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  1. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    think I found it, it is likely the most recent country surveys (about UK) that OECD writes and publishes regularly, and publication is authorised however, these bits about staying close to EU and using a 2nd referendum as a way out are picks from press releases based on the country survey, as far as I can understand according to the OECD boss this bit about using a 2nd referendum as a tool to stay and survive was part of a list of possible measures that could be taken in order to mitigate undesirable effects well may be or may be not, requires some digging to verify if thats true or not have spent years in OECD myself, this is a first for me; seeing OECD stepping right into the middle of an ongoing sensitive and heated political debate in a member country I think I find this somewhat over the top, OECD should have shown some moderation here. (haven't really seen much direct EC influence/dominance in OECD except through the natural influence coming from the fact that many of the OECD members are also EU members OECD has done some very very good work up through the years, some excellent people working there, at least as far as my field is concerned)
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    this OECD report mentioned above does it originate from internal think tank amongst OECD emplyoees or is it authorised for publication by one of the upper level committees in one of the OECD "branches"? anybody knows?
  3. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Today's Bangkok Post contains an OK article re May and Brexit. dunno, but I find these so called negotiations are getting weirder and weirder I can understand the border up north being a stumbling block. The UK people in EU and EU people in UK issue I think to a large extent would solve itself without negotiating very much. Casting the payment in concrete in advance of any other negotiations? UK coming up with the figures without any invoice/demands? Give me a break.
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    maybe, lots off piss talk in the beginning, at what point does the juice start to flow?
  5. Water In Fuel -Try To Burn it or Siphon it?

    brilliant! I like that!!!
  6. Water In Fuel -Try To Burn it or Siphon it?

    as OP said, the water is likely to be found at the lowest spot can you get a thin hose down there? to the lowest spot? if so, suck/pump it out
  7. thats why I see a beef up of the Spanish const, coming, the present one has too much soldier thinking and Franco thinking in it
  8. what do they want? many people live in Cat. they probably have different wishes re separation Cat. makes a fair amount of pesetas and collects a substantial amount of pesetas in tax, this is shipped up the road to Castillan which redistributes collected tax pesetas over the whole peninsula many in Cat are pissed off that not enough tax money is returned to Cat. some regions on the peninsula have way better control over collected taxes, compared to Cat. Navarra zum Beispiel I see a beefing up/reshaping of the Spanish constitution coming ......
  9. Sweden’s Former Prime Minister Pulls Off Hilarious Videobomb On Live TV

    hmm, videobomb? perhaps Swedes are a bit like Thais, doesn't take much to entertain them . . .
  10. tend to agree with that view, Sao Paulo ain't no safe haven either problems with suveys like this one and Best low cost airline Best full service airline Best this hotel Best that hotel pick any 3 surveys and enjoy 3 different winners
  11. Where to print PDF files

    between Sukhumvit soi 31 and soi 33 there is a very good printshop named Asiacopy, they do that, (and a LOT of other things)
  12. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    about time the lady and the guys get their act together
  13. Iooking for screws but seems I’m screwed

    Ok But what kind of metal are they made of?
  14. Iooking for screws but seems I’m screwed

    Just a reminder; the OP asked for marine grade stainless, not 304. Anyway, even 316 needs care. I have quite a few panels made of 316, most of them polished to mirror finish quality, they last for years without any care. Now and then I experience som rust spots on 316 nuts and bolts. I have some moulded 316 pipe fittings (not polished) these get rust spots. Maybe coating is a good idea, if they are not opened and fastened routinely. (maybe powder colouring?) As to distinguishing 304 from 316: There are small bottles of test liquids you can buy for checking 304 versus 316. If you have a small piece of 316 and a small piece of 304 you put a couple of drops on each piece, after abouy 5+ minutes the 304 will look same same whilts the 316 will take on an ugly yellow/brown colour.
  15. Iooking for screws but seems I’m screwed

    marine grade steel (316) self tapping screws are hard to find i LoS, very hard, whilst stainless (304) is plentifull but they do rust after several years of looking I have found one shop in Samuth Prakan (amp. muang) that sports some self tapping screws in 316, the shop has a small selection most prof. shops will tell you that such screws are not in the Thai market and must be imported