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  1. One of the benefits of living on the 8th floor of a condo. I don't have to worry about this happening to me.
  2. Wetnurse service, that is going above and beyond. My hat is off to her.
  3. Ulic

    Are dried fruit a healthy snack option ?

    Healthier than a chocolate bar but not really a healthy snack. Eat some fresh fruit instead. More filling, fewer calories, a higher level of vitamins.
  4. Ulic

    Need your input for new bike

    A Honda Click. Or have they stopped making it.
  5. You are getting a lot of good information here and a lot of bad information as well. Your whereabouts while in Thailand is supposed to be reported on a TM 30 form within 24 hours of your arrival, and when you change overnight locations. The arrival card address does not count. If you are staying visa exempt on arrival and you will not be going to Immigration for an extension or any other reason (proof of residence etc...)you are unlikely to have any concern. If you stay at a hotel or guest house they do it for you and they have a streamlined online process. If you stay at a friend/GF they are responsible to do it. If you rent a condo/house it is the responsibility of the house/condo owner or house Master. If you have a lease, you are the House Master. If the owner does not report your arrival, when you turn up at Immigration for an extension or for any other reason, you will both be fined. Now, every immigration office has slightly different protocols and reporting requirements. (and they may change) They range from not requiring you to report, to reporting whenever you return to your residence after being away or even doing a border bounce, Jomtien Soi 5 only requires you to file a new TM 30 when you change your principal residence. So while I am here for a year on a METV-SETV with my one year lease I just use my initial TM30 report. It is quite quick and painless. I recommend you do it. Best of luck.
  6. I guess the police are upset because they want to be paid to investigate the crime/Ponzi scheme. The thing I find strange is the police aren't even waiting for the person pictured in the sign/billboard to file a complaint. Leads me to believe he must be related to a policeman.
  7. The kid has a future in business here in Thailand. The funny thing is it just takes two days and almost no effort/ability and a few hundred baht. A bit of a pain in the rear but legitimate.
  8. I am surprised the builder and development was named. Best of luck to her.
  9. If she had been Thai it would have been a wai and a 1,000 baht fine. Once she posted the 150,000 baht bail the deal was sealed. 100,000 baht fine and 50,000 lawyer fee. She was never getting any bail money back and she couldn't plead poverty.
  10. Ulic

    quick question about the Thai lottery

    The Thai lottery is ridiculous. 80 baht is the official ticket price but most vendors sell the tickets for considerably more, usually 100 baht. That said, in Canada (and I believe the US as well) half the gross total ticket sale revenue goes to prize money. In Thailand, I believe it is about 10%.
  11. The story goes from splashing water on her to making her drink acid. Disgusting, he should be sent directly to jail, no bail is necessary. He should start serving his time.
  12. The one thing I know for certain is the government and officials will not pay. The developers are responsible but they have long since skimmed of the deposits and have fully made their profits. I believe there is now a second developer involved. The problem is where do you go from here and what can be salvaged. There are two outcomes possible as far as I can tell. Neither good for those who bought units. The first is everything is permanently frozen and the building collapses in another 40-60 years. The second is a second developer takes over free an clear and makes changes such as lowering the building height. Not sure what concessions would have to be made by planning officials because as I understand the building is too close to the water. Neither outcome holds any promise for the current condos buyers. As far as I can tell these building scams will continue until Thailand brings in a deposit/payment escrow system where developers can borrow against the contracts to purchase but there is no money for them to abscond with. Sales agents and developers don't get paid until the units completed and they are turned over to the buyers in satisfactory condition. I don't see any positive outcome hiring lawyers because the money is long gone and the proverbial you can't squeeze blood from a stone is now in play.
  13. Whishing the pachyderm a speedy recovery.
  14. "Rescued" more like caught. Too tired to swim across. More like, he couldn't swim.