office are thinking... working without permit and taking jobs from the locals :-D
  12. Well, it can take a bit time to come up with such reasonable arguments as his :-D
  13. Tourism is up, but the tourism has changed a lot. Most visitors is currently Chinese, which buy packet tours from home including more or less everything. You will only notice them entering and leaving their hotels showing up in busses at tourist attractions. However, even though that the amount of tourists is up, the income is down due to several reasons and one of them are that these packet tours are paid from home to foreign tour companies, so a lot of those money will never enter Thailand. This does also affect the small local businesses, because they dont get the same amount of visitors due to the fact that only a small amount of these packet tours will even go and visit a restaurant, because even their meals is paid for from home. Unless people are working within the tourist industry it is easy to think that the tourism is down, even though the number of people crossing the border is up. Problem with the turn that the tourism in Thailand has taken, is that they managed to lose money while gaining visitors.
  14. It sure is always a good idea to try to look at the coin from both sides, because there is always 2 sides of a story, so it will make it more likely to come to a more reasonable conclusion. It is very difficult to find 1 source (at least in english) that will draw a full imagine of conflicts in Thailand and what does separate the people. That people blindly following a specific source no matter what the source might be, will easily make them end up become a part of the issue dividing the people rather than building bridges. There is nothing easier than pointing fingers, and seem like humanity got a knack of doing so. Most conflicts as we see in Thailand got bad on both sides, but everyone who made their stand wether if it is one side or the other, is too proud to admit or recognize their own flaws and too busy pointing out what is going on on the other side of the fence. People often let themselves come a politcal tool, rather than a part of the citizens holding the politicians in check.
  15. Nobody says anyone has to be hysterical, but being skeptic is a good thing, instead of eating anything raw no matter what the source might be, because every source will be influenced by their own personal point og view.