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  1. Not sure if anyone is aware of this, but the Thai rail fare from Thonburi is 25 baht but the foreigners fare is 100 baht. State sponsored discriminatory pricing of 4 times more for foreigners. At leas it isn't the 10 times more for national parks.
  2. Three to four would be far better. But I have noticed how Thai TV news really milk stories - probably just to fill their time slot. Unless of course, their audience is too dim to get it the first time round and have to have it repeated time after time ...
  3. I think you mean 'som NAM na' ...
  4. Yes, true, but in early June 2016, the baht was 52 to the pound. So a tenner then got you 52 baht-ish, and now a tenner gets you 43.80 as of a few minutes ago. What a difference that extra six months makes to your argument, eh? (And I speak as one who voted for Brexit)
  5. Thai men are lacking in what way? Size of wallet or size of something else ... ?
  6. Sounds like a Basil Fawlty with a very thin skin. If you enter the world of cyperspace wearing one of those, you won't last long.
  7. Suggestions for new phone please

    My second excellent Nokia X2-00 has started to give up the ghost and I am after a replacement. I have to say that these phones were about the best I have ever had, but it doesn't look as though there's anything like as good about now. Before I ask about new phones, can anyone suggest somewhere that can repair them? I live very near Pantip Ngam Wong Wan but no-one will do it. The only thing that is wrong with it is that the sound from the earphone is very low, and I suspect it probably just wants cleaning by blowing out with compressed air. The sounds from the speakers is still as excellent as ever. I am not a great fan of smartphones (probably because I made the mistake of buying an Asus Zenphone C a few years ago and which was the biggest heap of [email protected] I have ever used). Nor am I a great fan of Apple. I have looked at a Samsung J2 Prime a few times, and had thought of buying it until I read about the poor internal storage on a thread on this board. That was also an issue with the rubbish Asus. My budget is about 5 grand or less (Brexit has reduced my UK pension by about 20%) and I suspect after my problems with Asus phones that Samsung is probably the brand to go for. That's if I want a smartphone of course. I suspect I may be better off with one of the cheaper 'normal' non-smartphone Nokia phones, a little similar to the X2 but with less features. I don't want to be permanently on Facebook, Line, WhatsApp or any chat groups, just make phone calls, take a few snaps, maybe look at the net once in a while and perhaps have some music on it. The one thing the phone has to have is a decent calendar with a loud tone like the Nokia I have. These silly little tinkley tones that last one second on Android are useless. Any suggestions?
  8. Always so nice to see a 'helpful' post from someone who doesn't understand that my question was rhetorical.
  9. With only a teeny-weeny hint of corruption? Like paying people 500 baht to vote and giving people free mobile phones, to name but two instances.
  10. Unwavering support for their absent heroine

    Which was screwing them every which way.
  11. So your supposition is precisely that.
  12. That seems to be exactly what they want. With a not-very-bright old duffer like Prayut trying to emulate Plaek Phibunsongkhram, who seems to be his hero.
  13. As below, which I posted yesterday in a different thread on this subject - to expand on what I was told, the same pharmacist also told me that she had apparently slipped over the land border to Cambodia on Wednesday/Thursday night where a private plane was waiting to take her straight to Singapore. No confirmation of the truth of this, but it does seem to be borne out by what others are saying today. 'This morning I went to my local pharmacist, where the owner speaks good English and talks to me about things which he probably wouldn't talk about to other Thais. He told me of her doing a runner and said that Thai Facebook was full of the story that she had sneaked into Cambodia a day or so ago, and had then flown by private plane to Singapore. Wouldn't surprise me, knowing the way people run away from their responsibilities here and refuse to accept the consequences of their conduct. The Shinawatra lot are the prime example of that. PS Ha! My spellcheck just highlighted Shinawatra and suggested the replacement should be 'Trashiness'!!