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  1. when you do the wire trans.state whats it for,thats around 1.6million bht.you should get an international certificate from the bank regarding the trans.keep it safe.also for that amount you should get a call offering you a slightly better rate than TT.
  2. thanks for the reply WW89,we can all learn from others who have gone through the same,wether its true or false. the late isanbirder who went through the same,always said if the dog seems well he is,if he isn't he will let you know. in just about 3yrs.only once had my boy shown any stress related to parasite disease,that was a wobble or two. it did take almost 4months before we said enough is enough.i did have my doubts that we were getting a true picture. then 8months later he had a fight with a 3mtr.snake so I thought get him checked out,yes WW here we go again,this time they [vet] caused him to have a bloody nose 14hrs.the hospital said it was the antibiotics mixed with steroids that had done it.we kept having him tested and the same as before,here we go again.i don't want to tempt fate but the only time my boy wasn't his useual happy go lucky was when he was on medication,it made him so depressed it also made me very angry.so all you guys who have dogs take notice of everything that posted in this forum and before you make any commitment to get a lovable pet here in los.think very hard before you do.
  3. Baked beans.

    brooke beans were a good alternative to Heinz but they too has gone up from 38-40bht.a tin to now 70.
  4. HI WW89 what can you find out about HEPATOZOON,this we found out after our boys first blood test. its very rare,the cause is the dog eating an affected dog tick,this was about 3yrs.ago.nothing showed up after a snap test at the uni[march 2017] yet the vet at the uni said they have had quite a lot of cases lately.this is 200klms.from where we live.anyone who moves to Thailand MUST take notice of the dangers here.myself being involved with dogs for over 40yrs.mostly greyhounds had never came across any sort of these retched pests,so it was down to me not knowing anything about parasites,so I was to blame for for my boy catching the disease.so far we seem to be tick free in the house its got to be over a yr.they were in the bedroom,under the bed,on the curtains,walls not a lot but one or 2 now and then.i too was bitten by the dog tick came of my boy who sleeps with us.as our pets are part of our lives,we can only do so much to make them safe,for me and mrs.meat enough is NOT enough.
  5. I am so sorry to read your post regarding the symptoms,the 4 you mention I am afraid you are right with your asumption my boy has never had any of those 4 symptoms,yet they [VETS] kept playing with our emotions and lying through their teeth.i am not surprised the vet didn't insist on the second imizol injection because the injection doesn't work without the second dose,we found out this later.this is what we found out at the vetinary uni.regarding a snap test,another one should not be done for at least a yr.after the wife's second visit to khon kaen uni,the wife took our boy to a new vet for his yrly. injections,she told the vet about his visit to the uni.and what treatment he had,they took the dog into a room then came back and said he needs urgent treatment,the bar-stewards had done a blood test and a snap test without our agreeing to these,i was livid and the wife more or less threw the amount they charged on her desk and walked out minus 3,000bht.for what should have been a simple rabies jab. all I can say is get what medications you need,doxy,prednisolone, not to be taken together[morning-evening] is best. I found hepato good for the liver,or livervital/ferovit,you can look these up as well,ursolin,samarin,amoxicillin.irofer, and a blood booster eg.ferric plus. my heart goes out to you,make the dog as comfortable as possible,sorry JAK I have to call it a day.i am afraid my mind wanders. meatboy love me love my dog.
  6. no mention of a IMIZOL INJECTION.2 times over 2weeks.
  7. lightning.

    the following night 7pm.we had another storm,not nearly as bad but the lightning did frighten him again but not as bad. as he was upstairs with me I let him go down stairs to be with his mum,he just got up on the setee besides her and stayed there till the storm finished. does that mean he loves his mum more than me.

    with 10seconds left and the all blacks in the their own half they run a penalty I SWICH OFF. well I just saw they scored a try to make it 57-0.
  9. the wife has had a look at the vetinary service in chaing mai uni's,she came up with, CHAING MAE SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL the tel.no. 053 948031. phone them first for their schedule.
  10. my heart goes out to you,as I have posted many times I too have been through it all,with vets that don't care a sh-t about the welfare of your dog as long as they keep the gravy train going. how did you come to the conclusion that one of your beloved has come down with it again. if so try and visit one of,kasetsart clinics or like we done this march went to khon kaen vetinary uni.these instatutions you can rearly trust them 100%.
  11. where in the world can they breed a better bunch of rugby players as good as the all blacks. once again a performance of NOT OF THIS WORLD scoring 7tries in a 50-0 thrashing of pure brilliance against one of the best rugby nations in the world,SOUTH AFRICA. I was lucky to be a personel friend of graham henry I just wonder if he has ever seen a better team of all blacks.
  12. Live Rugby League

    once again chris chester must be wishing he'd stayed in bed.to come so close against a very strong side must have been heartbreaking. how are you D48 we miss you.
  13. Drinking Very Cold Water.

    I can drink as much as I want,but it does make my beloved [dog] leak.
  14. why don't they give him a taste of his own medicine.