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  1. cooked


    Quite often these days, I don't even ask about stuff like this. I know it wasn't lime, I did read your post. I was suggesting that someone saw lime being scattered and imagined that it must be doing good and so went for it in his own way.
  2. "In my experience..." ... nobody is contesting your case so no need for a DNA test. ...two court visits with a Thai speaker, possibly three depending on what documents the Amphur requires. However the legal documents that our lawyer prepared look complicated to me, I don't think anyone without experience could get them done. We paid 3 x ฿15 000 initially and going back for an additional document that the Amphur required was ฿2000.- I believe the Amphur did not charge a fee. Other people will have had different experiences. Don't listen to the old dears haunting the courtroom antechambers telling you tales.
  3. At the moment, many places will not accept the Union cards for payment. I have also read that ATMs outside of SE Asia will not accept them either. Doubtless this will change with time but the fact that bank customers weren't given a choice is equivalent to being forced to use it. I changed to Kasikorn bank which is still issuing Visa cards. I'm sure many others are doing this too. Another reason I changed is that BB threw their eyes to the sky, begging Buddha to make this Farang go away for making such a complicated, unreasonable and exotic request. Kasikorn did it without hesitation.
  4. cooked

    Flowering Yukka Plant.

    So this IS a Yucca and not an Agave? Asking because it doesn't look like the Yucca filamentosa that I know and have never seen here.
  5. cooked

    Clay soil

    Thinking back 45 years to my soil mechanics classes, the addition of the various limes (and even cement!) changes the physical and chemical characteristics of clay. Clay forms in hexagonal platelets, which explains why dried out clay soil often has a hexagonal pattern of cracks. Lime causes the platelets to coagulate (maybe I mean floculate), thus making it less water retentive and preventing it from 'gluing itself together. Mind you, it was 45 years ago and I have drunk a few beers since then.
  6. cooked

    Landscape Filter Fabric? Where to buy?

    http://www.burirambuildersmerchants.com/index.html in Buriram has. call and ask for "Mister Bob".
  7. I managed to use my card for internet an purchase in Switzerland, but I never tried it on an ATM. Bangkok bank really is causing a heap of confusion at the moment and customers aren't being informed. Apparently you will no longer be able to use the Visa function on the card after 1 January, they want us to use their Chinese bank backed Union card. I already changed to Kasikorn Bank and am hoping the same thing won't happen there.
  8. If you find some, let us know. I have not seen N, sativa since I got here, and seeds I ordered from abroad were the common or garden variety, of no use in the kitchen.
  9. Jesse Colombo predicted the last crash and is predicting another one soon. Inevitable if you want to read about it. Gold prices go up quite strongly during recessions. Why are the Chinese and Russian governments buying gold? Of course, they must be stupid. Bitcoin and co are OK, if you have money to gamble with, short term profit is probably on the cards. As I wrote before, people get indignant when anyone writes something negative about artificial currencies. When governments decide that they don't like it, they will close it down, as they already have in China.
  10. cooked


    No. Not in Isaan anyway. But Thailand is a big place, it's impossible to give a generalised answer. We strew hydrated lime in the chicken pen sometimes, maybe this is a Chinese Whispers version of that?
  11. I buy as much gold as I can. If you don't believe in fiat currency (paper currency) then you should believe in cryptocurrencies even less. They are only worth something as long as people will accept it in exchange for services or goods. Try explaining that to a border guard pointing a gun at you, here, do you have internet? CC will be gone in a few years. People get so indignant when I mention this. http://www.sb.marketwatch.com/story/stay-away-from-bitcoin-its-complete-garbage-2017-06-15
  12. The first place to should be the local Family Courts in your wife's (and yours, otherwise it ain't going to happen) province. The Thai father will have to give permission or you will have to give proof of abandonment. A long process, involving money especially if the Thai father gets a sniff of what's happening. Good luck.
  13. The local police "are supposed" to check up on your whereabouts. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Nothing to do with Immigration police
  14. If you use Google maps then you should have worked out how to send your coordinates to your rep.
  15. I think you won't get what you want either. Get a set of GPS coordinates. Send it by mail or SMS to your rep. If he isn't intelligent enough to click on the link and be able to navigate to you then he's not much use anyway. I have the impression you haven't worked out how Google maos works yet, but then most Thais haven't either.