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  1. Video: Motorist's lucky escape as "UFO" lands in front of his car!

    They needed to look no further than the V and P Global company on the road leading towards Rangsit. The company mixes cement. Manager Chamnan Meewai said that one of two mixing silos had exploded while being moved sending the cover crashing onto the surface of the road.
  2. Video: Motorist's lucky escape as "UFO" lands in front of his car!

    Exploded ? The idiots don't know that hot air expands in a closed silo ? The company should be charged with negligence and endangering others !
  3. Laws Can't Solve Road Deaths: Interior Minister

    One word ; EDUCATION !
  4. Songkran traffic death toll climbs to 188 in 3 days

    Changing the drivers should start already with educating them about road safety rules on elementary school like they do in Europe. Start now , then in 10 year time we will see some improvement.
  5. All hit and run drivers should be exposed like this and their cars stripped !
  6. 39 Die On 1st ‘Dangerous Day’ Of Songkran

    wonder what the status is this morning , 39 was a bit low and to early estimated me thinks.
  7. 86 is booked out by me already
  8. Russian busted for overstay, drugs

    The they raid him for overstay or for possession ?
  9. Drugged and robbed last night in Chiang Mai

    Can be GHB , lesson learned the hard way. Never ever leave your drink unattended.
  10. one word only comes trough my mind. IDIOTS !
  11. Clown meeting about to combat smoke pollution. Only one simple answer , STOP burning all year round and give hefty fines to violators.
  12. Finally found it, at the end of the clip you see the correct line id and the QR code. Good luck and good health !!
  13. It's getting impossible to catch the bad guys nowadays with these Defamation and computer crime act laws. Rob a bank and make sure your caught on cctv and wait till they broadcast it, free pass me thinks or is it only for the army and police ?
  14. Cant find it also, any QR code would be most useful
  15. Songkran where to be , or no to be

    Keep your vow !