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  1. where to sell saffron

    You might find a top end restaurant that would appreciate a few grams. Most Thais are going to say that they already have vegetable colouring agents and it isn't a part of Thai cuisine anyway... myself I seem to be genetically incapable of tasting the difference when adding saffron and certainly wouldn't be willing to pay what saffron is worth.
  2. I have nothing against these things but I never understood their utility apart from not needing a pot. Why not find a few small pots in a 20 Baht shop and some soil at a garden centre? Up to you of course.
  3. Drive Time to Bangkok From Khon Kaen

    https://goo.gl/maps/18uaWLvqbTG2 6 hours without stopping
  4. So it won't work with most policemen presumably?
  5. Drive Time to Bangkok From Khon Kaen

    ..or https://goo.gl/maps/18uaWLvqbTG2
  6. Circular Saw-Rip Fence

    There are different qualities of plywood of course, and likely enough the guys on YouTube hadn't encountered an extremely humid climate like Thailand has. You could try using something like Conwood or even a good tropical solid wood.
  7. Extreme pruning for mango productivity

    Dunno about mangoes but this was promoted for fruit trees (apples I think) in Europe some years ago. It worked but shortened the life of the trees significantly,
  8. Amnesty International, that has that well known friend of Soros and supporter of the Saudi Arabian human rights situation, Richard Branson, on its board? If this kind of infrastructure had been set up years ago (post 1949 for instance) illegal immigration wouldn't have happened as it has and ARSA wouldn't have been able to bully Muslim villagers to participate in the rebellion of 25 August 2017 and burn down their villages as they left. There are Muslim villages completely untouched, as far as I can see they refused to join the Islamic militia. The West will NOT be getting their hands on the Myanmar oil (now going to China), a lot of which is probably under the ground in the Rakhine. No genocide has taken place. The Rakhine was 95% Muslim so this talk of minorities is nonsense, the remaining ethnic minorities were constantly being bullied and dispossessed by the Roros, they were only getting away with it because of the lack of security in the Rakhine. This is what happens when you commence an armed rebellion, with the stated aim of removing all non-Muslims from the region and forming an independent (or autonomous) Islamic state,
  9. What best car GPS Feb 2018

    Agreed. However recently after leaving the expressway at Sukhumvit and only having 500 metres to go, I discovered that Google maps doesn't work underneath the concrete BTS structures. Luckily I had got Sygic loaded at the toll booth and that was what finally guided me to my destination. It's always the last few minutes that you tend to get lost.
  10. Willy - bloody nilly, the smaller farmers are gradually being squeezed out of business due to one reason or another. This is happening all over the world and subsistence farming is only carried out by people with no other choice. MY SIL works very hard, has probably the best quality rice in the village, and after all the worry, hard work and annoyances hardly makes more than ฿20 000.- a year from it. He has vegetable plots and a few cows and chickens to get him through, frogs appear on his menu quite often. By hook or by crook, crook mostly, smaller farms are being taken over by the local merchants with sufficient machines and water at their disposal. These of course are the same guys that lend money at outrageous interests or other terms, I have seen a few family tragedies around here due to almost illiterate Thais signing bits of paper.
  11. It's possible, walnut leaves will keep mice away but also help prevent the growth of competing plants, googling seems to indicate similar results for mango. https://www.helpfulgardener.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30732 I didn't know that.
  12. Growing Camellias help please.

    This will run and run. If you're going to use chemicals instead of finding an acidic soil, then you need to ensure that the plants are able to take up iron and magnesium from the soil. We used to use Iron chelate but there are other chemicals. around. Organic material: I have been out in pine forests growing on limestone and the pH 10cm deep showed alkaline despite a deep admixture of pine needles.
  13. Growing Camellias help please.

    Clay is generally definitely not acidic, bits of bark etc won't change that. I have kept Camellias on clay alive in the past but they weren't happy. Maybe in pots with an acidic mixture, buy a pH meter on Lazada.
  14. Reversing into Parking Spaces

    "No reverse parking" sometimes because with time the exhaust fumes will discolour a wall. I wonder more about people that drive forwards into their driveways in places on a main road when they will have to reverse out onto the main road. Every day. Even after various near misses and scares. This isn't merely a Thai problem I have seen it all over the world... most people don't do consequences...
  15. Yes, right , how stupid of me and all the other farmers around here. The fact that we have no rain here for a couple of months and no access to water at all in that time might have something to do with our stupidity? Of course it's all a capitalist plot to keep everyone poor. Thanks for the advice. My next post: DO NOT PLANT fruit trees, they will all die.