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  1. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    We thank the distinguished delegate Grouse for clarifiying this salient point.
  2. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Time UKers got off this big words big numbers path
  3. I am not a fan of Thai bashing, but I think you will find that it is a very small challenge for any average Thai civil servant to come up with a whole range of alternatives rather than admitting a security glitch at the airport.
  4. Now and then i have seen lofty plans mentioned in the newspapers regarding this. Ideas of building a sea barrier similar to what they have done outside Venice, Italy. Stretching all the way from Sattahiip to Cha Am / Hua Hin. The arrangements in Italy were extremely expensive. What I have seen mentioned here is a sea barrier of huge dimensions compared to Italy. Would be extremely costly. Bangkok under water or moving the capital would also be extremely costly.
  5. Personally I don't think I would have gone back to Thailand without communicating with Thai Immigration about this. I once did something similar at the old airport in Hamburg, Germany. I managed to get out of the secured departure lounge without passing security and document control. (I had been to the toilet one or two floors down, took some wrong doors, couldn't get back in and ended up outside the secured area.) Passing security for the 2nd time without they having noticed me leaving met with some really severe problems. (I was easy to spot at that time, very tall, very long dark hair and lots of hair in my face.) I explained what happened. They would of course not believe me, said that it is impossible to do what I claim. I insisted. No way they would take that. All this taking place with two sub machine guns trained on me. (this was during the height of the Baader Meinhoff escapades) It ended with us going to the bogs together I managed to lead them to the wrong doors that should not open. This took long time and was very unpleasant. WIth that experience I would have tried to contact Immigration before travelling, but thats just me.
  6. Well, this particular passenger knew and still knows that he should have been stamped out and that the card should have been collected. That is why he is writing about the issue in this thread. Surely a good idea to contact the relevant airline, and asking for documentation that you left on that and that flight on that and that date. If you arrive at Swampy when coming back I would not be surprised if they would not let you in before this issue is properly sorted. That can take time, significant time and several brass bearers would be involved, I'd guess. Might be a long and boring wait. Maybe the handling of this could be initiated before you go back. The Embassy may be willing to assist. Alerting Immigration on your behalf, maybe. Or maybe you could alert Immigration yourself using post or e-mail. The advantage with the Embassy is that they would probably be considered as a thrusted 3rd party, and they can do it in Thai.
  7. thought I would add a comment to this did my renewal of extension of stay and bought a new multiple re-entry permit earlier this week. (Nonthaburi Immigration this is) has previously been quite swift doing this, of course depending on the number of people in front of you in the queue, but as soon as you are through the queue it goes rapidly they call it one stop service ie the same IO doing extension of stay and multiple re-enty and handling the satang quite rapid if you have your papers in order, they even do the copying for me of today's visa for the re-entry bit quite painless and rapid procedure now the whole thing has been redesigned, did my extension of stay, paid satang, chap didn't give change, said change later, but he did all the proper stamping in the passport while I was looking didn't do re-entry as before, he said now you go desk 2 right, back to the queue organisers, said I want a ticket for re-entry, they asked, where is your passport, over there over there I said, right wait until you have your passport, then back here for a queue ticket, that wait took an hour got my passport - then got re-entry queue ticket, didn't take long, chap did the stamping and did make a coy of today's visa for me also gave me change for the fee. didna give me the passport though new check and wait took another hour and I was photographed 3 times (I wonder, 300 years from now, what will archeologists think of all this photos copies signatures and shit will they make sense of it or think that we masturbated over passport copies?) so a straight forward one stop service 30 minutes session has now been increased to 2 hours + I do hope that the IOs see significant gain in this new crap, customers don't
  8. Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

    what you say about Turks in Germany and Erdogan support is quite right I would expect, and I think that you will find similarities in many countries, many countries. ) did brexit have a higher degree of support among UK expats in LoS than in UK? ) did Trump on average have a higher degree of support among US expats in LoS than in US? ) how popular were Obama and Obamacare among US expats in LoS? The most French/Swedish/Italian/Argentinian people you find are those living outside their home countries. expats are a very very conservative bunch
  9. Erdogan tells Turks in Germany to vote against Merkel

    he has all the rights there are to recommend how Turks ought to vote in order to serve Turks and Turkey's causes, it is still a free world,even baboons have rights. You might discuss howwise it is to do what he does, but surely nothing really wrong with it.
  10. Toyota V8 Exhaust Pipes Length/Size

    I do understand some of the difficulties that I am meeting. In many countries you have a distinction between pleasure crafts and commercial vessels, both when it comes to registration and licenses for handling the stuff. It seems to me that you don't have that in Thailand. They don't have pleasure crafts - only commercial crafts. They have some differences in licenses though. Licenses for domestic trade and licenses for international trade. The latter being the same as what you need for taking a ship from say Canada to Greece. This is also reflected in the actual registration process for boats. A shipowner registering a 300 000 ton super tanker (in any country) would recognize most aspects of my registration of my boat.
  11. Toyota V8 Exhaust Pipes Length/Size

