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  1. How about the municipality investing in a machine to go over the beach to remove all the rubbish, broken glass and toilet paper every morning? The small ones cost less than a rice harvester I hate most mainland beaches in Thailand, even if they haven't been concreted over. Thais don't see the point of beaches.
  2. I work outside most of the time. Flip flops and shorts. Like Thais, I just automatically expect there to be scorpions, rats or snakes under or near anything I move, none of this 'walk like a man' stuff, my head stays down. Five years like that and never had worse than ant bites. In fact never a day without ant bites when I come to think of it. Our three year old walks through the grass barefoot. Venomous snakes go away if they can, even cobras will leave you alone if they can. I think I got less bites, but much worse ones, working in Switzerland than I have suffered here. (wasps, bees, horse flies, ticks and dogs).
  3. I should worry about that when you get here. Just choose a hotel and ask them if you can take your dog in, if not, they will advise you as to where you can go. Taxi drivers are also very good at this kind of thing. After that you can start looking, there will be plenty of properties with a garden to rent.
  4. I have been using Google maps for years here and have really appreciated them. However having made a few wrong turns around Srirachah recently (20 minutes detour the last one) due to the internet signal telling me to take the next exit just a bit too late, and rerouting sometimes taking too long to work, I am now looking at Sygic: Rerouting is instantaneous which I like and I like the map better too. It did freeze on me today but started working again as soon as I was moving forward again. So, on Monday, overcast conditions blocked the GPS signal (I assume), same as sometimes happened back home with my Tomtom. Following up on this I realised that windscreen tinting affects GPS reception also. I also dislike the constant babble advising me on how fast to take a curve, about speed limits and about five words ending with something like "ARRRAAAAR" that I haven't deciphered yet, that pop up occasionally. Anybody with experience of both apps? How about battery usage? I can just about keep my iPhone topped up if the cable doesn't get dislodged, I imagine that using heads up navigation and real time traffic is an additional burden for battery life on Sygic?
  5. 1. They are obliged to do this by their floor manager who in his turn is pressured by his boss to increase sales. 2. At least in my local Thaiwatsadu they get a bit nervous when they see me as I can get quite noisy at times. 3. This usually means they stay at a discrete distance, but will help when I ask a question, show a picture on my phone. 4. As a last resort using an obscure, loud Transylvanian dialect at least shoos them off to get their supervisor and gives you 10 minutes respite. This is why I generally go to this one store, although in Buriram we are fortunate enough to have Rueangsongthai hardware store, who make a point of having English speakers and are trained not to pester customers.
  6. It hasn't reached catastrophicackle levels yet but we have begun to lose a chicken (Gai baan) every few days, it is indeed very hot. They also are not laying. I tried spraying water over them, they run away along with the ducks. Is this heat stroke or are they succumbing to something else? They seem happy enough through the day, in the morning we find a dead one. The ganders are aggressive sods and will get eaten next week in the interest of bringing in new blood but I don't think that they are fighting the chickens.
  7. PVC and PPE pond liners I put in over 30 years ago is still OK. It needs protecting with a layer of stones/soil on top (little boys with sticks, UV radiation) and with a layer of sand underneath if there are any stones at all likely to pierce the lining in time. With steep banks as on the foto you might get away with it if you lay down some robust plastic netting to stabilise the banks until vegetation has taken a hold.
  8. Not all clay is suitable for pond lining. I used Bentonite once, don't know if you can find that here. Clay has the disadvantage that if it dries out to the point where cracks appear, it isn't easy to repair in my experience as the crack isn't necessarily visible. A colleague in California spent a week motorboating over a reservoir pouring bentonite over the side into the propellor's wake trying to repair cracks, only partly successful. Compacting without a sheep's foot roller consists of taking your shoes off and tamping wet clay with a piece of wood (on the sides).
  9. Impossible to answer, there are so many variables. It depends on who buys it and why, quality of soil, access to water and usable all season roads... ‎฿600 000 is a reasonable stab at it.
  10. On the average, there are 76 road fatalities / day. (28 000 a year) so (ONLY) 56 a day over Song Kran is pretty good. Or is some kind of manipulation going on , showing that the police and road safety guys are doing their job? No, I take that back, not possible
  11. This is only a part of what road safety is about. It's: Education, Deterrence, Enforcement. In a perfect environment enforcement would be a last resort, not the first. I get as annoyed as anyone by selfish, stupid driving but you must remember WHY they drive like this. There's nothing wrong with being a Thai but you have to accept the way they have been brought up. That's what makes them different from other nations and love it or hate it, you have to recognise that.
  12. I haven't been using it long enough to be able to criticise it. It worked OK yesterday when I tried it. However the fact that the paid version gives you a heads up display, lane guidance as well as a dashcam function is interesting. Not having to have an internet connection to use it must be a big plus. As long as I don't have to listen to 'take the ramp' when there isn't a ramp in sight anywhere, told to go slight right when a U-turn is coming up, or told to turn left into someone's backyard as in Google Maps I will be happy. I will be trying both on an upcoming complicated trip and am keeping an open mind. By the way, is the fact that Tomtom stopped supplying maps for Thailand anything to do with Sygic using their maps?
  13. Sygic uses Tomtom maps and is generally thought to be the best navigation app out there.