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  1. Reading through the VFS page, it seems that documents that are not A4 sized have to be copied beforehand. That raises the possibility that when the document size is not A4, instead of being able to provide an original, we would have to copy it and then get the copy certified? Or perhaps you can show the original document in person at the appointment for verification? I guess we'll find out the details once it starts being implemented.
  2. Will this new process mean that we don't need to supply copies of documents anymore - and even more hopefully, not certified copies, since the scans will all be done from the originals? For example, as a sponsor, I would be able to provide my own original passport, get it scanned in, and take it home with me? As it stands I'm unsure whether I need to go to the trouble of finding a place to get a certified copy of the passport in Bangkok. This may now be unnecessary?
  3. According to sandyf and information I've found elsewhere, the Date of Application is set when the payment is received.
  4. sandyf - thanks so much ! That's really helped me out!
  5. Does anyone have an idea of what the lead time is for a VFS UK settlement visa appointment? There doesn't seem to be a way to find out until you click 'submit' - but it seems that when you click 'submit' that might set the 'date of application'?
  6. I am submitting an application for a UK visa - Unmarried Partner Settlement. I have documentary evidence to show that myself and my Thai girfriend have been living together since May 25 2015. The requirement for the visa is to supply this evidence from the 'date of application'. Is the Date of Application : 1. The date when I click 'submit' on the VFS website to submit the online application form and allow me to book an appointment. 2. The date when I submit full payment online. 3. The date of our appointment in Bangkok where we submit the documents? If anybody has a definitive answer it would be much appreciated.
  7. As far as I can understand, the main issue about ATMs and Swampy is whether they are available between the time you get off the plane and get to immigration. For the purposes of showing the 20,000 (or whatever your visa or non visa may require), it is irrelevent how many are available on the other side of immigration. My last entry to Thailand I made sure I brought the cash with me from the UK - but I also wanted to find out if any ATMs were available because I don't want to be carrying around that amount of cash. So, after getting off my flight, I walked the length of the terminal - past both entrances to passport control ( stopping shortly after the second entrance to immigration - coming from the direction of International) - looking for an ATM. I did not see any ATMS - I did see some Foreign exchange booths - so it may be possible to use a Visa or similar debit or a credit card to withdraw the 20,000 although I am guessing the rates are not great ( I did not check). Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  8. The point being - -I had a valid visa - an METV - that has fairly strict requirements - and I was wearing smart clothes, smiling politely, on a flight from the UK, having been out of the country for a couple of weeks, and it still raised some questions Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. Fair point - I wasn't specific and I was asking for specifics. 'Grilled' was not specific. I arrived at around 3 pm. I waited around twenty minutes in the queue. The immigration officer spent a couple of minutes looking through my passport. He asked me what I was doing here. I started exlaining and he called over the peron from the next desk over. She smiled and didn't seem too interested and he then waved me through. I agree - not a 'grilling' but it was still the first time I'd been questioned. M Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  10. There are many people here 'living' or 'staying' on Tourist Visas. There is a philosophical debate about whether this is right or legal or within the spirit of this visa. There are many people here who feel secure in their visas - whether because they have paid for an Elite visa, or who happen to be over 50 years old, and qualify for retirement visas etc. Could we have a thread for the former only? In other words - a thread for people who are here, for whatever reason, legally on tourist visas and now confused by recent developments, -without having to trawl through the comments of the latter, telling us how we are are 'abusing the system' etc. (It may be the case that many people are in Thailand on a Tourist Visa and are working illegally. I am guessing that there are also some who are here on other visas doing the same.) If we discount those of retirement age - that leaves a number of people here who earn their money abroad, are aged under 50 and who don't want to marry their girlfriend right now, for whatever reason, the least of which being a visa. Last weekend there was a panic situation - three or four posts - along with some ancillary posts - all giving the impression that now, if you arrive with too many tourist visas in your passport, you may get turned away (or worse, locked