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  1. Go to DTAC.. pay the bill.. explain the situation and ask them to cancel the SIM and contact your x's mom.
  2. This is the problem.. You want out of the hospitals billed services because the scan showed nothing.. and you have no issue scamming the insurance company. You"re a loser.. pay the bill.. BTW EMS drivers get 300B for bringing someone to a Gov hospital and 500 from private hospitals..
  3. I provided the HS code for Android TV Boxes which are duty free. Customs couldn't care less and rejected my code and used some other code that has a 10% duty charge + VAT
  4. Good idea.. especially if you want to pay the dogs owner around a million BHT for killing his/her dog. And lets not forget the night or two you will spend in jail.. I say go for
  5. Customs has been scrutinizing every package lately. HiMedia sent me a Q10 for evaluation via DHL. DHL called me and said they wanted 3000 baht. They said customs valued the TV Box at 6000 THB and charged 1000B penalty for undervaluing the item. I told DHL that there is no duty on a TV box and I did not value the item, the sender did. I was told they still wanted 2000 THB for customs and VAT + the 1000 THB penalty. I told them to send the item back to the sender. I contacted HiMedia and they sent another Q10 via the post. Customs charged me 580 THB for the second unit. I was sent a Zidoo X9S which is cheaper than the Q10. It was sent via the post and was charged 728 THB I received 2 Minix wireless keyboards they went right through. No duty no VAT. I have a Z28 in route. This is a 2000 THB unit that should arrive tomorrow. I am waiting to see what customs will do with this one. Bottomline, I think customs is looking at every package that has a falang name on it.
  6. I'll tell you about reality. They did it to my wife. They sold her house and demanded the full mortgage balance.
  7. What is unrealistic? It's in every mortgage contract.
  8. Anyone who can read and watch YouTube can install a Kodi build. Buy the best box you can afford and if you need help ask here.. Do not pay anyone for a Kodi build.. JMO
  9. If you do require a new passport, be advised you must pay in US $ or THB by bank draft. No cash..
  10. It doesn't matter.. The bank can get full value + and his GF is still liable for the full balance of the loan.
  11. The bank will repossess the house and your GF will still be liable for the balance of the loan. If the bank should sell the house, your GF is still responsible for the original loan amount. Thai banks will only go after people that they know they can recover money from. If your GF owns a business or works for the Government, they will go after her. If not they won't waste their time but your GF will never get credit again.
  12. Just register.. All you need is a Thai Debit Card and you're good to go..
  13. Because Chrome saves everything you do.. Just delete it and it should be fine..
  14. I have a retirement visa/extension and have a postpaid DTAC account. They bill me via email every month. All you need is your passport or Thai drivers license. Perhaps you need to try another DTAC location..
  15. I'm a Chrome user and never had the issue.. My bet, it's a common cache issue. Just go into setting and clear the cache and you should be fine,,