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  1. The British embassy in Thailand have confirmed that after providing income verification letters to expats for more than 20 years, they are not verification experts and have decided to cease this practice.
  2. Surin Immigration - Welcome to the 21st Century!
  3. Sorry, she has now been more specific - apparently it's my email address that's the problem - it's never been a problem before (cscoms.com). I'll try another address. [OK, sorry to bother you - my gmail address appears to work].
  4. I'm only going by what my wife tells me:
  5. Having heard from a colleague who successfully reported on-line to Surin Immigration recently, I had another go today. Just my luck - the site is down!
  6. If I remember correctly it was reported some time ago that Buriram did not conduct on-line reporting. I'm pleased to hear that they now do. I just hope that Surin office follows suit.
  7. As did I (to my private email address which Thaivisa do have I believe). I shall not be participating.
  8. Does the initial application reflect the length of time of the extension in a reduced fee? 555555555555555555
  9. From my experience, albeit from 8 years ago, your passport does not need 12 months validity. However, you will only be granted an extension of stay up to the date of the expiry of your passport. When you receive your new passport, you will need to visit immigration and have all your details transferred and the additional time should then be added to meet your yearly expiry date. This makes sense to me as, being a Brit, we can only apply for a new passport up to 9 months prior to expiry.
  10. Just for information, I visited Surin Immigration last week and: Applied for my new extension of stay 43 days prior to the expiration of last year's extension. The extension was granted. Reported my address in accordance with the 90 day reporting rule 5 days after it was specifically due. My subsequent date to report is 90 days after the date that I reported.
  11. The reason that I asked is that I am required to report to Surin Immigration. Yes, the system determines which office needs to process the on-line 90 day application but unfortunately Surin Immigration (and also Buriram Immigration I'm told) don't give a shit.
  12. Yorkie

    House Building / Living In Issan

    Thais are power hungry also ... 2 x twin power sockets for the whole house and 10 x 4 socket plug bar extensions! :D Check out my electric spec if you wish: Brief Specification
  13. A young boy came home from school one day slightly confused. His mother was Liverpudlian and his father was from Yorkshire. So he asks, 'Mum, am I more Scouser or more Tyke?' 'What does it really matter? You'll just have to ask your father', his mother tells him. So he waits until dad gets home from work and asks the same question, 'Dad, am I more Scouser or more Tyke?' 'What kind of a question is that, does it really matter? Why do you want to know if you're more Scouser or more Tyke?' 'Well, it's like this dad. Tommy down the street wants to sell his bicycle for 50 quid, I don't know whether to talk him down to 25 quid, or wait till dark and steal it!'
  14. Yorkie

    House Building / Living In Issan

    I have ADSL through the phone line. Bht 1,600.00 p.m shared space on the I.S.P. server. Up and download speeds vary between 50 and 150 kps. The latter on a good day.
  15. Yorkie

    House Building / Living In Issan

    Just a point about colour co-ordination. I've not met a Thai yet who has any. Therefore if you don't want your house to look like an Hawaiian patchwork quilt, specify the paint and tile colours and wallpaper (if any) yourself. House Picture