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  1. The guy is a Muslim from a country with an abysmal human rights record. Maybe he should think about stopping the refugee camps from being centres for terrorist recruitment and training (since 2009), leading to attacks in India as well as Myanmar. https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2009/05/15/state-department-notes-linkage-of-rohingya-to-terrorist-group/
  2. It is documented. He doesn't want Burmese oil and gas not going to the West. I just did a search and I suppose that any website that presents another point of view from yours MUST be a false news website. The truth about Burma is NOT being reported by the MSM. After scratching my head for a year or two about what was happening, really, in Syria, I got a hold of what is happening in Burma about two days after August 25th. So you're going to dismiss my entire post because I don't like Soros? Same as you dismiss Western historic sources?
  3. The biggest terrorist attack of the century took place in the Rakhine on the day that Kofi Annan's committee was to present its proposals for bringing a solution to the accursed place. The Burmese didn't drive them out because the wanted the place back, but because the 'Rohingyans', not for the first time, along with their jihaddist friends in Saudi and Pakistan that financed and trained ARSA decided that it was now or never. Soros has also been throwing money at the place. These are documented facts. 500 000+ refugees left the Chittagong after they took the wrong side in the Indian/Pakistan war, when over two million Hindus were killed in Bangladesh (by Muslims). They, like Muslims everywhere, do not have the intention of integrating into Burmese society and far from being a minority, were a majority in the Rakhine (still are). They are bullies, thieves and rapists, which makes me an Islamophobe of course, or maybe I have alternative news sources from you. May I remind you that it isn't only the Buddhists that despise these people but also the Bangladeshi Hindus and other minorities in the region, none of them want them back. Other Muslim groups in Burma aren't happy about it either. Stating that my sources are Western and therefore invalid is pure BS, there aren't any Burmese sources for the word either. Other Muslim groups in Burma are not discriminated against (there have been incidents, but no general "genocide" as you call it). Meanwhile we'll just let the Chittagonians carry on persecuting non-Muslim minorities in land which isn't theirs either, shall we?https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2013/06/bangladesh-indigenous-peoples-engulfed-chittagong-hill-tracts-land-conflict/ It's what they DO.
  4. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    Sigh, you're still at it. I think I'll put you on my list of people that answer without trying to understand all the posts first. I consider myself a (bad) Buddhist. I don't believe in any of those things, and Buddhism does not insist on your subscribing to a certain dogma, nor does it proselytise. There are different definitions of a religion, for a non-Buddhist it generally means believing, without adequate evidence, in a higher power. You obviously feel very virtuous about having read all the right comic books telling you what to think about religion, for me it is a very personal thing and you are beginning to insult what is left of my intelligence. Go away.
  5. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    Unless you read my posts correctly you won't understand me. In the UK as well as Europe the laws, civilisation and values were until recently based on Christianity. They still are. The Brits, most of them, don't identify as being Christians any more. Christmas and Easter.... nice holidays at good times of the year, originally pre-Christian holidays... many people don't use those words any more, they talk about the Winter break, the Spring break. Your last remark about abandoning Buddhism in Thailand is ridiculous. I didn't imply that religion or lack of religion is a bad thing. I wrote that if you get rid of one religion by whatever means, it will be replaced by something else. Marxism, Fascism, whatever. I suggest you investigate the difference between Buddhism as it is practiced by educated people and as it is practiced as a religion by people that are basically animists with a veneer of Theravada Buddhism. I did write that but you don't seem to have absorbed it.
  6. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    Read again. I asked what unfounded myths Buddhism is based upon. Buddhism isn't a religion, I said that also. I don't give a fig for Pali canons, the people that invented them should have their bums smacked.
  7. The 'Rohingyas' are the victims of a power struggle for control of the Burmese oil supplying to China and not the West, and the Chinese 'One Belt One Road' project', both of which are centred on the Rakhine. It didn't work (for now although the refugee camps will become terrorist indoctrination centres just as they have in the Middle East) and they have been discarded. ISIS is definitely present in the camps.
  8. I doubt that you ever have done that. ONE mention by Buchanan in 1799. He never used the word 'Rooinga' again in his works and the British government, between 1826 and 1948 never ever used it. There censuses go int quite a lot of detail describing races, numbers, languages and religions. It is thought that the word refers quite simply to one of the various name for the Arakan or Rakhine state.
  9. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    If you knew anything about Buddhism you might work out that it isn't a religion. Christianity was mocked and sneered out of existence in the UK since I was born and has been replaced by extreme politics which are no match for countering Islamisation. Humanity wouldn't be better off without religion and if you think it is possible for them to live without some kind of belief system then you are mistaken. All religions started off with simple truths and suggestions that got turned by humanity itself into a horrible mess of restrictions, fear of hell, false teachings. Even Islam.
  10. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    Blimey, how much time do you have? Going out on a limb here: I often find that my vocabulary is insufficient to express my ideas on this subject. A factory worker once told me " thinking too much makes you go peculiar". Seemed like a stupid thing to say at the time but maybe Gautama would have agreed. I believe, in the end, that everyone should find his own path which probably comes from my Reformed Church upbringing. Also that the concept of a literal rebirth is a misunderstanding. It seems to be based on animistic beliefs. I am still reading 'Monks and Magic' to be found on the net but it isn't changing my ideas much. Maybe it's all about negating everything that you associate with 'self' (become one with nothing) which allows you to die with serenity, I'm not that far yet and likely never will be.
  11. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    I did. Did you actually read what I wrote? I really don't understand all these questions about the precepts of Buddhism. The message, such as it was, was very simple and you are actually asking about one interpretation of Buddhism, Therevada Buddhism, which, depending on your level of education can vary from animism with a veneer of Buddhism to an intensely spiritual way of life. This priest is one of many and he is being picked out by enemies of Buddhism as being a typical Buddhist. As far as I am concerned, this guy is just another corrupted religious leader. Why don't you pose a different question? You are actually asking a question about politics, or this particular priest, but not about Buddhism. I have contact with other Burmese priests and this one certainly doesn't represent all in Burma.
  12. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    So your understanding of Buddhism is that it is a religion? Based on what unfounded myth?
  13. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    Hilarious yes. People get thrown in prison for speaking about certain subjects all over the world, including Burma. Which is very funny of course.
  14. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    Muslims don't proselytise. Basically when in power (as they were until recently in the Rakhine) it is a matter of submit or die. Non-Muslims are being persecuted in Chittagong, where they speak the same dialect as the 'Rohingyans'. This is very firmly a part of Islam and has been carried out countless times over the centuries. In addition the Rohingyas were taking Hindu women as wives, often by force, which means that they must become Muslim. (Muslim women are forbidden to marry outside their faith). They don't need to proselytise with the birth rate that they have. 'Local Buddhist practice' didn't need reviving, it is a strong if not stronger than in it in Thailand. Buddhist temples are being burnt down all the time in Bangladesh, often by Rohingya refugees. So, now I can sit back and wait to be accused of Islamophobia and/or racism.
  15. Is it OK to kill to protect Buddhism?

    It isn't happening in the name of Buddhism, that is an argument invented by Muslims who see everything in terms of religion. What is happening is happening in the name of big business, the Burmese oil reserves which are going to China and not the West, and a lot of other things. The appearance of religious figures that encourage military action in circumstances like these is a normal phenomenon.