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  1. Kayak

    Hello dear members and guests. For some time now i am looking to buy a kayak to cruise the Kok river and maybe even more. I prefer a so called sit on top sea kayak hard shell. But a good inflatable or even foldeble will do as well. No problem to pick it up from Chiang Mai or Phayao. Hope to hear from you! Thanks erg
  2. As from 16-08-2016 the Thai consulate in Amsterdam is no longer providing multiple entry visas. I visit Thailand for six months every year for the last 10 years, this year i need to extend my thay driving licence so i need a non o visa, preferable multiple, there are only single entry visas left. Does that mean that i have to travel to ( for instance) Vientiane after my single entry visa expires, to apply for a new single entry non o visa? Or does someone has a good alternative? Thanks Erwin.