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  1. Similarly, I have a tattoo on my Johnston. I asked to put the town where I am from, in capital letters. Where am I from you ask ...................... Newtownhamilton.
  2. Yes but there are two O's alongside each other, hence .........B O O B
  3. Sure it wasn't BOOB ? (take your time)
  4. This just in, from the press secretary of the military government in Thailand.......
  5. What a pile of crap. The Irish Rangers have always been in the top 10 elite forces.
  6. Maybe have the opening to the theme park like this .....
  7. And the punishment for Tarit was ???????? Sacked. Any mention of his funds being frozen ? any mention of doing any time ? any mention of any punishment except losing his job? anything? anyone?
  8. Once a face is put to the name, it really strikes home. It brought tears to my face. Why are we so cruel ? Heartbreaking.
  9. Amazing ! In this day and age, a life is taken because someone couldn't take a dump. A quick trip to the doctor probably would have solved this although the trip may have been uncomfortable.
  10. In all fairness, the guy did have a point !
  11. No socks needed. This is the latest picture of the South Pole due to global warming. Easy peesy !
  12. It's OK, they have selected the first 7 already. 3 more to go.