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  1. I tried a pretty potent poison on these [email protected]@@s, without much success. I then mixed wood vinegar with a dash of dish soap. Worked 100% although I also got rid of the ants, which seem to be a part of the picture, at the same time. (Permethrin in powder form). letting the plants go soft through under watering or giving too much nitrogen seems to encourage the beasties
  2. Wrong area.

    Our dogs will generally go onto the grassy driveway which is ok with me. However when the grass is wet they prefer to do their business in the garage or even in the workshop if I don't supervise. It is a fact that in cities where 'dog toilet' areas have been set up, dogs don't like to use them even though they do get cleaned regularly. I bet emptying a barrow of fresh earth on your preferred corner will get them back there.
  3. Diseased chickens

    Well this is opening up a whole yucky world for me I must admit, but I'm happy to learn. Good work indeed, I'm now wondering how you will be fitting it all together as I'm sure there are more features to come. I also hope you might be able to make money from this!
  4. I am amazed at the lengths people are going to to explain to me what I am doing wrong at 7-11. Do you want to see a foto of the T-shirts I had made, 'No plastic please' in That? Maybe you want to see what I bought that was so big that five items needed four bags? Anything else to tell me about what I am doing wrong when I go to 7-11? Go on, don't hold back I'm sure everyone is interested.
  5. Potatoes? I have tried, decided it was too hot. Tubers bought in the shops will have been treated to prevent them sprouting, so I guess you have found seed potatoes to plant?
  6. Ah well, here in Isaan there has hardly been a day without rain, hardly a week without a real tropical storm since June, we nearly got flooded. Anyway, solarisation: my wife remembers people digging the soil over deeply and leaving it in a rough, unlevelled condition to roast in the sun, when this wilt business showed up. Nobody does this any more and EVERYBODY in the village has given up on tomatoes, and to some degree on egg plants and melons. Chili is OK but I have to spray (Vinegar + soap does it). On the other side of the road, in the rice fields, they can grow all this stuff. So despite some people saying they can grow tomatoes, and not too far from here at that, I can't and I have tried a few varieties. I do suspect soil born pathogens and not lack of nutrients for this, possibly not to be destroyed using solarisation. I might have one last go using wood vinegar as recommended to kill soil pathogens and then a few weeks of solarisation, digging in plenty of organic material as recommended. This won't be before rice harvest but should fit in with the cooler season that tomatoes appreciate. I will also try growing in bags of compost, I don't have room for aquaponics and the like. I believe that once you have wilt you shouldn't try members of the same family (solanaceae) for at least three years, which is a bummer of course. My growing chili probably ensures that wilt continues to survive in the soil.
  7. Nonsense. right. The look of confusion in the guy's eyes when you have to say it twice. The fact that he will already have put five separate items in five separate bags. The fact that he will throw away the bags when you finally get him to take them back. Not a hassle, the fact is that these guys get strict training and it comes from company policy which could be changed easily enough. Macro manages without supplying plastic bags, I'm sure BigC could as well. The whole issue is about the fact that the problem with plastic rubbish is well known, and that it hasn't penetrated into the consciousness of the political elite yet. It goes into the same category as public education about traffic safety: there isn't any.
  8. 7-11 is to blame for unnecessarily giving out so many really unnecessary plastic bags, refusing one is a hassle every time. I see stuff like this every week dumped along the rural road I use. There is no excuse for leaving it to other people to clean up when other possibilities exist. In some countries supermarkets and the like MUST take back the packing material they give with your purchase.
  9. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    Some of us think that people that go to bars regularly deserve to be ripped off.
  10. It took me a month or two but I sorted out how to get rid of paper. plastic and so on legally. A guy comes around for our stock pile every few months and we give it him; first time he wanted to pay us. (Two households). For smaller unsorted rubbish there are bins in the major towns if you know where to look but this is 'slightly' illegal I suppose. We were told in the village to burn our rubbish and not tip it out like this. I told our neighbout that burning plastic in his garden was as bad as forcing every one around to smoke 60 cigarettes a day, not quite true, but he got it. He does the same as us now. It really is a question of realising that people no longer use banana leaves to wrap their food and for stores to stop automatically giving you plastic bags, 7/11 is the worst in this, giving you straws with beer ....
  11. Introduction to immigration in Buri Ram

    They are police officers.
  12. Introduction to immigration in Buri Ram

    You really do have a chip on your shoulder, don't you? You will give a monkey's what's it the day you realise that the guy has taken a dislike to you, doesn't trust you and has it in his power to do terrible things to you.
  13. Introduction to immigration in Buri Ram

    Oh dear, this has turned into one of THOSE threads. The Immigration police sit there all day in their uniforms, or at least 'correctly' attired and they manage quite well in their air conditioned offices. I don't think that the short walk from your doubtless air conditioned car into an air conditioned office building merits the excuse for wearing shorts. In six years I only once went to Immigration in shorts and that was because I only realised I had forgotten to change when I got there. Thais do look at how you are dressed, they Start at your shoes and go on from there. Not many Thais turn up at official offices in shorts and T-shirts. Just accept that turning up looking like a slob won't be in your favour if you have some kind of a problem. Farangs slipping the man ฿1000.- for a 90 day report? Now that IS annoying.
  14. Solarisation? Don't you need sun for that? Putting them in larger pots won't do them any harm, I haven't even thought about sowing yet. You could of course invent a plastic tunnel for yout toms. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app