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  1. Yes, scooters/motorbikes are to stay in the slow lane. Not only the slow lane but the extreme left of that lane. That is why I scratch my head when expats complain about scooters and the undercut. That is what they are supposed to do.
  2. Maybe true but in Thailand lights are also only considered a recommendation. Personally I liked the round about there. It possibly needed some rumble strips (not speed bumps) on the second road section to alert drivers they were approaching a round about so they would not just barrel through. Americans are not that familiar with them but they do work well. In regards to lights, even if you have the green slow down and make sure traffic has stopped for the red light. Certainly not a given here in Thailand.
  3. Shop owners just need to take screen shots of scooter riders in violation of the law as they pass in front of their shops and they will rake in a substantial sum from a new revenue stream. Just make sure to house the cameras in a protective housing because there will be some irate riders.
  4. Assembled in Thailand does not mean made in Thailand. Not exactly a precision bike with high quality specifications so I am sure they will be assembled in an adequate manner.
  5. Lottery ticket sales are supposed to be by handicapped persons so a job creation program for them. Unfortunately this is often not the case.
  6. "................................... and a host of under chassis work" And of course we all know what kind of service many TV members would like to have done. 5555
  7. On double pricing I vote with my feet. No Parks, floating markets etc.. To me a scam to others acceptable. Up to you. Knowing what Uber is doing I would not use them. Numerous taxi services to BKK pick up and drop off that are reasonable. I use a scooter for convenience around town. (Yes I know it is dangerous, defensive driving and helmet always) As always, the world is full of choices on who you patronize. Up to you.
  8. She was riding on the wrong side of the street but you pulled out when it was not clear. She could have been a pedestrian. Your fault.
  9. The headline says speeding and the driver says he did not notice the cyclist. The car being driven was a BMW (hiso) No charges laid. TIT Plenty of information to draw a conclusion.
  10. I am left scratching my head. If you have just bought the car surely you can afford the cost of the gas. You know all gas stations have video surveillance and the shit is going to hit the fan when the video gets posted.
  11. Truck parked on the side of the road still covering half of the lane. Nighttime ,dirty dim lights, no cones/triangles. Speeding bike rider. Plenty of blame for both but only one pays the price. RIP.
  12. I personally left scratching my head. Who decides. What about Chinese human rights abuses, Saudi Arabia. Various American presidents killing millions of innocent civilians in South East Asia. Putin is a kleptocratic thug yes, but there are plenty more around the world and some of them we treat royally.
  13. Standard Operating Procedure for theses types of organizations around the world. Move along, nothing new or special to see here.
  14. WOW, I can't believe how well done the "bread heads" are done. Creepy
  15. I have no fear of him running. H is not the guy with the money, the drug dealer is.