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  1. Pot calls the kettle black
  2. I guess such irresponsible parents are the results of creating nanny states. I hate the attitude about things being the fault of the society. If you create kids, then they are ought to be your responsibility to raise them right.
  3. Who got the main responsibility for children? While the operator should not have allowed this for a bit extra profit, the parents should be responsible enough to not even consider it. The responsibility is mainly at the parents, no matter how you want to spin this.
  4. Suspect sketch released in Krabi massacre

    Doesn't really matter what opinions people might throw around as guesses. All we can do is hope that the guilty will be found and held responsible for this horrific action.
  5. Bipolar Russian rampages through Phuket Spa

    They are not mutual exclusive and the vodka is just likely to awake the manic beast inside.
  6. Mob referred to is likely the masses reacting to it online with their commets.