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  1. Read the original post. Dogs aren't babies., they fight sometimes.
  2. Yes indeed, there are a lot more bars in Udon. I know the place. If that's what you came to Thailand for, go to Udon.
  3. The reason so many people seem to dislike Buriram is the reason why I like it. It's a peaceful, unstressed place. Plenty of development going on and the roads are generally good.
  4. Maybe ฿500 - ฿1500.- Dunno.
  5. Vet visit I reckon as apparently nobody cleaned the wound, applied antibiotic or bandage.
  6. I'm not sure but I believe there must be different varieties of Opuntia; the one I saw in North Africa was much spinier than the one photographed above, which I also have (!) and isn't a weed at all, up to now anyway. I also didn't realise it was an Opuntia! I just let the smallish fruits fall off.
  7. Blimey, I have been growing tomatoes for 40 years and never felt the need to use a special twine. Not that I can grow tomatoes here.
  8. It has taken generations of selection and care to produce the citrus fruit that we have now. In all likelihood out of a hundred seedlings, one might produce a decent fruiting tree.
  9. Same here. I imported mine. I am more interested in a rain gauge in order to see if it has rained enough. Surprising how you can misjudge how much rain there was overnight or over the weekend when you were away.. I also have a weather station which plots results on my PC which gives me more information than I know what to do with. (Edit). It should be easy enough to make one yourself, some kind of a funnel would be necessary.
  10. Jeez, are you aware of how much a concrete block weighs, and how much sand, cement and water has to be mixed to build a wall? My pump was hearting, believe me. Try it.
  11. Spirits flourish wherever there are people that believe in their existence. Spend a couple of days meditating in a mountain temple (bamboo hut) and see what happens to you. I have experienced some strange things and there is no doubt that shamanism is live and kicking here in Thailand. Many Buddhist monks spend their lives communicating with these phenomena and learning how to deal with it. Most Thais will have experienced stuff that sophisticated Farangs just scoff at, things that they have no idea about in their Pattaya fleshpots mocking the superstitious Thai peasant. It can go from divining lotto numbers to retrieving long lost family members. Never mind, this is the world many of them live in and it's real for them.
  12. Thanks for the advice which I will consider seriously. However: Exercise: sorry, BS. You may have read that I just finished 140 metres of garden wall and (consequently) I won't be buying any dumbbells any time soon, I really, quite earnestly, believe that this whole "take some exercise" business, in my case at least, is a load of B***s. I actually do believe that physical work is good for you. I do go swimming, the best exercise available, now and then
  13. Indeed! I must have employed a hundred people in my small seasonally working firm and I saw just about everything. The things that most annoyed me were: saying they knew how to do it and finding out a day later that this wasn't true. refusing to change their way of doing things because they had 'always done it like that' assuming that they knew better. All these things are to be found in Thailand, lack of a rational education just puts another slant on it. My wife has told me that she had seen on TV and therefore must be true: tie up a red dress outside your house or the husband stealer spirit will take your husband (never found out what 'take your husband' actually meant). Fill up with fuel in the morning and you will get more for your money (I did the calculation and came up with a maximum potential saving of 15ml). It's OK to drive with only your parking lights (sometimes called sidelights) on at night. It's what I like about Thailand, I am constantly putting my brain through mental gymnastics to work out the why, don't always succeed of course.
  14. Thanks for the mostly helpful answers up to now, Sheryl confirmed what I had suspected. Reading snippets of information here and there just complicates things. Thanks Sheryl. There were remarks about alcohol: I do enjoy a good beer occasionally (which excludes most Thai beers) but I also enjoy having some money left over at the end of the month.I don't smoke. I am advised to take more exercise. I finished 140 metres of garden wall a few weeks ago and am at present renovating the poultry house and compound. In between taking the dogs for walks and gardening I'm not sure where I can fit in time for 'exercise' which I find to be a ridiculous notion.
  15. Aged 70, active, feeling healthy and now an ex-alcoholic, I had my first blood test for 16 years yesterday.... Liver, kidneys and urine etc levels ok but I got: Cholesterol 242 (should be 150 - 200) Triglyceride 161 (should be <150) LDL-CHOC 160 (should be <130). No surprise I suppose but the good doctor (he'll be around 60, Chinese -Thai, good English) recommended: Eat beef AND pork. I thought pork would be a no no. No poultry. As long as it contains no skin and isn't cooked in saturated oil, I should have thought that this was a healthy food. We have ducks, chickens and geese. No eggs. I thought eggs had been re-established as healthy unless you have diabetes No prawns. I guess he means seafood generally. I don't believe this although the amount of chemicals and antibiotics present in prawns might be a good reason to moderate consumption. No butter or lard, cut down on sugar. I thought lard had been rehabilitated? I spent an hour or so on internet today trying to find definitive answers. Any recommendations as to who to believe? I have always been a believer in moderation as far as eating is concerned and if I don't get any convincing information I shall continue as before apart from the sugar and butter recommendation. Thanks.