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  1. However, he said it was not clear if the charge represented an attempt to curb press freedom. Not clear? Blimey, what does it take to make things crystal clear?
  2. Here is the list: 1. Bangkok 2. Tokyo, Japan 3. Beijing, China 4. Dubai, UAE 5. Cape Town, South Africa 6. Singapore 7. Washington DC, USA 8. Toronto, Canada 9. New York, USA 10. Boston, USA How was that list put together? What were the criteria? Tokyo at #2, Dubai at #4 and Singapore at #6? Don't think so. Definitely NOT cheapest in that order. Maybe a good destination for a weekend getaway and not for any destination that is more than 3 hours away by air.
  3. 500 pounds for 6 weeks? How exactly? Eat only street food (no longer applies to Bangkok), sleep under the BTS stairs, panhandle? Who comes up with this crap? 500 pounds is about 21600 baht. That would equal about 500 baht a day. That would make for lovely 6 week stay.
  4. More toys for the boys.
  5. WhizBang

    PM plans to question Yingluck supporters

    No, you misunderstand what he said.
  6. Indeed, with a very strong emphasis on "in a SAFE manner", something that is completely foreign to Thais.
  7. WhizBang

    New immigration form goes into effect in October

    So how exactly does this improve ANYTHING? Stupid is, as stupid does. Way to go Prayut, you've got another winner.
  8. Just another BS approach to foreigners.
  9. Really? Go ahead, pull the other one. By the way DSI, TOO LATE. The message has been send and received by all.
  10. I guess that human trafficking must be the latest buzz word. The fact is that because a person elects to work in the sex industry, it does not constitute human trafficking. That also applies to underage workers, if they are working of their own free will. Human trafficking really only applies if someone is forced to do something against their will, and that applies regardless of the persons age. The underage worker thing is a whole other can of worms and should not be mixed in with human trafficking, unless coercion is involved. I have known (not in the biblical sense) underage sex workers, who most definitely were working of their own free will.
  11. Will businesses that are "forced" to close be compensated? The message is very clear, this government does not care about the people. Not that previous civilian governments were much better, but at least with a civilian government there was legal recourse, and the people could vote them out.
  12. Thais love their pomp and circumstance, so those patches no doubt display some superiority over those without the patches.
  13. Fat chance anything will change, or improve in Thailand. In fact even the government brings these kind of lawsuits against people. The army and navy suing journalists and activists for exposing their rotten cores, never mind every Hi-So in Thailand who gets caught out runs to the legal system to file lawsuits. They say justice is blind. Not in Thailand, here it is bound and gagged and run by vested interests with lots of money.
  14. When a driver flees the scene like this, perhaps the company who owns the vehicle should be held fully accountable for whatever happened, with a significant added penalty because the driver fled the scene.