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  1. I have watched 3 episodes and like it.
  2. British expat, 39, found hanged in luxury Phuket house

    Please remember he had a wife, a son , a stepson and friends in Thailand.
  3. Thaivisa forum urls changed

    When I tried to log in this morning I received the following message. OOOPS... THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS NOT FOUND LET'S GO FOR A TUK TUK RIDE AND LOOK FOR IT www.thaivisa.com
  4. I found this link using Google https://wwos.nine.com.au/2017/03/23/09/05/tony-lockett-speaks-out-about-weight-loss "I was about 24 kilos I reckon when I decided enough's enough so I jumped one the scales, I was 124, 125,'' Lockett told AFL Footy Show panellist Billy Brownless. "I thought that's enough incentive to get something done here. There's no eating basically. There's only one way you lose weight and that's not eat at all. "I've been off the frothies (beer) too." Lockett also rejected suggestions he had become a recluse and said he had simply elected to spend more time with his four children while they were still young.
  5. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    Very slow on every application
  6. Right-of-Way at an Intersection

    And biggest vehicle has right of way
  7. Taxis, Uber, for-hire transportation in Phayao

    I have lived near Phayao full time for the last 6 years. There are no taxis or Uber except for motor cycle taxis that have a side carriage attached. These only run in daylight hours. In all villages you will find a local who will transport you to where you want to go. They use their private car and charge you a set fee. The closet airport is Chiang Rai and the minimum cost of Airport taxis is 1200 baht. The locals from Phayao will charge a little less once you get to know them. I hope this helps
  8. I did not check Tesco today. Cannot say if they increased or remained the same.
  9. Thanks. I stuffed up.
  10. On Friday I was in our local Makro and Tesco Lotus. Leo big bottles were still 584 Baht. Macro had boxes dated August and Tesco had boxes dated 09/09/2017. I was in Makro today and the price has increased to 614 Baht. Still the same date on boxes as Friday. A 30 Baht increase and this works out at 2.5 baht per bottle or approximately 0.05% percent increase per box
  11. Got 30 Days from Mae Sai

    All land crossings give 30 days but as previously stated only 2 per calendar year
  12. A bucket of coins...

    I have tried to cash 10 baht coins at Bangkok Bank and SCB. I have accounts at both. BB would accept loose coins up to 1900 baht with no charge. I tried to deposit 11000 baht. They told me that they would charge 1% to count them. I then counted them my self and placed into 100 baht lots in separate bags. They still would only accept 1900 baht in bags or they would charge 1%. SCB said they would accept any amount as long as they a in 100 bahts lots in bags.
  13. That not a bad deal. Melbourne get Tippett and the Swans get Watts and a first round pick.
  14. I think the massacre in Las Vegas will be Donald Trumps main agenda
  15. Australian Aged Pension

    Be aware that this is what the Medicare office work on. Ministerial Order No 781 allows Australian citizens who have been absent from Australia to continue Medicare eligibility for up to 5 years from their original departure from Australia. The 5 years does not recommence on return visits where they do not reside in Australia.