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  1. Cruising....1/2000sec; F10; 700mm; Iso3200
  2. Surely there must be an easier way to get a feed.
  3. Some cross wind landing skills needed here. 1/1250sec; F5.6; ISO640; 700mm.
  4. Resident swamp mafia drops by to collect his dues. F8; ISO2000; 1/1600sec; FL500mm.
  5. jack2964

    For The Birds !

    Bronze-winged Jacana cooling off in the heat.
  6. jack2964

    Activity in the Middle of a Lake.

    If it is just a 'pond' without mountain streams feeding into it then I doubt it would support Kasoob as they require fairly good quality water to thrive. But your account does seem to suggest bait fish being preyed upon.
  7. jack2964

    Activity in the Middle of a Lake.

    Just returned from another fishing trip to Khao Laem and I witnessed many times schools of Hampala Barb (locally known as Kasoob) attacking bait fish on the surface. The entire frenzy lasts less than a minute and if you're within casting range you're almost assured of a hookup. I am keen to know whereabouts your lake is.
  8. jack2964

    For The Birds !

    They are frequently mixed with other munia species in cages at pet shops or flea markets. My guess they are bought for release to make merit since they don't sing.
  9. jack2964

    For The Birds !

    Good to see this not in a cage.
  10. jack2964

    For The Birds !

    Thanks for the heads up. Will surely pay a visit when next in the area.
  11. jack2964

    For The Birds !

    That would be a great spot to capture some action images. Any idea the exact location in chanthaburi?
  12. jack2964

    For The Birds !

    I did see it circle and then dived a couple of times amongst the reeds/vegetation but was unable to make out what it captured or maybe it failed on those occasions.
  13. jack2964

    For The Birds !

    I sighted this bird with a deformed leg on two different visits. It likes to hunt near a gazebo where I shoot from. Location: Sanambin non-hunting area Burirum.