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  1. Thai ladies working in Korea, a couple of Koreans working in Thailand. Why don't we call it a push and let them all continue making an honest living?
  2. Sounds like there will be plenty at the trough for everyone.
  3. Is this a NIMBY case or would the protesters be OK with an LNG powered electricity generating power plant?
  4. The US Naval ships run dark, invisible to commercial vessels except for on radar at close range. These commercial ships by law have AIS and for the life of me, I can't understand how they could collide. Both bridges have to be negligent for some time at the same time. You pick up other vessels from 25+ miles away. The ships name, size, destination, and projected path along with yours alerts you to any possibility of a collision.
  5. Unfortunately, this guy is just as corrupt as the Zuma. Same morals, different pocket. Maybe foreign investors will trust him because he has no issue selling out those he served as a trade union leader to line his pockets. Corrupt but less likely to kill the golden goose of foreign investment. He will try to curb everyone else's corruption while his corruption will continue.
  6. Was Guatemala on Trumps "shithole" list.
  7. Seems to me many people ignore the summons and warrants when they are real. (The I am too busy excuse, I will come later) It should be relatively easy just to ignore all of them. Pay no attention until someone actually turns up, then head down to the station.
  8. For most African and many South/Central American countries, the citizens need to be honest about why they are leaving their countries of birth. The countries are corrupt, they live in poverty, there is no rule of law, they are shitholes. Of course, it is not politically correct to call a spade a spade, but those are the truthful realities. Those who have experience travel to those countries know. Not saying the people are bad, just saying the countries really are shitholes. Because they are, that is why their citizens are trying to leave.
  9. Whether through NAFTA or taxing money sent to Mexico/Central America by migrants Trump may well get Mexico to pay.
  10. I have been to several African countries. While I met many really nice people the countries really are shitholes. Corruption off the charts, filth, poverty. That is why so many want to immigrate by any means to the USA. Not politically correct but true.
  11. Good looking guy, very successful, I am left scratching my head.
  12. There is a special place in hell................
  13. 10,000 baht a kilo, is that the going rate?
  14. Australian slang. Burn outs/brake stands. Look at me mentality while cruising around town.