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  1. The boy was driving without a licence. So fine the parents for that. The driver of the truck crossed into the oncoming lane killing him. Charge him for that. Personally I am less concerned with licencing issues and more concerned with who was driving in an incompetent manner.
  2. Don't really why the public reacted the way they have. Perhaps they don't realize that common sense is rarely common. Especially here in Thailand.
  3. Natures fireworks. Nothing like a good lightning display.
  4. While I commend the move I am not holding my breath. I doubt it will happen in my lifetime.
  5. If I were in charge in Thailand I would deport all foreigners guilty of serious drug offences after they spend six months in a Thai jail. Ban them for life fro returning and move on. Of course I would also decriminalize marijuana and krantom possession. 500 baht fine for simple possession and be on you way. Of course I will never be in charge and I doubt things will change in the war on drugs in Thailand in my lifetime but that's OK to. Up to you.
  6. Not sure how many Russian charter flights will be landing in U-Tapao. I have been to Saigon, Nha Trang, and Da Nang. Vietnam is full of Russians. Cheaper beer and liquor, cleaner beaches and streets. Great value hotels. As Vietnams airport infrastructure and travel visas for G20 countries citizens simplifies Thailand's tourist numbers will decrease (with the exception of zero baht 4 day Chinese tourists) . Just my opinion. I went to Vietnam once to do a SETV run and visit my mothers childhood home town and went back twice more for side trips. A buddy of mine is currently doing his 5th trip to Vietnam looking to move from Puerto Galera Philippines to Dalat. Cambodia/ Myanmar may be shooting themselves in the foot with government policies but Thailand is also killing the golden tourist goose with pollution, corruption and spiraling increases in cost.
  7. CNRP dispute may hurt ties: Sweden

    Stop all aid to tin pot dictators who pocket 80% of it anyway. Put H&M on notice that they should be finding other manufacturing sources outside Cambodia as well.
  8. The issue of Turkey joining the EU is dead, dead, dead. As for giving Turkey money to reform its judicial system, they have failed miserably so enough is enough. Enough of paying off Turkey to stop the migration to Europe. If Turkey opens the taps on this migration simply 100% stop all travel visas or Turkish citizens to the EU. No business or vacation travel visas. Time to kick Turkey out of NATO as well.
  9. Lots of options on Lazada. Stop by a few electronic/home stores. Lots of options there as well. While not much is filmed or broad cast in 4k it will be coming. (mostly sports World Cup football, and Olympics) 4K TV's are really not much more than HD models. I prefer Samsung. I would not pay the Sony "name" premium. That said I really thing some of the lesser known "no name" brands are exceptional value and should not be dismissed out of hand. As far as I am concerned TV's are cheap as chips for what you get. Plenty of great quality options in your snack bracket. Just step into a couple of shops and have a look. If you are going to compare models from shop to shop Lazada snap a picture of the model number on your phone so you can keep things clear in your head.
  10. Entire body hurting.

    Chikungunya is the diagnosis I will throw into the ring. My mother tested positive for it. Everything painfully sore. Bones, joints, muscles. Thought she was going to die and if she did not she hoped she would if it did not stop. It took six months before she recovered.
  11. Four areas. 1/ Elected Officials 2/ Bureaucrats (land office in particular) 3/ Police 4/ Military Those are the areas of corruption I would focus on.
  12. Not any different than police in Canada. I rarely see them driving the speed limit, signaling lane changes, stopping at stop signs, or while making a right turn on a red light. Very much a, you follow the rules of the road, and I will drive as I please.
  13. To quote the great Charlie Sheen, "I am not paying for sex, I'm paying them to leave in the morning". As for others here, they are simply doing the work of the UN, employing independent business women and supporting the local economy.
  14. You are no longer a two week millionaire. That said you can still enjoy yourself. The ladies of Thai Friendly will stretch your budget. No bar fines or lady drinks.