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  1. BEC-Tero (Channel 3 TV) in Bangkok is urgently looking for an experienced Moodle expert (eLearning software) located in Bangkok. Freelancer, part time, or full time employment. Interested or know someone? PM me directly please! You can start tomorrow! #moodle #elearning https://moodle.org/
  2. Sold! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  3. Selling my Toyota Fortuner 2013 (2 wheel drive automatic) Silver. Well serviced every 10K, total 64,000 km. Need to repair left side doors as I had a small parking house incident, but have 1st class insurance, so no problems. Perfect condition over all Bids, please! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. We are looking for some light skin in blue color. Haven't had the time to search. If you see a good creation for IP.Board 2.3.5 (Invision Power Board) please let me know, I will have a look as well.
  5. Back to topic: EC receives Samak's defence on the two cooking shows BANGKOK: -- The Election Commission has received a statement from Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej defending his involvement in two cooking shows as an honourary presenter without any job contract, EC member Sodsri Sattayatham said on Friday. The Samak's defence has ruled out the employee status because he had never earned a salary, Sodsri said -- The Nation 2008-05-23
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    Electronic Measurement Of Ph And Cl?

    I have been using Aquachek test strips for years, and they are fantastic. http://www.aquachek.com/
  7. Update: After-shock fears cause panic as quake toll hits 40,000 BEIJING: -- The confirmed death toll from China's Sichuan earthquake rose to about 40,000 on Tuesday, as residents of quake-hit areas fled their homes following a forecast of a major aftershock measuring between 6 and 7 on the Richter scale. The government said the death toll had risen to 39,577 in Sichuan province, with some 500 deaths reported in neighbouring south-western regions and more than 32,000 people still missing, according to an earlier state media report. Local television and radio broadcast a forecast by the Sichuan seismological bureau of an aftershock on Monday or Tuesday in Wenchuan county, the epicentre of the devastating 8.0-magnitude quake on May 12. The bureau warned the local government and people to be prepared for possible emergencies caused by the new aftershock, the official Xinhua news agency said. Residents of Sichuan's Beichuan town, one of the most devastated areas, were fleeing to safer areas on Tuesday because they feared an aftershock could shatter a natural dam which formed above the town after last week's earthquake. Heavy rain was also forecast for Beichuan on Tuesday. Many people in the provincial capital, Chengdu, tried to leave the city or slept outside in case the aftershock came overnight, the agency said. Chengdu's main roads were jammed with cars on Monday night and Tuesday morning, especially around petrol stations, it said. The agency said Chengdu was calmer by Tuesday afternoon. It quoted government seismologist Cheng Wanzheng as saying the aftershock would affect all the worst-hit towns and villages near the Longmenshan fault line but was unlikely to cause major damage in Chengdu. The warning sparked panic in some neighbouring regions, especially Zunyi city in Guizhou province, where many people slept outdoors on Monday night. More panic followed reports that residents of a rural area of Zunyi saw a mass migration of frogs on Monday, a traditional sign of an impending earthquake, the agency said. Early Tuesday, a team from Shanghai rescued a manager of a hydropower plant who had been trapped under rubble for 179 hours in Wenchuan's Yingxiu township. The team had battled for more than 30 hours to free 31-year-old Ma Yuanjiang, feeding him water and glucose through a straw to keep him alive. Several more survivors were rescued from collapsed buildings on Monday, but the government last week said it expected the final death toll to reach more than 50,000. Rescue workers have begun spraying disinfectant onto rubble in some areas where they have given up the search for survivors. The government has started to shift its focus towards caring for the survivors and on Tuesday the foreign ministry said it had agreed to medical teams from Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia working in Sichuan. Troops on Monday reached the last 77 villages that had been cut off for about one week since the earthquake, the agency said. But some roads in 52 townships in Sichuan remained blocked and telecommunications were still not restored to 62 townships, reports said. The government began three days of national mourning for the earthquake victims Monday and suspended the Olympic torch relay through China. More than 20 aftershocks measuring 5 or above on the Richter scale have already hit Sichuan since May 12, hampering relief efforts and causing some new casualties. -- dpa 2008-05-20
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    Thaivisa Blogs upgrade finished

    We just upgraded the blog software again. Looking forward to your feedback!
