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  1. I'm sorry but as a runner..I believe she is dreaming..or better yet, having a bad nightmare....I walk around Bangkok one day and by late afternoon I'm digging loads of hardened snot out of my nose....the air in Bangkok is atrocious ..as filthy as the sewage ridden sea in Pattaya...Anyone running the streets of Bangkok is taking their best interests in their health at a huge risk...
  2. another self righteous low self esteem worthless boyfriend who takes it upon himself to not only end someones life but cause a great amount of grief and heartache amongst her family...Good Job a**hole
  3. well done..get them the <deleted> outta here..in fact stop even letting them in
  4. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    It can be fixed very efficiently but they just won't spend the money...typical...Geez !!!
  5. How about starting with getting your flood issues taken care of
  6. you think a Thai national will be fined 100,000 for dropping his butt on the beach?
  7. Thank you very much ..you are absolutely right as I have had this debate many times and its funny how people ..especially "normal" women will deny it...Bottom line is the man pays...either you give her the money directly into her hands or you support her and buy her things...either way the man dishes it out..and in many cases after the coiple splits..he still has to pay....
  8. Oh Ok..well I guess that's a good reason to kill someone...lets all wai and apologize to the family and pay them 10000 baht and move on I guess..isn't this how its done?
  9. Ok OK..we all know the possible scenarios that may come of this based on all of our experiences..but you have to give them the benefit of the doubt for now...maybe he did find that diamond in the rough...who knows...lets wish him luck and if something should go sour with this, then lets wish him little pain and suffering.. would be nice to get a follow up story month to month since its now a public interest and has all of our attention now
  10. Elections most likely in 2019: PM Prayut

    me thinks this is a typo...should read 3019...I mean who do they think they are fooling???...Please!
  11. The fact that toxic anything is even allowed regardless of the level is ridiculous
  12. If Florida officials catch wind of that suggestive article..they could very well consider holding computer crimes act charges against the writers
  13. Yingluck sentenced to five years in jail

    I guess she is serving it overseas