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  1. crazykopite

    Louis Vuitton scarf in London lands PM in the soup

    Not a grey hair in sight either
  2. I have two bank accounts with no problems what so ever I am married but not to a Thai and up until a year ago my wife also had a bank account , we are on an extension of stay visa ( Retirement ) as some insist on calling it. Last month I took my friend to the yellow bank and within 20 minutes having 50,000 baht in cash he came out with a savings account book and a debit card his visa at the time was a 90 day visa which has since been converted to an extension of stay . I am surprised when I hear of people having difficulties opening a saving bank account here in Thailand . When I took my friend to the yellow bank they even tried to persuade me to have a savings account with themso there are banks out there who welcome new clients regardless of nationality .
  3. Should have been given a weeks holiday in Samui prison for attempted fraud and wasting police time .
  4. Only 2 million baht should of gone for all those watches !
  5. crazykopite

    Clear a long overstay!?

    12 years how long does your passport last for in the U.K. it’s 10 years which is good compared to other countries. 12 years OV and there’s me worried about my 2 day being late for my 90 day reporting
  6. crazykopite

    Salted Pool nightmare ; salt on deck everywhere

    Looking at your testing result the PH is looking far to high you need to get it down that should sort your problem out .
  7. crazykopite

    Salted Pool nightmare ; salt on deck everywhere

    Why waste all your time and energy trying to resolve this issue bring in a pool maintenance team who know what they are doing . Once they have it under control you can then make a decision as to whether they maintain it or you take over the task . Salt pools are far better than going back to the old chlorine pool .
  8. crazykopite

    Yellow Housebook and Thai Id card

    Can anyone tell me the advantages of having a yellow house book and a Thai ID card, does it make it easier when doing your yearly immigration visit , someone once told me that with a yellow book you could walk into a car showroom and purchase a motor vehicle without the need to get a letter from immigration for proof of address .
  9. crazykopite

    Breakdown of Funeral Costs in Thailand

    A friend past on 2 years ago all in cost was 30,000 baht which included 3 nights in a refrigerated shaped coffin, when I go it can be a couple of bags of charcoal in a hole in the garden no monks just a few friends and a few beers to see me on my way !
  10. There was me thinking he was going to prison , Times have changed it appears no doubt more street battles if he gets into power somehow I think the current ruling government will put an end Tom his political career.
  11. None of these are election winners that’s if there is ever going to be an election. It seems to me that the poorest will be hit the hardest we have already seen fuel increases in the past month or two .Thailand is becoming more expensive than its neighbouring countries which in the long term will hurt the tourism industry .
  12. Will be doing an extension of stay in the next couple of weeks on Samui and picked up a requirement list the other week from Samui immigration . As the house I reside in is owned in the company name what is the requirement I know a copy of the blue book is a requirement what else would be required for example copy of the land title , building permit the reason I ask is that on the list they gave me it stated “ rental agreement “ I presume that would be for those renting a property . Thanks in anticipation.
  13. There are a number of Countries who now even offer citizenship in the EU if you invest over £500,000 that type of money is peanuts to her and her brother .
  14. When I got my licence on Samui it was a requirement to have a medical and a letter from immigration confirming where I was staying . I know a couple of people who got a licence on a tourist visa . The 1st licence lasts for one year only ,you cannot renew it until the year is up after that they are renewable every 5/6 years and cost about 600 baht