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  1. Not that this has anything to do with it but mango leaves can kill grazing livestock and chickens, and also inhibit the growth of other plants (" Dried mango leaf powder completely inhibited sprouting of purple nutsedge tubers.").
  2. cooked

    Hardest languages to learn

    "WIX" means something very rude in Swiss German. It is true that German speakers have difficulties learning Swiss German for some reason. I learnt it fairly quickly and managed to run a business there for 40 years (that's Swiss German for EVERY conversation but High German for correspondence). I was told that if I was clever enough to learn THAT then Thai should be no problem for me. After 6 years my vocabulary is about 600 words and I tend to go for understanding, not participating in conversations. Reading: elementary.
  3. cooked

    2 questions about Buddha

    I have read of isolated Buddhist communities that passed down the oral traditions for centuries. When contact with other Buddhist communities was resumed, little distortion was found to have taken place.
  4. The fear is of social rejection and shame, in the villages at least, HIV still has the same status it had in Europe in the 80s. Even STDs are hidden. My wife had to insist on taking a friend to the hospital to get treated, she didn't even know what an STD after she came back from Pattaya was <deleted>. Another girl in the village died from AIDS, she didn't tell anyone and wouldn't go for treatment, even though we all knew. So bully for you and your friend, for myself I disagree that being HIV is no big deal.
  5. cooked


    There is an obligatory government insurance, costing about THB 600 I think. Everybody has that. No govenment insurance = no tax sticker for your car. In addition you can get your first or second class insurance with a private company.
  6. cooked

    2 questions about Buddha

    My wife got visibly upset when I started to explain that a "Buddha" wasn't one of the guys in orange robes living in the temple but an actual person that died a long time ago. I never broached the subject again.
  7. cooked

    Health Insurance over 70

    If you read the (Thai) small print, all the companies reserve the right to raise your premiums or restrict your coverage at any time. I believe that most of them tell you about anticipated age related automatic increases in advance. In my case I should have got repatriation insurance, as I get "free" (I already paid for it) treatment back home in Switzerland. Not available if you're over 65.
  8. cooked

    Health Insurance over 70

    When I became 70 years old, my premiums went up 50%. That's when I cancelled.
  9. cooked

    Thai kale ... what is it really?

    I very much doubt that you will find kale, to my mind it is a winter crop.
  10. I have those bugs (weevils?) also, not at the moment but they can be troublesome. I tried applying wood vinegar, alternating with Neem oil, every week. That worked pretty well. The odour keeps them away and there is a toxic effect. The bugs don't stay long enough on the leaf for them to be killed by anything stronger I think.
  11. cooked

    Separation from Ex Girlfriend my son

    Traditionally, Thais will say that a son belongs with the mother, a daughter with the father, in this kind of situation. You should bear this in mind when coming into contact with the family or other Thais that have no legal background. In my experience the Thai family courts do their best to look after the interests of the child, and of course means that the financial side will be considered. When we were in court my wife overheard two lawyers quite openly discussing (another case) which side had the most money and so deciding then and there who would win the case. Anyway custody battles are a well beaten path and the procedure is straight forward. Good luck.
  12. cooked

    Healthy foods for Monks.

    Somewhat cynically, I doubt that you will have much success. This has to come from the Thais themselves a nd that means that you would have to educate 66 million Thais to change their eating habits. I do rather object to your excluding the general population from your project, good luck anyway. I can't even change my family's eating habits, let alone those of others.
  13. Oh so you worked out that the military is the real power in Myanmar, at last, congratulations. Who would you replace her with? She would have had to resign, go back into exile, and that would be the end of that democratic experiment.
  14. 100s of thousands? Where did you get that from? What did you expect would happen when an armed rebellion takes place, demanding an independent Islamic state and that all non-Muslims be killed? You know, the usual stuff.