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  1. terminatorchiangmai

    Illegal Dumping in Pa Bong Upsets Villagers

    They will never complain straight in your face , even if they know who are dumping the garbage. Maybe they right about that , so easy to anger another now a days.
  2. terminatorchiangmai

    Peking duck

    M.K is pretty ok.
  3. terminatorchiangmai

    Where to buy pork belly in Chiang Mai?

    Makro for big cuts, nothing wrong with it.
  4. terminatorchiangmai

    Spray wheel rims

    Home Pro Hangdong sells peel off rubber paint for your rims, so you can change it anytime when you want. Good luck
  5. terminatorchiangmai


    Not really close to the night bazaar area is it ? Try Backyard for a nice rib, little bit after the Goodview on the river side going North. Enjoy
  6. terminatorchiangmai

    When is a child not a child?

    Under 12 its a kid, above 12 charge as an adult !
  7. Its all a big mistake. He meant to say PADI guy!
  8. Thailand , land of better not smile to anyone!
  9. if you think thats big , i pity your wife
  10. terminatorchiangmai

    Tai Yai Woman Dies in Pickup Crash

    No it was one of many morons that kept driving while getting sleepy. Such a shame with coffee shops and place to rest everywhere. R.I.P. poor woman
  11. terminatorchiangmai

    Elderly Bike Driver Dies in Hit and Run

    R.I.P. When is this ever going to stop , hit and run. Name and shame and an eye for an eye if found the killer.
  12. terminatorchiangmai

    Deestone tires

    Any update about the Deestone or Maxxis tyres ? I need to replace my Duellers on my SUV and i can not choose which one of these two brands to take. Any normal advise is very much appreciated. Thanks
  13. terminatorchiangmai

    Phuket boat tragedy ‘unlikely to hamper tourism’

    European holiday season now , but that doesn't count any more as high season right ?
  14. terminatorchiangmai

    Not-SpaceX Shows Up as Cave Rescue Becomes Circus

    As i was watching it also last night, i thought it might just be the solution for the narrow part of the cave the boys otherwise have to dive. I did a night dive once , and that was already terrifying. So i don't even dare to imagine kids with no experience under water in a small cave.
  15. terminatorchiangmai

    Heavy rains may force early extraction of survivors

    i did see last night on tv a sort of canvas tunnel been tested in a swimming pool. That look very promising , no water inside. I hope so it works and all children are out safe today!