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  1. He is just a Kid who loves this country and their people. I can't tell you how many times I put pennies on the rail tracks when I was a kid. No Harm no Foul. Before passing judgement, Read this.. it tells a different story..
  2. Thanks for the update.. Are the payment options other than TrueMoney?
  3. HDPrime was shut down...
  4. The MAC is built better and will last longer. I am currently using a 2009 Macbook Pro. I upgraded the RAM to 8 Gig and replaced the HD with an SSD. My MAC runs flawlessly. Keep in mind, MACs are designed to run Apple"s OS which is far superior to Windows. Once you get use to the MAC OS you will never mutter the word Windows again. If you insist on using Windows, buy a machine that is designed to run Windows.
  5. @Gulfsailor is correct... My wife works for the Gov finance dept. and tells me "The guarantor is responsible" if there are no or not enough assets to pay the loan. The guarantor is most likely a gov employee and is well aware of his/her responsibility.
  6. That's not an indication that your signal is good as the Laptop probably has a better wifi radio and receives signals better than the PC.
  7. Just tried Netflix on my Zidoo and HiMedia Box and both work perfectly..
  8. Use this for Chrome. It really should not matter if you are using a VPN..
  9. Even though your a volunteer, Thai Authorities consider it working and you will be required to get a work permit.
  10. Last night I noticed the Samsung J5 at the Sammy sho in the mall for B3690 Seems like a good price.. check it out..
  11. This has been posted on the KODI website.. I think you might have seen news that several shops (selling boxes configured to use piracy streams) might be shutting down, now that court cases against these shop owners are passing their first judgements, and they are facing jailtime.None of these shops have anything to do with Kodi - actually They are killing our brand and damaging our reputation. In addition, their use of our name is against our trademark policy (wiki).In addition this usages of our brand makes it harder for us to actually work with content providers to get legal content and official add-ons in our repositories.Personally I am more than happy to see this happening as these shops are constantly associating our name with piracy usage, going as far as to call their devices "Kodi box", which to me is similar to selling a laptop with Firefox preconfigured to visit lots of porn sites with stolen accounts and calling it a "firefox laptop", or advertising with "Firefox gives you free access to paid porn sites."So to summarise: We are not shutting down, but hopefully some of the people misusing our name are.
  12. Go to DTAC.. pay the bill.. explain the situation and ask them to cancel the SIM and contact your x's mom.
  13. This is the problem.. You want out of the hospitals billed services because the scan showed nothing.. and you have no issue scamming the insurance company. You"re a loser.. pay the bill.. BTW EMS drivers get 300B for bringing someone to a Gov hospital and 500 from private hospitals..
  14. I provided the HS code for Android TV Boxes which are duty free. Customs couldn't care less and rejected my code and used some other code that has a 10% duty charge + VAT
  15. Good idea.. especially if you want to pay the dogs owner around a million BHT for killing his/her dog. And lets not forget the night or two you will spend in jail.. I say go for