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  1. So I messaged the guy and he said it was taken from a boat, and also with some zoom on his camera. I'm assuming maybe the Chayo Phraya express boats would go past this spot leaving Sathorn.
  2. I think you might be right. Thanks.
  3. I'm visiting again on the weekend and would love to try visit this exact spot. Having trouble locating it on google maps. The nearest place I'd think would be the over the Chayo Praya river near Sapan Takin BTS. What do you think?
  4. Nothing like a smear campaign to detract from the real main issue, which is, a year away from Brexit and we have made bugger all progress. Yes this needs addressing but let's not forget about context. Labour has a problem with: Anti-semitism Brexit policy Tories have a problem with: The poor The vunerable NHS Social care Schools A beneficial relationship with the EU Sacking Boris Johnson The disabled Police funding Prison funding Affordable housing Mental health provision People being seen at A&E before they die People having enough to eat The young Student nurses Immigrents Preventing child poverty Preventing homelessness Libraries Poor kids having one hot meal a day Magic money trees* * Does not apply to DUP, privatized railway companies, donors and wealthy friends.
  5. "Analysis of the man's infection suggests one last antibiotic could work. He is currently being treated and doctors will see if it has been successful next month."
  6. And then consider the scene for locals is bigger than all the above mentioned combined, and is available in every country around the world. It's never going away.
  7. Start hitting them with massive fines like that Russian on racha island.
  8. wellred

    Curcumin (Turmeric) in Pill Form ?

    Why don't you just buy the powder? You don't need tablespoons of it either. 1/4 of a teaspoon is enough. I have mine in a cup of tea with some ginger (ideally fresh but power is fine also).
  9. wellred

    Phuket weather 2018

    Friend of mine has been in Patong since new years and he said it's been relatively good. Odd showers but nothing heavy. I arrive 2nd week of Feb so hopefully I get plenty of sunshine.
  10. My next trip is in a few weeks time and I'd like to make an effort to get out of Patong and explore some beaches further away to take some photos. Ao Sane, Ya Nui and Laem Ka to name a few. My plan is to get a taxi from Patong to one of the beaches. Have a walk around, relax then find a tuk tuk or taxi to take me to the next one. Finally once done find a taxi or tuk tuk to take me back to Patong. I was thinking if it's anything like Patong all I need to do is keep an eye out for any going past. Will that be ok? I don't drive a motorbike and don't want to hire a car there either. Thanks
  11. wellred

    Images Of Phuket And The Andaman

    Very nice. Is that laem ka?
  12. Tried searching for the pic based on the text in the pic. It’s been taken down. Hopefully it will pop up on Facebook at some point. :)
  13. wellred

    Phuket weather alert warns of heavy rains next week

    Well the statistics were wrong then. Weather in Phuket can sometimes be localized so I'm not sure that would be reflected in an overall report for the month. I was in Patong. I've just checked my hotel dates and I was there for 7 days, not 9! Of those days, going through my photos we only had clear skies and sun for 3 days. I know this as I did day trips on all 3 day. All the other days were overcast and heavy showers. I was there btw so that's how I know.