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  1. Suits/Tailors

    Nah, still makes a big difference. Having your own in-house tailors and actually being a real tailor vs fabric salesmen that outsource to multiple different factories for work. much higher quality and consistency of construction with the first option, even if ordering online. Tanika and Narin Couture are also legit but twice the price of Tailor On Ten for the same quality. Narin do full canvas though, so thats a big plus.
  2. Suits/Tailors

    That's how 99% of tailors operate in Bangkok, but isn't true for Tailor On Ten. Tailor On Ten has their own tailors. They will literally walk you into the next room so you can see the tailors cutting your suit if you want.
  3. considering how much boozing is going on in pattaya, there is surprisingly very few fights
  4. WARNING: attacked by foreign robber

    Sounds like the same guy I ran into at Siam Discovery. He told me his passport and wallet was stolen and needed some cash. He got really agitated when I asked for details so I just told him to <deleted> off. Im a pretty big young guy so dont think he wanted to swing on me. He also had some bruising under his right eye at the time. This was last year around September.
  5. Best thing is to go down and see if they are okay and get reception to call an ambulance? From the initial story I read, she was still alive after the fall and died afterwards. At least comfort her as she dies? Running away in a situation like that is probably the worst thing you could do. Both for yourself and the other person.
  6. tennis partner needed

    I might be keen depending on the times. I used to play weekly competition years ago, so I'd be a bit rusty when getting back into it.
  7. I always found the food at Sizzlers to be pretty poor. I liked it in the past as I had a soft spot for it growing up as I had bday parties there as a kid. Wasn't so bad 10 years ago but the prices in Sizzler now are pretty grim if ordering a main meal. Compltely out of line for the quality of the food. I only bother going there if I want to get a lunch promo with the salad bar. Not going to spend 700+ baht on a sub par steak.
  8. Tailor Made Shirts and Trousers in BKK

    It is a bit like everything else in Thailand. Prices are going up. Specially in the past 5 years or so. The exchange rate is also a pretty big factor. Brits and Aussies are getting hosed on the AUD and GBP. Tailor On Ten is still the best place to go in 2017. You will still pay less than you would abroad, but it just isn't super cheap anymore.
  9. What's happening soi 4

    Really? I ate there the other day and thought it was some of the worst western food I've had in Thailand. Much better off going to Monsoon/Kiwi/Viva on Soi 8
  10. Maybe you should stop hanging around your bargirls and their families. All my Thai friends who visit Hua Hin eat Seafood when they go there. They aren't rich and they don't live in Hua Hin either. Some of you guys are so out of touch and think you have your finger on the pulse of Thailand. It is hilarious.
  11. Yup. Also the soft drink isn't going to be at 7/11 prices. This is cold drinks served at the beach, so you pay more for that. Add in the food cost for 18 people and it isn't bad at all.
  12. 15 adults + 3 kids for 7000 thb seafood at the beach? doesn't seem that bad at all. i was expecting a proper ripoff.
  13. Random Urine-testing Returns To Asoke

    happy to let them hold the cup for me, my aim isn't great...
  14. wow i hope not. that will be an enormous pain in the ass.