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  1. Shutting up shop after 40! Never heard of that before. Maybe lady not handled right. My Missus well past 40 and always up for it. Secret; Pussy come first. Of course I'm the boss, even if she glides down the stairs in skintight cheongsam,black with red piping and strapp hi heels, if i'm watching Liverpool, i scoot her back up again.
  2. On our guarded estate, all the security guys have got their wings up. Including the tea lady. 10yrs ago, my Mrs wanted me to dress up as an Admiral for studio pics.
  3. It certainly seems that various offices follow their own rules in procedures required. While it would be ok for the first couple of years of marriage, as time goes by one feels like a performing puppet acting on the personal whims of the case officer. However, this time we received the utmost courtsey from the lady officer. Re. the pics. She said,' Sorry its the rules.' 5 pics at Chang Wattana.. 2 outside house showing no. Living room, kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe door open.
  4. Having just got my 1yr extension based on marriage from Chaeng Wattana, I can confirm the 400k bank book requirement has indeed gone down to 2 months prior to application. The bank letter,[bt100] and book update, should be sorted on the same day as app. Easy enough due to most major banks being positioned in the basement. Due to the way the dice rolled, we fortunately ended up with the same friendly lady officer as per the last 4 yrs. Time spent sorting the stuff; 5 min. Followed by 10 min. chat with the Mrs. She was glad not to be on the 30 day extension counter. And no wonder after seeing some of the scruffy blimps waiting. She was fully aware she looked damned smart, in tailord uniform with knife edged creases. But back to the mundane stuff. CW require a min of 4 pics, preferably 5. Both of you should be in all pics. Outside house showing number / Inside yard etc / Living room / Kitchen / Bedroom, sitting on bed, showing open wardrobe with his and her clothes. I kid you not..
  5. Stop knockin' the lad. He's just behaving like a playful kitten.
  6. Yes you have done it again with Chelsea lads. Just keep your collective fingers pulled out for the rest of the season.
  7. Outstanding performance by Suarez last night. And everyone else for that matter. All grafting and hard running. The way things are going, Gerrard may be fighting for a position next season.......only joking!
  8. At last; TRUE GRIT shown by all. I'm made up. A well deserved win. Good to see Carragher getting stuck in. That Fellaini's a wily old bird. New specs for the ref.
  9. I think you put the rose tinted glasses on to soon. Rafa is doing what he thinks best in the present circumstances, but the players aren't responding. Although they were camped out in the other half for the last twenty, overall there was general lethargy amongst most of the team. There should have been at least 2 more goals there. The second would have been a miss except for the Davies connection. A massive improvement is needed to insert into the top four.
  10. Bloody Lubish.... Bloody Lubish..... That's what the Mrs spouted anyway. She's an Man U supporter. For <deleted>#ks sake... I can't believe this is happening. Surely Rafa must take the fall. I wish they had put Shanks in a cryo. unit. Now would be the time to re-energise.
  11. Thank God, something to uplift the mind as Man U. go down. Didn't see it, but would have liked to observe the spectacle of gum, exploding from Fergie's gob.
  12. This really is piss-poor stuff. Not too long ago, Liverpool would have been all over them like a rash. The final score should have been at least 4-1. In fact their 1 should not be up there. Much more of this lack-lustre performance and I reckon I'll be transported up to the high speed horizontal rotation platform, joining Shanks and Paisley.
  13. Get that cotton wool out of your lug-holes, laddie. I've been a supporter all my life and I don't like to see the present shenanigans going on. I also don't regard them as a two man team, but the unpalatable facts are there to see. I believe that for the Premiership, it's not to premature to say that they have reached the 'tipping point.' Suffering cats. I hope I'm wrong.....
  14. No true LFC supporter should be overjoyed at that result. With a bloke down, the score should have been at least 5-2. With the overall performance so far, Paisley and Shanks must be doing high speed horizontal rotations. Rafa needs to undo his top button. BP must be sky high. Get your bloody fingers out lads....except Kuyt.
  15. Once the Red Tide had been galvanised, as usual by Stevie G, I enjoyed this match immensly. And so did the Mrs and she's an Arsenal supporter. It turned into a spirited game and we should have had two more goals. Sorry for workhorse Cara. And what was Keano doing on the bench?