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  1. I guess that is kind of an instruction for the ladies who see him close at night, probably after lots of beer.
  2. It's good that at least some people stand up against that moron from time to time. But I don't have much hope that the rednecks will change their mind because of some french guy - they will support Trump even more after this.
  3. OneMoreFarang

    More Pheu Thai members shifting to sister party

    555 - I stopped reading after that sentence.
  4. There is an easy solution: Never every go to USA suburbia, never!
  5. I read your long text. Wow. Yes, that's a good description - for the impressions on the first day, and then it continues like that everyday. But the funny thing is if you ask people who live here since years: Just a normal quiet day today...
  6. OneMoreFarang

    Compressed Air

    I am pretty sure you can buy it in Fortune town. But it's relative expensive and there is not much in a bottle. And if you use it for a few seconds the bottle is freezing and you have to wait that it warms up again. At least that is my experience with what I bought some time ago.
  7. OneMoreFarang

    Big Bike Training

    It's not exactly what you asked for but I can recommend the book: Total Control by Lee Parks https://www.amazon.com/Total-Control-Lee-Parks-ebook/dp/B00R31222S I bought it a couple of years ago in the Japanese bookshop in Emporium when I bought a "big bike" in Bangkok. I found lots of interesting information and tips in the book.
  8. OneMoreFarang

    Need a reliable WIFI solution for my condo!

    It will be difficult for us to help you in your situation. The reason is that mobile phone signal quality is hugely different in many areas, floors, etc. To check your mobile situation is only possible in exactly your location. You can do it yourself or you can ask a technician to do it in your location...
  9. I use it all the time in Bangkok and it works just fine.
  10. OneMoreFarang

    Japanese Man Marries Virtual Pop-Star Because He Distrusts Real Women

    Just marry a Thai woman you know only through social media. I guess that is basically the same as a virtual Thai woman. And if you are by accident in the same room or on the table like that woman then continue to use your smart phone to communicate with her. When I look at the other tables in restaurants that sees to be normal these days.
  11. OneMoreFarang

    Japanese Man Marries Virtual Pop-Star Because He Distrusts Real Women

    Or he is just fed up with real women.
  12. OneMoreFarang

    Japanese Man Marries Virtual Pop-Star Because He Distrusts Real Women

    Lots of guys, especially in Thailand, start relations with girls who they know only little. The guys are happy because they only look at the good side of the girl. In fact they imagine how perfect she is - even if there is little evidence to support this. And then, after a while, the guys realize that the girl is not like they hoped and imagined her. They realize, sooner or later, that they started a relation with a dream, an unrealistic dream. And it does not get better from there on. Now let's look at this Japanese guy. He marries his fantasy. She is perfect and she will always be perfect. Because she is what he imagines and she will never tell him to clean his shoes or bring out the trash or she wants more money or she met this other handsome man. I guess he will be happier than lots of other men with real women.
  13. What did all those UK officials actually archive in the last two years? Did they get paid for that? It should be possible to sue them all for dereliction of duty and wasting tax payers money.
  14. It seems they do it the wrong way around. Some minor officials from the UK and EU worked out something they would sign. And now this draft will be shown to the people in charge and it is known already that they have other ideas and there won't be a majority about what the minor officials decided. That seems like a total waste of resources to me. I think the main players should agree on the big pictures first. And they should make sure they have a majority for this on both sides of the channel. And after they have that agreement in principle then let the minor officials work out the details. Why don't highly paid politicians grasp these basic concepts?
  15. She definitely has a temper problem. Someone should tell her staying cool is the Thai way. Behaving like that makes it only worse.