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  1. This place in Chiang Mai has the best laundry service and best prices ever!!
  2. Channel 5 TV in the UK had a very interesting documentary on this very topic last night which focused on the powerful Kazak gangs that control vast networks of girls tricked into coming to Thailand and then being forced at work as prostitutes in Bangkok and Pattaya. The documentary followed the undercover work of the DSI and others trying to arrest those responsible and rescue the girls. http://www.channel5.com/show/21st-century-sex-slaves/
  3. Losing a leg in very unfortunate and might appear devastating to anyone but it need not be a limiting factor to leading a full life the same as anyone else. A few years ago in London two late teenage girls came to stay with me, one of them was originally from Afghanistan though both were German citizens from Frankfurt. Whilst in London they had a great time together and with friends going out and about and going clubbing etc at weekends. I never realised, until some weeks after she came to stay, that the Afghan girl had a false leg. She walked, ran, moved around and did everything that anyone else can do with ease. She and her parents were the lucky survivors of a bombing in Kabul and had managed to emigrate to Germany to escape the horrors back home. I hope the Kalasin girl in the report manages to leave a similar full, fruitful and enjoyable life.