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  1. A cover up by the Catholic church. Who would have thought it?
  2. Lazada has those kind od discounts on treadmills sometimes, but I wonder if the prices aren't just inflated to make it look like the bargain of the century?
  3. Agreed, made the mistake once of ticking the wrong box (Thai Baht) when I transferred A$10,000 from Oz, that cost me about $500 in exchange rates.
  4. Death Wish was a bit ho hum, A Quiet Place nothing special either.
  5. I think safety would come before what my missus wants.
  6. giddyup

    Hell's Angels in Isarn

    I don't know why you'd thank anyone for calling you closed-minded, but I accept.
  7. I transferred $A150,000 back in 2010 when it was over 30 baht to the dollar. The Thai bank asked me when I wanted to convert it to baht as they were prepared to hold the $A until I was. I foolishly thought it would improve on the $A1= 30 baht exchange so held on, but it nosedived to 27 baht to the dollar. That error in judgement cost me well over $A10,000. 27 to the dollar is looking pretty good right now.
  8. giddyup

    Hell's Angels in Isarn

    Of course they are, they are just victims of the gutter press.
  9. giddyup

    Hell's Angels in Isarn

    It wouldn't matter what evidence is presented to you, you would still insist they are unfairly targeted and they are just a bunch of good old boys who just like to ride bikes. Waste of time..
  10. giddyup

    Need new laser printers. HP or Brother?

    I have had a Brother DCP1510 for 3 or 4 years, don't use it much, never replaced the cartridge yet, but it still works faultlessly every time. I think it was around 3000 baht.
  11. giddyup

    Renewing Australian passport in Thailand

    Renewed mine late last year. A trip to Bkk is required.
  12. giddyup

    Engine bay rodents

    I know what I use to keep them out of my ceiling. Mothballs.
  13. None so blind as those who refuse to see.
  14. A baby with Down syndrome at the centre of an international surrogacy dispute in 2014 was not abandoned in Thailand by his Australian parents, a court has ruled. I guess this isn't good enough for you?
  15. Read the news item. They were cleared of abandonment, so your point is worthless.