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  1. I have no experience, but to me "flipping" suggests quick turnover, and if the local market (Pattaya) is anything to go by, that's far from the reality. There was a building boom of gated villages when I first bought here, that has all ground to a halt, and owners of existing properties are taking 12 months and longer to move houses, sometimes at a substantial loss.
  2. It seems to me that you have been given all the advice necessary to form an opinion, and if it was anything other than flipping houses in Thailand is not a viable proposition, I'd be surprised. All other comments/responses are bordering on being purely argumentative..
  3. I don't know where this thriving market of house buying is going on, certainly isn't in Pattaya. We have several new houses in our village that have been empty for over 5 years. A friend has been trying to sell his 2 year old house at well below what it cost him for over 12 months, with nary a nibble.
  4. Like anything in Thailand it probably depends on how well connected you are.
  5. I was being facetious with the 2 joints,but falangs seem to be dealt with far harsher than locals for being caught with a few eccies or a small quantity of ice. Have you seen the huge drug busts with pickups full of yaba and meth? Have yet to read what kind of sentences are handed down for those busts.
  6. Never hear what kind of sentences are handed down for these huge busts. Can't be that severe, most involved are repeat offenders. Catch a falang with a couple of joints and it's a different story.
  7. German Concentration Camps. Factual Survey. This is a chilling documentary, not for the faint-hearted. Filmed at the end of WW2 by the allied liberators. Hard to imagine that human beings could be responsible for these horrors.
  8. All episodes of Bosch Season 3 are available.
  9. Get Out, something refreshingly original in a movie for a change. Definitely worth seeing this one.
  10. He is renting a condo, which thousands of falangs do, so who is responsible for the reporting?
  11. I would have liked to hide the cable on mine, but I know I'll stuff up pulling the trim out and end up making a mess of it.
  12. My friend arrived a few days ago and was told by his landlord that he has to report to immigration. He is here on an O (retirement) visa and was totally unaware of having to report. If it's mandatory why aren't people advised when they arrive?