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  1. I'm retired here as well, and never wrote a song in my life.
  2. Yes, but he is no longer in the limelight, except for all the wrong reasons, I think he misses the fame and attention. Not uncommon for fallen musicians, actors etc. When they are famous it's "get that camera out of my face", but when they are back to being nobodies, it's "look at me, look at me".
  3. I ordered Urimax 0.4 (Tamsulosin) some time ago from India at a lot less than I paid in Thailand, but have lost the name of the company I bought from. Had no trouble importing it and paid no duty, so wondering if anyone else is buying from overseas?
  4. The guy is a publicity hound and gets severe withdrawals if he's not being interviewed, or featured in the papers or on TV. Sad to have that constant craving for attention.
  5. giddyup

    Importing your car while on retirement visa

    If it was at all feasible, wouldn't you expect to see a lot of retired falangs driving imported cars? A minute of research on this forum would have shown the same question has been asked many times with the same answers, don't do it, and there are no import exemptions.
  6. Agreed. Not a decent set of fun bags among all of them.
  7. He's Out There. Another slasher type movie, but very well acted, especially the young girls, and I found it quite disturbing in parts. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4052050/
  8. You are dodging the point as usual. BTW, the Charlie Hebdo slaughter was in France, not the UK.
  9. By killing you? That's the usual method isn't it, or it was for the staff at Charlie Hebdo.
  10. You mean permanently unemployed, or should I say unemployable. You're very generous with your tax dollars, or are you just happy that someone else foots the bill?
  11. Do these women expect to find jobs in a western, civilised society, or are they happy to live off a generous welfare system all their lives? I can't imagine how employable they would be in a western society. I know muslims in Australia are disproportionately unemployed to more than 50% of their numbers. Be interesting to know how many are burka wearers.
  12. 13 countries have banned it to date, that's a good start.
  13. Nothing there to elevate my pulse rate.