    I wouldn't dare to suggest satang, have never done it before and don't even know how to approach that kind of issue Actually, that reovable issue I don't think would bother them, but that is what I think, surely could be wrong But sure, it could be GRPed in, no problem for me doing that. Yes, what I have in mind and have made some drawings of is in the direction of the box you mention with cleat on top. I have two catalogues from chandlers that sell all sorts of gear for pleasure crafts (sail and motor), among the stuff one would find various kinds of bow sprit like things and your box like thing. The catalogues have lots of photos and I'll bring 'em with me. These are made of a combination of teak and stainless.
  12. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Yes, for the UK it is. The influx of all sorts of people from around the world controlled by Brussels is not to UKs fancy and is one of the reasons that people in the foggy islands opted to Brexit. Fair enough. But this is now done. As of Brexit the foggy islands can control and master the influx herself. No point in <deleted> up the temperature in the negos with issues that ain't no issue after Brexit. The talks don't need added complexity.
  13. Toyota V8 Exhaust Pipes Length/Size

    yes, I can, acceptable or not, not sure that is one of my ideas, to make a bow sprit kind of thing, not grp though but stainless steel, that would need some flexibility from the brush, 'cause there ain't gonna be no volume enclosed with that spoke to my builder yesterday, he said, sure do the stainless thing, looks good, easy to do or just offer the chap 3-4000 for closing his eyes for a wee second Doing it properly with enclosed volume under the "sprit" is YAK! difficult of course, could cut the boat in two just aft of the fore deck and splice in a foot of body, but that is quite a major operation, MAJOR, if the boat had been steel or aluminium it would have been easy, but the boat beeing would its a major operation
  14. Toyota V8 Exhaust Pipes Length/Size

    one reason thught I mentioned that above for keeping the pics and the comments together
  15. Toyota V8 Exhaust Pipes Length/Size

    Sometimes life in LoS is somewhat trying and testing ones jai yen capabilities. Spareparts arrived Swampy on 28th of July. FedEx is still busy messing around with the parcel. It cleared Customs, finally, some days ago. Hopefully it will be delivered before Xmas. Now. The new boat has to be registered. Must have a Blue Book (tabien ruua), similar to the book for car I'd guess. The Marine Department surveys the boat, takes measures look at the engine and its installation. Does some calculations. These data are the main content of the registration book. The number of the tabien ruua must be painted on the hullof the boat, both sides. They also take photos of the boat and check that name is unique. My license for driving the boat needs renewal (every 5 years). My engineer's license needs to be upgraded from 2nd class to 1st class, due to the # horsepower. Now they are making difficulties re renewal of the license and re the upgrade of the engineer license. Will meet 'em again on Monday. Will see. There is a special regulation for my type of boat, that is boat with longtail designed for use on inland waterways. An engineers license is required for driving the boat, as well as the skipper ticket. The regulation also stipulates that if more than 4 cylinders and/or more than 170 horsepowers the length of the boat must be at least 10 meters.' (I have an 8 cylinder engine with about 250 horsepowers) Had great problems with this when registering my first boat. Took me more than 6 months to get the tabien ruua. (covered higher up in this thread) So, when I went to the boat builder in my klong and discussed the new boat I stressed the importance of the length beeing at least 10 meters and 5 centimeters. He made the boat 10 meters and 10.5 centimeters. Now, early this week I had the surveyor at home doing the measurements. His conclusion was that the boat is not long enough, its missing 28 centimeters. They guy who measured last time has quit and there are new brushes in the office. New brushes also means new / different ideas and new rules. At least this new brush speaks very good English. Turns out that the previous brush measured LOA in normal manners. The measurement of LOA is not well defined anywhere, its done differently for different purposes. The old guy measured the longest horisontal distance in/on the boat, this is what most people consider as LOA. Now, new brush says that LOA is not really interesting. I don't put that in the registration document. I measure from the tip of the nose to where the longtail leaves the transom.and your boat is 28 cm short. We discussed this a bit and he said he would check with the boss in Bangkok. Early next morning I did some control measures. Turns out that the new brush didn't measure correctly. He found LOA to be 10 meters and 1 cm, it is 10 meters and 10,5 cm The other measure he wants to be 10 meters he measured to 9.72 m, it is 9.79 cm. So 21 and not 28 cm is missing. Will also discuss this on Monday. If he completely refuses to accept my LOA as basis for the tabien ruua I have some ideas up my sleeve on how to remedy the length, or his length. Well, we will see. (maybe I should have opted for going to the Sukhumvit bars everyday rather than messing around with boats and engines, barladies are easier to talk to than Marine Department)