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  1. Are you saying you have the real answers? So do Christians, Muslims, Scientologists, etc, etc. Do I believe that anyone has the real answer as to what happens after we are dead? Then the answer is no. I'll leave the "talking trash" to those who believe they do.
  2. There are also those who will follow whatever is the flavour of the month to try and fill the emptiness in their lives. Religions and cults are full of such people. They all think that they have the real/true answers. Gullible people.
  3. You are talking mumbo jumbo rubbish. The only ones who have a true understanding of death and what may or may not follow are the dead, and they aren't talking.
  4. ...and the bullet. I'd find humor in your post if it weren't for the fact that some have failed in their gun attempt and simply blown off a part of their face or scull and still survived in a disfigured state. No humour in dementia either.
  5. The fact that it has risen and set for thousands, if not millions of years previously, is a pretty good reason for assuming it will rise tomorrow.
  6. Sorry, too many unproven options out there, doubt if your particular faith based religion has any more to offer.
  7. I believe there is a place opposite side to the post office in Naklua.
  8. Anyone using Firefox Quantum yet?

    I never had any problem with bookmarks, everything was transferred automatically when FFQ was installed.
  9. Agree 100%. I have extended small loans to my partner's family over the years, nothing larger than 100,000 baht, all have been repaid, as all her family works. I too worried about people descending on her like a plague of locusts once I'm gone, but I think my concerns are unwarranted. Besides, she's no dummy, she's happy to help the deserving, but she'd know when she's being taken advantage of.
  10. Marvels The Punisher. This is proving to be one of the better new TV series offerings. All of Season 1 (13 episodes) are available for downloads. I'm up to episode 3 and it's definitely holding my interest.
  11. Ray Donovan is one of the best shows on TV, but like anything, some people love it, others hate it.
  12. So it's mismanaged because you say so? Oh.OK, I withdraw my comment.
  13. I wouldn't call Australia poorly mismanaged, but it certainly has it's faults, it also has a great climate, but it's just getting so expensive to live there, especially on a pension.
  14. Car dash camera in Thailand

    Is the company a secret?