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  1. he must have come up with a big chunk of money
  2. 49 women complain over Maldives ‘scam’

    ...and still ..people endlessly and ignorantly fork over money to these shysters
  3. no way that was from rocks...They will never admit to sharks in the waters here..never,
  4. I'm not sure how accurate this story is since there was no finger pointing at the breasts in question
  5. that's right kick him in the head while down..classic Thai fighting
  6. well if this doesn't take the cake..in the meantime ..where is the Red Bull dimwit?
  7. Stop beating and molesting school children and provide them with a free thinking environment and opportunities to exercise their brains
  8. hopefully he'll enjoy his stay and all the benefits that come with being a guest at the Hilton
  9. and lets hope this is NO Joke...More power to him...
  10. The family of an Australian man who was severely injured after being involved in a hit and run accident on Koh Samui have been told he is unlikely to survive
  11. good ole hit and run on Thailand..by nice responsible morons..
  12. just when you thought you saw everything....Phuket attracts all kinds of screwed up people
  13. yeah like speed limits will matter...as ;ong as nobody enforces the limits this is a waste of time as usual