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  1. Selling second hand car Chiangmai

    Why are you selling? Might be interested.
  2. Finding Staff

    Check your messages please.
  3. Finding Staff

  4. You Don't Realise Until You Need

    Couple of older guys in my area bought used golf carts and use them to get around. Police don't seem to care. Just an option maybe. Good luck.
  5. Spoilt for choice - Not!

    Thanks Kwasaki, bought today and fitted for 200 baht. They did of course scrape the paint on the rim. No surprise there. I will see how long they last. I would like to change the shocks as the ride on the pcx is not as soft as I would like it. I ride 90 kms a day, so it's important I am comfortable. Any recommendations please?
  6. Spoilt for choice - Not!

    Yes Papa, there are lots of those but they scrape the rims and do not place the rim on a rubber or cloth mat. Scraping the rim seems to be commonplace here and they look confused when you point out that the rim didn't have them before they started work. I tried the car places but nobody wants to touch the pcx. Lazy or they don't do - who knows.
  7. Spoilt for choice - Not!

    So .............. get the IRC tire or the Maxxis? I suppose for 600 baht for the maxxis, I can change it fairly regularly. But the pcx comes with IRC, so unsure which one. I drive 80 km's to work each day. Drive no more than 70 km/hr, 9 months of the year.
  8. Spoilt for choice - Not!

    Any particular reason other than price kwasaki?
  9. Spoilt for choice - Not!

    PCX needs back tire. I live in the sticks. Not 1 Honda dealer has tire changing facilities and there are at lest 5 of them. I asked for pirelli, no nab, Dunlop (from the Dunlop shop) no hab. Can you order for me? Cannot. So my choices are IRC (stock tires for pcx) 900 not fitted, Maxxis tire 600 baht (not fitted) or BM tire (name on them like Yokohama or sumthin) 800 baht fitted. I know nothing about tires, so please help me out. Also really hard to get any1 to fit for you if you don't buy from them. It was just a flat 'NO.'
  10. This guy lives a short distance from me. Arne liked a beer or 12 and I suspect he just died from the ticker. It is a little cooler here in the evenings and with the air con and no clothing, maybe the cold got him. Unlikely but maybe. As to his wife, she is a hard working lady and sells at the market all the time. She would have been away for about 6 hours. This guys time was up and there is nothing sinister about his death. He enjoyed a beer, enjoyed life and checked out. Simple. RIP Arne.
  11. This 'Irish man' is a damn hippocrite (spelling). here he is accepting his title as Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire from the British queen and then preaches to this woman about genocide. The British empire is responsible for mass genocide all over the globe in its past. Dublin City, its representatives and the Irish people have continuously said that the troubles in Burma are unacceptable and they condemn them at every opportunity. This tit Geldof is another Bono (U2) who funnels his ill gotten gains out of Ireland to avoid taxes that the common man has to pay. They are both a disgrace to Ireland and its people.
  12. Cremation insurance???

    Amazing isn't it! The people of the village donate the land. The people in the village donate the money to build and maintain the Wat. The people in the village are constantly asked for money when Buddah runs out of cash. However when you die, they (the monks) charge them to get cremated. Amazing!