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  1. Buriram,eye tests and brake reaction test(that a lot of thais fail)and no video.and got 6 years too,cheers
  2. grego49

    Mu Pa citizenship approval explained

    The smile on thai kids face tells it all
  3. If this the case what the red bull clown.
  4. One of the biggest problems is that the clowns see this crap every day on thai soapies.
  5. grego49

    OPINION: Change Thailand’s helmet culture

    Had a chat with a policeman quite a while ago and suggested they double the fine for not wearing a helmet his answer was thais cant afford that i said simple wear a helmet and it doesn't matter how much the fine is he kept saying thais cant afford it.
  6. grego49

    Krabi student killed outside school

    Wonder if they book the car for double parking like most thais to lazy to park properly and walk 50 mtrs.
  7. In the past 2 months i have taken 2 friends to my branch of the Krungsri bank and both have opened accounts without any problems after they had refused by bbk bank and kasikorn and siam comm,cheers
  8. Another clown on a unregistered bike.
  9. 5,000 baht fine bit steep,you only get 500 baht for running amoke with a sword in a road rage indecent.
  10. This is why Thailand will never be more than a 3rd world country,they always brag that they were never cononialised,mabe if they had been they might have a decent honest police force,
  11. More from the so called religion of peace...
  12. Aussies would nener wear socks with sandels thats a pommie thing,,,,
  13. I believe the biggest problem is the police getting off their you know what and doing their job,in my city they have a blitz every now and again and get plenty but then you dont see them again for a few weeks so its back to normal,no helmets,unregistered bikes and cars.
  14. Another clown that needs to be locked up.