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  1. another gutless spinelss <deleted> of an idiot
  2. How about..Motorcycle taxi driver steals gold from woman Geez!
  3. and hopefully they won't be allowed to buy themselves out
  4. what a bunch of dumb twits
  5. Lingba

    VIDEO: Foreigners attacked by ladyboys in Phuket

    Ladyboys..nothin but a bunch of lowlife drug ridden garbage
  6. another dimwit high on drugs...why else would he flee
  7. Pathetic...and nothing will come of this
  8. Lingba

    Vaping could get you ten years in a Thai prison

    in other words..if you don't smoke what the gov't wants you to smoke..its 10 yrs..you must support the tobacco industry or else
  9. good for her..hope she doesn't get arrested
  10. good for her..hope she doesn't get arrested
  11. Bunch of uneducated jealous low lifes...wake up!...if you have confidence in what you do and do it right..people will come regardless of who else is doing the same thing
  12. and if he had done this in Saudi Arabia he would have been subject to a public lashing...that's why they do it here
  13. well..sooner or later he will wake up from his dream
  14. give him credit ..at least he went somewhere..i.e. the police to vent his frustrations instead of doing something radically stuoid like going on a shooting spree or harming innocent people