up for days in a cell). It certainly freaked me out! I have been following the forum hourly - and after the peak panic it now seems like nothing happened- maybe one or two people forgot to bring cash with them? So - has there been a change in attitude towards those with multiple back to back tourist visas or not? Perhaps we could have a thread that is purely informative - without any opinion about whether we are 'tourists' etc etc? My own experience is this - I have been here on tourist visas for 3.5 years. I got an METV when it first became available. I got my second METV in December - the helpful and friendly consul in Wales gave me my second - I could not show him 5,000 for six months - but could show him 60,000 which was just put in my account for the purpose of the uk settlement visa me and my ms will apply for in May. However - even though I had been back to the uk for two weeks every 10 weeks for 6 months or so - I got a grilling at swampy inDec, and was very relieved to get through. Anyway - that's my info. I'm hoping to build up a thread just of information for people in our sutuation. Ie - how many tourist visas, experiences at borders etc- so we can build up a better overall picture than the one we got last weekend. It does seem like the tourist visa , even though there are no limits legally, is now subject to suspicion by some Immigration Officers. That at least, seems like a new development. Perhaps those of us here on tourist cisas could uae this thread to share our experiences- and that might help us build a picture of what is going on? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  11. The last straw was clutched ! - at the Cardiff consulate. As described in the post above, I was able to fulfil all the requirements apart from having the money in my account for 6 months. I had considerably more in an account, but only for the past month. The consul explained that he had been given some discretion by the London embassy on this, and as I'd had an METV previously from them, and had a good chunk of change to show sufficient funds, they would not, in this case, require that the funds had been in the account for 6 months. The consul said that he'd been in ongoing discussions with the London embassy regarding this point, as well as the requirement for a confirmed booking of a return flight. I'm not sure what the official policy here is as the other staff member was sticking to a more 'rules is rules' position and I was lucky that he suggested speaking to the consul himself directly. Between them however, they could not have been more helpful, and I certainly have never had a more positive experience at any embassy/consulate. I didn't have the paperwork printed out, as I was expecting only to be able to get a SETV. I was able to email them the docs, using their wifi network, and they printed them out themselves! I haven't seen that before:)
  12. Thanks for checking that out! Close but no cigar - straws have been clutched Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. I'm from the UK and have been wondering why the UK Embassy and Consulates are enforcing a position of having £5,000 in a bank account for at least 6 months, while other countries do not seem to have this requirement - they seem to only require a statement showing that there is currently that amount in the account. I looked at different English speaking websites - the US, Australian, New Zealand and Canadian and have a possible theory. Could it be that the UK embassy mistranslated? If you go to the website, you will see some errors. For example - for the line I'm talking about, they write 'puonds' instead of 'pounds'. That may seem like a small thing, but as the other English language websites are translating the £5,000 as 'within' instead of 'for' , it could make a big difference. All the other English language consulates and Embassy websites I have found require the equivalent of £5,000 in a bank account at the time of applying for the visa, only the UK ones require that to have been in an account for 6 months. I really can't imagine that Thailand has decided to have a different requirement for the UK than other G7 or developed countries. Could this be simply a mistranslation? I'm applying for a TV tomorrow and will raise this possibility at the consulate. I'll report back what happens. In the meantime, it would be great (longshot I know) if anybody could check with a Thai speaker before then, they might save me embarassing myself if my theory is nonsense :) I've attached a screenclipping from what I guess is the original in Thai before translation : If this is an error, I hope there aren't any 'face' issues to deal with before it gets resolved. I really don't see why people from the UK should have such different criteria to everyone else for the METV.
  14. Hi all, Anybody know the relative 'privacy' of the main messaging services? Currently using Line but am guessing that may not be too smart if I am expressing myself freely! Apple's IM?, whatsapp etc? I haven't followed these technologies - if anybody who knows what's what can recommend me the best way to have a personal private chat without any chance of being listened into by bigbrother I'd be very grateful. cheers