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  1. look whats coming up,currie cup,the nations championship,NZ,OZ,SA,ARGI, shame england are not there,NZ super semi finals what a feast for rugby fans who have setanta. for 7,000bht.a yr. that alone is worth it.
  2. wigan v leeds this morning,MEN against boys.first half the boys gave a good acount of themselves before going down 34-0.
  3. the first batch she bought 6yrs.ago a 3,000 block she won around 8,000bht.3yr.term plus 2.75% return. she has another block maturing next month,the winnings have been poor and the % is not that good,so its FIND A NEW HOME for it. i have been lucky,the wife had a good job in the uk.[20yrs] so she nows the value of hard earned cash. in other words she is as tight as a ducks a---.
  4. pay a 12month up front round 10% discount.covers the increase.
  5. my route to dan kwain is,304 from korat,left at the zoo turn,on to the 2310 to the main cross rds.224.[then left] carry on till you spot 2large terracotta pots on the right,then you do a u turn then first left into the pottery then immigration.[20mins in total] so the new route will be the same for me except no u-turn. its carry on for around 10kilo's past suraneree industrial est.then its left before the traffic lights. coming from the city its 224 then you have to find a u-turn pst the lights[on my map that is about 20kilo's from korat]
  6. you are a TRUE THAI and i would love to buy you a bottle of BLABEL SIR.
  7. good win 2-0nil.sunday its RM.WILL RONALDO TURN UP.
  8. that put the mockers on man c. in over 60yrs.i still havnt got one right.
  9. it looks like they dont own their own land,so anywhere will do,i have never been in one but police stations look big enough,so why cant they share with them.
  10. wolves put the bite on the vikings. dennis bets has different to leeds last yr.
  11. i wonder if man u put out the new boys.lets hope for some competant officials. city to win
  12. when the wife sold her property in the uk.she thailand and put into plain and simple fixed term deposit accs. land and house. thai credit union. scb.when the rates were better. thai gov.savings bank,3yrs.lottery tkts.@ 50bht.each with a eg.5,000tks.=250,000bht.around 2.25% at the end of term plus your investment.and winnings.
  13. 3million a thais hands,that would be not something i would recomend,12,000bht.a month for over 20yrs.that would be a lot better than wasting someones hard earned.
  14. doing my 90day report at DAN KWIAN today they informed me that they move office end of this month. what i understand its 9kilo's.from where they are now.towards korat city.
  15. dont forget if the for around 3million bht.she can get a better exchange rate than TT from the recieving bank. eg.when my wife sold her house in the uk.and trans.the amount to thailand,no tax to pay but a call from the recieving bank in bkk.resulted in 16satang better rate,so at around 70,000gbp.=11,000bht.not to be sniffed at.