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  1. TOT or TRUE fiber?

    called tot and they said they can use cat6 and ac1200+ router, so decided to go with their 200/80 plan. I'll see how that goes and get a VPN for gaming if needed.
  2. TOT or TRUE fiber?

    I asked at TRUE at siam paragon and got them to check my building in their system and they said 100mb is max for them at my place. it is an old building. don't really care for tv or anything else. just want the best international speeds. not the greatest choices i know. i had 3bb at my last place, which was great.
  3. TOT or TRUE fiber?

    just heard back from TOT. TOT can do their 200/80 plan and TRUE can do 100/30 which option is better? price isn't a factor, just want the best performance for international traffic and gaming to Australian servers.
  4. TOT or TRUE fiber?

    just back from the True shop. they said my place can only do 100 plan max. i'll try tot tomorrow and see if they can do the 200 plan. if not, ill go with true and get vpn for sg.
  5. TOT or TRUE fiber?

    Well i do have to choose as it will be hard to play without a net connection. Is it worth splurging for 150 or 200 or should i just get the standard 100/20 plan? Would there be a performance difference when gaming if i take the 200 plan?
  6. TOT or TRUE fiber?

    Hi guys, Just moved to a new condo and the only available options in my building are TOT and TRUE. I'm looking for the best fiber connection for international traffic (specifically for gaming on Australian servers). Whatever gives me the best experience gaming on Australian servers is what I'll choose. Which company would be the better one to go with?
  7. all beef hotdogs

    I know where it is. Im convinced it is the same place i buy my beef.
  8. 6-7k gets you a small studio condo with a pool in central bkk with short motorbike ride or 10-15m walk to bts/mrt On nut for bts and sutthisarn/huaykwang for mrt. There are also some seriously good deals go be had along the new purple line. taipoon is going to be a really sweet place in a few years as it will connect to both purple and blue (will be circle to both silom and sukhumvit) and also building a new mall to be completed at end of 2018. Alot of new condo just finished in that area. The Tree Exchange Taipoon is really nice and dirt cheap for the quality and future convienence
  9. Completely depends on location. You can get places that cheap along the MRT, near the ends of the BTS or central in city but not near BTS or MRT. My friend rents a nice 30sqm place with a pool that is a 10min walk to Sutthisarn MRT for 4,900 thb as an example. I also had a friend staying in Din Daeng in a 70sqm place for 7,500 thb (old ugly building and no pool). Din Daeng is in between ratchadapisek and victory monument, so u need to take a motorbike taxi to bts or mrt. The best cheap room i ever saw was 2,500 thb for small room with a pool in ladprao (deep down soi 101) so quite far from anything and hard to travel from bangkapi area.
  10. that girl is fat and ugly, and even worse on the inside (resting <deleted!> face also isn't a great quality). this guy is going to get destroyed if he doesn't run to the hills after what we just saw.
  11. Self-checkout in TOPS

    because labor costs are rising and will continue to rise.
  12. Which is the better choice, location wise?

    Soi 8 is the better location by far. I live nearby too, so i guess we are now neighbours.
  13. Monthly apartment rental (Lower Sukhumvit)?

    Use airbnb or nornn.com (thai startup that is a copy of airbnb).
  14. not that bad of an idea really. the mrt has been insane in the evening when heading to Tai Poon direction. I used to take it every day from Asoke to Huay Kwang and sometimes I would have to wait for 5-6 trains before I could even get on. Complete sardine experience.
  15. I use a Google Chromecast and then stream downloaded or streamed movies to my big tv.