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  1. The French are pussies. Just a one stab suicide? Remember the Russian a few years ago? ... Stabbed himself six times to commit suicide.
  2. Looks perfectly normal to me.
  3. I was on the plane to Dubai and the guy next to me asked me what I thought about Thailand. I told him the truth, the good, the bad and the fake. Turns out he was a Thai MP.
  4. Am I correct in saying that what these boys did warrants a fine and public humiliation when motorbikes are exempt from the law enforcement for doing the same thing?
  5. Nah ... they eat too much of that Farangepan. Just like eating too much gooksoup makes Asians a little crazy.
  6. The Islamic extremists have had the Malaysian government very nervous since I lived there 10 years ago. Appeasement is what they do with the radical Islamist but you know the saying "Give them an inch and they'll take a mile."
  7. BTS riders grumpy over possible fare hikes

    BTS never has and never will care about what customers think about them. For God's sake, it took a military government order just to get lifts for the elderly, injured or handicapped.
  8. Immigration has the exact same information when we make an extension. So Why??? If Immigration sees you have a valid extension then they know the information is on file.
  9. A THB 10,000 fine would do wonders for their attitude.
  10. ??? "up to 16 years"??? Does than mean 6 months to 16 years???
  11. Nigel Farage was 100% correct in saying the European Parliament is in a state of denial as are most Europeans.
  12. If the developers don't kill tourism in Bangkok the BMA will.
  13. Whew ... thank God the security guards were there.
  14. The only reason I read this was the headline. I thought a woman was going to get a penis attached. I mean ... that is something different, isn't it?