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  1. Very true Will. I have never seen it before. Lets hope we all improve this round. Did anyone take the Swans in the Gauntlet?
  2. The teams for the playing on Tuesday and Wednesday do not get announced until Monday.
  3. Proof of 65,000 baht PCM

    I got a shock as well. I looked on Transferwise this morning and they were offering 24.24.
  4. Proof of 65,000 baht PCM

    I did my extension to day using Australian Dollars. The rate they used was 24.66 baht to the Aust Dollar. This was up north. They had it on a list with other currencies.
  5. Well done Will. Great to get an early win.
  6. I transferred mine in 2016 at Chiang Rai. I handed over both Passports and nothing else. There was no charge. There were 2 stamps placed in my new passport. Mine is an Australian passport. The Embassy put a stamp in the old passport and no letter was required.
  7. Australian Aged Pension

    You will find that there will be an AUSTRAC report generated by OFX and that your name will be on that report as the sender of the money. CL will have access to AUSTRAC. All moneys transferred overseas by financial institutions will have an AUSTRAC report. The only exceptions will be if you hand carry cash and it is less than AU$10,000.
  8. FJ will be happy with the win. Not with his tipping though. Everyone tipped the losers.
  9. Well done Grant. Good to see a Swan supporter in the No 1 position after round 1
  10. There a big chance for a first up win.
  11. Bus Chiang Mai to Phayao Monday

    My step daughter goes to university in Chiang Mai and travels often home to Phayao on the Green Bus line and they go direct to Phayao and then return to Chiang Mai. I often drive from Phayao to Chiang Mai and see many Green Buses heading to/from Chiang Mai and Phayao after the turn off to Lampung. On route 118 there are also buses heading to/from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. I think your info may be a little out of date. This thread was started 2 years. Maybe a new thread should have been started.
  12. I hope they start better than 2017. There do not seem to be too many injuries at this stage so I hope they get a first up win in Perth.
  13. Please do the tipping Chook. I have retired as organiser but will still participate in the comp.
  14. They actually tried this in 2016 and it was ignored. Last year the Government made the same announcement. Last year the local village head made the announcement over their PA systems and it was obeyed. In my village in Phayao Province there was only one small fire. Cooking of food was exempt. Last year the smog haze around Phayao was very little due the local villages taking control because they had been directed to. I hope this happens again this year.