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  1. Will these work on ungrounded ac outlets

    Would apreciate if you could share a photo and schematic of your design. And source of parts.
  2. Will these work on ungrounded ac outlets

    Thanks Crossy I will pop into megahome to see if I can get similar there. Probably cheaper than the Oz product and hopefully of decent quality. Lopburi3: It is clear I don't know anything about classification of electrical appliances and what need grounding. I'll see if Google can help.
  3. Will these work on ungrounded ac outlets

    @steve: yes I am aware I'll need plug adapters or replace plug and sockets on the device to Thai styled ones if I do buy one. @lopburi3: problem is I can't find a competent sparky at my village and I am not up to it myself to tackle rewiring the entire house.
  4. Found these at Bunnings hardware in Sydney and am tempted to purchase one of them. My question is will any of these work in my thai home where the ac outets only have 2 wires even though the socket has 3-pins. Asked the Bunnings staff at the electrical section but he isn't sure if it will work. I intend to use it when I am using some power tools around the house. Your input greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. For The Birds !

    Thanks AN for that interesting link although I still can't be certain. I'll go along with shikra for now.
  6. For The Birds !

    You could be right still. Until someone comes along to positively ID it. I'd think it's possibly a Chinese Sparrowhawk but they are relatively rare.
  7. For The Birds !

    I really can't tell from your links. The chest and belly markings don't quite match.
  8. For The Birds !

    Got this a few days ago still can't figure out what it is other than an accipiter.
  9. For The Birds !

    Black-capped KF and black bittern sighted at lake adjacent ThapLan NP. Asian brown FC at my backyard. Brown shrike and black drongos adjoining farm land.
  10. For The Birds !

    Good shots.
  11. My rental property is a modest duplex taking in less than 30k a year in rents so I am on 32.5%. I'm not sure what you mean by the CGT being a separate component to rents received. If I don't sell I won't have to deal with CGT but say I sell today then on my next tax filing I will need to total up rents received up to today and whatever my actual capital gains is minus costs. This total sum would then be my income for the financial year and it will be well in excess of 180k. For the first 180k, tax is 63k which works out to 35%. Every subsequent dollar above 180k 45 cents is grabbed by the ATO. This has gotten me thinking is it really worthwhile holding on for more capital growth considering it has appreciated heaps over the last 3 or 4 years. At my age (60s) there aren't many good years ahead so I ought to cash in and enjoy the fruits of my labour. I'll send you a PM when I get back to my PC.
  12. Yes I do. Stuff like bank interest, agent's commissions, repairs, council rates, insurance etc. Where it hurts most is when I sell the property. I will be slugged 45% on CGT on every dollar in excess of 180k. Having said that, I of course still come out ahead.
  13. I left in end 2005 and am a non resident as far as the ATO is concerned. Been paying my taxes annually for income derived from an investment property which I still owe money on. Seeing how the ato as well as the nsw govt keep moving the goal post I am seriously considering liquidating and parking the proceeds elsewhere. Paying 45% on every dollar above 180,000 on taxable income is extremely painful. I guess they have somewhat achieved the aim to discourage foreign investors but those with deep pockets aren't affected. To the average Joe like myself even future capital growth isn't an incentive to hold on. For every 10k of capital growth, 4.5k goes to the ATO.
  14. Same here with mine. 10th digit is a zero or "O" which returned as invalid. However at the very bottom of the ID plate it has 'Plant/Built' and it shows date of manufacture.
  15. For The Birds !

    Was out for a bit of fishing this morning and saw a single Grey wagtail feeding along a fast flowing stream. Also a flock of about 10 Bee-eaters flew past overhead but couldn't positively identify. My guess is Chestnut-headed Bee-eater as none had the central tail prong. But still no sign of Black Drongoes nor Brown Shrike.