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  1. We should have them driving Songteaws here in Chiang Mai. Most drivers here don't know any roads and especially not how to use google map on their not so smart phones
  2. Make a normal side walk first on Nimman , now it is already a digrase for the cities uptown shopping / dining street.
  3. My Non Imm B Visa expires in march, but i am always in a stressful deadline because the papers of my company's yearly revenue are ready end of February. Is there any way to get an extension , so i can apply for my normal yearly extension in April ?
  4. To late , the burning already started and nobody gives a shit again.
  5. yes , i always use the digital forms and print them out on 80 grams paper, Good luck.
  6. 19 Students injured in Chiang Rai van accident

    Yes , how can insurance cover for all 19 when the maximum was set to 12 last time by the government ? Even if its a 15 seater , there are still to many passengers.
  7. Don't know what is happening with Buddhism. Scolding on a temple compound is ok , but ladies praying in the wrong area is despicable. And what is it with the entrance fee at most temples now , Greed ? Tourism is down 25 % in Chiang Mai and it will continue to drop if this keeps going on much longer.
  8. Ford - here we go again

    Go to B-Quick , best prices and best after sale service
  9. Thailand has the deadliest roads in the world, new report claims

    I feel a celebration / public holiday day coming soon.
  10. Chiang Mai's rickshaws last of a dying breed

    time to move up to electric rikshaws
  11. tom yung kung Where is the best in Chiang Mai

    The restaurant next to the Good View Village on the right has a delicious Tom Yam and many other dishes , all good ! Good luck.
  12. Phuket divers blasted for coral damage

    More easy to blame the Chinese.
  13. at least it wasn't a 100.000 baht fine.
  14. Bizarre TripAdvisor scam shows the power of fake reviews

    If that happens , you as owner can ask them to remove the review. Tripadvisor will then contact reviewer with some questions , and if Tripadvisor agrees with what you say is true they will remove it.
  15. Bizarre TripAdvisor scam shows the power of fake reviews

    Tripadvisor does not remove bad reviews if there is no reason for it. But there are a lot of fake reviews in between. My company has more then 600 reviews in 10 years time of which 85 % 5 stars , and a new competitor gets 300+ reviews in 1 year which is very awkward. That is something they should look into. I know that there is some sort of site where you can pay for reviews, i got these requests also before i marked them as junk mail. Honesty last longest.