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  1. What exactly does ANY of that have to do with defense? Rhetorical question. Never mind, it's just pocket money for defense dept. Most will end up in the pockets of various generals. Meanwhile, in other news, Prayut has confiscated Yingluck's bank accounts.
  2. Don't care one way or the other. But as someone who is allergic to cigarette smoke (gives me migraine headaches) I would like to see smoking banned in ALL public places. That means while walking down the street too.
  3. You may have missed it, but this junta has nothing to do with democracy, they are all about dictatorship, plain and simple. They also overthrew a democratically elected government. Not the world's best government, for sure, but elected by the people of Thailand. So it is up to the people of Thailand to deal with their bad government. That is NOT the job of the military. In fact, the military just makes things worse every time they interfere. Prayut and his backers are traitors and must be charged with treason and jailed for life.
  4. Personally, I hope her supporters show up in the MILLIONS and flood the streets of Bangkok. Time for this military junta to be shown the door.
  5. This is starting to look like the straw that could brake the camel's back. Plus it is being handled very badly, and clumsily by Prayut and friends. Oh well, the junta's use by date ran out a long time ago. Time for them to leave the stage.
  6. Greed, lack of honesty, morality and ethics, not to mention the total inability to compromise. Throw in an abysmal education system and you have the foundation of Thainess. Now throw in hi-sos who think they are above the law and a military who takes it's orders from them and you have "modern" Thailand. Religion does NOT come into this equation at all.
  7. I did mine in January at the airport. Took all of 5 minutes.
  8. Thailand is politically unstable. I for one, would never move all my assets into this country (and I have not). I bring in only what I need to live, every 3 months. Far too risky to bring in everything. I do hope the OP's faith in his Thai wife is well placed. If the OP has the funds, and it sounds like he does, the Thai Elite visa is the (very) easy route. If he will be living in Bangkok or one of the other cities with a Thailand Elite office, they will do the 90 day reporting for him, which I find very convenient.
  9. This is what can happen when you deal with the mafia money lenders. The question is why did this village head not just go to a bank, especially if he had the collateral?
  10. So here's how it will work. Complaints against PTP, democrat or other civil politicians will be dealt with immediately, and harshly. Complaints against the police will involve a committee that must decide whether to proceed, or not (this one is delicate). Complaints against the military will get filed in the trash immediately and without further discussion. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny.
  11. Thailand, HUB of committees.
  12. Just what I want to do. Sit in Hooters ogling large breasted Russian women, while eating a $20 hamburger. I won't even eat those overly expensive hamburgers when the ladies are Thai. At least the Thai ladies are attractive, and mostly friendly.
  13. It likely will be. I would not be surprised to see computer work off limits too.
  14. Thai authorities need to understand that the USA has rule of law and a few (or even many) protestors would not be able to stop a legal extradition. They would also find themselves locked up if they tried to interfere. Unlike Thai authorities, the US authorities would not buckle under at the appearance of a few (or many) protesters.
  15. Just goes to show how incompetent, worthless and corrupt the Thai police are.