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  1. erg


    Hello dear members and guests. For some time now i am looking to buy a kayak to cruise the Kok river and maybe even more. I prefer a so called sit on top sea kayak hard shell. But a good inflatable or even foldeble will do as well. No problem to pick it up from Chiang Mai or Phayao. Hope to hear from you! Thanks erg
  2. As from 16-08-2016 the Thai consulate in Amsterdam is no longer providing multiple entry visas. I visit Thailand for six months every year for the last 10 years, this year i need to extend my thay driving licence so i need a non o visa, preferable multiple, there are only single entry visas left. Does that mean that i have to travel to ( for instance) Vientiane after my single entry visa expires, to apply for a new single entry non o visa? Or does someone has a good alternative? Thanks Erwin.
  3. I am interested in a two seater with space for a kid, or just a two seater, i prefer similair to/ or feelfreekayaks complete with paddles and the whole everything else one needs.
  4. erg

    Page Of Remembrance

    respect Cor, or how he liked to call himself "pappa".
  5. erg

    Chiang Rai Through Foreign Eyes

    Limbo. I think it's good to do it again. Altough........... how are you gonna frame a movie ??
  6. erg

    Unseen Chiang Rai

    This is a very hard one Limbo, i guess it must be close to the airport, or even the old airport.
  7. erg

    Unseen Chiang Rai

    Limbo why didnt you take the "treeroom" you couldt climb the tree, or shoot oil on your fresh new misses in the oilroom with the watergun.
  8. erg

    Myanmar/burma News

    An interesting post, I hope that Hillary can find someone interested in "Birma" with or without nucleair Plantations, the world should give a lot more attention to the helpless people in Birma. The whole world should be ashamed of what is going on there for many many years allready. As allways, money is the keyword, it does not bring enough for the democratic world to really do something. Or we could hurt the rest of the comunist world, who are a big buyers of our goods...........bla bla bla.......... Crazy that Birma is accepted in the ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations anyway. I feel sorry for the beautifull people in Birma. Tumbs up for Mr. ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan. Lets swim to Mrs. Ang Suu Kyi's house with a thousand Thai visa members and see what happens next. erwin.
  9. erg

    New Year Countdown

    I remember two years ago, myself and my wife, we went to Bo's Place for new years eve. At the beginning it was nice and there were a lot of people, but later the owner, at that time Erqwin or something, became more and more drunk, he was insulting ladies, and was even touching them, he didnt care that their husbands were standing next to them. It became an absolute disaster, when he became even more drunk. He totaly F***** up the countdown, when 4 seconds before midnight he turned down the T.V and played some kind of porn music. Most people paid immediatly, and some never returned to this place. My wife and i left, our evening was ruined, and there were no other places to go for us. Some time later i returned to this place, but this guy was pissed as can be, i even saw him sleep once behind his own bar, when people tried to pay, they could not because he was the only one in charge. Later i heard that he went broke and left Thailand, back to his own country, i think Holland. I hope the new owner of Bo's Place does a better job. People like this shouldnt stay in our beautifull country. See you all in December.
  10. erg

    A Sad Message

    Brian friend, farewell. The best go first.
  11. erg

    Ok, Own Up, Who Was It?

    Thank got i am in Holland, now.
  12. erg

    Hi Boys And Girls

    Just want to tell you guys that i miss you all, it is still dark in Holland it is 07,30 now and about 2 degrees, i am off to work in about 20 min. i am painting now. Hope to come back to CR in about 6 weeks. Cant wait to have a chang or two with the guys. Greetings from Texel (a smaal island in the Nordsea) erg
  13. erg


    We are looking for the name of our favorite hotel on Patong beach, all we know is that it is located next to the Andatel hotel. Maybe someone can help us...................
  14. erg

    Mexican Food

    12 13 My source must have been wrong........as you guys know i rarely make mistakes.
  15. erg

    Mexican Food

    As allways allmost correct Chang35bath The Mexican is on sangkong luang soi 13 at the end of the soi