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  1. never mind cost and price, you are going about it in he wrong way if you want good food and good wine in a good atmosphere call it whatever you like, its still a canteen in a shopping centre, although a pricey centre, still a shopping centre
  2. melvinmelvin

    Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains

    Thank you. Agree, turning the blind eye to SD will not really solve anything, and in all likelihood, it will just strengthen SDs voter base. If this had been the situation where I come from, Norway, my honest guess is that the government issue would have been sorted long time ago. Why? Experience. Our politicians have years of experience in building governments across blue/red blocks/borders they can quickly get down to the essence and start talk practical politics and what goes / does not go. This situation is kinda new in Sweden, hence, meagre results so far. We also have a much less stringent and easier process for picking a PM if the GE does not give a clear answer. Anyway, I am somewhat surprised that the Speaker does not take a more active role in this. It is clear that these politicians need quality guidance and need to be told where the cupboard should be placed and where Adam bought his beer. The new Speaker is a very experienced politician and well respected and should be able to offer guidance. However, I am not familiar with Swedish parliamentarian practice, for all I know an active Speaker is not proper, perhaps. But it is rather obvious that these politicians are in need of guidance and assistance. The way I see it, the Speaker, number 2 man in the country, should be able to offer that.
  3. I guess it's not about to what extent N enjoys wine but more about your big mouth and how you choose to go about enjoying wine in LoS no reason to intimidate restaurant staff because they know zilch about wine there is plenty of very good wine for sale in LoS you choose to go to a canteen eatery in a shopping centre, what the f do you expect? if your preference is not to choose proper restaurants that is fine, since you and your friends seemingly are what you call quality tourists, you probably have ample amounts of satang just buy 10-15-20 bottles of very good wine in a shop bring some bottles with you to the shopping centre eatery of your choice - pay the cork fee - enjoy
  4. melvinmelvin

    Britain can end Brexit unilaterally, EU court advisor says

    you may be right on this it is becoming clearer and clearer that UK politicians are not up to it, they do not take responsibility and guide the country through the turmoil more comfortable hiding behind refs and washing their hands of any consequences
  5. melvinmelvin

    Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains

    It is reported in the Swedish MSM dn.se that the reason why Ms Loof, C, called off the negotiations with Mr Lofven, S, was disagreement re workers rights. In the situation when a company / enterprise has to take steps to lay off people, who should go first/last, they could not agree upon. Important issue for employees of course, but crucial for building a government? Not uncommon in large scale negotiations, they fail on relatively minor issues.
  6. melvinmelvin

    Sweden faces political deadlock after far-right gains

    As expected, this morning Swedish time, the national assembly voted down Mr Lofven, S, as PM candidate, (with a solid margin). The Speaker has had meetings with those responsible for elections in order to be briefed on how an extraordinary GE should be prepared. The Speaker has still got 2 tries left re putting forward a PM/government proposal that can be tolerated by the Swedish national assembly.
  7. show me a bunch of scholars in mathematics that will claim that the referendum was not decisive not silly camerons or blairs or hazeltines or whatever but somebody who knows the substance of referendums no, you don't need a qualified majority - that is facts - and it was not called for hence, you have this 48-52 and you act upon that -this 48-52 is all you have got
  8. I find it very hard to believe that there is not a bunch of remain fans within the UK defence forces, very hard. If there are no remainers in the defence forces it is high time the UK government starts thinking about what kind of sods they recruit to the armed forces. this Pilotman is just rambling drunkardly about protecting/taking care of UK -ie no EU abuse would be welcome pretty close to chan-o-cha in Thailand - strong views on what views ordinary people should/should not have re EU and the future of OK
  9. yes, you are probably one of the few amused however, you can bend this any way you like, the 48-52 conclusion is there, that is a decisive decision show me a bunch of mathematics scholars that will claim this aint decisive at all, might as well mean majority for remain
  10. will UK parliament follow upon this or sit quietly for 5 weeks playing thumbs and drink in Westminster pubs until mama comes back on 21 January to chat about the deal? impressive indeed the UK political leadership
  11. however wrong they may be? so you sit on all the right answers and opinions you are gun swinging human waste
  12. however wrong they may be? so you sit on all the right answers and opinions you are gun swinging human waste
  13. these RTP guys addressing some sort of audience with a view to dupt them do they speak Thai and use an interpreter or do they speak English or in this case French?
  14. there are many insurance companies that would disagree with you why? look at the death rate
  15. ok. but showing off my lack of command of the English language, I need to ask; where does that leave NI and the border between Ireland and NI?