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  1. Riding in Thailand - any precautions?

    Make a lot of Merit first......
  2. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    Totally agree. Site is spoilt by the Thai Bashers.
  3. Half a dozen large Changs not involved in the falling over?
  4. Public urged to not drink during Royal Cremation period

    If anyone can't go without alcohol for 5 days they have a big problem. I do feel a bit sorry for the tourists but this event has been planned for a long time and we need to show respect.
  5. Sony Alpha 99 Mark 2

    Many thanks for all your help guys. Got it directly from Sony in Thailand.
  6. Touring Bike. Best shop in Bangkok?

    Thanks for all your help guys. Getting my Bike from Bok Bok Bikes. Had to wait a while for frame to be imported.
  7. American found dead in Nong Khai rented house

    Has no-one got any compassion on this site?
  8. Hi all. Am lookingto buy a top quality touring bike. Cost not really an issue (happy to pay up to 100,000 Baht, more if necsaary). Can anyone recommend a make and or shop in Bangkok. I live in Nong Khai but guess that BKK has the best shops. Many thanks
  9. Sony Alpha 99 Mark 2

    Does anyone know when this will be available to buy here? I live in Nong Khai so assume if and when a trip to Bangkok would be needed.