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  1. Good point but how is logical thinking reduced when it doesn't exist in the first place?
  2. Real men!...hitting on a woman who is out cold...!!
  3. Why all the cynicism??...It's a perfect match
  4. Actually I don't think there will be much to worry about either but I do believe that many people will re-think their plans to travel to this side of the planet
  5. The entire country is finished with water throwing except Pattaya?
  6. 20000 baht???...nice.....take responsibility and pay the family fairly
  7. They all deserve each other
  8. Songkran in Phuket wouldn't be complete without a bus crash on Patong Hill...! Congratulations on another successful year
  9. another NON thought out idea that will go nowhere
  10. Phuket only 2 days ...12 (today) and 13
  11. adjust the speed limit of the bike....???? about adjusting the knowledge of the driver instead.... Congratulations Thailand are the proud world HUB of something!
  12. I don't also looks like the biker had plenty of time to see the truck plodding wasn't like the truck was speeding either...and still would have been right to stop to check on the biker me, they are both idiots for ASSUMING the other was going to give way
  13. No excessive use of water????...explain please
  14. Hilarious!...Ground Hog Day...and the people just don't care