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  1. Renew health insurance or not?

    I also use the Thai Health Insurance, the cheapest variant they have. https://www.thaihealth.co.th/2012/product_simply_eng.php at the 15000 Baht premium, age 69. I view this as an emergency insurance only, I am lucky to get health treatment 'for free' as a Swiss citizen IF I manage to get back home. I would prefer however to end my days here and hope not to leave a huge bill behind me for the family to pay. Most people don't take this into account. In my opinion it is important to have a local Thai rep that you know personally rather than using an anonymous broker that you never met, just my point of view. I will probably cease paying when the premiums go above 20 000, payable in January which is an expensive month as it is for me.
  2. I am rarely rude on Thaivisa but I could make an exception.
  3. So let's see now.. we seem to have an armchair agriculturist here. I suggest you move to Isaan and explain to the stupid farmers why they've been doing it wrong all these years, generations. What revolutionary new crop do you suggest for a soil that is waterlogged during the growing season and hard as concrete for the rest?
  4. Bread Making Machine -recommendations

    I don't mind kneading by hand but it is a messy job. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Bugs on plants.

    Some tick sprays contain solvents that will do plants no good at all! Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Bugs on plants.

    Scaly aphids I think, buggers to get rid of. I initially got these on a plant that was under watered, then they spread, aided by ants. I tried really toxic insectides, worked to some extent but they came back. The whole village seems to have this this year, a neighbours Pappaya got killed. Anyway I am resigned to having to live with beasts as they are now in the veg garden. Spraying with Neem OIL alternating with wood vinegar keeps them down, waiting for dryer weather in hope.
  7. Flowers!

    Zephyranthes carinatum, bulbs purcuased in Catuchak
  8. Flowers!

    Rubber trees (Ficus} have completely different flowers. I have seen this one on Koh Kood and am still looking for the (Latin!) name/
  9. Thai Visa Radio 1 feedback

    mmm... this link works : https://www.thaivisa.com/radio/ This one doesn't : https://radio.thaivisa.com/
  10. As a sad anecdote, my wife knows of two girls that came back to the village with STDs that didn't even know what an STD was. She had to discretely get them to the appropriate hospital department. One girl died here refusing to admit she had AIDS. We don't know why they all confided in my wife, although she isn't one of the gossiping crowd.
  11. Thai Visa Radio 1 feedback

    I clicked just about everywhere in as many different ways possible.
  12. Land Drains

    ... and then of course there is the system used by german emigrants to Russia in the 19th century: bundled wood faggots buried in the earth, worked for over a hundred years until the Communists decided to plough 10 cm deeper than the stupid Germans, resulting in complete crop failure in the area for many years. I have myself found remnants of this kind of drainage in Switzerland, still working to some extent.
  13. Whitewash

    Just to let anyone know that's interested, that "Whitewash" - Calcium Hydroxide - is a available in our small village store. I was looking for it at the builders' stores, wrong place. ฿70.- for one sack, 10Kg, in Switzerland Ca(OH)2 is much cheaper than cement....this works out at 3 1/2 times more expensive than cement which is why they don't use it when making mortar. We had a dead ducks problem yesterday, since then find out that the neighbour lost ALL his fighting cocks and didn't bother to tell anyone, same thing in a neighbouring village. Bought a sack this morning and scattered it on the ground as per instructions from the missus, will buy more tomorrow and complete the job.
  14. That's what I thought, I was confused. Thailand is weird.