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  1. No, I don't. My only point is that many many countries have some oddities in their regulations/stipulations which is far from what you might call common sense. Authorities normally publish such regulations, and leave it at that. Normally you can not claim ingnorance of the rules as an excuse to break 'em. Legal authorities, tourist authorities, transport authorities are normally not helpfull re informing visitors of oddities and potential pitfalls. This is not specific to Thailand, Thailand is in good company with a host of countries.
  2. Well, I quite simply disagree with your linguistical interpretation of the use of the term Europe. In my view the semantical implications are way wider than just meaning mainland. So far UK hasn't even offcially announced that it will leave EU. Speculating in negos outcome is rather odd I think. As to what can/might be accepted or not, May experiencing suicide or not, is hard to say. Two main ways of doing such negos; a) treat each topic/issue on its own merit develop package deals (the time is short for negos, packages might be tempting for some) each topic/issue on its own merit; freedom of movement will likely end up the same for both parties package deals; anything can happen/result; even the weirdest having said that, in international negos UK is normally not a big fan of package deals so, we will have to see Step one would have to be that UK announces her intention to leave the EU. Then the ball will start to roll.
  3. 10-15 % incredibly rich, not bad with a population of about 65-70 millipn people that should add up to about 8-9 million incredibly rich people pretty good I would say
  4. From outside of Europe then? Going to Austria from Senegal, Bangkok or somewhere around there`? There is quite a lot of telling power in the use of language. Many, MANY, UKers travel to Europe when they go on holiday in Spain. When I last went to school Motherwell, Reading and Wallish Walls was in Europe, may of course have changed since I quit school. Don't think so though. This way of using the term Europe by Brits is not good, it reminds me qute a lot of a superiority complex "If the UK wants it's nationals to continue to enjoy that freedom post Brexit, then it will have to grant the same freedom to EEA nationals in the UK; which would, I believe, be political suicide for May and her government were they to do so." Was stated above. What UK would have to grant or would not have to grant for her nationals to enjoy the above mentioned freedom is one of the many issues that should be sorted out during the Brexit negotiations. There are no crystal clear given answeres before the negos have even started. Maybe even the UK Brexit negotiators would not wish for their nationals to enjoy the above mentioned freedom, remains to be seen. Its a bit early to stipulate conclusions.
  5. Seems the thread has drifted a wee bit, so I take my chances on further drifting: Yesterday I ended up just behind a Lexus 570 on Rattanathibet. That Lexus 570 has got an engine I am very keen to get my hands on, (Toyota 1VD, engine). That car and that engine has not been sold in Thailand up to now. The engine is about 10 years old. (a bit strange that, the engine may be found almost all over the world except Thailand) Of course the car I saw could have been specially imported. Or are Lexus 570s with 1VD on sale i LoS now? Also the big Toyota Landcruisers have the same engine. And also some Pickup models. Have been looking for that engine for 4-5 years. It is very rare to meet people who even now that it exists. Think I've been to all major and many minor chiang gong in Pathum, Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Samut Prakan, ChonBuri and Rayong. Very very few shops have heard of it.
  6. a series of "western" thingies Thais are interested in; Iphones Mercedes Benz Hot Dogs Pizza KFC J Walker Black Label Michael Jackson Madonna Pool/Snooker Pepsi Starbucks Coke to name a few widespread interest in shallow things
  7. I would also suggest that various oil products would fare better than paint. Once painted its a major task to convert to oiling. Washing with hot water/soap and brushes sounds good to me. Dunno what its called in English but where I originate from we have some oil baed stuff which is not paint, it has colours, but it penetrates the wood deeply. Good for the wood. I also live in an 80 years old wooden house, two of the sides are getting too much sunshine. Maintaining those two sides is a challenge.
  8. I think it is quite universal that authorities publish laws, regulations and rules, in one way or the other. It is up to the public to take it to heart or not. If getting in trouble with the law you can't claim not-my-fault because you didn't know about the rules, that is also quite universal. laws/regulations/rules about some veryday simple things varies throughout the world. Which countries in the world make an effort to alert tourists of legal "oddities"? Through all my years of travelling all over the planet I can recall two encounters where I was made aware of some rules; 1) Germany, arriving by ferry with a non German registered car, was made aware by customs that in order to drive legally in Germany I would need a sticker on the car showing the car's nationality code 2) Switzerland, being made aware by immigration that if I wanted to use highways in Switzerland (legally) I would need a sticker on the window showing that I had paid the Swiss highway fee. Thats it after 30 years of extensive travelling, been to almost ALL UN member nations at least 3 times never been informed about not feeding fishes or not screwing without condoms or not smokeing dope or not performing cunnilingus in some US states or not using non-registered FOREX booths
  9. far from common sense maybe, far from reality - NO! It is pretty universal that that the onus of knowing the law is with the ordinary citizen. That goes for Banana republics as well as republics and monarchies without bananas
  10. The US Embassy to Thailand in BKK is not Thailand, its a piece of US. The US Embassy to Thailand employees are not locals, they represent the POTUS.
  11. laws are publicised to the public, Royal Gazette, available on internet, available in well equipped bookshops its the piblic's duty to know the laws
  12. that may well be btw Webster's and Ecycolopedia Brittanica and a range of other well reserched resources are crystal clear that the term billiards covers pool, snooker and a range of other cue/ball games but surely, you know better than those enjoy your cue/ball game knowledge and enjoy your week end with your superiority knowledge of cue/ball games
  13. The way you phrase yourself it seems to me that the rules re this are unclear, (as most things in LoS). I have a fixed bank acc with 800+ k in it, have had it for years. Has Immigration recently changed their view on this? May I risk being refused renewal of extension of stay? 'Cause the money is stable in the account? (can't show any other passbook with money streaming in/out, don't use 'em. mostly I use credit cards for cash withdrawal/advances. of course I have records, but they will not be in Thai and they will not be in English.)
  14. Maybe you mix Breakers and Striker? Striker Bar has pool tables and is now located in its 3rd location in Soi 4. It is now just underneath the swimming pool in Nana Hotel.
  15. I haven't recommended anything. I just offered an observation. (thought snooker was covered by the term billiards, but maybe I'm wrong) Anyway, there is a pool hall just off Sukhumvit on the side with even numbered sois, between soi 10 and Asoke. It has quite a few tables. It is not easily spotted from Sukhumvit although its only 50-60 meters from Sukhumvit. Its not in a soi, so you have to stick your head into some backyards to find it. I have only been there afternoon/late afternoon, then it has been pretty quiet.