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  1. another circus of a <deleted> waiting to happen
  2. Neither is marrying a poor sexy girl from Thailand
  3. They purposely do this to give people false hope...everyone in their right mind knows it will never happen..its the poor ignorant ones that are being led to nowhere
  4. Unfortunately, no formidable punishment will be handed out...they will wai and apologize and ask for forgiveness and pay the GRANDMOTHER a small fine..and they will walk free...and rest assured this will happen again and again and again...in the meantime, this young girl's life has been permantly destroyed...This country will never never never get this sh*t right because their focus on these matters is out of focus
  5. Another "HUB" to brag about
  6. why a tunnel in Phuket?......if it must be done than why not just carve (U shape) a road through the mountain..open ceiling...that's it
  7. which is why they fight in packs like dogs
  8. Unknown???...Please!...Give me a break!
  9. never happen..he will be fined 500 baht...then will wai a few times and apologize ...and that will be that
  10. and pathetic existing laws regarding this type of action...pathetic country
  11. Thailand has contributed more to polluting the Ocean than cleaning it...Is this a joke?
  12. and did you see at the tail end of the video..more cars coming the wrong way??? <deleted> is it with these moron drivers?...and I'm sure the standard 500 baht fine and a wai from the driver will be the punishment.........GEEEESH!
  13. so basically its ok to threaten someone with a knife