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  1. I think by now it's obvious why you are so active here. You have no alternative. Because if you would behave somewhere in the real world like here, like i.e. in above example, you would soon need a dentist and probably stay in a hospital with broken bones.
  2. "fairness and justice" sounds great. Come on Thaksin and Yingluck, come to Thailand and let "fairness and justice" happen.
  3. Is it necessary to be a fascist if someone does not understand why people vote again and again for the same corrupt criminals?
  4. Do you know what the Thai voters think? Do you know it better than the politicians who are involved in this since years? Personally I understand some voters and there are some real arguments for and again the Dems and other parties. But I have problems to understand the masses who again and again vote for the same corrupt politicians (or family members of those politicians) and then expect a non-corrupt government. How should it be possible to have a honest government full of corrupt politicians? It seems many votes don't know and don't care. Is there any logic abut what they do? Do they think? I don't know.
  5. Let me guess: You think the corrupt Shinawatras are so much better, correct?
  6. OneMoreFarang

    Follow up appointment charge?

    Yes, in many cases it is cheap. Or to be precise the person who does the actual work, including some doctors, don't make much money. But that doesn't mean that the hospital doesn't charge a premium to make a lot of profit...
  7. OneMoreFarang

    Follow up appointment charge?

    Normally you pay after your visit for that visit. And on your next visit (follow up or not) you pay for that visit. That's normal procedure in Thailand. I never heard about a follow up visit being included. It might exist but probably not. In many hospitals they have a short invoice and a detailed invoice. In the short invoice you see i.e. "medicine for 3500B". In the detailed invoice you see all the details with costs for each medicine, etc. Sometimes when I go to a hospital they give me the detailed bill without asking and sometime I have to ask to get it. But I never had problems getting that detailed invoice. In general about follow up visit I think it depends a lot. Some time ago I visited from time to time a chiropractor. He did what he had to do and the problem was fixed after one visit. The staff always asked me to make an appointment for a follow up visit and I told them always I will call if I think it's necessary. It was never necessary. Another time I had a broken finger which needed some stiches. And sure I needed a couple of follow up visits. I paid for every visit and that is what I expected. And if you think they charge too much or for unnecessary things just tell them you want to know what they do and how much they will charge for it. Sometimes there are alternatives, especially for medicine, with very different prices.
  8. Somehow it's funny that some people in this Thai "Farang Pub - fun, entertainment and Expat life" forum pretend they never had sex with a bar girl or they pretend there are guys who only go out with bargirls because they can't handle a real lady. BS! Lots of bargirls are fun. And because they are not in the "I'm a good girl, I don't do this and that" category they also like to have fun. I.e. they run around with sexy clothes, drink, smoke, dance, etc. and do whatever they like. What's wrong with going out with a girl like that? And there is no reason to treat her bad. Two people having fun - or maybe three or more. If some guys think they need a woman who only goes out with them, always behaves like a lady, and possibly wants to be married before her first sex, go ahead and do just that. But please don't tell all the other guys in Thailand who came here to have a lot of fun what they should do and shouldn't do.
  9. Any reason why you cannot take a non prostitute woman out for a night out and have an enjoyable time ? My comment about bargirls was about another post about bargirls... Sure, you can have lots of fun with lots of girls, prostitute or non-prostitute. But it seems lots of women who would put themselves in the non-prostitute category are also interested in lots of money just like the prostitutes. Probably they don't ask for cash but many have no problems that you pay for an expensive night out and buy them a gift or two. But then, because they are good girls (or women) maybe they give you a peck on the cheek and tell you what a nice guy you are and wish you sweet dreams - alone. And that's the moment when some of us think that if they spend anyhow lots of money then want to make sure they don't go home alone and have all the fun they want as long as they want and exactly the way they want it.
  10. OneMoreFarang

    Thai driving licence on your phone starts tomorrow

    If it's an app then it is installed (inside) your phone. And how exactly do you think the license get's in your phone? It's too big for the SIM card slot. It must come from somewhere. Maybe from the internet? ...
  11. OneMoreFarang

    Thai driving licence on your phone starts tomorrow

    Most of the time I show the police the receipt which some other police officer gave me when they took away my license. And when they look at that document they know they can't take my license away a second time so they just let me go. No need for any digital license.
  12. Most Thai bargirls are as nice and fun and give you the time of your life - especially if you are a multi millionaire. What many guys don't (want to) understand is that if you give them money without expecting instant fun then that money is likely wasted. Give them money every hour or so when you want their attention and they stay focused...
  13. OneMoreFarang

    I'm scared of having kids

    I hope there are more success stories in Thailand than failures. But with guys investing money in their wife's business I don't think the statistic will look good.
  14. OneMoreFarang

    Foreign Font Problem

    If it looks better on another PC then save it with another font or in notepad (text only). Then you can open that new document on your PC again and work with whatever fonts you have.
  15. I think Christians, at least some of them, call their state of mind "born again". How about you? "I woke up". I like that!