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  1. Dwarf man crushed to death by roadside bench

    What goes around will come around.
  2. Dwarf man crushed to death by roadside bench

    how can you get crushed by a bench ? Was he sleeping under it ? Still a sad thing to happen and even more sad are some of the comments posted here. RIP little man.
  3. that was original post until they corrected it. Thanks for waking up but better you go back to sleep since you have nothing to add here.
  4. Benefits of having a TAT License?

    you don't benefit from it , but its mandatory by Law. Be prepared to leave a deposit of 100.000 behind on a bank account for TAT specialy. Also you need to prove you have insurance for your customers , a contract for 100 clients is enough even if you have more then 4000 clients. That really shows how ridiculous the TAT is. Good luck
  5. jumping the que and loading more than 20 items at the 10 items only lane, i think he was mistaken. He should have said I am Thai and i do whatever i want !
  6. Prayut: ‘Who would let Yingluck flee?’

    Maybe Yingluck can tell the people how she got away and shed a light on everything ?
  7. Koh Samet – Great beaches and Bbq!

    I was there 2 months ago , it is very clean and quiet. Can recommend Ao Wong Duan beach.
  8. Koh Samet

    Stay at Vongduan for a nice quiet and clean beach and rent a scooter to go to the nightlife. Everything is perfectly paved and there only a few cars driving ( songteaws)
  9. The bullet that hurts - but never kills

    Wow the US copied it already, unbelievable !
  10. Spanish police track down, shoot dead Barcelona attacker

    In public and on live Television broadcast please !
  11. In Chiang Mai for my non im B they just give you 90 days. Should have nothing to do with the extension of your Visa. But hey things are changing every minute as they please.
  12. Police monitoring Facebook?

    Must be true , since they all sit inside all day and not walk the streets to make people feel more safe..
  13. isn't it a fact that all black fortuner drivers are complete <deleted> ?
  14. Good to see the guy on the background hurrying up to get a fire extinguisher and help..
  15. There was coke in Chiang Mai ?