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  1. Just as he was playing on his phone in the photo.
  2. Mister Fixit

    Surat Thani school head probed for wrongdoing

    How do you know I haven't found something more accurate and that made me realise that this one that I am specifically complaining about is because of the lack of its accuracy?
  3. Mister Fixit

    Surat Thani school head probed for wrongdoing

    Apart from the despicable conduct of this toerag, the article itself is a load of old bolleaux. Badly written and extremely inaccurate, I am left wondering just where this incident took place. Was it Surat Thani as in the headline, somewhere else called 'Suran Thani' or Udon Thani? It took TWO reporters to write that junk and neither of them seem to know where they are!
  4. No, think again. He is deliberately messing up the inconsiderate driver who is the REAL one <deleted> up the traffic.
  5. Apparently there are more CCTV cameras in the UK than any other country - something like 2 for every person. I should have stayed and sold CCTV kit. Never tell me the UK is a free country. It is until you step out of line and then the petty-minded behaviour police drop on you. I remember an outcry some years ago when a city (forget which) had cameras monitoring an area in the centre. Someone was seen on camera from some control room who had dropped something (accidentally, he claimed) and a loudspeaker boomed out to tell him to pick it up! Some petty council official in a uniform sticking his nose in on someone just walking in the street. Intrusive and 1984-style or what? And don't get me started on how people are fined for putting the wrong rubbish in the wrong coloured bin, or not putting the bin out in the exact correct spot or with the lid slightly open, or on the wrong day ...
  6. It's easy enough to know where the lanes start and finish. Just read the road and observe, as you should do.
  7. Unnecessary. The UK don't provide a video of traffic offences and nor should anyone else. A photo is enough. The UK ask the registered keeper who the driver is at the time of offence and if there's no reply, the registered keeper is done for refusing to answer. Either way, they are [email protected]
  8. The UK woke up to this cash cow decades ago. Speed cameras, traffic light cameras, lane change cameras, bus lane only cameras, average speed cameras, pedestrian crossing cameras - you name it, there's a camera for it in the UK.
  9. An update on the visa error. My wife had a call direct from the Embassy on Tuesday to say that her visa had been corrected and would be available at VFS yesterday (Wednesday). She duly went and collected it without any problems. Revised visa pictured below. However, there was a little sting in the tail. She was also given a letter (reproduced here) to say that they could not date the visa from the date I had requested as the payment had been made more than 90 days beforehand. I have never don this before, but in February, the fare prices were so good that I decided to take the risk and buy them as the prices were starting to climb quickly. I booked them sharp-ish, leaving on 4th July. When I made the visa application I asked if the visa could be dated from the 1st July because I was considering changing the leaving date (we have a load of things to do in the UK and I thought I might leave a few days earlier). I must have miscalculated the dates back from the 4th July and although the interview was 20h April, the actual payment was made on the 9th April. The letter says that the visa could only be dated from 90 days after the payment was made, so it had a start date of 4th July, thankfully. If they'd have dated it from 5th July I would have had the expense of changing the departure ticket whether I'd wanted to or not. As it happens, they seem to have miscalculated the start date wrongly anyway, because according to my calendar,. 90 days on from 9th April is the 7th July so we were lucky in that they seem to have got the dates wrong. They did not include this letter with the incorrect visa last week so it sort of looks like they were having a dig back. I don't normally apply so early, but as I expected a few large expenses in May I thought I'd apply early so my bank balance looked healthier. Anyway, all's well that ends well and I won't be pre-booking before making a visa application in future.
  10. Quite, and a very good point. It would be quite simple to have a double-check by a clerk of an ECO's work. A simple list of what specific items to check such as visa start and finish dates, applicant's DoB, passport number etc would be a more robust way of dealing with potential errors than allowing the un-knowledgeable customer to do it. Sadly, I suspect all that would happen would be bleats of 'scarce resources/high costs' etc, but that's not our problem. That is their problem but they (meaning Gov't departments) always seem to pass the onus elsewhere. The rot started about 20 years or so ago when things such as responsibility for putting out bins and what they were filled with was devolved onto the consumer instead done by the provider, and this trend has worsened over the years. BTW, it was me who collected the passport and not my wife. If she had collected it, she'd have just tried to put it away unchecked and got it out the morning we flew out. Not that I would have let her, natch. At least I checked it properly when I got home and I had some peace and quiet to go through everything, and not do it in a crowded and busy public office.
