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  1. They DO NOT want you to show proof of income. Please read posts 99 and 100. They posted info on the website in March that they did but this has been changed since early April
  2. They are trying to have people use a credit card but they accepted cash from me in June. We had a little discussion about the topic. That was at the outreach visit to Chiang Mai.
  3. GWS are now facing not making the final 4. The big mover toward the final 4 is Melbourne. They face Kangaroos, GWS, St Kilda, Brisbane and Collingwood. Alex you must be very happy. Here is my final 4. Adelaide, Geelong, Melbourne and I hope the Swans.
  4. Round 18 has been completed. This week we had 2 tipsters on 7/9. It was very close between Ozzydom and Chook. Chook is the winner with a margin of 3 while Ozzydom had 4. Well done boys. Ozzydom is the overall leader and has cracked the ton. 2nd is Biggwazz on 95. 5 points clear with only 5 weeks to go. He will be hard to beat. Good luck for next week.
  5. The Indians running the Tipping Site must have been offended with my comments last week. This week I tipped Hawthorn and I received another red X. Another friendly email has been sent.
  6. At the Immigration office I attend they print your 90 day notification onto a blank TM47 and tell you to use it for your next 90 day report.
  7. I am glad that ruckman was lost.
  8. I just clicked on the link in my post and I had no problems. I have now saved that link and no problems from bookmarks.
  9. I normally click on the following link From this afternoon all I get is the following. This site can’t be reached The connection was reset. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Can you please explain why this is happening? Can you also explain why the posts per page has been reduce to only 15?
  10. The Derby round has finished. Swans over GWS and WCE over Freo. This week we had 2 with 8/9. Will and Ron were excellent. This weeks winner is Will with the better margin. Ozzydom is the overall leader on 93 with Biggwazz 2nd on 91. Only 6 more rounds to go. Can Ozzydom hang on? This week we had 2 tipster who did not submit tips. Good luck for next week.
  11. What a beautiful day. Plenty of rain on and off with sunshine in between. It has now rained continually since about 4 pm. Some was heavy but now is light. Temperature this afternoon was 25 C . Great to sit out on the balcony with a cold beer in hand and watch the rain.
  12. Well Alex I will now concede that the Swans will make the finals. I am glad that you had faith earlier in the season that they would be there in September. I noticed that your faith waned today. Can they make the top 4????????
  13. Check your tips on the tipping website. I tipped Adelaide but was marked with a red X. View tips show I did. I have sent a "friendly" email to the Indians '
  14. Just show both passports on arrival. they will stamp the new passport. On your arrival card where they ask for visa number write the re-entry number. You will then apply for a new extension of stay in February. When you return to your home go to your local Immigration and transfer your extension of stay to your new passport. It should be free. Depending where you live you may also require a new TM30 within 24 hours of your arrival.
  15. Good news for Chook Saint McCartin's return put on hold indefinitely