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  1. Nothing will change ..we all know that...this shit pops up every year with the same results...all this is, is a façade which masks the "REAL" negotiating going on behind closed doors...and once those involved settle on their shares...everything will be status quo...Who are they kidding?
  2. whats even more sickening is that the Thai gov't continues to allow this type of action to continue...Its not old school at all it proves over and over again that it is up to date school... If my kid came home from school like this girl, this teacher would be answering to me directly and believe me he would be wishing with suffering words that he could take back what he had done
  3. well so much for calling them iconic anymore
  4. Assures foreigners of what????...that anything can happen at anytime in any place?...Please!..stop printing promises you can't possibly keep.
  5. all these new military toys the military is buying from China can be put to use in the south since there is nowhere else to use them and go down there and either clean house or hand over the land to them ...enough already of innocent people getting killed
  6. Does anyone really think this kind of business trade will this case it appears certain people weren't getting their cuts, hence the sting operation and arrests...this will continue as TIT..and the bottom line is, nobody really cares to stop it
  7. Interesting to see how it holds up during the monsoons!!!
  8. well stop borrowing money from these idiots
  9. and yet the Thai govt continues to do nothing about this...instead they buy submarines.....either go down there and clean this sh*t up or give them their land back and segregate yourselves from them
  10. Another manly man who can't take a woman rejecting his undersized parts
  11. Immigration Bureau chief Pol Lt Gen Natthorn Phrosunthorn said his office could check people travelling in and out of the country and if Vorayuth re-entered Thailand the system would alert them. So what does this say about the Thai immigration bureau???
  12. No I don't but we're talking Thailand here...and if they can get away with spending less usually ends up lower quality..."You get what you pay for" applies very strongly here