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  1. Sentences handed down for these serious crimes are a joke. How is it possible to be released after 1 year for rape and murder?
  2. You still haven't answered my question. Want to blame the roads, the weather, or did they all suffer heart attacks whilst driving, alien mind control, what? Don't think this is the first time you've refused to admit that Thais can be bad and dangerous drivers, but you never seem to be able to offer another reason for the atrocious death toll.
  3. If there was anything remotely funny about your remark I might have appreciated it, but there wasn't
  4. Never used mine once in the 3 years I've had the pickup.
  5. Your response is a prime example of that.
  6. How do you account for the second highest road death toll in the world?
  7. As I said, it's a moot point now with only 4 months left on the warranty. I doubt they are going to knock me back if anything should happen within that 4 months, especially as the book shows the service was done.
  8. Not if they stamp your book. As I said, they didn't perform one oil change because of the very low K's, but the book still has the stamp. Anyway, in another 4 months the warranty period will be over so it's all irrelevant anyway. I believe you have to credit the service centres with some common sense, they know that performing an oil change, purely for the sake of it is a waste of time and money.
  9. When I have done less than 2000 klms between services I hardly thinking missing one is doing irreparable damage. They still do all the other checks that they are supposed to, so I have no concerns. After all, they make money from an oil change, so to advise me it's not necessary given the low K's, I believe them.
  10. I have used that dealership for my Triton for the last 3 years, have had nothing but great service from them. They didn't do the last scheduled service because they said I hadn't done enough K's to warrant it, but got a free car wash anyway.
  11. I understand from other posts that you have a Thai partner? Correct.
  12. Another feeble attempt at humour.
  13. Strange, my Thai partner rang the Transport Dept. this morning and they told her 90 days.