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  1. 5,000 dates.....that's one a day for over 13yrs!.....to be sure, she could offer advice for the up and coming hoes on how to be "more confident in bed".
  2. After 20+ yrs of living here I'd have to say it CAN be dangerous....if you pay attention,stay calm and keep your head on straight it's no more dangerous than any developed country in the world. So many people come to Thailand to cut loose and go wild...s*&t happens.
  3. ...here's an update for ya... * Harley-Davidson Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 57,000 of its iconic motorcycles because of an oil line that can come loose and spray oil onto the path of the rear tire. Causing two crashes and one injury. * Harley-Davidson reported a 14% decline in revenue in the first quarter, as retail sales fell in the U.S. and overseas. The company said pricing of used motorcycles was under pressure amid high inventory levels. * Sales in the Asia Pacific region fell 9.3%, hurt by weak demand in India and China. That was partially offset by a 24% jump in sales in Latin America. Sales have missed estimates for the last two quarters. Keep on Barking boys.....
  4. Of course,nobody in their families were willing ti cough-up the money needed to keep them from the gallows. Justice?......get real.
  5. perhaps so...but no hookers and whiskey. It's true, even the Elephant Man could get laid in Thailand.
  6. They're from Iraqi...that's gotta be just a minor hic-up compared to the daily events back home.
  7. It's 'Thai-Buddhism'....same,same but.....
  8. You are right,homy...they are rubbish bikes.
  9. Ducati has a factory here also,but the bottom lines remain significantly higher than in Europe and N.A. I suspect the price range for Harley's won't be set for the wanna-bees. In Thailand all big bikes are considered "luxuary" items and so if you want the face, then you should put the money where yo mouth is. By the way,it's advisable to own a pick-up too....Harley's do like to come home in the back of a truck. Saw a Classic Chrome 500cc Royal Enfield yesterday parked at a Mall in ChiangMai - beauty! I heard a Suzuki dealership is flogging'em now....any idea of price?
  10. Here it is more about relationship than law,and of course money trumps all.
  11. No....break law - pay Big Man - OR - go to jail.
  12. They are the "police"!....
  13. The tiny sugar ants are a bit of a wonder ....they suddenly appear,do their thing and vanish into thin air. Where they come from and where they go is still a mystery to me. Yup, but all other ants......Kill,Kill,Kill.......!!!!!!
  14. There is Buddhism and then there is something called "Thai-Buddhism". It is so easy now a days for anyone who has a passport and few bucks to travel to faraway places. The trouble begins when the option to travel is taken as the means to 'get-away' from the ghosts of ones past. No shortage of 'lost souls' out on the dusty trail. Glad I did my travels in the 80's and 90's when the road was so less traveled.