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  1. Pond heron flees in panic as Brahminy Kite swoops past low.
  2. Something's spooked them. There are several hundreds more both left and right of this frame. Taken from about 300 meters away with a 300mm lens with a 1.4X extender.
  3. I know....I wanted to capture the twin columns of cloud and I was already at the edge of the dam. But just for this time please ignore the lampost.
  4. I've only ever used long lenses till a few days back when I took delivery from Lazada a cheapo Canon 50mm f1.8 STM. Unable to find a willing subject, I took it out to my neighbourhood dam and tried my hand in capturing the sunset. Please critique freely as to the composition, framing etc and also the post processing bits. I've incuded the 'raw' original but converted to jpeg. I used ACR only tweaking White balance, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation and probably some other sliders I can't remember now. Gear used: 7D; Man mode; ISO250; F5.6; SS 1/400
  5. Running out of birds around here. Got this Large-billed crow for some BIF practice:
  6. Over wintering? Taiga Flycatcher from my backyard this morning.
  7. Unfortunately no other useable pic. I find it really tough trying to ID raptors maybe just a tad less challenging than leaf warblers.
  8. I heard screeching Indian mynas out my backyard and knew something was bothering them. Grabbed the camera and made it to the backyard just in time to see this being mobbed by a pair of mynas. Sorry for the truly awful pic but could this be Shikra?
  9. Over where I am (lower NE Isaan) I recall seeing a pair visit my backyard a number of years ago. Never seen them again. However I am puzzled by the disappearance of what used to be fairly common Sooty-headed bulbuls. Theyused to come to bathe and drink from my bird bath. All I have left now are Streak-eared bulbuls. Even the Yellow-vented are increasingly scarce. Strange.
  10. @thetefldon. Thanks for details of your bif shots. I have the same 400/5.6 as you and it's a very sharp lens in adequate light but it struggles in the shade. Excellent for bif in open well lit spaces. I like to shoot at 5.6 even if dof is shallow. Blurred wing tips don't bother me much as long as eyes are tack sharp....Of course easier said than done. Lol.
  11. Cool bif shots. Mind sharing exif and mode used? Thanks.
  12. Took this from the truck while taking the dogs out for their daily romp. Green Bee-eater:
  13. I think that audio clip in the OP is that of a Plaintive cuckoo. Probably breeding season now and they get very vocal. Still better than having an Asian koel perched next to your bedroom window. Link: http://www.xeno-canto.org/species/Cacomantis-merulinus
  14. I did consider a full frame at one point but after weighing the for/against I have decided to stick with APS-C as I mainly shoot birds and I need the high FPS to capture them in flight. The crop factor does help too when shooting perched birds. I own two 7D (old Mk1) at the moment and will be letting one go to help fund the Mk2. Have been wanting to sell one but wasn't able because I couldn't get a utility that showed shutter count until today. I'd like to share what I found today for Canon DSLR users, please follow this link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/canon-eos-digital-info/ Now I have my shutter count on both cameras I'll be posting soon on TV Classifieds.
  15. I am aware it's a grey import and have bought a few of such. So far I have been lucky as all are still serviceable after a number of years. Back on topic... I looked closely at this particular vendor's ad and noticed he hasn't included the many accessories that are standard with other sellers ads. I think I will pass on this.