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  1. thanks WW what is worrying us is we have copies of his blood tests,and there seems something new every time he has a test.all his blood counts over 3yrs.are well within the range,only his platelet count is low,yet when we get it done at another lab its a different score each time.back in march one hospital gave his liver count as 10,000 so when we went to kohn kaen uni.they scored it at 1439,when we questioned it they explained the high score was to do with the medication he is taking.may this yr.at a new vets hospital we went to for a blood test,out of 12 main blood counts only his platelet count was down,but his blood parasite check came back positive,anaplasma and e.canis,but 2weeks before kohn kaen uni said it was only hepatozoon that was traced.he had 2 imizol inj.after a snap test as well.i cannot come to terms with the amount of medication he has been taking,because its only that which is making him depressed.he is totally different without it.back in april he was taking,3XHEPARTO,2X SILLYMIRIN,1XSUCRALATE / PLUS 6XPREDNISLONE that was with breakfast.
  2. I am at my wits end to understand,of all the blood tests that we have had done,hepatozoon was found 3yrs.ago,and last yr at khon kaen,but how have they just found babesia 4days ago,he had already had 2lots of imizol injections.we search high and low every night and find NOTHING.we understand that hepatozoon does not go away but where did the babesia come from.
  3. its with great sadness that thai visa has lost a well loved member PATSY-CAT my wife and I became good friends and she became someone who loved our beloved dog SAM. our thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time she will surely be missed. RIP.ANNIE.
  4. thanks WW89 my mind is not working at all,we have only found 1 tick on him the past 30months,we were using controlline,but that is not available so its been cleartix the past 4months.we just don't know were to go next.we have had blood tests the past 3yrs.with conflicting results,the last 3 ,13th.oct.4thnov.18th.nov. 13th.illichia and annaplasma. 4th.illichia and hepatozoon. 18th.barbesia,illichia and hepatozoon. these tests were done at an animal lab. over the past 3yrs.his WBC.and RBC.have been fine its only been his platelet count that have given us concern,but the vets don't seem to be concerned. when we found out the water infection was making him sick and not wanting to eat,by his constant licking his pee as soon as he started the medication he has been fine. the thing is I have copies of all his blood tests which must be over 20 yet the only worry is the platelet count we have had ULTRA SOUND,X-RAYS yet the only worry has been the enlarged spleen which the wife drew attention to, but we were told nothing to worry about,this has gone down on his last check up. his next test is 2nd.dec.when all the medication he is on runs out.so we have to wait and see whats next.
  5. once again we find ourselves wishing we had never set foot in Thailand again,our beloved is not well again. a nose bleed at 10pm.not having nowhere to go we were lucky we had some tablets to stop the bleeding,it stopped at 2.30am. then it was to the animal hospital not far away.a blood test revealed ananaplasma,e canis,and a enlarged spleen.so it was a complete new set of medication,besides doxy,heparto,ferrous sulfate and ki.50.ulsanic it was little food till his next test,this was a couple of days before I ended up in hospital with some bad seizure's.on the second night I missed my boy so much I checked out.i was very confused so I didn't now what was happening. since the 4th.nov.he has been on vetrisam e.usolin,doxy,prednisolone,enrofloxacin [baytril] ferrous sulfate and up until 9am.this morning he has been a different dog,eating well morning and evening and wanting to play.this morning he had all his breakfast up,so I am not happy at all. one thing we did find out after demanding a urine test was,the leaking he had was from an infection and since sunday 12th.the leaking has stopped and the licking. but also the suculfrarate stopped 2days ago,with the vets approval. the 3 test results which have been carried out at an animal testing lab have revealed parasites. it is eating me up inside as I love my boy SO MUCH. our next move is to have someone to take our boy to THONG -LOR animal hospital.
  6. returning from the PUB at 2.45am.another responsible barman serving drink to drivers.
  7. Legal advice/ Traffic fatality

    that is VERY GOOD ADVICE,its not more then 2months ago this very subject came up in the motoring forum. I posted friends of ours were caught up in the same,bike acc.rider had no insur.no licence and it was not even his bike. but ours friends who were completely innocent was asked to say they were at fault so the accident victim could claim off their ins.and yes they did what was asked,and then the claims kept coming.my mate who had the same happen to him 6yrs.ago has never driven since.
  8. 9yrs.ago my wife earned double that in the uk.
  9. I cant see the post code for KORAT.30000.a capon would be fine but a goose would be better.
  10. LH.bank is what the initials stand for LAND AND HOUSE,they own terminal 21 and have been building houses for yonks. they are like the old building society's back home,always a little bit better than the big banks. another to consider is THAI CREDIT UNION [thais only] the wife has a few acc.with them.
  11. Leicester sack manager Shakespeare

    after the way they treated Claudio,leicester can go and <deleted>> yourselves.
  12. myself amd mrs.meat have been using fixed rate accounts for the past 9yrs.from fixed terms 9months -3yrs. at the moment rates of interest are low compared to previous yrs. so if your using the interest to fund your life here then don't aim to high. first you can fix your retirement stay [extension] 800,000bht. [mine has been in for 9yrs.without touching it. so for eg.12month fixed is ok at most immigration offices as the amount is always available BUT you will not get any interest if you withdraw before maturity. we use mostly LH BANK.yesrday the wife fixed one for 3yrs. at 2% interest paid monthly but you must deposit over 1million bht.all fixed accs.are taxed at 15% which you can claim back in January of every yr. your personal allowance is 190,000bht.a year.so you can claim back the withheld tax the bank will take from you as long as its under that amount.if your wife doesn't work then its the same terms for her.
  13. having seen the film many times,i would say the car was traveling at speed,when you witness someone being hit by a car at slow speed the victim is likely to go under the car,fast forward and the victim would be launched into the air. I don't think the brit will be able to avoid being sent packing after a spell in the monkey house. the thai guy has got in first with an apology and admitted he was wrong,but there has been nothing from the brit. he needs to go and kiss the thais feet and tell him he is so sorry and give him a fat brown envelope and a make up kit for his wife [FROM BOOTS] then and only then on the way back to the uk.he can swear all he wants.
  14. Ayutthaya braces for northern run-off

    news is AYUTTHAYA PREPARE'S FOR FLOODING, could be serious if the industrial est.gets hit again,the car plants,could be a mass exodus. you were warned back in 2011.
  15. Bangkok hit by heaviest rainfall in 25 years: BMA

    and next year it will be the heaviest for 26YRS.