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  1. I have maintained from the beginning that traffic light cameras in Phuket and Pattaya would pay for themselves in the first week of operation. Of course you may have to wait to get paid. But as long as offenders cannot renew vehicle insurance/licence plates or drivers licence while you have outstanding tickets the government will eventually collect. This issue of not printing tickets because of the cost is just screams Thianess.
  2. While I understand Trumps point that it takes two sides to fight but, he should be reminded that for evil to triumph good only has to do nothing. From Hitler to Isis if people do not stand up in the early stages then silence is consent. If the US can outlaw terrorist organizations like Isis and Hezbollah surly the can ban hate groups like the KKK and White Supremacist groups. Trump has outed himself as a closet racist.
  3. Amazing. They have scrapped the 32 million baht budget to extend the camera coverage in the hope that a private company will put up the cameras and pay for it. Not sure how that is going to happen. Good luck to city counselors.
  4. Well she could just breathe through he mouth if it was difficult to breathe through her nose.
  5. Unlimited Data Roaming Packages??

    I think you will find it cheaper to get a new sim and data package whenever you fly into a new country. There are vendors in the airports just before you exit the terminal. Easy peasy lemon squeesy.
  6. So true. When ever I talk to people who gamble they all tell me they are "up a little" or "even" Not really sure how all the casinos get built and paid for with nobody loosing.
  7. It's on your bucket list now judging from what I've read already.
  8. What is the duration of an AIS SIM card?

    It's all too much work keeping it current. I just get a new one every time I fly in.
  9. The flood prevention programs have always failed in the past why should it be any different now. Have they brought Dutch consultants in or something.
  10. The obvious question is have they informed immigration yet.
  11. Bombardier ________ The monorail will be a decade late and miles over budget. A certain disaster. Just ask the Toronto public transit system procurement team.
  12. I read things differently. He may qualify for NZ citizenship but it is by means of decent. If he has never applied for NZ citizenship I can't really see any issues.
  13. Heaven help anyone using Bangkok as a flight hub catching a flight to another country. Clear customs, check your bags to your next destination. Looks like you will have to time budget an 8 hour layover to make sure you are successful catching your next flight.
  14. So I am going to assume it was supposed to read 700 meters.