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  1. Young dudes think they'll never get old. It happens before you realise it.
  2. Well, all done. Went for my new 5 year licence this morning, passed the colour, reaction and perception tests, sat through a 45 minute video on road safety, and now I'm good to drive until I turn 80. When (and if) I get to 80 I'll worry about my next step.
  3. Watch A Billion Lives if you really want to see what's going on with vaping.
  4. Out of date anyway. First Thai drivers licence is now for 2 years.
  5. That's OK to keep an eye on your general health, however, it's not necessary for a drivers licence.
  6. What makes you a professional in these matters? You can't get a licence in Thailand without passing a test, colour, reaction, perception etc. If you pass, you're fit to drive. You obviously have very fixed views about the elderly, when there is a whole range of capabilities within any age group. I would imagine you don't get too many 80 year olds texting while they're driving, dragging each other off at the lights, eating burgers and slurping on milkshakes while listening to ear splitting music etc. You get the picture. Research by the RAC Foundation suggests drivers aged 75 and over make up 6% of all licence holders but account for just 4.3% of all deaths and serious injuries. By contrast, drivers aged 16-20 make up just 2.5% of all drivers but 13% of those killed and seriously injured.
  7. No, it isn't, not for the 5 year anyway, it may be required for the first licence, but that was nearly 7 years ago so have forgotten.
  8. I don't have the luxury or another driver, but I'm still relaxed behind the wheel, my blood pressure is under control. In 8 years here never had an accident, so must be doing something right.
  9. Why get a medical certificate, they mean nothing. I had to get one for my first 1 year licence, the doctor didn't even examine me.
  10. Wouldn't have a Proton (or a Cube) if they were free, happy with the Triton thanks.
  11. Wrong Turn at Tahoe Pleasantly surprised with this one, as it stars Cuba Goodings Jr and he's made some turkeys lately. However, this is quite a good little gangster flick, acting is above average and storyline grips you.
  12. Once she realises it does not bother you in the slightest she will be ripping you apart (erotically speaking). Maybe, or maybe she will consider it as one less chore she has to perform.
  13. Sounds like she's gone off you, either that or she's getting it somewhere else.
  14. Plenty of people get knocked off their bikes by young drivers as well. Some of them shouldn't be allowed on the road.