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  1. I vote for that. Start making examples and have public executions so everyone can see this is not how we treat any person.
  2. She drives on the wrong side of the road , so the least she could do was to make sure you have seen her before she passes your car. To many people think you have 4 eyes here. When you are looking at busy traffic on your right there will always be an brainless persons coming or passing on your left side. It was her fault but you are to blame.
  3. Look good , his indicator was on. The motorbike was in the wrong overtaking him on the left side. To many people on the road don't understand what danger they bring themselves in when driving in the blind spot of a car. I see it every day with Thai and foreigners.
  4. Good the Uber driver pressed charges. Hopefully these regular taxi drivers will stop now taking these honest Uber drivers and their passengers hostage. Very well worth the 1000 baht fine.
  5. He should be fined 100 baht for not wearing his shirt.
  6. Nong Hoi , around the Holiday Inn hotel area. Good luck
  7. In Chiang Mai all the cops stop working after 6 pm , that is when the congestion mostly starts.
  8. Looking at the finger pointing the black stallion did it again
  9. A smile and phones !
  10. Why not a zeppelin ?
  11. Get these kind of emails daily. This time he got the scam on Facebook and then run to the police to report how stupid he is ?
  12. Just ignore them Had the same with my Mitsubishi. I just bring it it when its time for the oil change, They just stamp the book for you even the check up that you missed, so you stay in the warranty with a new car. Good luck,
  13. In Chiang Mai you can rent a nice 3 bedroom house for 10 - 15 k per month. Or a one bedroom apartment for 5 k per month 50.000 per month would give you a relaxed life style. Not forget you need medical insurance for around 20.000 per year and 800.000 in Thai bank account for extension of your retirement visa. Good luck,
  14. Surely this was not his first time , and he is not the only one doing it.
  15. Yes to all. You have a new arival / departure card. That's the number they need to update. Last year when i came back from Europe Chiang Mai immigration told me no need for the form , they just updated my tm 30 slip with a stamp. Attached pic was posted by a TV member .