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  1. I think this is a garbled account of the fact that Poinsettias need short days in order to develop as shown in your foto. It won't die but won't flower next year unless you artificially hide it from light for a few hours a day. New hybrids aren't so fussy about day length.
  2. cooked

    Road traffic fines

    This is the usual reaction. The problem lies in a lack of education, both of police and drivers. A fine should be hefty enough in order to teach a lesson, that is true but at present it's "no police around so it doesn't matter".
  3. In another region of Buriram province I'm pretty sure that less than half my mail gets through. I now use a PO Box situated 26 Km away. I was sent a One Time Password by Bangkok Bank and I never received it; after going through the lengthy procedure of form filling I was aghast when they said they were going to do this by post, no alternative. I still don't have Internet banking.
  4. You know nothing about France, maybe you went there on holidays once. Maybe you read Le Monde. There are some so called anarchists profiting from the situation, the majority are ordinary people desperately trying to maintain their livelihoods. In France, as in the EU, there is no democracy, orders are issued from above and the public has to obey. I have seen several incidences where the French have had to resort to violence, disobedience, strikes etc in order to get things changed. The arrogant elite that rules the country is even more elitist and more arrogant than the English ruling class.
  5. Like many other fruit trees, a good fruit bearing year may be followed by a bad (or two). In addition, although they don't need frost, they need low winter temperatures in order to flower. Some apple trees tend to bear fruit irregularly also and I seem to remember that there was some kind of spray proposed. (Gibberelin?) I think insects can be ruled out.
  6. So the fact that 82% of France supports these uprisings, including police, firemen and ambulance services, means nothing to you. I wonder which news sources you use?
  7. cooked

    Is Thai Food Actually Healthy?

    Whew, took some reading to get through that lot, some sensible comments and some ridiculous ones, conspiracy theorists get everywhere these days, I wouldn't let my daughter marry one. Anyway, my views on Thai food have changed radically since I got here. Shrimps and prawns: raised artificially, subject to decimating diseases that need heavy doses of antibiotics to fight off. Vegetables: I can just about manage avoiding the use of chemicals in my own garden using traditional treatments. However as I water every day these products get washed off. I did buy some weed killer once and had GREAT difficulties finding a measuring cylinder, 'Farang fussy' I was told. Out in the field even the small peasant doesn't spare with spraying chemicals, I have seen and smelt this regularly, and you can't blame them, they don't want to see months of hard work disappear overnight. However, even if they had a measuring device that they were capable of using, they go for three or four times the recommended dosage. Fish: fresh water fish from small farmers is generally ok, but even here run off from the heavily fertilised and sprayed rice fields supplies the water that they live in. Sea fish: the Gulf of Thailand is heavily polluted and overfished, the Pacific will soon be full of Caesium 137 thanks to Fukoshima http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HStCM2l83Cc. Chicken: only thing that we eat with confidence, as we have our own. As mentioned above, our fish is not above reproach. Cooking oil: a lot of the cooking oil, at least in Bangkok on the street, is recycled, bought from restaurants and treated with bleach. There's a guy that buys it for converting into a diesl substitute but he's not making much impression on the street level vendors. http://www.thailandqa.com/forum/showthread.php?43618-FDA-warns-of-used-cooking-oil The school shop where we take our little girl every day is full of junk, either over salted or over sugared. Outside on the street it is even worse, full of brightly coloured sugary mysterious stuff. If we do go buy stuff at the market, my wife buys stuff with flies milling around as this hasn't been recently sprayed! Anyway no serious food poisoning up to now unless you count beer. The remarks about poor people being forced to buy preprepared junk food isn't really true; I spent a miserable two years on low income after an accident and started buying fresh produce, making my own beer and bread, preserves and cakes, muesli and sauerkraut. Generally only one emergency tin of food in the cupboard. Anyway: as long as you mix your diet, exercise, get plenty of sex and stop worrying about your food too much I reckon we should be ok as far as health is concerned. Edit: beer: I once read that people that drink beer have an increased risk of bowel cancer. The following week, same newspaper: beer drinkers have less risk of heart disease. Stop worrying!
  8. cooked

    Happy Being The Farang

    People that don't know me in the village refer to me as 'Farang' unless they know that I am Swiss, then it's 'Swisserland'. I was called Farang today by a kid in Tescos. I called back 'Thai, Thai', which people generally seem to think to be funny. In the family I am 'Christian name', uncle, father or granddad. I find myself referring to 'the Lao guy' or 'the Cambodia guy' when I don't know their names. A sense of humour and maybe a little humility makes life much easier, don't you think? Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app
  9. Wow your millipedes sure lay big eggs. Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app
  10. We paid 250 Baht for a seat for our pussy cat, Zurich-Bangkok. On arrival 2000 Baht was demanded, my wife had little money as I was arriving an hour later on another flight. Settled for 100 Baht. You never know, they could insist on quarantining the anal, so keep that cash handy. Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app
  11. cooked

    Happy Being The Farang

    Same for me after 40 years a Swiss citizen and getting to the stage where I criticised the increasingly low standards of spoken dialect. I took a strong part in local and cultural life and was always 'Dr Englaender'. Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app
  12. cooked

    Weird Insect Bite - Should I Be Worried?

    Termite. Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app
  13. cooked

    Weird Insect Bite - Should I Be Worried?

    Termite, can bite but not dangerous. Unless the house comes down crashing about your ears. Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app
  14. I'm sure that many people reading this will feel sorry about your story. I certainly do. I see so many animals (and people) that need just a little basic care, at the same time I try 'to be Thai', I try not to let it spoil my life. You can't heal all the ills in this world, certainly not at the level of looking after mishaps that cross your immediate field of vision. Maybe if you joined or formed a SPA in your district? Sorry if I speak out of turn... Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app
  15. My wife had one that died as apparently if you cut the stem you can divine a winning lotto number. Nocturnal visits did for it. She says 15cm for cuttings is ok. Sent from my iPhone using ThaiVisa app