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  1. anon467848

    PM Prayut insists polls will be held in February

    Vote for the Pinocchio Party, honest as the day is long..
  2. anon467848

    Tentative dates set for next general elections

    A while ago the Govt. said that the elections may be pushed back due to the Coronation of Rama X....
  3. anon467848

    Tentative dates set for next general elections

    I expect the Govt. will start rolling out a number of populist policies to win the hearts and minds of the people. Thaksin was very clever at initiating these various policies and it certainly worked for TRT... I just hope that they don't resurrect the 1st family car and 100K rebate....
  4. As per usual in LOS, Thais being reactive rather than proactive. The drains should be dredged/cleaned prior to the rainy season, not during... TOT... Maintenance of anything in Thailand is sadly lacking. Thais just wait until something is broken and fix it....
  5. Thailand is by and large a lawless society due to poor guidance from parents, educators, and without a diligent police force, any Government measures are a complete waste of time IMHO...
  6. Level playing field, NOT....
  7. anon467848

    90-Day reporting ... Moved to the Airport now?

    Hi Geordie, could you please give me the link for the online 90 day reporting? I hope it's as easy as you say. Will save me a trip to Promenada. Thanks....
  8. anon467848

    Kelly's Fish and Chips

    Geordie, I'll stick up for you, lol... Newcastle European honours. It hasn't quite been 60 years since they won anything.
  9. In the past week I have received 2 speeding notifications. The cited area was Don Chan on the super highway. 500 baht fine in each instance. Anybody know of any other areas where there are cameras?
  10. Muppets, 3rd world country mentality.... Lights on, nobody home...
  11. anon467848

    PM dodges Prawit birthday

    Prawit asked well wisher's not to give give him any expensive watches...
  12. How do you get up to 2 years?... surely the max you can get is 15 months... before your visa expires you exit/re-enter and get another 3 months .....so I year plus 3 months giving 15 months?
  13. I wonder how many Govt. offices have genuine copies of Windows, Microsoft Office installed? Not many I'll wager...
  14. I need an income verification letter from the UK Embassy in BKK for my retirement extension. I have a letter from my employer confirming my monthly salary (it's more than the 65,000 baht threshold), do I also need to enclose copies of my UK bank statements, or will employer letter suffice. If statements required, how many months 3 or 6? Cheers, Merlin...
  15. anon467848

    HDPrime....the new Ilikehd

    HDPrime TV not responding to login... anybody else having the same problem? I can't watch F1 or British Open golf, bummer...