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  1. It's news to me, never had a problem so far... oh wait, I thought he said masticating
  2. Did the FBI and DOJ conspire on Russian collusion? Do you really have to ask? Let's say I was visiting you at your house. We get up to leave, and you realize you've misplaced your wallet, and we can't leave until you have it. We both search the place looking for it, and every 20 seconds or so I say "I didn't take your wallet!" I didn't take your wallet. I didn't take your wallet. What would you make of that? Innocent people don't behave that way. You're a failure in life, a loser, a hater, and no one likes you. And I didn't take your wallet.
  3. ♫ ♪ In Heaven there is no beer (No beer?!) That's why we drink it here ♫ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Keeping the tradition of drunken revelry alive! Can't help but noticing that this year it is at the same time as Asura, an Iranian holiday where the men make a public display of beating themselves bloody (and no alcohol involved). Talk about cultural contrast!
  4. No, the Repubs want to get her in the chamber and 'destroy' her, like they did with Anita Hill. Condie Rice has been sitting behind him at the hearings, but haven't come across any media pundits expounding on that.
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    μTorrent , still at 3.4.1 no ads, no streaming capabilities etc, just plain ol' up/down loads rarbg for the recent stuff, then an assortment of others for older stuff
  6. I'm all for it. Name all these things for him, and then after all this is over and each thing is renamed it will add to his disgrace, should he still be alive.
  7. Cathay PAC. Chinese black-market $$ funneled into the US to support DT.
  8. This myth was debunked during the outcome of the 2000 election.
  9. My bet is that after Nov. 6th Li'l Jeffro is out, regardless of the election outcome.
  10. When the going gets tough, the tough throw a tantrum.
  11. Kind of interesting that the US exports cocoa powder, considering it does not produce cocoa. A situation such as this opens opportunity for someone else to come in, for example Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire), the world's top cocoa producer, could develop food processing facilities to manufacture consumer cocoa products from their own crops, and bankroll it with the $$$ they'll get from Chinese contracts. China's influence in the world is actively expanding.
  12. Something I've not heard mention of either here in TVF or among the professionals on television: what about the money collected? DT is always thinking about money. Money and ego, all he does originates there. So let's see, 25% of $200b is $50b , perhaps he needs this money to relieve the budget burden of his tax cuts. AS the cliche goes, follow the money.
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    "Inaudable" won't run.

    ^------------------- try D:\
  14. The US has "dollar stores" where all items are US$1. There are several such chains (they're like the Japanese Daiso stores in LOS). Most of the items are from China. Unless they backtrack on these tariffs, the prices will have to go up some time next year, so they will become "Dollar twenty-five" stores. And many other products and stores will be affected as well. And just in time for the 2020 primary season, which begins next spring. Let's see how the MAGA patriots feel when the DT effect hits their household budget, justifying it as the cost of making America great again. "We don't mind paying more because, ummm, why was that again?" I can see where this will cause more consumer credit debt, which had all the post-2008 protections removed last year. "Wait, Uncle Harlan with the MAGA hat, tell me again, why is this good? I want to think about this on my way to the poll." So much of what this guy does is a re-run. During the 2015-16 campaign he laid out his "economic plan" and was it Reagan's supply-side economics, chapter and verse. Even the guy who came up with the idea back then has admitted that in the long-term it was a failure. Around 1970 a chain of "69 Cent Stores" opened in NYC; as inflation grew they had to raise the prices and continuously change the name of the business. Here we go again....
  15. Not that easy to do. Uncle Sam will want a piece of your income for the next so-many years.