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  1. glegolo It was implied - - I'm sorry about the original post aimed at you.
  2. Ok fair enough. I got the terminology mixed up. I wanted to point out that the option does exist to extend twice, (and then also convert to a different visa) as I had recently done so myself.
  3. Asking someone to bring 20,00 baht in cash is as anachronistic as having a banking system that has a paper bank book. If Thailand wants to continue with that, that's up to them. But they choose the rules, so anyone who abides by the rules, cannot be classed as 'abusing' the system. Any system that can be 'abused' should be changed and cleared up.
  4. An update in case anyone is in a similar situation: We moved to Bangkok earlier than expected so extended the tourist visa in Chaeng Wattana. Hiccup number 1: In Jomtien, they accept the form being filled out by the condo occupant (ie myself) - in Bangkok they only accepted the TM30 in the name of the condo owner. but - to make things easier - they allowed my wife to fill it out in the name of the condo owner, and also to sign in her name! ??? - fine with me but ??? After they accepted the change of address, the tourist visa extension was accepted. We were then told we could go and convert the extended tourist visa to Non-0 (we couldn't do before as there were only 10 days left). We had all the documents apart from : photos of ourselves in front of our new condo showing the condo name and the room number, my wife's housebook original (even though we had a copy of the relevant pages) and - a copy of our affirmation to marry! We didnt' have this as the agent who sorted our marriage registration didn't give us a copy and the amphur had the original. So - we jumped in a cab and went to the amphur and they gave us a copy. One of the documents that seems to be tricky is the embassy's letter of income (if you're using that) - as far as Chaeng Wattana goes - they don't seem to need a legalized translation - the original (in English) was fine. They didn't ask to see any proof like bank statements etc. The next day - back to Chaeng Wattana - and we had all the docs - my wife's housebook, the photos, the affirmation(legalized, translated etc) copy, the marriage docs, .. We spent twenty minutes with a helpful immigration officer, dotting the i's and crossing the t's and paid the 2,000 baht. In a couple of weeks I'll go back and pick up the non-o. I asked twenty questions re the year extension. As far as I understand - the only extra thing required at Chaeng Wattana for the year extension is the 'hand drawn map' - apart from that, as long as the income letter (if you're using that) is within six months, you just provide the same documents. The kor ror 2 marriage registration, which in some districts has to be upto date within 3 months, is not required to be updated (ie the original is ok - for us at least as ours was only a month old), and they don't need a witness, as some offices do. The advice of elviajero and ubonjoe as always has proven to be spot on, so thanks as always to them, and anyone else helping us navigating the various hoops to jump through.
  5. As an update - my income letter from the Uk Embassy was accepted to convert a Tourist Visa (Multiple Entry) to Non-O - with other paperwork (photos of myself and my wife in front of our condo building, in front of our room showing room number and with her family, marriage certificate, her original housebook, our rental contract which had to match the address on my TM30). After a lot of conflicting information (one immigration officer said it was valid for two months, and the form itself translated the Thai badly to indicate it had to be valid for the very day of application), it was confirmed that this letter is valid, in Chaeng Wattana, Bangkok, at least - for six months.
  6. glegolo - incorrect. I was on an METV. I extended an entry from 60 days to 90 days (in Jomtien). I then extended the same visa another 60 days (based on marriage) (Chaeng Wattana). Please don't post things that are plain wrong - as many people rely on this forum for information. Not only have I extended this visa twice, but I have also been able to convert it to a non-O - also at Chaeng Wattana - and will also be able to extend this one by one year. It clearly depends on circumstances, and in Thailand, on the whim of the particular office you are applying at. Each one will offer different options and require different paperwork.
  7. Just to confirm the helpful info above - I received the letter and no mention was made of what visa it can be used for. The top right of the page has the British Embassy info, the left has a date, a reference number, and is addressed to 'The Immigration Bureau'. The rest of the letter makes no mention of any visa - it just states the income. Despite the confusing email and website information, the British Embassy was very helpful in that they replied to several emails very quickly, and the turnaround was very fast. I didn't have to post anything - all the docs were sent via email as pdf. They returned via EMS the letter and color printouts of all the docs (bank statements). The turnaround time was impressive - the letter was sent to me the day after I submitted the docs. I was away the day after, but assumed it arrived the next day. Their stated 10 working days is a little misleading for those in a rush as it in fact took just 3.
