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  1. So there really is a sucker born every minute.
  2. Stomach ulcer - given too many drugs?

    I may have missed it, but I've not seen a more natual way of curing an ulcer. Using the following, I was cured of a duodenal ulcer within 3 weeks. After going thrù the usual antacid tabs etc, i had the camera shot. Then medic suggested 2 spoons of honey daily. But it must be Manuka honey from N Z That sorted it. Not had any probs over 10yrs.
  3. For long time use, a herbal tea will do the trick. Start with a cup per day,pref bedtime for couple of weeks. Then gradually reduce to 2 pr week. To detoxyfy the body, get shut of constipation and flatulence, you need; Senna leaves, bael, chamomile, east indian screw tree. A trad herbal store can do ready mixed, but better do yourself. Ask directions for preparing boiling and storage.
  4. Sex after 40 for Thai ladies

    Shutting up shop after 40! Never heard of that before. Maybe lady not handled right. My Missus well past 40 and always up for it. Secret; Pussy come first. Of course I'm the boss, even if she glides down the stairs in skintight cheongsam,black with red piping and strapp hi heels, if i'm watching Liverpool, i scoot her back up again.
  5. Can anyone award themselves medallions & citations?

    On our guarded estate, all the security guys have got their wings up. Including the tea lady. 10yrs ago, my Mrs wanted me to dress up as an Admiral for studio pics.