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  1. Thai ladies are the sexiest on this planet.That is why i come to Thailand.
  2. arch77778

    Tourist cash requirement

    Can one still get travellers cheques?Some will ask what is that.
  3. I will be entering Thailand as a tourist and is allowed 30 days.However,what is the amount in cash i must have to satisfy immigration. I intend sending money to myself, via Western Union which i will collect in Thailand .The problem is whether immigration will accept documentary evidence of the transfer.
  4. As per my earlier posting and that of MikeOwen, get registered at a Government Hospital and have your card handy at all times.In an emergency you can save your life.Call on your hospital for a general check up and get registered .
  5. Register with any Government Hospital and carry the card with you.
  6. Surely the answer is to stay out at least 7 days if there is no regulation.No one wants to incur additional expenses.
  7. Anyone who has reported under the 90 day set up for at least 10 years,can do so now, once a year on the anniversary of their birthday month.
  8. Why is this this subject kept alive.The old rules were plagued with loop holes and hopefully the new ones will counter the aforementioned.Surely it is for the betterment of all of us.
  9. arch77778


    This one is a big NO NO. How long have you known her? Take constructive advice from Thaivisa members.
  10. Of the countries mentioned that allows visa runs, is it on the basis of same day out and in.
  11. Can anyone tell me of another country from which people are doing Visa runs.
  12. arch77778

    Which is the best printer to buy?

    I can recommend the latest HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2645 All in one series(also referred to as the 2640 series)The ink cartridges can be refilled by a competent ink refiller.Stick to a recognised International Brand.
  13. Cant a Thai lawyer spell it out for us on this forum what the position is with regard to the subject raised by the OP.
  14. arch77778

    2 Things I'm almost COMPLETELY fed up with

    Why wait 3 weeks ,go now.She is NOT going to change.
  15. Surely your Embassy will assist you or direct you to the Body to contact.