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  1. If you live in Surin province it doesn't work (or the IOs in Surin Immigration won't do it). Buriram province is apparently the same.
  2. I reported in person one day after the report was due. The next date for my report is 90 days from the due date. I am not saying that that is the norm, just what happened to me.
  3. Correct meter

    All single phase - this is my meter:
  4. Correct meter

    There are times when I think the electric should be turned off completely. http://freebeerforyorky.com/videonaam.html
  5. Correct meter

    I remember being at a Thai housewarming celebration many years ago. All the lights in the house were on (3 bedroom, one storey) and there must have been 20 external lights shining around the perimeter wall. The karaoke in the back garden took the 5(15)A supply over the top and the consumer unit switches were tripping virtually continuously.
  6. Correct meter

    To be on the safe side you could always get a 30(100) Amp supply.
  7. Why should they be interested in how much it costs you in time, fuel, and vehicle wear and tear, not to mention environmental issues. On Tuesday, I spent 50 minutes driving there, 50 minutes driving back and less than 5 minutes obtaining approval in Surin Immigration.
  8. Not I. But I've never had approval on-line. And I've been attempting to use the system as long as it has (or not) been operating (sic).
  9. I have spoken to the IOs in person (90 days ago). They say the website doesn't work/isn't working. C'est la vie. [Edit: Why should they not accept the online report?]
  10. As is mine after 15 days. Incompetence, lethargy or just laziness?
  11. Today is my "actual" report date so I'd better get on my bike tomorrow!
  12. I know this is a little simplistic for Immigration to get their heads around but if they are not going to favourably respond to the on-line request, why not say so instead of entering "pending" and thereafter ignoring the application?
  13. That is the version that I used last year.
  14. I see (now I've downloaded the form). Word doesn't allow saving as a .jpg file or similar. Let me check my desktop; I'm sure we completed the form and printed it out 18 months ago. I should have it saved.
  15. Do you have a graphics application which you could use to resize the form, e.g. 95%, so it will print slightly smaller? If not, foolscap paper maybe?