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  1. Stay out of the sun (outside only at night) and never display any facial expressions. They give you wrinkles over time. That is what will give you youthful skin for life. For 99.9999999999 percent of people that is too big a price to pay.
  2. I cant believe how high that wheel bounced.
  3. Healthcare stocks surged with Obama Care and surge again with Trump Care. Increased profits for the healthcare companies is not good news for the American people. Someone has to pay for it. Joining the modern western world with a universal single payer system is the solution but there are none so blind as those who will not see.
  4. Road repair jobs...............Cash for life program .
  5. Lots of hotels will give a monthly rate. Just ask.
  6. The UN itself is a corrupt wasteful organization. It needs to be totally reformed. No need to move it to Belgium too much bureaucratic BS there already. My choice would be Switzerland if it has to move.
  7. 3 months in jail and a 10 year licence suspension seems reasonable to me.
  8. No need for the CO to worry about his career, it is over. For the life of me I can't understand how this happened. With AIS (set to receive only) the most advanced radar in the world, a highly trained professional crew the Navy vessel should have had no trouble identifying and avoiding the freighter. As for the Philippine registered freighter I also understand why they bare no responsibility. Nothing on the AIS screen, shitty radar, probably nothing to see with the US Navy ship probably running dark. RIP to those who died.
  9. Planned obsolesces. Build a road, a job for months. Repairing the road, job for life.
  10. Simple, it is the type of news that sells. For Thais it is a man bites dog type of story.
  11. Since it was live streamed on Facebook was it their fault, a Facebook preferred vendor, or was it an independent third party cock-up. One thing is for sure, Facebook will not be happy. Facebook live streaming is there new big thing and they want it to go well. Someone is going to be blacklisted by them.
  12. Or 2/3 of a billion.
  13. I wonder what would happen if nobody showed up. Probably not much different from now.