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  1. International drivers licence, which in fact is an IDP, International drivers permit. Nothing to stop you using your home country licence for 90 days, after that you are required to get a Thai licence.
  2. The 800k is transferred into your existing bank account for a day and a fee is charged.
  3. Sounds right. If you are an Aussie you can sign a stat dec at the embassy stating that you meet the requirements, then you don't have to show bank balances or prove income.
  4. I can't think of any difference between my first retirement extension and the subsequent 7.
  5. Absolutely. You have to go through the exact same steps and satisfy the same requirements.
  6. That's not really an appreciation to an investment though is it? That's just you buying it cheaper because someone else has taken the loss. There may be money to be made (eventually, hopefully) on some brands of watches, but it seems the initial outlay is going to be pretty high, and the returns not that significant.
  7. They do give you two options, either the 800K in the bank or sufficient pension/income to satisfy the requirements. There's even a third option for Aussies, a statutory declaration from the embassy that says you meet the financial requirements.
  8. Once that particular loophole has been closed I can see a mass exodus of falangs from Thailand.
  9. I have more than enough in the bank, I don't need to go down that road. Not sure they could hold the passport holder responsible. He only has to say that he asked a well publicised agency to arrange the extension for him.
  10. Obtaining the extension through an agency for a "fee" has been around as long as I've been in Thailand, and that's 8 years. No one has been busted yet otherwise the practice would stop.
  11. Only a guess, but I suppose they can rent to whoever they like.
  12. Not true. He only obtained his extension a month ago, it cost him 15,000 baht to the agency, who I'm sure had to share that money with someone else.
  13. Maybe because it wasn't up to falang requirements, like an indoor kitchen.