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    Thaivisa blog problems with imac

    New blog version installed. Villagefarang, please test if it works better now!
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    11 Provinces Warned Of Heavy Rains

    Chiang Rai, Nan, Phrae, Uttaradit warned of heavy rains BANGKOK: -- The Meteorological Department Sunday warned residents of Chiang Rai, Nan, Phrae and Uttaradit to brace themselves for heavy rains. The department said the rains would be unleashed by the influence of a low pressure ridge over the North and Northeast coupled with the influence of the southwest monsoon over the Andaman Sea. -- The Nation 2008-05-18
  11. Samak explains his cooking show programme was cancelled because of attempts to topple him BANGKOK: -- Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej Sunday said the Election Commission ordered the cancellation of his cooking show programme following complaints by his opponents that he had breached the laws concerning the premier's qualifications. He said two opponents filed a complaint with the EC alleging him with serving as an employee for hosting the Chim Pai Bon Pai (Tasting while complaining) TV programme. After the EC took up the complaint for an investigation, it ordered the suspense of his programme. But Samak argued that he had consulted the legal experts and believed that he is not in status of an employee for the company but he is hired on the case-by-case basis to host the programme. -- The Nation 2008-05-18 ---- Samak abruptly cancels cooking programme shooting in Phetchabun PHETCHABUN: -- Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej Saturday cancelled a shooting his cooking show programme in Phetchabun abruptly. He was initially to shoot his Chim Pai Bon Pai (Complaining while tasting) programme at a fresh market in Phetchabun's Muang district but cancelled the plan and left the province. Many vendors at the market waited in vain to him to show how to cook. Matichon Online said the prime minister cancelled the shooting of his programme after he dropped by at a restaurant and had a pork blood soup. -- The Nation 2008-05-17 Advertisement Top Stories 1. Samak explains his cooking show programme was cancelled because of attempts to topple him 2. AEC to press exim case 3. Burmese children charged with illegal entry 4. Buddhists losing faith 5. Veera invites Thaksin to birthday party 6. House to convene special session from June 9 to 30 7. 200 busted a day since cellphone ban 8. Chai appointed by royal command as House speaker 9. Public prosecutors delay decision on SC Asset case 10. BMA approves Bt2 million to help Burma, China
  12. Condo Act to protect consumers Aims to weed out shady developers BANGKOK: -- The amended Condominium Act will improve the overall condo market and screen out non-professional developers that take advantage of buyers, says Opas Sripayak, managing director of the condo developer L.P.N. Development Plc. ''The amendments will benefit condominium buyers as most of them will focus on consumer protection. Condominium developers should pay more attention to what the sellers promise,'' he said yesterday. He said a regulation in the amendment requiring developers to pay common area expenses for unsold units after unit transfers would put a greater burden on irresponsible developers who earlier tried to avoid this payment. ''L.P.N. will have no impact from the amendments as what we've done already will comply with them,'' said Mr Opas. ''This is the same for many listed and professional developers in the industry.''The Land Department will hold a public hearing about the amended Condominium Act next Friday before it becomes effective on July 4. ''After we talked with some developers about the amendments, what most of them were concerned about were odds and ends, not big issues,'' said Surasith Sahasthamrangsee, director of the department's Real Estate Promotion Office. The department was waiting for consideration from the Consumer Protection Board on condominium pre-purchase and purchase and sales contracts before submitting details to the Interior Ministry next week. The department hopes the board will help tighten loopholes in the agreements as it earlier received thousands of complaints related to unfair agreements. ''It [the contract] will be a standard for all condominium projects to use,'' said Mr Surasith. The amended Condo Act would require developers to keep all copies and versions of sale brochures or pictures advertised or sales letters publicised in any way at the juristic person office of the condominium for future reference, he added. ''Advertisements are part of a purchasing and selling contract. If there are many versions, all must be