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  1. I sent my first postal request for 90 day report to Bangkok (as indicated on the website). Bangkok sent back the receipt 21 days later saying I had to mail the request to my local immigration office. I checked with Surin Immigration later and they stated that they did not accept postal reporting.
  2. OK, thank you. The Surin office allowed me to extend 40 days before expiry last year so I guess they are in the former category.
  3. My next 90 day report is due 13th May 2018 and my current extension expires on 27th June 2018. Is it still a requirement of the extension that it may be applied for up to 45 days prior to expiration? If so then I shall plan to do the report and apply for the extension on 15th May 2018.
  4. After my on-line application has been pending for 11 days, I applied in person this morning. 40 minutes drive there, 90 seconds in the office, 40 minutes drive back and Bht 300.00 in diesel.
  5. I have Windows 10.0 on my laptop but much prefer the Windows 7.0 on my desk top.
  6. But the Immigration website does not reflect that (not that I am in any way surprised).
  7. I have only once attempted to report by mail and in accordance with the information on their website, I sent the application to "Immigration Division 1". Although this office did process my request (albeit a month later), they informed me that in future I must mail my application to my local office. That was many years ago.
  8. My online report is still pending after 7 days. I am due to report on Sunday so I shall report in person on Tuesday. What a pain in the arse!
  9. I submitted my 4th online application on Friday morning last (due 11th February). The previous times they never got past the PENDING phase. The latest application is now PENDING. Surin Immigration Office.
  10. I would suggest that you replace "technical bug" with "incompetence".
  11. The whole system appears to be a lash up. If there are rules, few IOs appear to abide by them. Some do, some don't; some can, some can't; and some don't give a shit! [Edit: surely it would be simpler (and more economical) to have one central "hub" where all online reporting is processed. Yes, I know - TiT]
  12. In 2016, Surin Immigration were not issuing extensions of stay for either those based on marriage or based on retirement until a house visit had been made (within the following month after application). This ceased in 2017 as the work load appeared to be too much for them. However, it is now apparent that they are requiring house visits again but not for all applicants. Whether it's a pot luck decisions or whether there is a system I don't know. My extension is not due for renewal until June.
  13. Certificate of Residence

    The last Certificate of Residency that I required was in 2011 and it cost me Bht 500.00 (Surin Immigration). I am informed that they are now free in said office. However, another Immigration office appears to charge Bht 1,500.00 for the letter. Is this another case of each office being left to their own devices?
  14. Surin, and subsequently Buriram offices have never responded to on-line 90 day reports (in my experience).