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  1. giddyup

    Agent for Thai driving license possible?

    Did you still have to do the colour, reaction and perception tests?
  2. Agree, thought it was better than season 1.
  3. giddyup

    Buying an old classic

    I had the 260Z 2+2 with a 280Z motor, and even then it was seriously underpowered, it really needed a V8. Little pocket rockets like Golf GTI's and Mazda 323 turbos would leave it for dead. Still a nice car to drive though. The 280Z got more bloated and even slower.
  4. Downloaded two copies, neither had English subs, and the subs aren't available separately, but I'll keep looking.
  5. What I'm saying is that I could only find it in German with no English subs.
  6. I never made a claim. I said I've never heard the pope claim that his prayers saved anybody.
  7. Read what I said. I said I've never heard the pope make this claim. Perhaps read the post before you jump?
  8. Haven't heard the pope claim that his prayers saved anybody, and it would be just as delusional if he did.
  9. Prayut declaring that his prayers spared Thailand from the wrath of Pabuk suggest that he has a direct line to the divine, and in fact a little god-like himself.