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  1. How can Asia answer the new Ugly Americanism?

    Must have gone to Berkeley or one of the French Unis, where education long gave way to indoctrination. Not your fault, though, peer pressure and hypothesis offer a safe haven from reality.
  2. How can Asia answer the new Ugly Americanism?

    Ho-hum, cookie cutter liberal rhetoric talking points that are not only unsubstantiated (especially by Nation copycat editors who couldn't support these contentions with more talking points if their life depended on it) , they are also blatant misrepresentations of fact.
  3. Reconciliation...does that translate from the Thai phrase "Army Way or the Highway?"
  4. It looks like Thai language has a word that means couledtion.
  5. Shorten the school days, burn the books, and lower the price to simply buy a degree. That will solve the problem of finding and paying for quality teachers.
  6. Thailand may be the only country that has more tourists than inbound airline seats. Then again, they count internal traffic by Thai citizens as tourism so that...nah, still not enough. Okay, they must be counting pax that fly through Thai airspace as tourism statistics. There you go, all of the above and you're in the ball park.
  7. Another knee-jerk tourism strategy from Amateurs-R-Us. Can't even protect tourists' safety in the designated destinations and now they want to disperse tourists onto the mercy of the hinterlands. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  8. Punishment leniency is part of it. But, the core issue is how "something for nothing" entitlement cultures have proliferated disrespect for authority and work ethic.
  9. Turn a 3-iron upside down and use it as a cane...until some idiot steps over the line and does something stupid, whereupon you get the pleasure of showing him your knock-down shot. Graphite shaft is less likely to break than steel, but steel makes a good skewer if it does break.
  10. Not just Pattaya, don't wear jewelry on the street anywhere, anytime.
  11. Hope they have an expat driver or the risk factor for being transported in that ambulance may be greater than the risk of exercise.
  12. This shouldn't be funny but for some reason--probably the little general playing tough like a Steven Seagal movie set where Seagal is allowed to hit cast members but they aren't allowed to hit back--this OP seems like a Saturday Night Live or Monty Python skit.
  13. Suspected drug trafficker nabbed with meths

    According to the link in the TV email, the guy napped with the drugs and that would have been a true 'man bites dog' news story.
  14. Uh, hello, the OP headline is wrong. Cameras do not prevent violations any more than alarms prevent theft. They can inform when a violation has occurred. That much is fact. However, there are ways to defeat the effectiveness of traffic cameras, e.g., muddy, missing, or stolen plates, among more hi-tech methods available.
  15. Don't brew beer at home (or in toilet), Prayuth says

    No craft beer brewing for hygiene and safety, eh? Wouldn't have anything to do with Singha and Chang pulling the little general's strings now would it?