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  8. Google announces it will retire Latitude on August 9th, 2013 Today has finally seen the release of the overhauled Google Maps, and a smaller news note that was hidden in that announcement is that Google Latitude will be retired on August 9th. Latitude has been Google's location sharing service, although it has never been a very popular option compared to services like Foursquare and Facebook. But more importantly, Latitude has been somewhat eclipsed by Google+ which has its own location sharing service, and one that gets far more use than Latitude. Latitude had always been a strange product. It is baked-in to Google Maps, and had a fairly good feature set, allowing for automatic tracking of location, and check-in prompts or automatic check-ins at locations you set. The problem was always that very few people used it. So, if you're looking for it in the newest Maps update for Android, you won't find it. The standalone app for iOS will be removed from the store, and the Latitude API will be retired, meaning 3rd-party apps that use it will cease to work, unless they switch to Google+ location sharing. Of course, just because Latitude is going away doesn't mean Google is abandoning the location sharing game. The features of Latitude are going to be split between the Android system and Google+. For example, the location reporting option in Android will remain, but it will share through Google+ rather than Latitude, and you will have to turn the feature on again, Google will not assume you want in to G+ sharing just because you were on Latitude. And, check-ins will be found in Google+ rather than Google Maps. -- 2013-07-11
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    Thailand Live Thursday 11 Jul 2013

    Google retires Latitude - A new Google Maps app for smartphones and tablets Full story: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/652852-google-retires-latitude-a-new-google-maps-app-for-smartphones-and-tablets/
  10. A new Google Maps app for smartphones and tablets Today we’re introducing a new Google Maps app for Android smartphones and tablets, also coming soon to iPhone and iPad. It’s a new mapping experience that makes exploring the world and getting to the places that matter to you a lot faster and easier. The app is gradually rolling out globally in Google Play and will be available soon in the App Store. The new Google Maps for mobile builds on the design we released for iPhone last December and improves on it with a few useful search and navigation features. And it's the first dedicated app for Android tablets and iPads. We’re also retiring Latitude and are making some changes to offline and My Maps which we’ll explain in more detail below. First, here are a few highlights that make this release stand out: Full story: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2013/07/a-new-google-maps-app-for-smartphones.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FMKuf+%28Official+Google+Blog%29
  11. Singapore Airlines Unveils New Cabin and Seat Designs Singapore Airlines today unveiled its next generation of cabin products. Customers travelling on select flights between Singapore and London will be the first to experience the new cabin products from September, in First, Business and Economy classes. The new seats and KrisWorld inflight entertainment system will be progressively rolled out to other routes as additional new aircraft enter service. Singapore Airlines is investing nearly US$150 million to introduce the new products on an initial eight Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The investment programme will be extended as the new products are introduced on Airbus A350 aircraft scheduled for delivery in the years ahead. Today’s unveiling is the result of more than two years of working with world renowned design firms. BMW Group Designworks USA assisted with the development of the new First Class, James Park Associates assisted with Business Class and Massive Interactive with the inflight entertainment system interface. “The significant investment in our next generation of cabin products reaffirms our commitment to product innovation and leadership, and demonstrates our confidence in the future for premium full-service air travel,” said SIA’s Executive Vice President Commercial, Mr Mak Swee Wah. “Special attention has been given to ergonomics, comfort, convenience and design, as well as to our customers’ interests and lifestyles. The task that we gave ourselves and our design partners when we started the process was to make ‘A Great Way to Fly’ even better. We are confident that we have delivered.” Singapore Airlines New First Class Singapore Airlines’ new First Class seat features a new fixed-back shell design with curved side panels to provide a clear demarcation of personal space, for added privacy. At 35 inches in width, and with an increased bed length from 80 to 82 inches, it is one of the most spacious First Class products in the sky. Extensive research was conducted to determine how best to increase the comfort of the new First Class seat. An ergonomically sculpted cushion and improved adjustable headrest have been introduced for greater seating comfort, while new features such as a padded headboard for extra support and an additional mattress layer ensure customers enjoy a good rest. More thoughtful and convenient features have also been introduced. For example, the seat now boasts a stylish passenger control unit that includes a new switch to provide customers with easier access to turn off their inflight entertainment monitor, and for cabin crew to do so without disturbing customers when they are resting. Another key feature is the in-seat lighting. In-depth research was carried out with lighting experts to develop not only a stylish reading light, but one that also provides a conducive environment for reading or working. Extensive tests were carried out to determine the optimal light colour and intensity, with brightness adjustability. In addition to reading lights, the seat features ambient lighting, which not only accentuates the seat design but also serves as a night light in a dimmed cabin. Complementing the experience is a new state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system. First Class customers will be able to enjoy the new KrisWorld on a sleek 24-inch LCD screen, with video touch-screen handsets. To ensure that personal devices are within easy reach, even while charging, both eXport and USB ports are discreetly located within a leather-lined bespoke stowage compartment by the side of the seat. HDMI ports have also been added to provide the flexibility for customers to use KrisWorld as their own personal media player. Singapore Airlines New Business Class The new Business Class seat offers greater recline at 132 degrees, and features an improved ergonomic seat cushion. When converted, it becomes one of the industry’s widest full-flat beds, at 78 inches in length. The seat also features a padded headboard cushion for enhanced comfort. In addition, the new Business Class seat boasts two new seating positions - Lazy Z’ and ‘Sundeck’ - following in-depth research and feedback from customers. These additional lounging positions provide even greater flexibility for customers to choose their preferred ways to work or relax. Taking into account customer feedback for increased stowage space, there is now an amenity stowage area on the side console and a laptop stowage area. Other enhanced features include an 18-inch LCD screen and video touch-screen handset for customers to enjoy the next generation KrisWorld, as well as an all-in one business panel including in-seat power supply, USB port, eXport and HDMI ports. Like the new First Class seat detailed above, the new Business Class seat boasts a floodlight reading light and the LCD monitor on/off switch for added convenience. Singapore Airlines New Economy Class Through the use of innovative design and materials, the new Singapore Airlines Economy Class seat features a refreshed contemporary fabric design, comes with new backrest seat cushions with side bolsters for better back support. An ergonomically sculpted headrest cushion, which supports an increased range of height adjustments, offers better neck support. Customers can also enjoy the new KrisWorld inflight entertainment experience on a wider 11.1-inch monitor, featuring an intelligent and unique touch-screen graphical user interface accompanied by a video touch-screen handset. -- 2013-07-09
  12. george

    Thailand Live Tuesday 9 Jul 2013

    A380 Delay for Thai Airways’ London-Bangkok fleet Thai Airways regrets to announce that due to important technical modifications, the A380 will not be able to commence its operation on the Heathrow- Bangkok route as planned from December 1, 2013. Full story: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/652101-thai-international-delays-for-a380-to-london/
  13. Phuket News TV: The Phuket News Review, July 5 Alasdair Forbes and Tim Newton look behind the headlines of this week's The Phuket News
  14. This thread continues here: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/651819-farang-got-stabbed/
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