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  1. Metapod

    Where can i buy wide shoes in Bangkok?

    I gave up a long time ago and just flew abroad to buy shoes.
  2. Metapod

    City Home Ratchada and City Living

    I lived at city home ratchada soi 10 before. Area is fine and I rarely if ever saw any africans there. The africans tend to hamg around the sois behind fortune town. I havent been to soi 10 in a while so maybe ifs changed.
  3. Moving out and looking for someone to take over my lease. Probably the best value deal you can possibly get in Nana area. Literally a 3min walk to the BTS, 55sqm 1 bed room condo with a giant 25m pool. All the other 1br in this building are 20+ and even the smaller studios start at 15-16k. Move in June 8-13 and lease ends Dec 11 (can be extended). PM me if you are keen and you can come check out the place.
  4. Where can you still apply for a Non-B 1 Year Multiple Entry visa?
  5. Huh? Wow. What do employees do then? Not sure my boss is going to give me 20% of the company lol.
  6. It is also incredibly common for people to not wear seat belts at all in Thailand (which blows my mind).
  7. Because pretty much any travel insurance package will cover a car passenger if they are wearing a seat belt. Even the cheapest ones do.
  8. That means she wasn't wearing a seat belt. How stupid can you get.
  9. How is Penang these days for Non-B? I've never had an issue in the past.
  10. Metapod

    Good Tailor in Bangkok?

    Narin are legit. Narin and Tanika if you want full canvassed (but they take weeks and expect to pay 60k+ thb) For a fused suit (which is every other tailor no matter what they tell you), Tailor On Ten is the best. https://www.tailoronten.com/
  11. Metapod

    Is UBER done in Thailand?

    wow this sucks. i use uber all the time. <deleted>
  12. I know. That's why i said normal fst people dont need to worry about this. It only applies to hamplanets
  13. 56" that is <deleted> enormous. thats like saying "no whales allowed". even regular fatties and obese spheres will be way under 56"
  14. Metapod

    Shirataki (Konjac) Noodles in Thailand?

    I eat them sometimes. I use them to replace higher calorie options so that I can load my meal up with calories from other sources. Gives you more flexibility in what else you can add to a meal, not just in volume. Same thing with Zoodles (zucchini pasta).
  15. A socialist? Lol, how pathetic. Maybe you should spend less time enjoying the pleasures of capitalism in pubs in bkk and head over to Venezuela or North Korea to join your comrades.