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  1. Elvis has already left the building,,,,,
  2. Do the crime do the time,simple.
  3. The more the car costs the more ignorant thai drivers become.
  4. New crackdown sees darts BANNED in Pattaya

    Absolute morons,what next.
  5. Ban Phe Dezza

    Did that at kanchanaburi last year with a stat dec they wanted bank statements showing deposites,letters from oz government stating i was recieving pension.another way mate is to use an agent.
  6. Jilted man kills boyfriend of lover in Bangkok

    I believe the guns they are always waving around on thai soapies has a lot to do with it,
  7. And were the bank staff who opened the accounts sacked ?
  8. Zimbabwe Family Still Stuck At Suvarnabhumi

    Send the country shoppers home,,,
  9. In bkk they conferscate bikes off hoons,will they take their cars too,
  10. The only problem now is its getting harder to open a bank account,a mate went to all banks in kanchanaburi, only one that would open an account was krungsi at robinsons after much debate even krungsi in town would'nt do it
  11. The bank people who opened these accounts should be sacked for a start.
  12. Russian woman attacked on Koh Phi Phi

    Proberly the same female that didnt want to pay her bill in hua hin...