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  1. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    About ten years ago or so Laos had rules like this. There was some kind of international summit in Vientiane and people were instructed to wear traditional garb.
  2. I fear for him. DT has friends who are not at all shy about final solutions. Stay out of UK, McCabe!
  3. The stupid thing about all this is that, in it's original state, IT DOESN'T MATTER! The DT fans don't care, his evangelical fans are giving him a pass, and overall he probably didn't lose 1 vote on the report of the affair. If the subterfuge of the payoff and the machinations surrounding it don't result in criminal charges then well, it's just another sideshow in The Trump Family Circus, part of the new era of entertainment. Coming next season: the first White House divorce! It culminates with the alien wife and her parents being deported.
  4. This red line thing is one of my favorite Cheeto-isms. An analogy of being pulled over by highway patrol, the officer looking at the driver's license, and him saying "you can't look in the trunk, that's off limits." It all goes back to the immaturity thing: they behave like they're guilty, any grade school teacher could see that right off. I never thought I would say this, but where's J. Edgar Hoover when we need him? If he was still around the DT inaugaration would never have happened. (but neither would legal weed either)
  5. I love this pic, great for a "fill in the caption" competition. "And here's my foreign policy plan" Justin: "that's the smallest hand I've ever seen on an adult man"
  6. They should meet in Bangkok, the meeting should coincide with the annual hairdressers' convention.
  7. My current fave is Radio Maximus. I especially like recording capability, even has a scheduler. Doesn't hog resources.
  8. Something that has bothered me to no end was the "hide under the bed" response to 9/11 in the US. I learned when I was a kid that even when you're getting you arse whooped you don't acknowledge it, you keep up the defiance. For an example, in the movie Raging Bull the LaMotta character is all battered and bloodied, but he still calls out to his opponent "you still haven't knocked me down!" Maybe it's a NYC thing. It was a victory for entities within the US (not necessarily governmental) who manipulate by using fear. So, IMO, the infamous credit goes to those fostered this reaction. I would put Cheney and Rove in the top 5.
  9. There has been speculation that DT wanted Romney to be Sec of State but Putin wanted Tillerson. Vlad and Rex had a positive history and got along handsomely. With this bit of news coming to light and oncoming accusations of treason he can now say "Tillerson, he's gone, no issue there." A few more weeks and it'll be "who? Tillerson was never Sec of State." DT thinks firing people puts them out of sight and out of mind. When all the doo-doo piles up and all these former employees are subpoenaed DT is going to experience his own "night of the living dead." Anyway, DT's goal has been acheived: America is great again! His new mission is "keep America great." https://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/trump-2020-campaign-slogan-233761
  10. Doing spliffs with the rastas in Ethiopia, no doubt. Strong stuff, bro.
  11. All in all, his crime was his attitude and manner. And of course the facial expressions. That whole "ha-ha, I'm holding the winning hand and you can't touch me, you loser" thing. But what got him into the jumpsuit was the stupid Hillary's hair thing. If not for all this, he probably would have a leaner sentence and a recommendation for Club Fed. Some of you might recall Bill Clinton had a highly annoying smirk, it took Ken Starr to wipe that off his face.
  12. Both of them. I can't do a read on Kim, but for DT it's right up his TV show alley, "tune in next week for...." The end result could be a big nothing, but it's great for television ratings, which is DT's primary concern. Or rather, optics, as he calls it. Or maybe the real motivation is a Trump Tower Pyongyang. Or one of the Koch's is pushing for NK mineral rights. The only sure thing is that altruism is not a motivating factor.
  13. I've been saying since the start that I think Melania will emerge the hero of this mess, sort of like John Dean did with Nixon. There are laws about a spouse not being able to testify for/against a spouse, but an ex-spouse? And good for Stormy. She's getting on in years and needs to consider her post-entertainment life. I hope she gets a 7+ figures payoff.
  14. What does Anastasia Vashukevich know?

    With the White House and the US State Dept on Russia's side the lady doesn't stand a chance. If she does get asylum in the US there will soon be a fatal case of food poisoning or a road accident.
  15. This happened about 20 years ago, story told to me back when by a friend in real estate finance: a guy in Westchester (county north of NYC) did a real estate development, I think it was combined office park and condos. The project was completed, and he was having a hard time finding tenants and was facing ruin. He approached DT, who for $1 million he gave him the right to put his name on it. Not long after occupancy was at full capacity. Go figure...