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  1. Good old Thailand, still pressing the 'shoot me in the foot' button.
  2. There is a category missing - 'Fell' from a balcony in Pattaya.
  3. Thanks. Well that is how I HOPED it would work, but knowing the cock-ups of the past I wasn't sure just what to expect. I'm glad they got it right eventually. As to your second point, going from Bang Yai to Bearing, I would probably go the second way you suggested, because that way it is more likely that I would get a seat for the entire journey. I may well have to queue on the platform at Mo Chit and scurry for a seat when the doors opened, but the first way is less convenient for me. I would have the fairly long walk from Sukhumvit station to Asok, push through the melee of passengers on the escalators and elbow my way through to the ticket machines standing behind tourists struggling with coinage. Then there would be the wait for the train and then the push and shove to get on, then there would also be the standing in a crush until the passengers thinned out enough to finally get a seat, maybe by about On Nut. It would also probably be the quickest, but as long as I had a seat all the way, I wouldn't mind if it took 5 or 10 minutes longer.
  4. Well, I went on the Purple Line today (14 August 2017) to check the link from Taopoon to Bang Sue on the Blue Line. I am delighted to say that the link joins directly to the line at Bang Sue and now Taopoon is effectively the new terminus station on the northern end of the Blue Line. I was concerned that they had done a bodge job and and passengers changing at Taopoon to the Blue Line would have to change again at Bang Sue, but no, they got it right eventually and so there is now a proper joined-up link. Yay! It took them long enough ... I noticed that the Purple Line was pretty full where I got on at Nonthaburi Government, with only 2 free seats in the carriage at 11 am. In the past it has been almost the opposite with almost-empty carriages all the way to Taopoon and back. On arrival at Taopoon, there were dozens of signs and staff directing passengers to the link. Also many signs saying 'Happy Blue Line'! I'll bet they were happy having finally got the link working. I went through Bang Sue and once I saw that there was no need to change again at Bang Sue, I got off at Kamphaeng Phet and went back. Both trips cost me a whole 11 baht each way using the MRT 'Elder' card. Pretty good value. The quick pictures show it's not as crowded as the BTS at Siam or Victory Monument, but it will get there soon enough. I hope it won;t be as bad as the Skytrain has become.
  5. Well, I shall test it out tomorrow or Tuesday and report back here. My guess (but I hope I am wrong) is that I shall have to change at Taopoon and then that I shall have to change at Bang Sue again. But we shall see ... Xobtsiwt said I can understand that because eventually the Blue Line will be extended again from Taopoon to the west when the line is finally completed with the Taopoon to Hua Lampong/Tha Phra link
  6. Can you be more specific? Alight and change trains where? Alight at Taopoon, go down a floor then change to take the Blue Line downtown all the way, or alight at Taopoon, go down a floor, change to the Blue Line there and then change again at Bang Sue? My guess is the latter, as I very much doubt there has been any integrated thinking with this change either.
  7. What has never been made clear about this missing link is this - when taking the train from Taopoon to Bang Sue will passengers then have to alight and change platforms to the existing Blue Line - IE is this new link just a one-off discrete piece of line connecting the two stations? Or can passengers get on at Taopoon and stay on the train all the way to Hua Lamphong? In other words, have they actually joined up the link to the main Blue Line and now the new termini are Taopoon and Hua Lamphong? And the next question is, when will the powers that be start to think ahead a bit (which they should have done 20 years ago) and have an integrated ticketing system for both MRT, BTS And eventually buses and in just about any other large city on the planet?
  8. Two weeks and she'll be back - if that.
  9. So, the next question is, how do I find these young ladies on Facebook?
  10. I think you mean epaulettes ...
  11. I have to be there next week. I shall watch with interest. I bet it still won't be finished.
  12. Children’s dance troupe fined after complaints

    Turning? It's been one for decades, at least since Plaek Phibunsongkhram 70 years ago.
  13. A bully with a government job

    An interesting admission in the article - ' ... Somnuek said, and in the past many public prosecutors have been sacked for causing trouble.' Just how many, I wonder, and for exactly what?
  14. I thought that was they WERE teaching ...
  15. There would be if more than a tiny minority could actually speak the language halfway intelligibly.