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  1. Corporate tax reform was way overdue, that's a very good thing for the economy. The economy is booming with lowest unemployment in decades. Renegotiation of trade deals is also something that was ignored by all other presidents, it's about time the field is balanced. People living off the food stamp program is way down, good news for the taxpayer. Because the economy is booming, the Fed is raising interest rates back to a more normal rate, giving people some interest on savings. The economy was so bad before they had to keep rates near zero to keep the economy afloat. Market is waaaay up, making everyone's retirement account and 401ks much better than before. I could go on....not sure what the naysayers want. Maybe they are looking at the wrong news sources. There will always be problems. But things have certainly taken a turn for the much better in many ways. And these same naysayers are enjoying the economic benefits that have come about since November '16. Just saying.....
  2. bubba45

    What do you hate most about driving in LOS?

    Pretty much everything!
  3. I doubt many average thais (meaning those not driving BMWs) buy imported items. Besides, the government taxes imports so much the whole economy is screwed. So while a currency's strength means something to Americans and Europeans, I think the average Thai doesn't know or care what the baht is doing. From my perspective, the problem with the baht is I end up paying first world prices in a third world country.
  4. I keep hoping the US imposes tariffs on Thai imports the way the Thais tax everything. Would be funny to see them jump if the US put 100% tariffs on Thai seafood, for example. I say hit them all hard everywhere.
  5. Radio paradise is the only one I’ve listened to for over 15 years. Never get tired of the variety.
  6. bubba45

    Best mobile phone coverage...

    Just made a trip from Sukothai to Chiang Mai, lots of dead areas on the route, I have True. Wife has AIS but unfortunately didn't do a comparison, but think she had better coverage. I'd gamble with AIS if I were the OP.
  7. bubba45

    Another snake ID question

    Thanks for the responses. If I can follow up - since this snake was so small, I would think it hasn't traveled far. I was under the impression snakes usually have a good number of offspring. Might I, or shouldn't I see more of these around that part of the garden if this is true?
  8. bubba45

    Another snake ID question

    Found this tiny fellow on the walkway near the garden. Really small, this is best I could do with photos. Checked several sites and I can't tell if this is a banded wolf snake or a Malayan krait. Malayan krait = not good!! First shot shows it coiled up against the wall. I tapped it with a broom and it started moving. I left, and when I came back later it had returned to the exact same spot against the wall. I left again, then went downstairs a bit later and it had moved, but was still coiled up against the wall. I wanted to get a picture of it uncoiled, so again I tapped it with the straw of the broom. It didn't want to move, so I kept tapping it and it seemed to get really pissed and finally started moving. It sorta jumped and arched it's head up like it was looking for something to attack. It moved off into the garden. It was so small I could have easily smashed it with my shoe. I'm assuming regardless of what it is, it was not born alone, so there's probably others? Funny thing is I've seen no snakes around here for a long time. Which I found odd. Anyway, any educated guesses as to whether this appears to be a Malayan krait? Thanks! PS: for the record, I'm in Mae Rim, just outside Chiang Mai.
  9. bubba45

    Qatar vs Emirates Economy

    I’m in the process of trying to book a flight back to the U.S. and strikes me that fares have jumped, across the board. Also, been flying Qatar back and forth (business) for a few years now and their service is dropping off, also. I’m convinced these airlines try to rope people in for a while then cut back, perhaps hoping you’ve built up some kind of loyalty or commitment to them with miles and such. But I learned long ago, all their ‘awards’, miles, and incentives is little more than a scam. Sorry, hope I’m not thread hijacking.... ?
  10. Quite a few years back a novel came out here called "Private Dancer". A writer for the BKK Post, believe it was, reviewed it and said it should be handed out free to every single westerner coming into the country. One of the many occurrences in the book was exactly that, husband passed off as brother. Good, entertaining read. Still in print, as far as I know.
  11. Anyone that's run a business knows it's very hard to get good help, particularly in the service industry. As they stated, in FL it's hard to get help during tourist season, especially considering due to Trump's booming economy the unemployment rate is near an all time low. So, the best thing to do as an employer is bring in foreign help. Kids from eastern europe, and even south america, assuming they can speak english, will run circles around the Americans that are still outside the labor force that might apply for a service job. All you Trump haters, (especially the european ones) chill. He's doing more facing more opposition than any president in recent memory. #MAGA
  12. Don't feel bad, my Thai wife has trouble communicating with Bangkok Bank. These banks are great, until you have to go speak to someone. They're archaic.
  13. bubba45

    Got into a accident, what should I do?

    Since you are a young Thai, if it had been me I wouldn’t have given him any info, I would have just told him it’s not a big deal. A 15-20 year old Honda and you hit it with a bicycle? Please. Unless it was in absolute pristine condition, who would care? Hard to believe he will bother getting a scratch fixed on an old car. Quit worrying. It’s Thailand, you’re not in Kansas anymore.