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  1. For The Birds !

    Help me with this Shrike ID. Thanks. Taken at Huai Khok Mu view point Ratchaburi. This is a nice spot to camp although birding isn't great. But was well rewarded with a flypast of about 7 or 8 individuals. Wreathed Hornbill. Female with blue gular pouch. Unfortunately the sun was behind the birds Gear used Canon 7D with 400/5.6 hand held.
  2. For The Birds !

    Nonetheless a very crisp shot! I have a version 1 500/f4 IS sitting in my dry cabinet longing to be taken out but at my age I find it increasingly strenuous to lug this bazooka around. Instead I now prefer the light weight 400/5.6 for doing trails and a 300/2.8 for hide work. If anyone is interested please PM me for the 500/4.
  3. For The Birds !

    Wow these guys are often perched up high in the canopies. Great capture!
  4. Baitcasting vs Spinning

    My preference too for baitcasters but when the wind is up as in most afternoons a spinning reel casts without backlash issues. I often switch to spinning reels when I have to cast into the wind. They both have specific duties for me and I almost always have one of each every outing.
  5. Will these work on ungrounded ac outlets

    Would apreciate if you could share a photo and schematic of your design. And source of parts.
  6. Will these work on ungrounded ac outlets

    Thanks Crossy I will pop into megahome to see if I can get similar there. Probably cheaper than the Oz product and hopefully of decent quality. Lopburi3: It is clear I don't know anything about classification of electrical appliances and what need grounding. I'll see if Google can help.
  7. Will these work on ungrounded ac outlets

    @steve: yes I am aware I'll need plug adapters or replace plug and sockets on the device to Thai styled ones if I do buy one. @lopburi3: problem is I can't find a competent sparky at my village and I am not up to it myself to tackle rewiring the entire house.
  8. Found these at Bunnings hardware in Sydney and am tempted to purchase one of them. My question is will any of these work in my thai home where the ac outets only have 2 wires even though the socket has 3-pins. Asked the Bunnings staff at the electrical section but he isn't sure if it will work. I intend to use it when I am using some power tools around the house. Your input greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. For The Birds !

    Thanks AN for that interesting link although I still can't be certain. I'll go along with shikra for now.
  10. For The Birds !

    You could be right still. Until someone comes along to positively ID it. I'd think it's possibly a Chinese Sparrowhawk but they are relatively rare.
  11. For The Birds !

    I really can't tell from your links. The chest and belly markings don't quite match.
  12. For The Birds !

    Got this a few days ago still can't figure out what it is other than an accipiter.
  13. For The Birds !

    Black-capped KF and black bittern sighted at lake adjacent ThapLan NP. Asian brown FC at my backyard. Brown shrike and black drongos adjoining farm land.
  14. For The Birds !

    Good shots.