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  1. There is some discussion about it on the 'immigrationboards' forum. There are several reports of applicants who say they easily clear the financial requirements yet have received the email stating their application is on hold. I have no further information than that. All just hearsay at the moment I guess. The situation is certainly not helped by the vague and open-ended wording by the HO, and lack of a good quality channel of information to them. Hopefully some more clarity will emerge. Below is a request for information awaiting a reply. It seems like the recent change of process (assessing the applications in Sheffield rather than locally) and the court decision are slowing things quite a bit. However at the moment, there is no clear indication what is actually going on or why so I guess the only thing to do is proceed as planned and see how it pans out. It will be interesting to see what kind of processing times we see here in Thailand now. The last data available shows February which was before the new system was introduced.
  2. On the VFS website it is stated as follows : "Following a Supreme Court judgment, the Home Office has paused decision-making on some applications – in particular, those failing to meet the minimum income threshold for British citizens sponsoring a non-EEA partner and non-EEA children. The reason for this pause is to enable the Home Office to consider the implications of the judgment. All other applications will continue to be processed and decided as normal." I'm really unclear on what this actually means. I've read elsewhere that some applications are on 'pause' where the applicant clearly does meet the minimum income threshold. Does anyone have any experience or more information about this? Does it affect those using other means to satisfy the financial requirements, such as savings?
  3. VFS

    Applying for spouse settlement visa. Wind up? A new process was introduced last month for settlement and Tier visas (whatever they are) where you either send the supporting documents direct to Sheffield or you pay VFS to scan them and send them electronically to Sheffield. The applications are not processed in Bangkok anymore but in Sheffield.
  4. VFS

    I don't trust the scanning - unless they provide some kind of way for me to check that they haven't missed out scanning any documents, I'll send all the supporting documents direct to Sheffield via fedex or ups.
  5. VFS

    Thanks. If we're sending the docs to Sheffield, we'll just need to take the passport to the biometrics appointment?
  6. VFS

    Do you need to complete the online application and pay for the visa before booking the Biometrics appointment?
  7. Thanks for the clarification- one less thing to tick off the list!
  8. I'm looking at the IELTS certificate and don't see either of the fields you are referring to - there is no SELT or UER number. Would this be the 'Test Report Form Number' ? I can't see anything else that would be equivalent.
  9. I'm hoping they don't need a photo because they say they need them 'passport photo standard' and the first two sets I got done when applying for my last UK passport a couple of years ago were at 'professional' passport photo places in London, and the third was at the photobooth in the passport office in Victoria. I got turned down for one of them for having my face in my photo maybe one mm not perpendicular! :) I was getting out the ruler earlier today only to find that I've managed to lose the photos we got done at the Trendy building last week! This whole visa process is really quite something. I'm hoping that after the initial one, the next ones will be more straighforward. (wishful thinking maybe)
  10. Hi howard, I'm going to the Amphur on Monday to get married. Firstly, this forum and all others, have helpful and not so helpful members. Having been here for over three years, I'm still dismayed by the kind of posts that you've received. The only thing I can suggest is to let that kind of thing wash off your back. My experience so far has been this : there is no way to predict how any Amphur will go, no matter what documents you have. When I was at the British Embassy, the lady working there told me that there is no way to know whether we only need the legalised Affidavit, or also a certified copy of our passport or a legalised copy of the passport!. She also said (and she was a Thai lady, very helpful and matter of fact), that some Amphurs have no clear lines -they will give different requirements on different days depending on their whim. While I was there, (I was there for two hours as I kept having to change my affidavit, because she explained that unless you get it word perfect, the amphur may reject it), there were several people who had come to change things because they had been rejected for minor details. Before my appointment at the Embassy, after researching online, I'd believed that the whole process was simple. After my experience at the Embassy, I realised that it was not. Maybe it used to be, I don't know, but now it seems not. So I decided to pay for a servicen- in my case with one of the main translation compaines in Ploenchit. I've paid them to accompany us, fill in the forms etc. They guarantee that everything will go smoothly. The price was 7,800. Feel free to message me and I can give you the details of the company. I'll post on Monday to see if their promises work out! sorry to hear about your experiences so far. -!!!
  11. I forgot to mention that in my opinion, IDP seemed like a well run organisation. The email correspondence was very responsive and at one time, I mixed up my dates, and their employee immediately spotted the mistake, so helped me avoid missing the test date! I hadn't realised about the dummy thing - that makes sense. The wait wasn't a big deal. Of all our visa experiences so far, and especially compared to my experience at VFS the day before, this was all good.
  12. I was wondering the same thing. (I'm applying for a spouse settlement visa) I read elsewhere that we still need to take a physical photo to paste onto the printed version of the online application form that gets sent to Sheffield (I guess this doesn't apply if you're going for the scanning option, which we won't be). If that's the case, having had three different sets of photos rejected at the Victoria passport office in London for my last passport a couple of years ago, I'm guessing they can't possibly be that strict on their requirements (chin x mm from base, colors, looking 100% directly at camera etc).?
  13. My fiance just got her A1 certificate today, after taking the test last week. We had to book quite a way in advance - around two weeks I think at a fairly hefty cost. We went to IDP in Silom. My fiance had to sit the test twice so it took over an hour - apparently they test the candidates in pairs for the speaking part, and the first candidate she was paired with could barely speak a word of English, so she had to go again with the next one. Apart from that, they were very professional and all went smoothly. Having read this thread, I'd known we could apply for a higher level, we should probably have gone for the next level up (B1?) but too late now. I have one question which is, for the language requirement, is the only document we need to supply for the spouse settlement visa application the A1 original test certificate (and a copy if sending the documents to Sheffield)?
  14. Thanks for the reassurance and I apologize for the frantic tone of my posts - the whole thing really got under my skin. I received a further reply from the lawyer who reinforced his points. As I agree that this seems nonsensical, I've decided to do my best to regain some calm and composure and carry on - on my own!
  15. I think the best way is to fill out the application (and submit all the docs) as best you can, check it several times and then go for it. don't fall for agents or lawyers selling you scare stories. let's see if this approach works - it's worked for many before!!!!