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  1. We buy some of our veg/fruit from a 'farmers market' that is part of the CMU Agri-zone. The organizers of the market actually have a random onsite testing process to determine if any of the vendors are 'cheating' by sneaking in non-organic product. I have personally seen vendors kicked out of this market for some kind of violation,never to return. I still prefer to grow my own food..... every time I go for a bike ride up in the mountains and drive through hill tribe growing areas all I can smell is chemicals. This helps with motivation to put the work needed in maintaining a modest garden.
  2. "Chiang Mai - DRINK Don't Drive, Get Home Safely" ....Love the positive affirmation within their slogan.
  3. I'm baffled with how the insurance industry calculates premiums....? considering the overall risk of the driving environment here one would think the cost of insurance would be astronomical.
  4. Too late .... raising a child without limits during the early years will tend to lead to a whole lot of trouble down the line. You don't have to look very far to see the effects of general Thai parenting patterns,which knows no limits in their nonsensical "kindness" to their off-spring....."if it feels good do it,if it doesn't feel good,do it anyway"! ....about sums it up. It would be interesting if this adult-child were to be sent to a "boot-camp" for discipline then out to a farm for a year to get his feet on the earth and hands dirty sweating it out in the fields planting rice et...I wonder what the outcome would be?
  5. "jungle-rules"....ya,right....a smile , a sucker punch then 5 buddies come out of nowhere to kick your head into oblivion...what do ya call that?....'Team Work'!
  6. BirdBrain - He should perhaps get some credit for at least behaving LIKE a Thai in this situation....?
  7. Got my non-'O' (marriage) renewed in Penang last March, no hassles no problems.
  8. Momma-boys....that is what nearly all Thai-"men" are these days....as well a danger to themselves and others.
  9. 5,000 dates.....that's one a day for over 13yrs!.....to be sure, she could offer advice for the up and coming hoes on how to be "more confident in bed".
  10. After 20+ yrs of living here I'd have to say it CAN be dangerous....if you pay attention,stay calm and keep your head on straight it's no more dangerous than any developed country in the world. So many people come to Thailand to cut loose and go wild...s*&t happens.
  11. ...here's an update for ya... * Harley-Davidson Inc. is voluntarily recalling about 57,000 of its iconic motorcycles because of an oil line that can come loose and spray oil onto the path of the rear tire. Causing two crashes and one injury. * Harley-Davidson reported a 14% decline in revenue in the first quarter, as retail sales fell in the U.S. and overseas. The company said pricing of used motorcycles was under pressure amid high inventory levels. * Sales in the Asia Pacific region fell 9.3%, hurt by weak demand in India and China. That was partially offset by a 24% jump in sales in Latin America. Sales have missed estimates for the last two quarters. Keep on Barking boys.....