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  1. They cannot limit their crackdown to ONLY foreigners who want to pay for play. They need to go after the Thais who pay for play too. The Thai market dwarfs the tourist/foreigner market. And like everything else in this country, the Thais pay much less than the tourists/foreigners. To shut down all forms of prostitution in this country would hit the economy hard. Better they should legalize it and make sure everyone involved does so of their own free will and is also free to quite any time they want without coercion or penalty and make sure there are no under age persons employed. .
  2. The Philippines? Now? With that madman in control. You really ought to rethink that. When I leave it will be to go back to Canada. Probably cheaper to live there now, and at least I get government health care.
  3. Definitely headed that way. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  4. Even I would do whatever I could to avoid a 300% import duty. That's just ludicrous. Third world, and always will be.
  5. Wow, that was certainly a mouthful. Now that we have had our weekly TAT laugh, next....
  6. Why are the priorities of Thai officials always so f....d up? They always seem to do these fluff crackdowns with such glee, but never lift a finger to go after the real criminals. I know, it's all just a dog and pony show for the press, to be seen to be doing something, regardless of how ineffective it is.
  7. There he goes, asking rhetorical questions again.
  8. That 60 year old motorcycle driver has a better understanding of how things work than the idiots running the country.
  9. The government spokesman is a military officer. His job is to read the words given to him. His job is not to think.
  10. Because this is Thailand and the men just cannot accept the concept of equality.
  11. You really could not make this up if you tried. LOL I hope the international press picks this up.
  12. So EACH girl gets paid more than it costs to rent the pitch. Maybe the owner needs to rethink his fees. I watched the video posted above. If that is what all the hoohara is about, some people need to get a life (and I am NOT talking about the girls).
  13. Thailand has such low standards in everything. Low standards for teachers, police, officials, politicians, hi-sos, pretties, superstars, public transport drivers, etc. The list is endless. Oh, I forgot... military too. Thailand, HUB of low standards.