  11. Yes, I realise that UKVI made the error, but the way VFS dealt with it was not especially satisfactory, especially the rather blase way my passport was taken with no receipt offered. Nor was I too impressed with the inference that the error was somehow my fault for not checking some tiny writing which was also quite badly printed. 69 year old eyes aren't always as good as 29 year old eyes. Further, as I said above, it's irrelevant when the error was brought to their attention - it was wrong and needed to be rectified whatever happened. But I DID check everything as usual but I do admit not to checking the date of birth because 1) I was more interested in the validity dates on the visa, which to me was the point of the application, and also I doubt if anyone would have thought of checking the DoB when the correct one was within 3 pages of the wrongly printed visa. TBH, I had never noticed that the DoB was even printed on the visa and I'm not too sure that many other people would have known if asked. But, hey, no-one's perfect and I most certainly will be checking any future visas far more rigorously. Having had 4 previous visas with no real problem (partly thanks to your advice in the past) I didn't expect there to be a problem this time either. Now let's see what next week brings ...
  12. Lucky her. The old bat who checked my wife was a nasty old cow, Gabbled at her in broad Manc, and when my wife didn't catch it first time repeated it in typical Brit was and shouted it at her. I stuck my nose in and said I was her husband and she was with me so she just scowled and literally threw my wife's passport at her and she almost dropped it because it was done so hard. And don't get me started on the Etihad ground staff who ripped me off when I paid for overweight baggage ... I didn't mind paying, and expected to, but I did mind them nicking 40 quid off me when my back was turned and then saying I had put it back in my wallet - which was empty so how could I? I'll never fly into Manchester again. Horrible experience.
  13. Ah, glad you asked. I was about to post something about this morning's little jaunt. I arrived about 10 am and the place was deserted. A girl and her mum came out as I arrived and that was that. Made a change having the lift to myself. There was one girl at the counter upstairs and I explained what had happened but her first words were 'Didn't you check your passport?' as though everything was my fault. I gritted my teeth and said 'I wasn't told to check my passport, I was told to check my documents. I did check the whole bundle because I wanted to see that everything necessary had been returned to me, and I also checked the dates of the visa in the passport because I had asked them to start it from a specific day. I did NOT check if my wife's date of birth had been incorrectly entered because I didn't think anyone could make a mistake when the correct date of birth was just a few pages away and could have easily been checked'. She digested that and then asked me to wait. She went in the big room and I saw her buttonhole a rather large lady and have a conflab. Said large lady came out and obviously hadn't listened to the counter clerk because not only did she ask again why I hadn't checked the passport, I also had to explain it all over again, flipping the pages to show the correct DoB and then to the visa to the incorrect DoB. I had to do this about 3 times before she cottoned on. I also said that even if I had noticed the error yesterday and gave it back, the passport would still have had to go back and it was just going back a day later, whatever the day I had pointed it out. She seemed to have a problem grasping that. Then there was a series of phone calls to various people and the upshot was that I had to leave the passport with her. Quelle surprise, like I didn't know. They said it would take about 3 days to get back, but I'm not holding my breath. They didn't want me to leave the entire bundle and they didn't take a note of her application number. I asked for a receipt for the passport three times but she just jotted her name on a scrap of paper and disappeared into the big room and left me there. She didn't give me a phone number to call to check either but did say she'd call my wife when it came back. If it doesn't come soon, it means yet another trip down town to nudge them and maybe more. I asked the counter clerk to get her back to give me a receipt but she just said 'She know about it' and went back to her phone. I will see if we get a call by Wednesday but I am not expecting one that soon. I'm pretty twitchy about not having a receipt for the passport but they'll be paying for a new one and a free visa if they lose it. Altogether, not an especially inspiring experience.
  14. I don't need to enter anything. Her correct DoB is in her passport for all to see, including the ECO. It's he or she who has made the error, no doubt about that. It's interesting that my app took twice as long as usual and I did wonder if whoever it was might have been a trainee - although I suspect the slip was more likely made due to pressure of work after to a post-Songkran backlog. I did check however, and yes, I DID enter it correctly online. Look, I have even attached a copy of the application so you can check for yourself - just so you can make sure, you know.
  15. I never go to the downstairs desk, I learnt that the first time! Straight upstairs for me. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression above. I'm not angry or frustrated, but I am irritated that I have to traipse down there again twice. I know it'll get sorted eventually, but I have a busy week next week and tbh I want to go myself to be certain, because my lovely but sometimes frustrating wife will almost certainly find a way to cock it up ...