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  1. I am not a do gooder far from it but the days of humiliation toward a child are long gone no need to whip or beat them there are other alternatives.nothing worse than a child beater or a wife beater in today’s society regardless of the background you come from 😬
  2. When I first came to the Kingdom 12 years ago I witnessed a mother take a small branch off a tree and started whipping her daughter who was no older than 8 years of age , it was unbelievable the way she was whipping this poor girl such was my shock I offered her money to stop whipping the child she just laughed in my face . I will never ever forget that little girls tears you could see on her face the pain she was enduring but nobody intervened the explanation given to me was that was the normal punishment for disobedience.
  3. Surely if he was hit from behind by a car then that’s cars insurance should be paying for his treatment YES or NO !
  4. Special forces ! No doubt parachuting down from the sky when they spot you flicking your fag end onto the sand . No dartboards , No Bridge clubs , and now no smoking on the Beaches no wonder the adverts tell the world “ Amazing Thailand “ 🤣
  5. Is it April Fools Day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. They should spend there days raiding Thai properties where there is wide spread gambling only a few days ago I witnessed a card school of around 12 Thais playing cards and gambling one of them was dressed in what looked like a police uniform.
  7. Sewage pipes on the beach meaning the waste is dumped into the sea , that is one more reason why I would never ever take a trip to Pattaya 😬
  8. Bar problem

    Why not give her a good beasting for a couple of hours, pay her plus a tip and say your goodbyes . You can then go to bed knowing that when you wake your wallet and possessions have not vanished
  9. Briton dies on bus from Bangkok to Phetchabun

    I have always lived each day as my last and long may it continue RIP to the deceased 🙏🏻
  10. French man busted for working without a permit

    He must of upset someone in the condo industry either that or he has some jealous neighbors
  11. If he leaves a Thai will he can pick and choose who he wants to leave his riches to I was always under the impression if he did not make a will 50% goes to his wife and 50 % goes to his children
  12. His best bet would be to buy a condo in his own name , he cannot own land or a house in his name but he can own a condo . I would try that avenue of persuasion but at his age he is going to do what others don’t want him to do also make sure he makes out a will. It is very easy to find out if he is legally married as it has to be registered if it’s just a monks blessing which it may well be he is not officially married. Hope you can get him sorted before he loses everything .