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  1. Prawit: I will quit if NACC finds me guilty

    Cue that old chestnut about getting the face you deserve.... But yeah, even before reading your post, I thought he looks like the source of bacon. I tend to refer to his sort as hogs at the trough.
  2. Prawit: I will quit if NACC finds me guilty

    He's confident his friends and relatives will do no such thing.
  3. Impressive numbers, you punters have been paying "too mutt!" I'm sure all the backhanders involved are feeling cheated of their "fair share." So, what now? "Thai Sex Futures" being sold on SET? News of the future: Now that AIDS/HIV is curable, Goldman-Sachs has given Thai Sex Bonds an A rating.
  4. Teens begged to stop eating washing tablets in 'dangerous' new craze

    "Here Timmy eat this, it's a smart pill" Timmy eats it and says "yuck, it taste like soap!" "See, you're getting smarter already!"
  5. Dead fish flails around after being deep fried

    Good for a publicity campaign: our fish are so fresh they're still moving after they're cooked!
  6. Not long ago a Thai fishing boat was seized in eastern Indonesia and it was discovered that the Thai guys working on it had been kidnapped off the street and forced to work. In the days of wooden ships this was known as "pressing," the kidnappers called as press gangs. Slavery by another name. A Thai journalist learned of this and went out there (maybe it was last year?) and I believe her story was blocked by the Thai media. Al Jazeera reported about her going out there and the practice of it these days. It still goes on. Next time you're in Ranong and see those fishing boats.... Brazil was the last country in the Western Hemisphere to outlaw slavery, and some Brazilians are embarrassed by this. Actually the slave trade continued clandestinely for some years afterward.
  7. Something you may want to consider is a trip to another country in the region, like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong. Air Asia fares are cheap and a little bit of a holiday (or visa run). Possibly wider selection, I'm sure there are online places to give you an idea of what's available, and for what cost. It's been a few years since I was in Malaysia, but the selection was about the same as Thailand and without Thai characters on the keyboard. Prices aren't very different either, within 10%. When you return don't bring the packaging. If you come into LOS with two laptops it may raise a few eyebrows though, something to consider.
  8. You have to give some credit to US Armed Forces command. They can't possibly be unaware that "the guy with the button his desk" has a problem between the ears and will not follow his orders to do something drastic if they see it as irrational. If there ever would be a military coup (on any level) in the US it would happen at such a moment. Hey, he wants parades with tanks, missiles, troops marching in formation etc and they won't grant him that!
  9. All tests come back positive: does that include tests for hepatitis and HIV? If the full (and genuine) results are leaked he'll probably have a stroke. Anyone notice that on the letter the doctor spelled his own name wrong? This thing about posing with junk food is suspect, IMO. Perhaps he is diabetic, or pre-diabetic. (Takes one to know one ) Diet Coke. Big Macs and cheeseburgers, but maybe he doesn't eat the bun? Up until the mid-1990s diabetes was looked upon as an allergy to sugar, but then they figured out it was about carbohydrates in general: wheat, rice, potatoes and corn are right up there with sugar. The carbs in a Big Mac, for instance, are all in the bun and the ketchup and special sauce. Haven't noticed any fries in this guy's photo ops, lots of carbs there. With KFC the carbs are in the breading, just remove the skin and they're gone, taco bowl could be low-carb if you don't eat the "bowl."
  10. In some cases, they said they believed Franco could offer them career advancement, and acquiesced to his wishes even when they were uncomfortable. Sounds like a quid pro quo, and she's miffed that she didn't get more out of the bargain. If she were pulling in big bucks and starring roles she may not be as bothered about this. It really hasn't been a secret that Hollywood is a "give head to get ahead" business, and most little girls (and boys) who go there to pursue a career learn this soon enough. I'm not saying this is right, but that is the way the game is played. Sometimes I see guys succeeding as actors and they don't seem particularly talented or pretty, and I think "that guy must be packing some serious meat." After some years in the business Marilyn Monroe finally landed a studio contract. Story is when she put the pen down she said "now I'll never have to eat another (word for male genitalia) ever again." This story told by Norman Mailer.
  11. Curious how he knew of the victim, like that he had access to such wealth and where he lived. Of course a real police raid would involve more than one officer-soldier, but when the creep has your address there's not much you can do. I've had to deal with fake cops in India, but not in such a hostile situation. I let them know I knew they were false, and there wasn't much they could do except raise their voices. One time I was with my gf, this guy came up to us on the street, told us that we were not married and thus were breaking the law. He pointed to the license plate on a car (I guess he was a chauffeur), told us that they were gov't plates, he was an officer etc. We walked away as he shouted after us that we would be arrested etc. Still, you never know what these scum will follow up with.
  12. even Fox News! http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/01/12/wikileaks-founder-julian-assanges-poor-hygiene-sparks-complaints-at-ecuador-embassy-report-says.html
  13. Some of you who have been here for a while know that this is country where the police are best avoided.
  14. One of the mercies of life is you don't get to see your own butt. Not in real time, at least. Kanye West said that his greatest disappointment in life is he'll never get to see himself perform live. See what I mean?
  15. They can put a cardboard effigy of him in the food court, that'll solve the problem.