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  1. Renewing a UK passport while travelling

    I had a response from the passport office. They will renew my passport - they just said include a booking receipt / print out for whatever hotel I happen to be in. They're not fussed at all as they mentioned they post it back to the Immigration office anyway! GOOD TIMES
  2. Renewing a UK passport while travelling

    Will email the UK passport office and ask them what they think.. thanks
  3. I dont live here permanently but travelling long term (holiday). Does anyone have any experience renewing a passport while not in the UK? On the gov.uk site, there is a list of accepted identity documents. I can give my current passport, but i need one other from the below. Do these accepted documents relate to the country I'm in now e.g. a letter from government office in Thailand sent to my Thai address? Looking through them, I can't see how anyone on holiday would have any of these things... Wonder if this service is only for expats. Your British passport (if you are renewing) • Non-British uncancelled passport • National identity card or equivalent (or colour photocopy) • Visa or residence permit (or colour photocopy) • Tax record eg a letter from a tax authority • Educational record eg school report • Employment record eg official letter from your employer • Letter sent to you from a central, regional or local government department • Medical/health card • Voter’s card • Immigration documents
  4. Been in Thailand for 5 months. 30 day on arrival + 30 extension. Laos tourist visa + 30 day extension. Vietnam tourist visa. Through Suvarnabhumi back from Vietnam, immigration had a long look at my passport, called me over, quizzed me and told me I've been here too long and that next time he needs to see a non-immigrant visa. Should I be worried? There's no way I can get a non-immigrant visa. I'm guessing it just depends which counter you go to? Or will there be something in their system now to say no more tourist visas? Guessing not.
  5. Advice on UTI treatment

    I think the doxy has killed it to be honest. If i did a urine test now (the 20 minute one), they wouldnt find any bacteria / wbcs. I'm hoping I'm good now but if it comes back then yes I'll definitely get the culture.
  6. Advice on UTI treatment

    Thanks for responses everyone. Just about to finish my 7th day on doxycycline and my symptoms have cleared up - took a while though, i'd say from day 5 onwards have felt back to normal. I've been taking 2x100mg a day. Should I stop now? I'm wondering whether to keep going and do a 10 day course, or even longer? The only thing is I've been having some side effects. Do you think cutting back to 100mg a day for another 3 days would be worthwhile? Dose info on internet suggests 100mg is a standard maintenance dose... ORAL: Most Products:-Initial dose: 200 mg orally on the first day, given in 2 divided doses (100 mg every 12 hours)-Maintenance dose: 100 mg orally once a day OR 50 mg orally every 12 hours---More severe infections (especially chronic urinary tract infections): 100 mg orally every 12 hours
  7. Bangkok Nong Khai train

    Any issues with floods in isaan and this train route?
  8. Fly in and out?

    I've got the time if I absolutely have to but just being lazy. Prefer to be here and tired of visa applications & queueing in Vientiane. So I thought if I can fly in and out, yeah I'll only get 60 days but for the hassle of 2 days in Laos... or 4 if I do it over this weekend, it's worth losing 30 days just to not bother.
  9. Fly in and out?

    Ok thanks everyone. Will make sure I have cash just in case. Such a pointless rule though - 20k? I could blow that in a night.
  10. Fly in and out?

    Do they have to see cash? Bank statement or online banking screenshot not ok I'm guessing?
  11. Fly in and out?

    I've been here quite a lot that last few years. I've got 3 tourist visas but only one from this year. Others are: October 2015 from Vientiane - used to enter Thailand same time (was a double entry - miss those days!!!) August 2016 from London Embassy - used to enter Thailand in September 2016 I also got an exempt & extension was in Thailand December 2016 and extended in Chiang Mai. UK Passport. Are they likely to ask me anything? Require proof of anything? I'll probably be flying in from Vietnam. If they refuse entry, what am I meant to do?
  12. Arrived in March and got 30 day exemption and extended 30 days. Then went to Laos got 60 day single entry, extended to 90 days. So coming up to 5 months already. Need to leave again soon but don't have a few days spare really to go for another tourist visa. Would I be ok flying out and flying back maybe the next day? I wouldn't fly back in same day.
  13. Advice on UTI treatment

    Thanks. The ultrasound I had showed no prostate issues. All signs point to a UTI caused by bacteria. The problem I'm having is getting anyone to pinpoint the bacteria and therefore, exactly which antibiotic i should be taking. First time I had UTI was last year back in UK and they did urine analysis which showed red blood, white blood, and bacteria. But they don't ever tell you what bacteria it is. They give a 'best guess' treatment, in the UK this is Augmentin.. this is when I was in A&E because it was bad. They gave me Augmentin IV and then remainder as pills for 7 days. He said it is effective in 90% of cases, so they always give it. The augmentin made me feel a lot better pretty much as soon as I started the IV but clearly it never completely cleared my infection. Next time UTI came back, I saw probably the best urologist in Chiang Mai (and probably one of the best in Thailand) and he gave me cephalexin. Again, without actually testing the bacteria. Only the same urine analysis on RBC, WBC etc. So again, this was a 'best guess' treatment. And again, it worked for a while. And now today, hospital in Pattaya. Same urine analysis... same results high WBC. But no pinpointing of the cause/bacteria, and another best guess - doxycycline. Sheryl - or anyone else - is it actually possible for them to do a more detailed urine culture to identify the specific bacteria? No one ever seems to offer me this. The urine tests I get done are pretty much immediate - get the results back in 20 minutes. Is there a urine culture I can ask for where they let bacteria grow over a number of days, similar to throat swabs? I think this is what I need at this point... if the doxycycline doesn't work.
  14. Advice on UTI treatment

    Just had urine test done and a few WBC came back (1-2). Going to try doxycycline.
  15. Advice on UTI treatment

    Had a UTI last year with blood in urine. Had ultrasound and cystoscopy to rule out anything serious. My symptoms keep coming back despite courses of antibiotics. I hear it's common in men as difficult to kill off the bacteria completely. My last successful treatment was taking a long course of cephalexin (about 12 days I think) which left me with no symptoms for 3 or 4 months. However, the last 3 weeks I've had symptoms again (feeling like i need to urinate a lot, very mild discomfort in bladder area). I tried cephalexin again but after a week it had made no difference so I stopped. I've had recent urine analysis and no bacteria or blood cells were detected. So I'm in this difficult position again where I know I'm not ok but the tests are telling me I am. Does anyone know the best antibiotics to kill this off for good? I've read rocephin can work but it has to be injected daily and I'm not sure on the length of treatment. And yes, before anyone tells me, I will discuss again with a urologist but this thread is just to help me learn more in advance.