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  1. Time to pull the plug on Facebook... WORLDWIDE.
  2. Except the good citizens of Thailand CANNOT vote the military out of office.
  3. This country would be SOOOOO much better off if the military would stay the hell out of politics. For that matter, this could would be much better off if this lot were disbanded completely. No one would even know the difference, except for the lack of coups every 5 years or so.
  4. The watches are neither stolen nor broken. They are knock-offs. Just wave the guys off and go on your way. That's what I do. They don't bother anyone who is not interested.
  5. This poll is useless because it does not offer sufficient options. It is really only offering... a: leave them alone, or... b: ban them all. What we need is, allow them to continue, but some cleanup and restrictions are needed. I would allow the true street food vendors (those with a mobile cart) to continue, with restrictions, including hygiene. However, those that run what are essentially restaurants, with tables and chairs, be severely restricted to specific designated locations, and with restrictions, especially hygiene. All popup/mobile bars should be banned outright.
  6. Welcome to Thailand. This was done by ultra royalists, and it is the ultra royalists that are backing this junta, hence the total inaction.
  7. TAT must be so proud in what they have achieved with their marketing of Songkran, especially in places like Pattaya. Songkran has become a nationwide 'full-moon' party on steroids. Well done TAT.
  8. Isn't Songkran fun. TAT must be so proud.
  9. What's with this 'bargaining' BS? Why are charges of criminal negligence, among many others, not being pressed? The police and justice system in this country are a joke, and until that is corrected, NOTHING will change. I thought this junta was about reforming the country (for the better). But all they have done so far is go after the low hanging fruit. Nothing in the way of serious, and mush needed, reform has happened, and many things are going backwards at light speed (media reform, CCA and les majeste laws, for instance). First the fallout from Thaksin put the country into a 10 year period of stagnation and now this junta aims to continue the stagnation for another 20 plus years, as well as moving the clock back 50 years, at least. Thailand is doomed, it has no future.
  10. I spent the first 3 days of Songkran (13/14/15) in Pattaya, where I was lucky enough to get about without getting wet Returned to Bangkok Sunday morning in record time (very light traffic), as there is no way I would want to be in Pattaya for the 18th or 19th. Just sheer madness. When I first came to Thailand over 15 years ago, I used to participate in Songkran. I would go to Sanam Luang and have a great time. Then about 5 years or so ago, I got hit with some foul water and ended up very sick for about 2 weeks. That was when I said enough is enough. Now I either leave, or batten down the hatches, raise the drawbridge and hole up for 3 days. My health is more important than Songkran. Songkran has also changed a lot since those early days. Back then it was more sedate and a lot more fun. Now it just seems like it is a nationwide full-moon party on steroids. It has gotten totally out of control, and unfortunately, there are just too many people, both Thai and foreigners, who relish pushing the limits to see how far they can go and how nasty and miserable they can make it for others.
  11. Who cares? Thaksin is old news. Stick a fork in him, he's done.
  12. So, is there an app that we can use to report these miscreants, complete with photo evidence?
  13. Seriously? I think you must be part of the problem.
  14. The tunnel was not open yesterday. By early afternoon there was gridlock as some roads were closed off for a while. Whoever is in control of this mess has no clue as to what they are doing.