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  1. Nope, a Chicken Trio and a Spicy Tuna from Pizza Company.
  2. That's what I am.
  3. As far as pizza delivery I think it's only PH, PC and Dominos.
  4. About to order a couple of pizzas for lunch and have usually used Pizza Company, but I see Dominos on the darkside as well, so thought might try them for a change. Opinions?
  5. Someone suggested ringing Numchai, they have service people.
  6. Not when I open it. It tells you what you need re documents etc and what you need to do if you have to take the test.
  7. I got 6 years on my 5 year licence because I went a couple of days after my birthday.
  8. You must have gone just after your birthday to get 2 years. Same as the 5 year licence, if you go just after your birthday you will get 6 years.
  9. They are there, but no seeds or leechers, which means they will never download.
  10. Want to give it a try, but hard to find the Aussie series to download. A few episodes from series 4 available on PB but that's about all.
  11. Oh, I'm cheerful enough. Just don't get this preoccupation with 1950-1960 British comedy,. If you took the "pussy" jokes out of Are You Being Served, what have you got?
  12. Do you see the top of the page where it says Thai Drivers Licence Checklist?
  13. If it was such a sh*thole why did you want a hotel close to it?
  14. Classics, along with Groucho Marx. I do prefer something a bit more contemporary though, Trains Planes etc, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Throw Momma from the Train, Something about Mary, and for series you can't go past Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  15. So the question re Jomtien was just a tyre kicking exercise?