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  1. grego49

    Teacher charged in fatal Chon Buri accident

    And this is why Thailand will always be a third world country,
  2. At least it was only a kicking,usually guns and knives as par for the course here,
  3. grego49

    immigration home visit

    Up the 323 they are visiting all retirement and marriage extensions,a mate just had his visit of 5 officers for a marriage extension,same adress over 10 years,same wife and child that started out as a nipper now a teenager,wanted more pictures inside and outside of their house and meet the neighbors,same every year.
  4. grego49

    Big Joke arrests Korean on 13 year "overstay"

    So why havent the caught the red bull clown? If that caught this bloke on a red notice?????
  5. grego49

    What we all know

    I have always wondered why a single person needs 800,000 to look after himself and a married person with a wife and possibley a couple of kids to look after only needs 400,000 ??
  6. Recently in Pattaya the guys selling fake watches and sun glasses were definitely not thai,my guess was they were indian,
  7. At ,east you get one ,Kanchanaburi dont issue them period,same they refuse to do 90 day reports on line
  8. And we wonder why these clowns cant make money when its run by idiots,,,
  9. grego49

    6 months In a calendar year

    Have to agree,why would anyone pull 800,000 baht out of a super fund usually getting 7% plus and put it in a thai bank and get what 1 1/2---2% interest..
  10. I was at Jomtien on Monday morning at one stage you couldnt get up the stairs to get a ticket,it was packed,