kept,'' he said. This requirement aims to focus on the common area that developers promise to customers, not on selling prices or promotions. In the past, some developers changed the common area for other uses, taking advantage of unit owners. ''The amendments, responding to many problems, aim to protect consumers. Formerly, the act had no provisions for punishment as it left the private sector to manage and solve the problems by itself.'' Mr Opas said L.P.N. planned to launch three low-priced CondoTown projects in the Rama II, Rangsit and Pak Nam in Samrong areas with at least 2,000 units each. Spending for these three plots would be around 200-300 million baht each. ''CondoTown will focus on a large community where a discount store is situated,'' he said. The location has more than 100 apartment buildings where tenants pay rent of 3,000 to 4,000 baht a month. During the first four months of this year, L.P.N. had pre-sales of 2.8 billion baht and it aims to achieve 11 billion baht by the end of the year. In the first quarter, it realised 1.2 billion baht and missed a target of two billion baht as government tax incentives took effect in late March and many buyers delayed purchases. However, the firm would realise tax benefits representing 4% of total revenue. It expected to realise 7.8 billion baht of revenue in 2008, said Mr Opas. Next month the company will launch the first phase of Lumpini Place Ratchada-Rama IX on a 15-rai site near the MCOT Junction with unit prices of 1.3 million baht. It will have a total of 2,000 units. ''A rise in steel prices caused higher unit prices of 2-5% so [prices of] units in the existing projects will be revised up,'' Mr Opas said. LPN shares closed yesterday on the Stock Exchange of Thailand at 7.30 baht, up 10 satang, in trade worth 209.9 million baht. -- Bangkok Post 2008-05-17
  13. Low-cost Nissan launched BANGKOK: -- Siam Nissan Automobile Co outlined its product policy yesterday, with a focus on car segmentation this year to push sales and boost the brand's image, according to Koji Okuda, senior vice-president for marketing and sales. The launch of Tiida Latio four-door sedan yesterday was part of the company's product strategy. ''Last year was an excellent year for us, with an overall result that turned out positively, especially in the pickup segment,'' Mr Okada said at the launch. ''At the same time, we also saw an improvement in our cars but we are still eager to improve and expand in order to meet our goal of satisfying Nissan customers to the fullest.'' The introduction of the Latio as the four-door sedan in the Tiida car line is seen as an effort to recapture customers who want value and have high expectations for a family car. A company source said the Tiida made its debut in 2004 but both the hatchback and sedan versions had received a lukewarm response from customers, despite its premium quality, roomy interior and good fuel economy and performance. The company decided to re-launch the Tiida in 2007 by repositioning it between the compact Toyota Vios or Honda Civic and the rival subcompact Toyota Vios/Yaris or Honda City/Jazz models. The move prompted Nissan to bring down Tiida prices, said the source. For 2008, Mr Okuda said the company had decided to separate the marketing plan for the Tiida hatchback from the sedan because the target customers are different. The hatchback model continues to be called Nissan Tiida while the sedan will be popularised as the Tiida Latio. ''We are confident that with our individual sales and marketing plans, we will be able to reach our target customers while at the same time they will gain better understanding of our products through new communications and activities,'' he said. The prices for the Tiida Latio start from 554,000 baht for the new 1.6-litre model in both manual and automatic transmissions. They go up to 715,000 baht for the top 1.6-litre automatic model. -- Bangkok Post 2008-05-17
  14. Taxi driver dies of heart failure behind wheel BANGKOK: -- A foreign passenger managed to stop a taxi safely after its driver suddenly died apparently of heart failure behind the scene Saturday morning, police said. The taxi was on an elevated way after having left the Suvarnabhumi International Airport by about 2 kilometres when its driver, Weerapol Rungsup, 61, became unconscious. The taxi was carrying a Thai woman, Pratya Pawapuchakang, 31, and her two foreign friends from the airport. The woman told police that the car suddenly lost control and it sway left and pressed against the wall for several metres before her friend on the front passenger seat steered the car to park safely. The woman and friends tried to wake up the taxi driver but found that he had already died. -- The Nation 2008-05-17