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  1. Video: Machete road rage in Phuket

    It appears that part of the licensing process requires that all drivers carry weapons in their vehicles
  2. what a bunch of worthless scumbags...would like to know the outcome of their actions
  3. Boy the way these numbers are increasing ..Thailand will soon see a billion tourists over a 3 month period!...
  4. Eight injured as Phuket speedboats collide

    yes ..a day after a certain politician promised more boat safety
  5. my thoughts exactly...or how much did it cost Thailand in tea money to get labeled with a green light?
  6. and they will spend 20 billion baht???.,,,the Chinese spend???,,,,,yeah right!
  7. My thoughts too...but it seems they are just trying to flex their little dicks to try and look tough...what a waste of time...like nobody else in the higher political circles does anything shady?...better they go after Khun Red Bull but we all know that won't happen which just goes to show you the hypocrisy that exists here...the funny thing is they think they are fooling everyone
  8. This doctor needs to be banned as well
  9. What a circus is right and who the <deleted> cares
  10. the fact that there were 50% more drunks driving on the roads during the holidays is not a serious crime????
  11. yes..only farangs commit suicide..Thais are murdered or have accidents
  12. so the dude is basically dark skin...he takes off all his clothes and BINGO..everything is dark except his little willy which is white...whats the point of him wanting to do this is what I wanna know...I mean I think its comical...if he is so into whitening than just do the entire body...Geez the obsession with being white!