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  1. In my experience it can be difficult to find a hotel in Vientiane after dark. After having to deal with that a few times my visa run routine was to stay in Nong Kai for the night and do the crossing early morning. There's a night time street eatery on the main drag that does good bbq chicken and somtam, hearty eats after a day of traveling. And DO NOT let the tuktuk driver bs you about how you need to go to a "visa office" before you can cross the border.
  2. Do you have a reference for this? I'd like to pass it on.
  3. Well, he will be known as number 1, and we know why.....
  4. He saw this and became worried that Israel would colonize space.
  5. He is going to promote Capt. Picard to admiral and put him in charge. George Lucas will become the SPACE FORCE cabinet secretary because of "all the good things he did." Is this just a goofy idea, or something put in his simple-minded ear by the arms and aerospace lobbyists?
  6. In days of olde (~1989) THE antivirus for the PC was McAfee. I had a buddy at the time who was dead certain the viruses were coming from McAfee itself, and would go on and on about it. He may have been right. There are a few wiseacres out there who say that Windows itself is a virus
  7. Is Duterte going to kiss him in front of the tv cameras?
  8. Ok, so the product that the company is built upon is being proven to be a fraud, so why is it the company still exists? Irrespective of the fraud indictments it seems pretty clear the product doesn't work. Even if they have not been proven guilty (yet), who in their right mind is going to be their customers? If by some chance they actually get this technology to live up to the promise, NO ONE in the medical field can possibly put any faith them out of fear of the lawsuits they themselves would be in risk of for using Theranos stuff.
  9. quote from article link in #38: His attorney Richard Westling had urged the judge not to send him to jail, saying that it was not required by law and that doing so “will create more challenges for the defense, which already faces trial in two courts.” Well, if you weren't such a scofflaw it wouldn't have come to this, would it? $10,000 suits be damned, he's just another criminal, and a traitor to his country. If he were a Democrat it would already have been to the point where the good ol' boys were outside his house with the tiki torches and shotguns.
  10. "Fix" is a highly subjective term. But I have to agree with this. In comparison to monarchs of old, he is a Richard III type. If he manages to skate past all his scandals, past, current and future, and manages to get re-elected in 2020 I can see him having open bidding for cabinet positions and ambassadorships, unhindered. And with no more election pandering, he'll blatantly turn his back on the morons who believed in him.
  11. For some reason this old joke came to mind when I first heard this news. Timmy goes to a summer day camp run by Catholic nuns. One day they are teaching the kids archery. Timmy shoots his arrow at the target and misses the target completely. "Dammit, I missed!" he says. A nun approaches him and tells him to never speak like that again. Timmy tries another shot and again misses. "Dammit, I missed!" The nun goes over to him, grabs him by the arm, and tells him that if he says that again God will strike him down with lightning. Timmy tries again, again not even hitting the target. "Dammit, I missed!" Suddenly clouds roll in, the sky goes dark, and WHAMMO! A bolt of lightning strikes the nun, turning her into a pile of smoldering ashes. A voice as deep as thunder emanates from the sky, and says "Dammit, I missed!"
  12. What goes around comes around. From his podium he insults the press and anyone who doesn't agree with him, using words that would be censored here at TVF. Yes, a certain amount of respect is expected for the title of the office, but his behavior and his own insults and duplicity has voided that. Respect is something to be earned. And then there's the lying. Congenital. Look up the vid of him standing before a bunch of press people talking about the giant envelope NK sent to him. He says what was in the letter was interesting, and a few other vague descriptions, and by the end of the exchange, which goes on for a few minutes, he admits he hasn't even opened it. The nerve of this guy to call anybody a liar! It's not like this is an egregious deception, the amazing thing is the ease with which his tosses this stuff out. Here is a satirical clip, the part about the envelope comes up at about 1 minute in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp00Qd02G84
  13. Not true. Fox & Friends gives him all the explanation he needs.
  14. With all the effort he puts into filtering his medical reports, first from his wacky doctor (a gastroenterologist, who had his office raided by DT's goons), and then from the US Surgeon General, who he bribed with a cabinet position, he is definitely a man with something to hide. His continued curiosity about HPV (and failure to understand it) probably betrays he knows he is a cancer risk, at the least. With all this talk and drama about bogus investigations, the ability to pardon himself, firing prosecutors and attacking his own country's law enforcement agencies, he is definitely a man with something to hide. This is not the way innocent men behave, chief. The egotism and self-centeredness isn't all that rare in the circles of corporate execs and business moguls, but this one is amplified by his love of being in front of a camera. But when he is in the company of the real self-made billionaires you know he's covering up an inferiority.
  15. All sarcasm aside, I suspect Melania may have attempted suicide. Or possibly did a major freakout and has been under sedation since. She's the only one in the cabal that I have any sympathy for. She may not be a saint, but she is no where in the same league as her husband and his crew.