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  1. There are all sorts of mixtures on sale, generally they contain Neem oil or Neem tincture. What will work well enough at one period may disappoint at another, it needs a fair bit of experience to apply properly. Wood vinegar is indeed worth trying.These lose effect after rain to some extent but the effect as a repellent is important. Anyway as far as spraying trees is concerned, unless you have a professional sprayer (which won't go much higher than about 6 meters) you can do some good with a pressure cleaner. However even then you would have to spray from both sides (I used to try to spray from all four sides (or more... what?).
  2. BUMP! I started a new thread concerning this plant. I have looked through hundreds of pictures of Dieffenbachia and Araceae and found nothing. Strange, as you see it everywhere. Your Thai name is correct but Latin? Nothing
  3. I have been foolishly looking at this plant for a few years now without knowing its name. The Thai name translates as 'Millionaire Wilson' which led me to believe it was a Dieffenbachia ‘Wilson’s Delight’. It isn't, that would be too easy. Anyway, my very own plant is only the third one that I have seen flowering here (I started to give liquid fertiliser once a week) and I should like to know the name. Obviously an Araceae, leave stems have a speckled base .... Please?
  4. You can buy a pH tester from Lazada for a few hundred Baht
  5. I think you'll get sick of cleaning sticky mud off the bottom of this tool after five minutes.
  6. One year ago, in Buriram province at the beginning of the month of February An immigrations officer told me that he had arrested 19 Africans already that year for this kind of thing. Which was why they had to visit applicants for marriage extensions occasionally. Nice bloke.
  7. Let's talk about what paper money, or internet money, is worth after the next crash which is predicted for the next year or so. What happened to Gadafi when he threatened to put the Libyan Dinar on a gold standard? Second question, where is that gold now? The Petro-dollar may well collapse if Trump decides to cease stoking up an oil shortage world wide by sowing discord among oil producing / pipeline carrying countries. He won't. Why are the Russians and the Chinese buying gold again?
  8. Oh, dear, you must get around a bit more. Anyway. Every neighbourhood has a couple of guys that will come and collect your bottles, plastic and metal, we dump all that stuff at the neighbour's and they get paid by the guys. Part of the deal is that the neighbours don't burn rubbish in their garden but put it into plastic bags that we buy. There are various places where we can legally (or at least without protests) put the bags into plastic bins provided, you find out with time where these are situated. However I really do think that the burning of rubbish should be cracked down upon and that a collection service should be available to (and imposed upon) everyone. I have actually seen school buses stopping and a kid getting out to sling a sack into the roadside ditch, kids throwing their empty drink container from the back of a motor bike is a common sight. In Europe, when you buy a fridge, you pay a tax for getting rid of it at the end of its life, you get the money back when you take it in.
  9. Kids are different even at that age. For a three year old I bought a cake with candles and.a load of junk plastic tractors and stuff. He preferred the boxes and the pile of sand outside. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  10. This was not filmed, it is a photoshopped foto, chains added for your delectation. dates from last year.
  11. Ask for Bai sadao and you'll get neem oil. Last time I looked for it I found it in Chatuchak market. You do need oil and not a tincture which you can make yourself but is only good as a repellent in my view. DDT and organophosphates work also but even the Thais would hesitate to use that on vegetables. Burn!
  12. I have to agree with this, since we bought a ฿11 000.- filter unit I drink a lot more water from the unit, it tastes better than a lot of bottled water. It certainly tastes better than the water we got off the roof before, although drinking that probably immunised me against all sorts of diseases. We were buying water for about ฿800.- a month before so the economics are quickly worked out. By the way, if you think that the Thais clean and change the filters on the apparatuses (apparati) you see on the street then you haven't been in Thailand for very long.
  13. Meanwhile you can collect the cap seals in a plastic bag and dump them in the canal
  14. Scaly aphids, difficult to get rid of. I tend to get these on plants that I allowed to wilt. Try an oil based insecticide like Bai Sadao. There may be another pest or problem present. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  15. I doubt that you will have much success with tulips. They need a cool period before they will bloom. Maybe you mean something else? Thai tulips? Not the same thing. Cultivating in pots is pointless Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect