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  1. medical hub my ass...they are lightyears behind in the medical business
  2. absolutely disgustingly could any human being do this to another..especially a young child...??
  3. and you're going to believe what the operator said?...He pulled on a strap...etc etc???
  4. Sure its ok...we certainly don't want to lose our status as number 2 in the world for the worst drivers....after all we are almost at number one which would put another hub notch in our belt
  5. so as usual and especially since it was consensual....all is forgiven and life goes on...I wonder if he even paid the dogs owner any compensation...can't wait to see what the pups look like...I'm sure once they arrive , people will be flocking to pick lottery numbers
  6. So Funny!..You gotta love this country
  7. Why?...Because people in Thailand..when it comes to driving are selfish and haven't any consideration for other people...they are clueless with road rules and think they own the road...They simply just don't care about life.
  8. Oh the jealousy against this girl making her fortune....all of a sudden the people of this country have morals?....bunch of snob nose hypocrites...half of whom wish they could trade places with her
  9. you are right because for an I am fully have to come up with some solid paper work..and photos supporting the marriage is still legit
  10. 5000?...that sounds like she's "stretching" it a bit
  11. Oh..The hypocrisy!..probably just another ploy to suck money out of her ...then the heads will turn
  12. Because it occurred on their property and they have a responsibility to the safety and well being of the people that come on to their property and trust that their lives and belongings will be safe..ESPECIALLY if they expect people to utilize their business and spend money there