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  1. Aussies would nener wear socks with sandels thats a pommie thing,,,,
  2. I believe the biggest problem is the police getting off their you know what and doing their job,in my city they have a blitz every now and again and get plenty but then you dont see them again for a few weeks so its back to normal,no helmets,unregistered bikes and cars.
  3. Another clown that needs to be locked up.
  4. Most Thais wouldnt know a garbage bin if it jumped up and bit them,most of their rubbish gets thrown in the streets.
  5. Only have to look at how many of these clowns walk into you at supermarkets or on the street.
  6. Another idiot that shouldnt have a lience or a bike.
  7. More advertising for the family friendly resort town.
  8. Should not be limited to Phuket should be all over Thailand,
  9. grego49

    Russian tourist arrested over iPhone theft

    More idiot Russian tourists
  10. Usual slap on the wrist coming up.
  11. Would they go to the same trouble for a Brit or Aussie????
  12. grego49

    Speeding car kills roadside vendor

    RIP young lady,brake failure is reserved for bus and truck drivers only.
  13. 500 baht fine as usual,should .lock the bastard up.
  14. Most only open passenger window and ask your destination then drive off, bit hard to get their name.