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  1. she did have a choice,phone 1112 FOR DELIVERY.
  2. buy yourself a self tester.
  3. just watched the recording on channel 3 news,sickning is not the word. come on PM. is this country you want to run?
  4. wonder how many are SONS of high ranking OFFICERS.
  5. me and mrs.meat have been together for over 30yrs.and our only child is our beloved dog. we have dedicated our lives to looking after him 24hrs.a day. we get great joy but much heartache as well. this is our first since we retired to los.but i was a greyhound trainer in the most of my life has been with dogs. if i was to recommend one for loyalty with that bit of meanness it would have to be a BAN KAEW but with any dog it has to be trained and not let to look after itself.
  6. there is a topic running now page 1 by avander,BEST DETERRANT PRODUCTS FOR TICKS. you will see my posts referring to the dangers with the links. all of us in this forum love our pets BUT some of it doesnt make good reading.
  7. yeh they should start with the no of UNINSURED THAI DRIVERS who cause accidents to tourists,that might solve a few problems.
  8. couldnt agree with you more,we got the next model up to yours,bought to help our dog[who has a double coat so therefore needs something better than a fan,these cooling systems are ideal,there is a big difference between a fan and these cooling systems.
  9. maybe someone riding SHOTGUN would be a start.
  10. my advice for what its worth is to read the dangers of owning a dog in thailand. there is joy and heartbreak,read my postings will give you some idea what i mean. meatboy love me love my dog.
  11. never believe what is in the window or what STAFF TELL YOU,scb 15months is a step acc.paying average of 1.5%.
  12. cant agree more,being on the roads in thailand is bad enough,but on a cycle you got to be crazy,if you have no means of paying in case of an accident.i always carry an id.card stating in case of an accident take me to my chosen hospital. so dont blame anybody BUT YOURSELF.
  13. i will try and get someone to post a photo of our beloved sleeping[yesterday 7hrs] in front of the cooler. it is better than the normal fans and very quiet.we have 2large fridges and a freezer,so chilling water and freezing ice packs is no problem. so its great for cooling our boy down,as our ground floor is open plan so air con is not convenient.we have only had it a fortnight so time will tell,from what i have tested if used in a small room its better than a fan,as long as you can chill the water and freeze the packs. the unit itself is power,220volts,46watt.water is circalated by a pump.
  14. i have one to add to the above,labour mp. PAUL FLYN.
  15. with so many markets and food vendors everywhere who is goner buy frozen food here in thailand. better off with a chip,burger or pizza van oh and the odd curry or two.