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  1. Maybe you should go to Tesco or Big C more often, lose your guard there for a minute and you have a queue jumper. 2 months of experience behind your computer i guess.
  2. terminatorchiangmai

    Video of thug punching woman in the face viewed by millions

    What a wonderful future awaits them.
  3. terminatorchiangmai

    How to eat avocados

    Just eat it with herb salt and black pepper or in a salad with grilled chicken
  4. Maybe they should focus on lets learn to speak English first.
  5. My Thai lady friend always says, good people go to heaven bad people go to hell. I want to go to hell, no fun at all in heaven.
  6. Public execution of the whole gang would be more appropriate
  7. Last month is was served by a Chinese girl in a known restaurant in Chiang Mai. She did not understand a word Thai or English. Did not know they could work freely in Thailand. Needles to say , i wont be going back to that place any more.
  8. Not very extreme premiums if you add adventurous sports like scuba diving , paragliding etc etc to your travel insurance. Maybe 10 dollar more on a 2 week holiday. I always take the extra option. Cheers
  9. Its just Thaivisa wrongly reporting again. The kid build a sorting machine. I don't think he would take credit for inventing it as we all can see its on Youtube already. Don't shoot the kid , shoot the messenger!
  10. littering , walking in the middle of the road on the path of the approaching songthaew. Some people are easily angered nowadays. Anyway time for a weekly clampdown on all drivers of public transportation. Every tuk tuk , songthaew or taxi driver has a weapon in his vehicle, thats a fact! 75 % of all tuk tuk drivers are drunk after 7 pm. Look at all these guys drinking in front of the Imperial hotel. Unfortunately there is nothing done about it.
  11. They know that Muslims are being reminded of prayer times,” If they are so religious why do they need to get reminded about praying times ?
  12. I thought it was Leum?
  13. I really hope they find the rapist and that a confession would clear these Burmese boys as well.
  14. Why are these scamming bars never named ? Name and shame!