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  1. meatboy

    Hypertension Clinic Local Hospital

    talking about when a high reading means ? what does it mean? when 3times at the hospital last week,202,190,then over 160 brought no response from a nurse.they never even questioned my pulse reading,which is always below 50 owing to the medication I have to take. NO PAIN,NO WORRY.
  2. I will try and get the wife to contact channel 3 or mcot.
  3. this is not going to go away. it was back in February of this yr.when the shit hit the pan,an ex.dept.official got hold of all the fake vaccines and gave them to his wife.who was a VET.panic stations over 3million were given genuine shots,with the promise that the other 4million strays would be treated.as the usual the response from most of the province's is, NO BUDGET.i have been one of a few who have been helping a shelter feed over 250dogs,i still don't know if any of them have been vaccinated,or if any official has visited the place. I am beginning to loose heart with what is going on,or not.
  4. meatboy

    Hypertension Clinic Local Hospital

    having a new aota valve[done in the uk.]changed my life,but that was caused by self abuse,all the curries,pies,chips and of course CIDER. through the,60's,70's,80's.90's to 2015 did take its toll. the latest,stroke and seizure's were also self inflicted,watching sport 11pm.-5am. 7am.on thai visa,i was getting servere headache's like I have never had before.i am lucky the medication prescribed in the uk.needed to control,BP,HEART,ANGINA BLOOD FLOW all seemed to have worked so far[10yrs] the wife worked in one of the big hospitals in wales,so she has quite a bit of knowledge of what to do in case of emergency.one of my main gripe's is,giving up the drink,which wasn't toooooo hard,but since my beloved sam [husky] passed away [feb] I have been wanting to go back on the bottle to drown my sorrows. what worries me more is are we getting GENUINE medication.not fakes.
  5. lets not forget H millions of dogs the last couple of yrs. were given FAKE vaccinations while officials filled their pockets. it breaks my heart to see all the suffering,so there is only one solution,end the suffering by putting them to sleep then cremation at the local temples.
  6. he used to be known as DORIS,but now they are calling him DORIAN, as the saying goes,"A SLAP IN THE FACE"
  7. that will be bottled next week as the new FACE CREAM,good for the complexion,but who will want to kiss him/her.
  8. and also remind tourists who come here,thailand has the WORST vehicle accident rate in the WORLD.
  9. see what you can do please,that would make good reading on a TV CHANNEL. " FARANGS HELP BED-RIDDEN FATHER KEEP HIS DAUGHTER IN SCHOOL.
  10. maybe we need to contact CHANNEL THREE.
  11. in memory of my beloved SAM,let me know as my hand is in my pocket.
  12. did I read it right DEBT of a 100k.gbp.that is about 4.5million bht.on top of what was his own money. there MUST be a few who know more about this man.
  13. that's a little bit strong.bar hookers as you call them are FORCED into being a bar girls.who have to keep mothers,lazy good for nothing fathers,boy friends and husbands who get them pregnant,then they piss off leaving the GF and kid.so please have a little bit of sympathy in your life.
  14. with thai debt at a record HIGH, I think you might be RIGHT.
  15. holliday makers in Thailand should be made aware that most of thai driven vehicle's have either NO insurance or the poro-bor 645bht. so the time will come NO first class insurance,no entry. so then you get,the tourist count is down,cant have that can we. so the message HAS got to go out,get FIRST CLASS INSURANCE. then you will get sorry but the premium is WHAT?.