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  1. I will donate a pearl necklace to all in the competition who want one.
  2. If they had a window of opportunity then why didn't they take their parents? This story doesn't make any sense. Carry Dad and carry Mum. It would have been difficult but surely trying would have been best. Dad was 82, so we can assume he was frail and light to carry. Mum was 62, so probably able to walk slowly but unassisted. Very sad.
  3. Careful now ! Don't upset the natives.
  4. List of aims: 1. Stock up with good old British tea. Tetleys and such. None of that rubbish in Thailand. 2. Find a bakery that makes tea and crumpets. Jam would be a welcome extra (strawberry). 3. Increase all fees for all services. We are not a charity you know. 4. Make it as difficult as possible to get an appointment 5. If there any crisis or issues, pop the kettle on. Nothing that a good cup of tea won't fix. 6. Maintaining the stiff 'upper lip' chaps and chap-asses. Tally - Ho !
  5. The problem was that YOU suggested it. Tell the idea to a Thai colleague and let him run with it. Let him take all the credit and then watch them fawn over this magnificent idea created by a Thai no less. There will be much celebrating and patting of backs. You just sit there and smile.
  6. Exactly! I stopped a guy drowning once. I took my foot off his head.
  7. In today's modern medical world, 71 seems a young age to die. Rest in Peace Sir. I did not know you but you sounded like a good egg. Take care.
  8. Riding a bicycle everyday would not be helping the prostate, especially on these roads. My urologist suggested constant pressure on the area from the bicycle seat may be causing the enlargement. Maybe look at that.
  9. The case has not concluded. How can they sell these now?
  10. Feels like N.Korea, looks like N.Korea, then we must be in .........................
  11. What about this ............... don't send anything safe in the knowledge that you did think about it, but it was my pure inconsideration not to acquiesce to your above demands, that stopped you from donating. There now ................... feel better ? I sent 500 baht via my ATM card. It was painless and easy and I feel better for it. I give money to strangers often here in Thailand. If I see a guy/gal looking through trash for plastic, I know they are proud and want to work for their money. However giving them just a days salary, 300 baht, changes their life just for that day. You should try it but make sure you get a receipt! Is your name Richard?
  12. Panusak has not been charged with any crime.