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  1. Noise Levels

    I have a young Thai man who lives next door to me in a close housing community where the walls are connected to each other. He is a party boy, drinks, smokes pot and takes Jabba, plays his music too loud, has many parties that last over 12 hours. They think they are Karaoke kings, hooking up a microphone to ill equipped electronics, makes for loud feedback at the early morning hours. I have two small children and it is hard to get them to sleep much less when they wake up to loud shrills and screaming like they think they are master DJ's. I have talked to him before and asked him to lower the volume and I get the door slammed in my face. This is the true Thai man that exists today. He has lost many jobs because he only wants to party. He only lives in this house because his Thai mom/married to farang owns the house. He exists just to party. I have called the the Pattaya police several times but they either hang up (many times) say they do not speak English, or say they sent police but they see fights and had to stop to break it up. On the aforementioned occasion, we called after a 15 hour party and police say the had to break up a Tom Boy/Tom Boy fight, we called back 30 minutes later (Thai wife made the first two calls) after 1 1/2 hours no response I called and when I talked to man and started to give the address he hung up on me. Another time time I called and Policeman said he did not speak English and hung up on me. What kind of Police is that that hangs up on an emergency line????? Pattaya Police are the worst. There needs to be some serious overhaul with them. I there two times before about another place we lived where a Chinese man assaulted us two times. we made a report and then asked the police what they were going to do about it? Are you going out to the man's house and talk to him? The policeman taking the report told us so you want to spend more money for us to go talk to him? I said no I want you to do your job. He refused to send out police to talk to the man......You are never protected by the Pattaya police. The only time they respond to anything is if it is an accident or death. They like deaths, where they can go in and steal dead man things
  2. Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety

    One thing they need to do in Pattaya is start enforcing the no parking zones around intersections. I live at the Village on 3rd Road Pattaya across from the Pattaya City Hospital, and everyday/all day cars are parked in no parking zones on both sides of 3rd Road. You can not see traffic because of the illegally parked vehicles. You have to pull out into traffic taking up one of the two lanes of traffic just to see the cross traffic. There have been several bad accidents in this area due to illegally parked cars. Pattaya police just drive by and never enforce the no parking zones that are clearly marked in red and white. Pattaya has a big problem with this and double parking, police just drive by. I have never seen a car towed for parking illegally. The Police would make so much revenue if they enforced this law
  3. Where can I find a Cheeseburger like this here?

    Just Bergers, near the south end of Jomtien Beach Road. Great burgers and fries
  4. I totally agree. I live in Thailand but my boys are coming of age of attending school . I am going to take family to USA to the better schools. I can have peace of mind that my boys will not be beaten, harassed, chastised by the teachers/students. If you want any kind of education in Thailand you pay big money for the private schools. Way too much. I will take my boys to the best education they can get, with the best chance to further their education/careers. We will come back to Thailand during breaks in school, but the most important thing you have to think of is what is the best for your children
  5. Thais will never give back money you paid for rent/deposit. In my experience I have been burned before. When I leave my rental, I will not pay the last month-as by contract you pay first and last. That is the only way you will get any money back. They will keep the deposit. The place I lived before, I upgraded it, took care of the lawn, bought a weed wacker and they kept all the money. Best you can do is not pay the last month, if you have a contract you are legit in doing this to same some loss
  6. Yes I totally agree, where are the police patrols to look for violators? Why do the police not enforce illegal parking that causes many accidents due to blind spots and having to pull out in a lane of traffic just to see around the illegal cars, buses and other vehicles. All the police do is maintain traffic lights and do motorbike shake downs. It is pathetic. It is a joy when I go back to USA and people obey the traffic laws. When I am driving in Thailand I am always on the alert/worried what is the next danger is going to come from crazy Thai drivers. They get angry at you if you are in a turn lane and they want to turn from 3 lanes out and you do not let them in. A two lane road is a 4 lane road to them. They drive too fast, too erratic, too uneducated in road rules. Their mentality is to win-beat the other driver. How many times have you passed a Thai driver who now takes it his responsibility to overtake you or he is loosing face? Come on lives are at stake but they do not care. Their mentality is shit happens and if I did wrong I will run away and try and catch me
  7. These buses clog the roads, slows down the traffic to a crawl, make U-turns they can not do in more that 4 moves, blocking traffic as they do this hundreds of meters both directions, park illegally making two lane roads one lane. The police do nothing about it, they can not miss it they drive by this every day/night with their heads in the air
  8. Motorcycle accident recovery charge?

    Understand, but we are talking about Thailand. The stations do not have ample parking to store all the bikes and cars they take away. Go look at the station yourself, or ask about where the bike is. They will tell you it is at another location and you have to pay the police and the storage (daily storage fee). Does not matter where in Thailand this happened
  9. every time I have made a police report about something where they need to go talk to some one who has done wrong they write the report, ask for 20 and give you a copy. I say so now what happens? Police say it will cost me more money for them to do something about it, "So you want to pay/loose baht for us to do something?" You have to pay them to do their job. It will cost you more money for them to go talk to the man and sort it out. Up to you what you want to do. I find it deplorable that the police want money to do their job
  10. Motorcycle accident recovery charge?

    No they do not. You can't even park in the police station to park to make a complaint, report or pay a fine in Pattaya. You have to park on the street if you can find one. So with all the traffic accidents daily in Pattaya, you think the will take your bike to the police station and store it for you for free? Get real nothing in Thailand is free. Everyone has to get money off you. If they took it to the police station the police could not park their vehicles, which is more important to have than a falong vehicle or bike. They take your bike to a storage lot, then you pay the police to get your vehicle out, pay the storage lot more money to get it out. Good luck trying to find the correct storage lot as there are so many. Nothing about the police is free. You want them to do their job after making a report they want money to do th job they are paid to do. I miss civilization
  11. Yes it has always been stop after sunset, but it never stopped them and it did not stop them again this year. Why does this continue to go on and the BIB is not out on the road to stop it? Stop illegal parking of buses and cars that cause so much traffic problems?
  12. Where To Buy Fresh Seafood in Pattaya

    That is an option I did not think about, but looking for something closer in Pattaya hopefully thanks Forkinhades
  13. This is what they want you to believe
  14. I used to go to Bali Hai Pier and buy fresh seafood. It was fresh and alive at a decent price. Now with all the new construction the few times I have gone there the venders are no longer there and their stalls have been torn down. Does anyone know where to buy daily fresh seafood, crabs, shrimp, clams and the likes? You go to the markets and the seafood is old and dead, who knows how long they have had them. Any informative info would be appreciated-thanks
  15. HAHA-never be done-propaganda-usaula liip service-nothing will be resolved over what is a growing problem on Walking Street. Locals who live here go nowhere near there. We know if is nothing but trouble