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  1. Ulic

    batteries on aircraft?

    This is actually not so clear. When I flew to Thailand two years ago, Canada-London-Bangkok I carried my batteries in my carry-on. (North American policy) When I arrived in the UK and went through screening again they said I should have put them in checked luggage. The problem is in checked luggage they may not be stored properly and in carry-on luggage, they may be hooked in sequence and shorted by a terrorist to start a fire aboard the flight. Best to keep all batteries to a minimum. That said, hearing aid batteries should not be an issue. Rechargeable batteries and power banks are of bigger concerns. In the UK after the third degree, they let me keep my batteries but it had to be approved by the supervisor.
  2. Nothing to be learned from this. A totally self-serving agenda piece. Times have changed. It is now very difficult to immigrate to countries like the US and Australia. If you follow this articles logic after you have become a convicted criminal the UK government will give you free transportation to Australia. Where once these countries needed immigration, they now restrict it.
  3. If you still own the car take it back, sell it again and pay the fine. Keep the rest of the money for play.
  4. Musk should be careful. He is getting the reputation as the Trump of the business world. Thin-skinned hot-tempered Twitter nut.
  5. It's not that Thais don't have helmets, they have them, they just don't want to wear them.
  6. Ulic

    What happened to Mama brand pot noodles?

    I picked up a box of 30 in Makro.
  7. While I do agree with the points made in this case it should be noted only SOME of the victims family asked for clemency, and I read nothing about the defendant proclaiming his innocence. The murder/robbery along with the earlier sexual assault and carjacking make for a strong case for the death penalty.
  8. Seems a little naive. The US spends more on every weapons and defense system that anyone else and probably does it better than anyone else. Remember the American/Israeli Stuxnet attack on Iran.
  9. I prefer to just give the girls a 100 baht tip.
  10. Once again I am left scratching my head. The families must be reunited because it is a human right and they can't be separated, but parents can leave their children behind so that would mean separation. But that is exactly what they knew would happen (separation) if they crossed the border illegally.
  11. Yes, the equivalency was poor. More correct is that no transgender person can play a non-transgender part no straight actor can play a homosexual part and of course no gay actor can play a straight part and the list goes on.
  12. There will be riots if the win, and bigger riots if they lose. Unfortunately, that is the world we now live in.
  13. Thai business owners, ....ha, ha,..... all business owners. Even RETOX on Soi Lenkee has signs posted, customer parking only. That said I do believe the LK Metro loop is a private road owned by the LK family business empire. They would be in the right to collect a parking fee or rent the road space out to food carts. Just don't die defending your parking space right.
  14. This guy's assumptions are totally wrong but they did save him. Saudi princes guzzle alcohol by the case and engage the services of multiple prostitutes at a time. Whose to say they don't eat bacon when they are not in Saudi Arabia. It's delicious after all.