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  1. But there is no case to answer why go there he has already stated nothing happened . I hope the interview will be done in the presence of a high ranking British police officer as well as a lawyer and that the interview is recorded .
  2. Here on Koh Samui they do not allow reporting on line I think we must be the only ones in Thailand who do not have this facility so next week I will spend a 3 hour round trip just to say hello as I live on the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan it’s an absolute pain in the @$$ . My friend was doing his 10 days ago and asked when it would be up and running they told him he has to keep coming in person
  3. And the winner will be announced the day before
  4. Think whoever wrote this article is taking us all for a ride they have not responded to any of the remarks or questions put to them , yet they claim they need urgent advice for a damsel in distress or are they to stoned out of their mind
  5. In Samui prison you can only give money you can no longer take food or other items they used to have food carts outside where you could buy food for them but I heard all that has stopped as other items were being smuggled in the food . The last time I went and did a visit there it was a nightmare it was a 2 hour round trip with a 10 minute visit
  6. I know of people caught with weed just enough for themselves ie no more than 1 spliff they have gone to Samui courts and been fined 30,000 baht no bribes . I suppose it depends who the judge is on the day if she had more than the acceptable a,punt they could look at her as a dealer but one way or the other she is in the dock as they say do the crime pay in time Samui prison has many foreigners doing time for the same offence . I think you will find that if she does not have a lawyer then the court will provide one it has to be a Thai lawyer as far as I am aware . As for the passport issue if she has details on her phone I don’t think that will be to much of a problem better she tells the truth than bury herself in deeper shit . Good luck !
  7. crazykopite

    All Luxury Watches Returned To 'Friend,' Prawit Says

    I am shocked how did he return them to his friend who sadly passed along time ( tic tic ) ago ⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱⏱
  8. You can buy them at Home Pro then get your water from a supplier , the water in the blue bottle is much better as it has gone through a better filtering system , sadly plastic around the world is a big issue and until there is a better way of teaching people the dangers to the environment it will only get worse . Here on Phangan when on the beach I can fill a black bag with all types of unfriendly items within 30 minutes. We all need to try and do our bit so well done in your effort and good luck.
  9. Anywhere else in a civilised country this teacher would have bee prosecuted in a court of law and suspended from teaching whilst awaiting trial another reason why the adverts say Amazing Thailand
  10. If you have a million baht to throw away then why not it’s up to the individual for myself I am okay spending about 3/4 hours once a year preparing and applying for my yearly extension of stay. I could understand if those who have this membership were exempt from doing the 90 day report but there not .
  11. crazykopite

    Retired foreign couples, do they exist in Thailand?

    There are plenty of retired foreign married couples I and my wife are from the U.K. and have lived in Thailand since 2006 .we live in Southeren Thailand which is very popular maybe up your neck of the woods there are not so many . We chose this area for the weather and the beautiful beaches we know of many other foreign married couples like ourselves in the area .
  12. A once famous road known throughout the world that generated millions of baht for the economy turned into a graveyard by self serving idiots
  13. Was Trump a draft dodger by any chance ?
  14. Problem in Thailand is that you go to any store no one bothers to look at your card they just accept that it belongs to you .