  8. I'm submitting the documents for UK Spouse Visa early on Friday morning. Has anybody done this yet, using the new scanning process? I'm wondering what order they want things in. Also - was there any way to check that all the documents submitted were actually scanned? We've got hundreds of pages and it would be easy to miss one - I wouldn't want any missed ones to be the really important ones. I was originally going to send the docs back to the UK but figured the scanning, if it works, means there's no risk of things getting lost in the post etc.
  9. My concern was this email was direct from the Consul and not from the usual generic address. Thanks for all the reports - that was what I was hoping to hear and why I posted! Will report back to confirm in a few weeks when I apply at Chaeng Wattana.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'll get the letter and use it. This was in the email I received when I asked them if I could use it for the marriage visa extension : " please be reminded the our service is provided specifically for a retirement visa if you will use our document to apply for a marriage visa, please get the confirmation from the Immigration that it will accepted." As I haven't used a letter like this before, I assumed that it would mention retirement.
  11. I am trying to get the letter of income from the British Embassy for a Non-O Marriage (convert Tourist Visa and then Extension). I meet the requirements but my concern is that the British Embassy will only provide a letter of income for the retirement visa . I asked by email if they could confirm they provide an income letter for a marriage visa and received a reply stating that they could not. They would only provide a letter of income specifically for the retirement visa, and that I was welcome to try my luck and see if it is accepted for the marriage visa. They will not provide a letter proving income for a marriage visa! Has anybody used this letter successfully for the marriage extension of stay? I plan on applying at Chaeng Wattana, Bangkok. I'm surprised the British Embassy is so unhelpful and inflexible - surely there must be plenty of people requesting this and they are charging £50. If this is not acceptable to Thai Immigration at Chaeng Wattana are there any options other than the savings route, if I want to get the one year extension?
  12. Thanks Tanoshi (our posts overlapped) - that's what I'm hoping :) I'm trying to account for a longer wait in my planning though, as the 60 days stated is very optimistic from what I can tell reading other forums.
  13. It's nothing compared to trying to get the UK spouse settlement visa! :) I'm doing my best to travel as little as possible as I've been going in and out every three months for over three years now! I'm hoping to stay in Thailand until the UK visa is issued. My thinking is that if I get the 60 days at Jomtien I'll just have to go to Chaeng Wattana a couple of times - easier than going in and out of the country, and that will take me up to Sept 30th when I have to go back to the UK for a week or so. With any luck, my wife will have her uk visa by then, if not, the trip to Cardiff is hassle free and will give me another 90 days if I need to return.
  14. Having just read the thread linked by JackThompson I think I'll revert to plan A. Thanks for the heads up. Converting to Non-O at Jomtien seems to be much more difficult than Chaeng Wattana. I'd be doing it on income rather than savings, and wouldn't have the time to get the letter verified by the MFA so those two make it a non-starter anyway. If I'm doing it at Chaeng Wattana I don't need the income letter verified by the MFA ?
  15. My plans have changed in that I have found out I have to go back to the UK by September 30th at the latest. So ideally I could avoid Chaeng Wattana entirely and get the Non-O conversion in Jomtien (assuming there's no 'extra' fee for it, as I wouldn't be up for that) and that would take me to September 30th. If I need to return I'd get a single Non-0 from the very helpful and friendly Cardiff consulate. My dilemma is : the British Embassy takes (up to) 10 working days to send the letter. If I want to convert to Non-O at Jomtien I have to do so before June 15th. If the address written on the income letter has to match the district where I'm applying for the conversion, I'd be taking a £50 punt on the letter getting here in time. If the address can be anywhere in Thailand it's a no-brainer, but if it has to be within the district, and the letter arrives a couple of days late, I won't be able to apply in Jomtien and I won't be able to use the letter in Bangkok :) If I do get the non-O at Jomtien I'll report back.