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  1. "Leaseso mean nothing In Thailand not worth the paper there written on." In the US there are credit reporting agencies. The vast majority of landlords and rental agencies use these to check credit history and if there are any evictions on one's record. If there is an eviction or bad credit, it makes it impossible to rent other than finding a private landlord who doesn't go thru that formality. I guess that's uncommon (to check a credit history) when renting in Thailand? Perhaps Thais don't have access to credit histories for farangs - I remember being surprised when Canadian banks told me they don't have access to US credit histories. So if one walks out on a lease, that is the end of it? There wouldn't be an eviction involved of course in this case but there would be a default on a credit record. Would a landlord sue for the unpaid rent? I guess a landlord may feel it would be too difficult to sue a non-citizen and collect even if the landlord wanted to?
  2. "Been a vegan for 27 years and Thailand is the most accommodating (India too) in my extensive travels throughout Asia and Europe. Even better if one speaks Thai (or has someone who can explain)." Good news (and what I was expecting). What is your experience in other Asian countries? My impression from reading guide books is that it will be difficult in Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam except perhaps for a few spots in the largest cities. And I'm slowly working on speaking Thai but know nothing of any other Asian languages. The Happy Cow is great, and will add the Trip Advisor app now - added many apps for Thai travel yesterday but forgot about that one. Also will look thru the Happy Cow app tonight and see what it has for the neighboring countries to Thailand to get an idea - but very interested also in your experiences.
  3. Thanks. I'd already copied the "Jae" into Paint from where it appeared earlier in this thread and will print it and scan it into my phone -- just put your "MSG" into Word and will do the same.
  4. Thanks. I've misused the term then - my Thai restaurant for the last 10 years or so will cook on request "variants of Thai dishes without animal protein (usually substituting with tofu)" and will also make it without animal products. So it's the deliciously spiced Thai food but vegan. On the order ticket they write "J" but I didn't realize that classicly that means something else.
  5. If it was one barking dog or one loud kid you would stand a chance of getting something done about it. With multiple dogs that they haven't trained, and multiple kids which they haven't trained, unfortunately I agree with the consensus - move and sacrifice the deposit which I hope wasn't too many months. But even if the deposit is a lot - is it worth 10 more months of what you describe? I wouldn't be able to stand it for the 2 months you've been there so far, let alone a full year. Before renting, I've parked outside at night and listened to the neighborhood and the neighbors, same during the day.
  6. I've been meaning to start a thread about vegetarian/vegan eating in Thailand and SE Asia, but since there are obviously some vegetarians/vegans here - I imagine that it's not too hard to get jae food on the street and restaurants in Thailand. But reading some tour guidebooks on Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam, it seems it would be quite hard. Correct? Would be interested in your experiences. And I agree based on a Thai restaurant I've gone to in the USA, Thai people are very aware of jae food and take it seriously. (I would also specify no MSG - how to request that in Thailand?). I've previously made notes about the Vegetarian Week, and look forward to it when I'm there.
  7. Ignore the above post - I just explored more. It's also showing Chiangrai = Gaia Stations 01/02/03 at 167/156/152. But then I see it shows Natural Resources and Environment Office, Chiangrai at 59, and Maesai Health Office, Chiangrai at 80. Something seems wrong with this sort of differential in the same city.
  8. I use a phone app called "Air Quality". Right now it's showing Chaing Rai at 157. The 2.5 is all red for the day, and the PM10 is yellow except for 2 orange hours.
  9. In the USA, after (I believe) 7 years (or less, maybe 5?), the debt is no longer collectible if they never pursued action, and the credit reporting agencies remove the debt from one's credit report. If one pays back anything before that time, the 7 years begins anew. So depending on how long ago this was, what the law is in your country and Thailand, how credit reporting agencies in Thailand work, etc., you'd be best served by assessing all of this first and making a judgement call on how to proceed as far as contacting the credit card companies or not.
  10. "Rogue Elephant | Definition of Rogue Elephant by Merriam-Webster Define rogue elephant: a vicious elephant that separates from the herd and roams alone" I guess the definition of "rogue elephant herd" is "Elephants living in the wild (as they're meant to) and not respecting 'Private Property' signs."
  11. What are the plastic bags on the tree?
  12. Sounds great.
  13. "That asked, there are some wonderful other countries to go to "the list" Which ones?
  14. 1st 2 episodes of "Better Call Saul"s new season which began April 10th. Entertaining so far - setting up this season's multiple storylines. Always wish the episodes were longer.
  15. Rephrasing it: Is there any difficulty in using VPN's in Thailand?