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  1. The Russian GDP dropped 45% during the 90's under Yeltsin and his mafiosi ( not Italian of course) I was married to a lady from Moscow for 7 years during this decade and made several trips to Russia. I found out what was going on there. Even MSM like the Guardian admitted billions were being stolen and ending up in New York, London and Israeli banks. Whatever his flaws Putin ended the worst of this and turned the Russian economy around which is why even the NYT admits he has about 85% real approval in Russia. No doubt Putin lives well but not many in Russia would chose a return to what was going on in the 90's. This is a fact.
  2. I doubt you have much of a problem with the US working to influence and change goverments all over the world ( including Russia) Given the bellicose statements of Clinton and her unhinged NeoCon allies toward Russia it is little wonder Russia wanted Trump to prevail. Time Magazine openly stated the US helped the drunken Boris Yeltin get re-elected in 1996. This allowed 4 more years of the mafia oligarchs with connections to the West to plunder Russia of billions. There are many countries (in the Middle-East especially) that used their influence far more than Russia in the past election but in favor of the Clintons. None of that is of concern to the anti-Russian jihadists in the West.
  3. Levin cites 7 liberal MSM sources ( NYT, Guardian...) that admit obama did just that. McCain is out of his mind. https://youtu.be/GjToGCWpm-g