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  1. They actually tried this in 2016 and it was ignored. Last year the Government made the same announcement. Last year the local village head made the announcement over their PA systems and it was obeyed. In my village in Phayao Province there was only one small fire. Cooking of food was exempt. Last year the smog haze around Phayao was very little due the local villages taking control because they had been directed to. I hope this happens again this year.
  2. All the best JB. We will be thinking of you.
  3. Chiang Rai Immigration

    They can renew passports. I did mine in 2016 and when I was there last June they were renewing passports.
  4. Australian Aged Pension

    The first line stats the following. Information update: This Budget measure is subject to the passage of legislation. Has this happened?
  5. Ashes 2017/2018

    He is now 77 he may have changed his ways
  6. Change AIS SMS messages to English

    For DTAC asked at the Phayao DTAC shop how to change SMS from Thai to English. Telephone the call centre was the answer. A week later I was in Chiang Rai and asked at the DTAC shop in Central plaza. I was given a que number and waited. When I was called the very efficient worker took 10 seconds to change on her computer. Well done Chiang Rai DTAC
  7. This story was in the Australian media 2 days ago http://www.smh.com.au/world/aussie-hells-angels-member-arrested-over-huge-drug-haul-in-thailand-20171212-h0349a.html
  8. Aussie consulate vist in C M today

    Actually they came 6 times in 2017 to Chiang Mai. They visit every 2 months and yes it does save a trip to Bangkok. The price increased to AU$70.00 on the 1st January 2017. It will increase again on the 1st January 2018.
  9. Chiang Rai Immigration

    She must know you a Thai Visa GM
  10. Ashes 2017/2018

    Saw the interview on the ABC. Steve Smith couldn't stop laughing.
  11. Ashes 2017/2018

    Seems to be a little bit of recent history between Bairstow and Bancroft in a bar in Perth. https://wwos.nine.com.au/2017/11/26/21/03/england-probe-bairstow-bancroft-clash
  12. Weather in Chiang Rai region

    It is the coldest November day I have experienced since moving here 6 years ago. Maximum temperature was 21 C. Overcast all day with a cold northerly breeze.
  13. Ashes 2017/2018

    England have a lead of 7 runs with 2 wickets down. Australia led by 26 runs on the first innings. Great innings by Smith.
  14. The AUD was 79 and actually hit 80 to the US dollar about 2 months ago and all you got was high 25 baht and low 26 baht. I would love to see it but I do not believe it will happen
  15. Thanksgiving turkey

    This is in Chiang Rai forum. The OP has asked about what is available in Chiang Rai not Bangkok