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  1. Seems like Pattaya has bargain prices, 100 baht is the going price for outside and 140 baht inside and outside. Same price for car or pickup.
  2. Once again you assume too much to try and reinforce your argument, Wasting your time and the time it takes me to read your nonsense.
  3. Meaning he's a hard worker and honest as the day is long I assume.
  4. You worked it out using your own particular formula that doesn't take in many other variables, and also assumed that he was getting an even share of the proceeds. All I said was what he roughly was allowed to earn, whether he exceeds that or not is pure conjecture. The amounts I quoted aren't open to conjecture they can be verified on Centrelink's website..
  5. Maybe the reporter just rounded it off?
  6. Well you were the one who worked out to the satang what he would be earning at 6000 baht a day, projected over a year. Seems you like to cherry pick details.
  7. It's been a requirement for some time to live in Australia for the 2 years before you reach pensionable age, or conversely, return to Australia at any time and do the 2 years. You haven't been singled out, that's part of meeting the criteria to get an aged pension.
  8. Do you really think he clears 6000 baht a day, that he has no overheads like rent, electric, water, wages etc? Maybe the business is in his wife's name and she pays him the 300 baht a day going rate. I doubt if Centrelink will be fussed to follow up on it when there are plenty rorting the system in Australia. He may even be self-funded and doesn't get a penny, who knows?
  9. I thought 300 baht a day was minimum, and not bad for school kids.
  10. The article says "in the kids free time", so one assumes that means after school and weekends. No cigar.
  11. Thanks mate, much appreciated. I'm enjoying every dollar of your hard earned contribution. Keep it coming, reckon I might have another 20 years in me yet.
  12. I have earned every dollar of what I get from the government, so get off your sanctimonious horse.