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  1. The pot calling the kettle black comes to mind.
  2. Both are Mafia, just different teams.
  3. Look at the guy, what other nickname is better. He should shave if he wants a different nickname. I shake my head.
  4. Unbelievable, blaming the property owner, not the people who dump the trash.
  5. As far as I am concerned the Democrats reaction to Trump is the same as the Republican reaction to Obama. Same, same. Only with Trump, it is justified.
  6. Ulic

    Bangkok cop blames traffic on too many buses

    Get rid of the cars, encourage scooters and busses. They take far less space on the road. Bangkok, car tax, same as London.
  7. It is against the law to drive barefoot in Canada. I guess the thought is your shoes could get caught behind the brake pedal. Maybe this is the reason there is so many brake failure issues in Thailand.
  8. Remarkable. Just wonder how much it will cost if it goes into production.
  9. In Thailand, everyone is protected if it was bought in good faith. She probably would have had to buy the bike back if it had been recovered while in Thailand. So no move by police until it was transported to Cambodia.
  10. I am a little confused by the term Populism. Is it not democracy in action. Whether you are a conservative, a liberal, a socialist, or communist. The party which sells its platform to the electorate and thus a mandate to rule has the popular platform. Is Populism a euphemism for right-wing anti-immigrant platforms. Are US Republicans populists? The Democrats won the popular vote in the last election but not the electoral college. Why does that make them Populists, they won the popular vote?
  11. Cambodia and Vietnam will soon be eating Thailands lunch.
  12. Was she drug tested? Not knowing your own house. I find that hard to believe.
  13. French Polynesia or the Cook Islands. I know not Asia but the waters are clean. Cheese, wine, meats all available. Friendly people.
  14. Just don't buy on the first floor.