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  1. Last year I too had this problem with the SCB in Phayao. When they were filling out the form on the computer it required an Australian address. I do not have one and told them that. They said the computer required an address in my home country. I am still using my cracked card.
  2. Well done Alex. A great effort by you. I disagree with the Swan comment about father time. The young ones they have, are being blooded and are prime to take over.
  3. ripstanley

    Driving Licence lapsed.

    Mine was 5 years to 5 years. That's why I told OP to check with DLT
  4. ripstanley

    Driving Licence lapsed.

    Check with the DLT if medical certificate is required. I did not need one in Phayao on Tuesday.
  5. Good luck Ron. I hope your results of the tests are great for you.
  6. I did this in Phayao. The new licence has a new format to my old one. The English translations are now printed immediately below the Thai spellings. The address in English is also on the back below the address in Thai. The English printed address was not there before I also got it for 5 years and 362 days, that was very good news. The staff were very helpfully and pleasant
  7. ripstanley

    This thai girl

    OP I think you should get a new profession. You are a very poor fiction writer
  8. ripstanley

    Renewing Australian passport in Thailand

    I attended the outreach visit in March this year and they accepted cash from me.
  9. As Grant posted you get an additional trade during the bye rounds. That makes 3 per round during the byes. We are still playing during the bye rounds.
  10. I thought I was going bad with a score of 5 for one player.
  11. At that time of day I thought it would be a very cold 6 pack of your favourite beer.
  12. ripstanley

    Error 520

    Great song Trans. With all these problems My eyes cannot see the threads
  13. ripstanley

    Renewing Australian passport in Thailand

    You can apply for a new passport more than 6 months in advance. I did and there was no problem. Your ten years starts from when it is approved in Canberra. You go online and complete a renewal application. You print this out and present this at the Embassy or in my case at the outreach Embassy visit in Chiang Mai. The cost of the passport and the "Julie Bishop tax" for applying overseas increases every year on the 1st January.
  14. ripstanley

    Australian Aged Pension

    Very true Old Croc.
  15. His first game at Optus oval will be in the stands selling pies. Now I know why he has been "rested"