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  1. you are missing the point, the civser work for the political leadership of UK, not parliament or old liz the civser is not an independent source of expertise they are paid to do what the ministers tell them to do, they are just about the only tool the ruling government has available in order to realize their policies, ("approved" by GE) if you refuse to interpret stipulations they way the minister wants you are on shaky ground, you refuse to follow orders, rule bending is a fairly common and popular sport among politicians - as a civser you follow pace or you lose now, if, the parliament becomes sufficiently unhappy with what is going on - no confidence - the cabinet is ditched and the civser is left flak free any civser trying to follow clear majority voices in parliament is in double deep <deleted> if it doesn't suit the minister the boss is the political management, better not undermine the boss if you want a future
  2. what are the bookies saying, re brexit - deal brexit - no deal new referendum ge etc etc
  3. my Oxford doesn't hack Muslimized, bet guess I get the hang of it reminds me of late Mr Glistrup (Dane), one of the early really right wing politicians in modern Europe he didn't much appreciate muslims at large he referred to them as Muhamedanes and at his rallies he requested that they be sent back to Muhamedania
  4. short and sweet - to the point - keep the waffle away (motto of my former prof in marine law/insurance)
  5. melvinmelvin

    90 day reporting- first time

    ok, ta. 2 cases of Heineken - bit stiff. mai pen rai
  6. melvinmelvin

    90 day reporting- first time

    I put my question re 90-day report here. Nonthaburi Immigration Office. A while back I asked about how many days before/after 90-day sharp I could do the report and was told 15 days in advance and 7 days after. I arrived LoS on the 11th of July. Was at the office yesterday - but closed. Handed in report to day, 16th of October. Was told that I was late and that I would have to pay fine for being 1 day late, 2000 baht. Is this correct?
  7. well, Scotland possibly leaving UK and NI possibly leaving UK are not exactly fresh issues that surfaced with Brexit. The issues have been around for years.
  8. especially the interview with the Irish bloke towards the end was interesting, for me his views on border controls put some issues into perspective
  9. would such a Sinn Fein demand be likely to get majority in NI?
  10. what you write here is ok, but this is very different from what you wrote earlier now, on top of the points, you made here, project some contentious issues and you will quickly see that the civser are well paid (in many countries) prostitutes, and that is OK, that is what they are supposed to be brexit is a good example, contentious, comprehensive (constitutional, foreign policy, legal issues, national politics, trade, Scotland, NI) here is no room for independent professionalism re interpreting relevant stipulations and base advice or interaction with the public on that. especially when it comes to law-bending. the pm or the relevant minister will understand the law for you and tell you how it is to be interpreted, in DETAIL, depart from that and you are on the dole. if your integrity tells you that this ain't right, you quit
  11. conjecture? the whole civser concept is designed for not being independent, the civser is the gov's tool for implementing its manifesto "approved" by GE integrity-honesty-objectivity, yes -most of the time - as long as it suits the minister impartial re different cabinets - yes, but not so re the public so well organized prost-ring is not so bad, they are there to do what they are told to do - for money
  12. right legislation proposed by and developed by civser or hired consultants and signed off by the relevant minister re independence, you quote from a speech not from reality it would be impossible to run a country like UK with an independent civser civser works for the gov and pretty much does what the gov tells them to do now, with a Tory gov, how on earth could Tory implement their manifesto or political program with an independent civser? having a civser that is not independent is one of the more important elements that makes UK a democracy the civser is pretty much by far the most important tool any government in UK has in order to realise its policies and manifesto it would not work if civser was independent with an independent civser you could just do away with political parties and GEs. civser is not independent but a well organized prostitute-ring that does what the minister request them do, for money. it happens in several countries, I would think also in the UK, that occasionally the minister requests things that are questionable moral wise and legal wise - and you will see some high level civser quit his job rather than being forced to do it against his moral and ethical compasses.
  13. can hardly be independent of government would assume they work for the government who proposes 2ndary legislation?
  14. melvinmelvin

    Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains

    Have watched a handful of videos today with Swedish Party leaders press conferences. And have just now watched live the Speaker's press conference. Am quite impressed by these press conferences, they are really high quality. Journalists well behaved - no shouting - no cackling together. Party leaders and Speaker very to the point - absolutely no political waffle. The Speaker started off by explaining the formalities of the PM selection process, this for the benefit of the audience at large. I have a feeling that the Swedish process is kinda different from what is common in Europe, not sure though. The Speaker informed that he now have given Mr Lofven, S, the mandate to try and build a functional government. Mr Lofven is the previous PM and the current caretaker PM. Mr Lofven has been given 2 weeks but will give a progress report after 1 week. Later today the Speaker will meet with the head of state in order to keep him informed.