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  1. Renewal Of 5 Year Driver's License

    Then someone made a mistake. There's no such thing as an 11 year licence.
  2. International Drivers Permit

    Actually, I would say that's more important than anything else in your post. It may help others avoid the same problems when they apply. How would you be putting anyone on trial? There's no need to mention names or even locations. You are suggesting a way of avoiding getting a Thai licence without explaining why that should even be necessary.
  3. International Drivers Permit

    There's nothing to stop you going to another transport office if you feel you were given a rough deal. Don't know why you can't be more specific as to why you were refused.
  4. Cinema ticket price

    80 baht, that's cheap, how much cheaper could it be for a senior?
  5. Recommend a cheap Soundbar

    The pioneer is 5900 baht, the Samsung 1600 baht.
  6. Recommend a cheap Soundbar

    Already bought the one that has a woofer built in, not that effective but it suits my needs.
  7. International Drivers Permit

    Are you suggesting to keep renewing the IDP instead of obtaining a Thai licence? I don't know why you had a problem getting a Thai licence, or anyone would, it seems pretty straight forward to me, as long as you supply the necessary paperwork and pass the required tests.
  8. Never kept an account of expenditures since I retired. There's always more coming in than going out so why worry? My partner is frugal and I never have to worry about her overspending.She has her own bank account as well as having a joint account with me. More than 8 years together and 100% trustworthy.
  9. Problem setting up a Samsung Soundbar

    The cable I used has red, white and yellow connectors, I just used the red and white.
  10. Such a shame. I was there in the 60's when all Kuta had was a couple of carts selling soft drinks on the beach, it was truly a paradise then.
  11. Especially of endangered species.
  12. Since when people here follow road signs, and we are talking about signs made by the house owner, not police or local government. Moreover the road in front of her house belongs to public, not private area. Double parking is common here, as long as you leave gear in neutral or leave your no so people can notify if car needed to be moved immediately. It's common sense not to park in front of someone's driveway, you shouldn't need a sign to tell you not to.
  13. Why should she have to? Pure ignorance and selfishness by the car driver. It's the same mentality that causes motorbikes to block me in when I'm parked, inches from my bumper, front and rear. Ever had difficulty accessing the front door of a 7/11 because motorbikes have blocked access because they are too lazy to walk 2 metres?
  14. What about "Love Thy Neighbour" with all the nig-nogs? That would never see the light of day today.