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  1. Like my women. Dark and bitter comes to mind. 555
  2. Visa Saigon?

    When I did it two years ago it was very quick and efficient. I had printed out the forms in advance. I had all photos and documents asked for. I was in and out in less than three minutes. Picked up my passport the next day in less than 60 seconds. They did not ask to see any cash on my person but I did have 30k baht in case they did. Of course things may have changed in the meantime. I enjoyed my trip to Vietnam so much that I made another shortly before returning to Canada. Have a great trip.
  3. Dilemma over a Thai ladies behaviour.

    Who knows, maybe if she drives the numbers down she will ask for a discount on the price of the restaurant. Things happen quickly in the food and beverage business. One thing is for sure if she continues her Gordan Ramsey tirades she will be out of business in six months. Staff will quit, customers have many options on places to eat.
  4. I have asked several (bar) girls about this. They tell me the men (their brothers) provided physical support for the parents. Work around the house, rides to run errands, groceries and the like. The girls in the family send the cash. When I asked why the men did not also send money the reply was that they have families to support. The daughters send the cash.
  5. Of course it was a shark bite. There was never any doubt. I am sure even the doctors knew this. Just tourist spin necessary to keep the tourist numbers up.
  6. This guy should know that there are plenty of fish in the sea here in Thailand. I hope that he has a speedy recovery. If her story is correct which is for the most part easily verifiable with police reports I hope he is quickly deported.
  7. Bashar Al Assad was no different for Syria than the Saudi royal family is for Saudi Arabia. The only difference is Assad is aligned with Russia and Russia has it's only foreign naval base in Syria. Obama armed the Assad opposition hoping for a new regime that would close that base. This brought civil war to Syria and has led to 500,000 deaths and a refugee crisis across Europe. While western news organizations put all the deaths at the hands of Assad both sides are equally guilty of war crimes. Brexit, the refugee crisis and all the deaths in Syria are on the hands of Obama as much as Assad. Maybe even more. The only thing I know is neither side can be trusted with the truth. Both lie and spin the news. Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, will the US ever learn. Let the middle east sort out there own internal conflicts. Let Iran and Saidi Arabia have at it. War is miserable. A little taste between these two countries instead of proxy wars, (Russia-USA in Syria, Iran-Saudi Arabia in Yemen, things ramping up in Qutar) I shake my head.
  8. I understood (incorrectly I guess) that under Napoleonic law inheritance in France was a standard formula with the wife getting half and the children all getting an equal share of the remaining 50%. Of course, the church and others could also be included. Hopefully, they will get it sorted without the lawyers carving out a big slice for themselves.
  9. I don't really care about these one-offs. I am waiting for a US president to pardon all marijuana convicted "criminals". It is time to move on from the war on drugs. At the very least where is concerns marijuana.
  10. Another head-scratcher. The first article says drivers will be tagged for a blood alcohol reading of 200-250mg. The second says, drivers, between 50-250mg and jailed for a reading over 251mg. How many beers would the average person have to drink to blow over 50mg. Half a beer. I really have no idea.
  11. It is almost 2 hours long. No way I am watching that.
  12. When riding in Thailand anything/everytime you ride is exciting. Nothing like rolling the dice with your life on the line.
  13. World's oldest man revealed as 112-year-old Masazo Nonaka

    Hopefully he has a few more left.
  14. Indian Boy’s Body Can Allegedly Light Up LED Light Bulbs By Itself

    Nothing new, I have seen many magic acts perform similar tricks.