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  1. elviajero "I'm married, over 50 (just) and a parent. When I apply for an extension I apply for it based on being a parent so that I do not need to tie up 800K/400K in a Thai bank for months before applying or bother with an income affidavit. If I went in with a bank book with over 800K in it they would process the application based on being over 50 and issue it on the spot. What is the downside to that!" Could you please what is the requirement for an extension of stay based on being a parent? At the moment I have an extension of stay base on retirement with income.
  2. I think it should be thrown up all the time. It will time and eliminate the recalls.
  3. I missed all the games today with a trip to Chiang Rai. I think it was lucky as I might have changed a couple of tips. What happened to the Eagles?
  4. Round 9 is completed with only 8 matches played this week. This week we had 2 tipsters with 7/8. Grannysapples is again the winner. Two weeks straight and is climbing the ladder. Excellent work Grant. I also tipped 7/8. Overall leaders are Radar501 and BigWazz on 52. Then we have a Grant and Ozzydom on 51. The leader board is clogging up and we are not halfway yet. We are back to 9 games next week. Good tipping
  5. At quarter time I think Alex and Gazman thought the same after they had selected Hawthorn.
  6. Have a read of this story. Scroll down to the 2 guys sitting on the couch.
  7. Swans are returning to form. Saints form was down . Paddy had a good game for the Swans.
  8. The bye rounds are 11, 12, and 13. They made an extra bye round for GC and PA for their trip to China. "This year you will receive an extra trade for bye rounds 11, 12 & 13. However, in Round 9 when only two teams (Gold Coast & Port Adelaide) have the bye you will only receive 2 trades as you would a regular week."
  9. Heavy rain in Phayao today. It lasted about 5 hours. We were in town about 8am and there was some water across the roads then. We were heading to Chiang Rai but changed our minds and returned home. I have seen photos of flooding at the bus station and near the Phayao Ram Hospital. If travelling through Phayao be careful.
  10. GWS injury list is growing. It will be a very close especially now that Crotchin escape a weeks penalty.
  11. Do not forget that the Gold Coast and Port Adelaide have a bye next week after their arduous trip to China.
  12. Round 8 the China Round is completed. There were a few upsets but this week we had 8 tipsters with 6/9. The actual winner is Grannysapples with the margin of 4. Well done Grant. Overall leader is still Radar 501 on 47 from Biggwazz and Ozzydom on 46.
  13. When you travel from your home in Thailand and stay at a hotel they ask for your passport and report these details to Immigration. That is how they know.
  14. Today we returned from Chiang Mai to Phayao. The wife wanted to buy mushrooms from the hill people who had set up stalls along the road on 118. These are the expensive ones.They are now in season. They showed the wife the new mushrooms and she was happy. They are packaged in teak leaf and the new mushrooms are on the top and old ones from last year are on the bottom. Buyer beware.