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  1. It's important to distinguish between Theravada Buddhism and "Thai Buddhism". Its a fascinating subject and history walk that will lead right up and into the modern day eccentricities present in externalized/ socialized and Nationalized forms of contemporary Thai-Buddhism. Reflections of true Buddhist practice (Dharma) may still be found in the 'Forest Monk' traditions. * A must read for all of you who feel befuddled,bemused or be-otherwise by the enigmatic concept of 'Thainess' http://studyinthailand.org/study_abroad_thailand_university/Thai_society_values.html
  2. Was the older guy a retired professional soccer player?
  3. What about the tree? Perhaps the Abbot of the Wat will take the opportunity to deliver to his sheep, flock...congregation... members of the Sangha a discourse on temporal 'Karma'.
  4. Clearly the owner was no longer in need of it....Thai-logic.
  5. Those are all good points,Rumak. The heat source is obviously from above but the source of radiate heat is often in 3D. When the temps hit 38c + in CM there is very little natural cool air to circulate around a structure. Even the correct positioning of windows can have a dramatic effect towards the effort of ventilating a space. Sash windows are well known to have positive effects. In my next build I'm going to employ Q-Con blocks and a metal roof with attached foil insulation.
  6. The photo is from a build in Udon: http://meekings.selfip.biz/nui/Groups-of-photos/New_house/New_house.html .....I don't know what that particular spray material is either. I've been researching 'roof insulation' options for a near- future build in ChiangMai.
  7. Is this the type of foam spray you are referring to?
  8. A few years back I was driving into town with my wife on the back of my bike,it was just prior to Songkran (so I thought). driving down a side road in the old town and a guy comes out of nowhere and throws a bucket of water right into my upper body, I almost lose control of the bike. I stopped, turned around drove back,calmly got off my bike walked up to the young smiling Farang, grabbed his bucket from his hand and whacked him right upside his head , as his Thai-tart girlfriend was standing next to him in shock I gave him a foul mouth full of why you DO NOT throw water that way. He was shamed and apologetic...hopefully he learned to use some basic common sense while staying in Thailand. Six-of-one & half-dozen of another.
  9. oh right, good explanation. Duh.
  10. The rules of the road,in a developing country, are simple - they correlate to the laws of the Jungle. 1.) Me First (survival/self-preservation) 2.) Might is Right (Lorry trumps scooter, Merc. trumps Toyota, pedestrian trumps dog et...) Wanting thing to be different than the way they are leads only to a deep sense of hostility and grievance. Finding some kind of internal 'balance' is essential to living here peacefully. It can be simple but not easy.
  11. Huge rain last night 100km south (Hod area) and certainly a lovely drizzle in town. Seems this drought issue is really in its 2nd year. We live in an area where the local moo-baan water supply is from a watershed 1km up Doi Suthep.Last year the pipes ran dry at the end of Dec.,this year it was mid-Feb. Past years it may run dry for 1month at most while reaching the peak of the heat, then quickly replenished from the forth coming rains. Last Feb.(2016) had some record breaking lows ,pleasant Mar. then a scorching 7wk heat-wave. Global weather patterns are indeed playing out in the extremes. I'm from Vancouver Island where snow comes and goes in a day,not this year....came along with the worst winter conditions in 25yrs for the Mainland. This summer is still more temperate to date than last,even the air quality is reasonable. Hoping it continues till the end of May then we're off to the Island where there is nothing but fresh air and clean water.
  12. You must have one happy wify....remember,in Thailand winner takes ALL...haha