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  1. The receipt she received was for only 327 baht. She paid that to the cashier and the 5000 to the man who was dealing with her case at the land office.
  2. My wife recently had a small parcel of family land transferred to her name. There was no cash exchanged between family members. She was charged an additional 5,000 baht that she did not receive a receipt for. I found out after the event and was informed that this is usual practice. They have a better scheme then the Police.
  3. He should get a fine. This would mean that because of earlier 2 offences in the season he is out for a week. I hope the MRP have some balls.
  4. Did anyone else have a problem with telecast today from Fox Footy? In the last quarter the sound went out of sync and the from the 9.53 minutes to go my signal disappeared. I received a message to say that my internet connection was at fault. I then tuned into the ABC radio broadcast with no problem.
  5. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    Why would an innocent person fake his own death and steal a friends ID?
  6. This story was on the Australian news on Monday http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-17/fuel-shortage-causes-flight-cancellations-in-auckland/8954788
  7. He is not what I thought he would be like. Very good interview.
  8. I remember this very well. I flew out of Phuket the night before to Singapore. after a few delays. The weather was very poor and when I heard the news the next day it really stuck . It will always be remembered.
  9. Just had a couple of bottles of my old price Leo. Tasted good and no sour taste.
  10. I bought 2 cases of Leo big bottles at Tesco Phayao about an hour ago Still the same price of 584 Baht each. The boxes were dated 22/08/2017.
  11. They were never in the game. Well done Geelong and Farmerjoe
  12. Same in Phayao. No rain for a few days.
  13. Go and make a complaint to the Police It may make the Thai news
  14. He are mine anyway. Swans GWS No surprise as originally from NSW