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  1. I need to get a WiFi dongle which has very strong signal strength to handle skype calls, video calls. Any advice on the best one to get? Guessing shops in Central will sell these. Needs to be top-up / pay as you go cheers
  2. Thanks a lot. Funny however many times I've heard it it couldnt sound more like Lap... whereas you have Dub. They're not even remotely similar. Is it just my untrained ear? Maybe it's a regional difference and she's using a different word.
  3. Trying to find the actual thai for this... beyond ped ped When my gf says it, it sounds like "hu lap tab mai"... it means so hot smoke comes out of your ears / mouth on fire. Along those lines. Cheers
  4. theres a difference between seedy and illegal anyway, forget it. END OF THREAD.
  5. Anyone suggesting this is cultural and therefore should just be accepted is laughable. These are go go bars targeted at farang. Anyway I will leave it. I'm just surprised it can happen in even the most high profile of places.
  6. My ex gf, was with her 18 months, has recently started working in a gogo bar just off walking street. She's made a friend i think she's called May.. but hard to understand the pronunciation. Anyway, May has been working in the gogo since she was 15 and is still only 17. Best way to report this? Would Pattaya police be interested in an anonymous email? Can tell the name of the bar if anyone's interested, but guessing it might be a common occurrence in Pattaya and maybe nobody cares? Amazingly my ex gf couldnt care less. Really f'ing shit hope the bar gets shut down but it's probably the most frequented gogo in Pattaya so doubt that.
  7. Wanted to get some opinions as I'm improving in some ways but not in others. It'll help if I start at the beginning. Dec 26 - woke up middle of night incredibly cold, teeth chattering. Wrapped up in about five layers and managed to sleep though the rest of the night. Dec 27 - diarrhea started. Anything I ate or drank would result in a trip to the toilet, usually within about ten minutes. Fever wise, was fluctuating between hot and cold. Dec 28 - same as 27. Endless trips to toilet. Dec 29 - fever really escalated so I went to hospital for blood tests. I got the all clear on dengue and malaria and was told I had influenza virus. Was given paracetamol and tamiflu and sent home. I never took the tamiflu but I have been on a very heavy diet of paracetamol pretty much constantly. At this point my concern was with fever rather than diarrhea... Honeslty I get upset stomach from.l time to time and it always passes but this fever was something else. Dec 30 - stayed at home. Fever stable and diarrhea same as always. Dec 31 - attention turns to diarrhea when notice a scary amount of blood in stool. Go to toilet maybe 15 times. Even when stomach is empty, just blood coming out. This results in overnight stay in hospital, IV antibiotic dose which nearly knocked me out, and hydration drip all night. I woke up in middle of night wet through and freezing, felt very much like how it had all started back on 26th. Nurse said had a risk of going into shock and was given hot water bottle. Jan 01 - Wake up and provide stool sample for testing (I did this after being treated with IV antibiotics the night before). There was no blood, I presume the IV treatment had helped. Doctor later confirms bacterial infection and prescribes norfloxacin. I take two tablets, morning and evening. Visits to toilet down from average of 20 to about 3. Sleep uninterrupted. Jan 02 - change treatment to Azithromycin. Feeling generally better and more hydrated. Stool still not solid but has changed colour and no blood. No signs of fever so no need for paracetomol before bed. However, wake up 2am freezing again and with need to go to toilet. Go two times, not solid but no blood. Wrap up again and get back to sleep eventually. Jan 03 - toilet when wake up, same as in the night, not solid but no blood. Feeling cold and weak. So my thinking on all of this is I have a viral infection, influenza, which caused my diarrhea. At some point, I got a bacterial infection which has now cleared up (I hope... no more blood etc), but I'm still left with virus which is still giving me stomach problems. Sound logical? I'm considering going back to doctor for new blood and stool tests to confirm. Plan today is to start eating yoghurt and see if that help my stomach. On the fever / feeling freezing, I guess I just have to wait and hope
  8. 4 hours - 200 mg / 50% 7 hours - 100 mg / 25% 11 hours - 50 mg / 13% 14 hours - 25 mg / 6% 18 hours - 13 mg / 3% 21 hours - 6 mg / 1% 25 hours - 3 mg / 0% Source: Drug Half Life Calculator - Drugsdb.com http://www.drugsdb.com/resources/drug-half-life-calculator/#ixzz3w45ikB2t
  9. Should I war until its out of my system completely. Took 400mg at 9pm last night. Saying half life is 3.5 hours so could take azith tonight...
  10. The FDA is strengthening its warning that a popular class of antibiotics, called fluoroquinolones, may cause sudden, serious, and potentially permanent nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy. Fluoroquinolones are antibiotics that are commonly used to treat a variety of illnesses such as respiratory and urinary tract infections. These medicines include ciprofloxacin (Cipro), gemifloxacin (Factive), levofloxacin (Levaquin), moxifloxacin (Avelox), norfloxacin (Noroxin), and ofloxacin (Floxin). More than 23 million patients received a prescription for one of them in 2011. Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves that send information to and from the brain and spinal cord and the rest of the body. Damage interrupts this connection, and the symptoms depend on which nerves are affected. In general, the symptoms are in the arms and legs and include numbness, tingling, burning, or shooting pain. Peripheral neuropathy has been listed as a side effect of fluoroquinolones since 2004. There have been reports of long-lasting nerve damage and disability in patients taking this type of medication. A recent FDA review revealed that the existing warnings for fluoroquinolones were inadequate. The FDA's newest alert requires that all drug labels and medication guides for fluoroquinolones be updated to better emphasize the risk for serious and potentially irreversible peripheral neuropathy. http://www.webmd.com/brain/news/20130826/fda-strengthens-fluoroquinolone-warning
  11. Infloran. Is that worth a try? And sorry clicked Post by mistake and no edit option on mobile.browser that I can see.
  12. Just reading more and more horror stories about that family of drugs even on short doses, so going to switch. The risk is small I know, but were talking about risks of permanent debilitating damage. My particular area of concern was on damagento the nervous system. Thank for your advice. I was looking and ntocied another probiotic recommended, a capsule named
  13. Prevention and Self-Treatment of Traveler's ... www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov PMC1539099 by DJ Diemert - ‎2006 - ‎Cited by 77 - ‎Related articles
  14. Sorry can't copy the link on my.phone but its some US health website PMC about clinical studies into treatment of diarrhoea
  15. Found a lot of good information here which can be summarised in my opinion to say Azithromycin is the way to go. It specifically calls out its use for treatment in Thailand, and as a second line option if norfloxacin is ineffective... So I think I should be ok to switch.