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  1. Thanks.
  2. Anyone know if it's open tomorrow?
  3. I will just take my apartment invoices with me and hope for the best. I doubt they've been reporting as it's more of a long term apartment rental place for bar girls and ladyboys.
  4. Oh and my hotel at the time was 22,000 baht a night. Cheers.
  5. Can I print the forms first? Otherwise I have to drive all way there, come back to hotel get them to fill in, then go back again. Seems stupid to make everyone do this. Doesn't happen in Isaan, just a single form. Thought they'd done away with a second form because everyone hated the double trip to immigration so much - so just need the TM7 now???
  6. Last time I did it was hell. a full two days of back and forth just to get a 30 day extension. Had to go back to hotel to get 'invitation letter' which hotel wouldn't give me. In the end managed to get the extension but they fought hard to make things difficult. Since then I've always got my extensions in Isaan because there's no queue and they actually smile - and it takes 10 minutes max. Is Jomtien still a full day of hell? Would I be better taking a day trip? Are there any less touristy immigration offices nearby? If Bangkok is better, I might go there. Thanks
  7. Thanks Sheryl.
  8. I was trying to do as close to 15km as I could each morning between 9am and midday. The remainder was just general walking throughout the rest of the day, evening. My average was actually just below 20km a day but not far off. Edit: sorry I see your point. The "hour or two" I mention above is for my new plan - to cut back on anything as intensive as before, to avoid a repeat of last time. It's not about what I was doing previously. Here's my steps. 19th was day I got sick so I stopped since then. I'm quite young and not too unhealthy so it's not impossible. Here's a screenshot of steps: And I got lots of blisters!
  9. Ok sorry I value all constructive replies, but we all know Sheryl's help is what makes this Health forum as good as it is. I think without her, we would be better shutting it down as if that were the case, jak would probably have a point about taking advice from random strangers. However, as Sheryl, is here, the Health forum is clearly worthwhile, and one of the best things about the ThaiVisa forum overall.
  10. I probably worry too much, yes. But you try having a brown/purple pee with RBC count >200 (a reading so high, they don't even bother counting) and not being concerned. Only natural that since that event, I've been more focused on keeping hydrated - because I thought I was keeping hydrated during all the exercise, but clearly not.
  11. I have done exactly that. The first thing I did was go to hospital, within about 10 minutes of seeing my urine. However, Sheryl is so knowledgeable, I do like some input and reassurance on the results to check I am doing the right things. I don't value the rest of you to be honest. Doctors here can be good but they can also be very light on communication / explanation of results, and recommendations for improvement.
  12. Week later and had follow up urine and blood tests at the clinic you recommended, Sheryl. I think these results are ok but welcome any comments. Urine test: RBC 0, WBC 0, Protein negative, Glucose negative, Ketone negative. One thing on the pH... My dark brown urine had a pH of 5. The following day, it was 7. Today's sample has a pH of 8, which is just on the limit. The last week I've concentrated on keeping hydrated. Been drinking only 3 things: water, green tea (no added sugar), coconut water (no added sugar). No alcohol at all. Any reason why it's so alkaline and whether to be concerned? Could be sign of UTI... or have I just been drinking so much water that that explains it? On the blood tests BUN has gone from 9 to 18 (normal range 8-25). So has increased but still within normal range, and I have read 18 is closer to the optimal levels (based on this link optimal BUN is 16 - although don't know how accurate this site is http://www.stat.unc.edu/visitors/temp/Health/Thyroid/blood_test_results.htm) Creatinine has gone down from 1.33 (brown pee day) to 1.25 (following day) to 1.07 (today). This clinic uses a different formula for eGFR but using the formula from the hospital, this puts my eGFR at 91 which i think is better. I think it's clear my kidneys were struggling with my new routine, but seem to be ok now. Total protein is 8.1 (6.0-8.0) so still just high, although the Pattaya clinic puts the normal protein range at up to 8.5 (as it considers globulin ok up to 3.5) so going by that, I am in normal range. . Albumin high now at 5.2 (3.5-5.0) despite trying to keep hydrated. Globulin 2.9 (2.5-3.0). A/G ratio is 1.79. Previous tests were protein 8.3: albumin was previously ok at 4.6 and globulin 3.7 (high) giving A/G ratio 1.24. Hard to know exactly what the A/G ratio should be despite googling for 10 minutes, but this site (http://www.ndhealthfacts.org/wiki/Albumin/Globulin_Ratio) seems to think optimal is 1.5-2.0 so I'm going to say my results are better today than they were last week .... Total and direct bilirubin levels normal (and lower than last week)
  13. Any recommendations for full body mole check up in Pattaya? Info on cost would help too Thanks
  14. Agreed I haven't had a beer for a few weeks, and there's no way the improvement isn't related. I'll prove it next time I'm hungover when my bp shoots up again. Almost enough to make me quit drinking, but that would be boring.
  15. Usage / differences on these 3 please? I'm assuming one is that's enough thanks e.g. enough food. One is enough already! as in shut up. Thanks พอแล้ว por láew ควรแล้ว kuan láew เหมาะแล้ว mòr láew