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  1. Don't feel bad, my Thai wife has trouble communicating with Bangkok Bank. These banks are great, until you have to go speak to someone. They're archaic.
  2. bubba45

    Got into a accident, what should I do?

    Since you are a young Thai, if it had been me I wouldn’t have given him any info, I would have just told him it’s not a big deal. A 15-20 year old Honda and you hit it with a bicycle? Please. Unless it was in absolute pristine condition, who would care? Hard to believe he will bother getting a scratch fixed on an old car. Quit worrying. It’s Thailand, you’re not in Kansas anymore.
  3. The list of countries that entered into the agreement isn’t that impressive when you consider none of Iran’s neighbors liked it. Who has more to lose if things go awry? The Germans? Chinese? Russians? Of course not. It’s the Saudis, Israelis, Emirates, etc. Obama didn’t have one foreign affairs achievement. Unless he was giving taxpayers money away, like the Paris Accord and the Iran deal. As the White House said, those are not the people we are interested in taking advice from!
  4. bubba45

    How to heal my gut after antibiotics?

    Flagyl!! I feel for you. That stuff is worse than the parasite. After 5 days I said enough, and quit. Checked out clean a few weeks later. I started eating plain Greek style yogurt; believe it’s made in Australia. I don’t care too much for it plain, but find it goes well with fresh papaya (or maybe your fruit of choice). Sometimes I add muesli to it and the fruit. Good luck.
  5. Whenever I see a story like this it reminds me of the movie The Graduate.
  6. Just bought a house in the States, mostly to avoid all the unknowns (pollution, pesticides, MSG, immigration nazis, etc).
  7. While I don’t disagree with their stance, those few trees are nothing compared to the s&#@ they breathe for 3 months every year. They should protest government inaction regarding that. Personally, I flee during that time. But most don’t have that option.
  8. When 3bb ran fiber to my house from the building next door they literally used a bamboo pole to hang the fiber cable on any projection coming from the concrete utility poles. No ladder needed. At one point a tree was more convenient, so, no lie, they ran the line over a branch to the next pole. I brought my wife out and showed her the wire over branch and told her if we ever lose internet and I’m not there come check this tree. I called 3bb and spoke to a supposed manager about this but I get more response from talking to my cat than I got from him. TIT.
  9. bubba45

    Need Stable Internet. Can anyone advise?

    TOT DSL was making me crazy, dropping out, slow speeds. Every couple of weeks I had to call and bitch then it would stabilize for another couple of weeks, then repeat. Changed to 3bb fiber when I found out it was available, and have loved life since. Good speed and stable. If you can get it, get it!
  10. bubba45

    Old Price List, Miami Hotel

    The baht was tied to the dollar circa 70s, 80s, into the 90s. I think when they let it float it jumped to about 45. That was around the crisis. I think. Memory is fuzzy..... But when I got here in the 80s and the baht was around 25 or so, things were DIRT cheap. So don’t try to compare the rate today with what 25 was back then.
  11. bubba45

    Serious Accident

    No good deed goes unpunished. They'd get nothing from Thais; they'd be lucky to get insurance money. Start handing out money at his own peril.
  12. bubba45

    How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    Simple thai like someone else suggested "mai ow" or "mai ow khrap" gives the impression you didn't get off the boat yesterday and you've heard and seen all this before. They tend to back off sooner. It's easy and tells them you don't want what they're offering. Smiling is optional, but truth is if they're a pushy $&#*@ there's no reason to be polite, and it won't matter to them.
  13. I got tired of dealing with Thai barbers, so quite a few years ago I just decided to shave it and see how it looked. I didn't particularly care for it, though I've done it a few more times anyway over the years. Now I just use an electric razor and the shortest attachment and, guess you'd call it a buzz cut. Try shaving it and see what you think. It should grow back. 555 One warning about shaving it, not so much an issue in Thailand, but you'll find your head is very sensitive to temperature. I find it makes me much more sensitive to cold (or air conditioning).