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  1. Numerous properties in the USA are posted with signs stating "Private Parking. Unauthorized parked cars will be towed." And listing the name and phone number of the tow company. Tow truck drivers love zooming over and towing illegally parked cars as they collect outrageous fees when the owners come to claim their cars. I'm surprised a simple solution like these has never been attempted.
  2. stop feeding street dogs

    It reduces the population which helps solve the other things you've mentioned.
  3. stop feeding street dogs

    Having the dog population fixed would solve the problem. Feeding them AND getting them fixed would solve the problem. The Government would have to take the initiative on this. I realize the prevailing opinion in the forum - which may very well be accurate - is that they won't - and are incapable of doing so.
  4. PS - They are coming out with a new model soon - was originally supposed to be out last month but its release is delayed. So you may wish to wait and get the newer (more expensive) model. IIRC - Larger screen with color - supports more coins - info on their site. However, I've had no issues with the current model and am happy with it.
  5. Yes, they always follow up - very rare with email cs unfortunately. Purchase your Trezor direct from them and not from anyone else including their "authorized" resellers.
  6. "MUST WATCH!!! USI-TECH IS STILL NOT PERMITTING WIDTHDRAWALS FROM MEMBERS!!!! " https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA8howxOalA Published on Feb 3, 2018 They still allow deposits, but do not allow withdrawals. Nothing suspicious about that. " I am more than very comfy with my investment with them." Still comfy? "The new coin that USI is mining will be in the top 10 coins this year." Any reason for this? Who are their developers? Where is their Whitepaper available? Who with any credibility feels the same way/has endorsed this organization? I assume by "top 10 coin" you are referring to what you expect it's market cap to be. What possible method of evaluation could convince you of that?
  7. "That would indicate to me that the coins and coin info are being stored in the cloud or at the 'Trezor' website or servers... " Every Bitcoin ever created exists on the Blockchain, a public ledger, and nowhere else. The Trezor stores your "private keys". This is a string of letters and numbers - just as a Bitcoin is - that show that you are the owner of the Bitcoin in question. Trezor has excellent email cs and can answer further questions. There are also numerous Youtubes showing how to setup and use the Trezor, and no doubt videos explaining the safety and security of the device.
  8. Nothing will happen because of the politicians and their connection to the gun lobby. America has the best politicians money can buy. (Along with every other country).
  9. I wouldn't go near USI Tech - haven't spent much time looking at it - they left Canada because they were looked at as selling securities and they hadn't registered with the Canadian securities commission. https://hotmlmcompanies.com/usi-tech-warning-alert-issued-by-new-brunswick-canada/ " USA and Canada are really having issues with this whole crypto thing. Some companies are shutting down ops there. " Again, this, like Bitconnect, does not relate to CRYPTO regulations. Far from companies shutting down in the USA due to crypto regulations, there is more and more Wall Street and venture capital funds - fully regulated, AML/KYC compliant - entering crypto.
  10. Bitconnect was an actual Ponzi - a term which is generally misused - and a very obvious one - you "loan" them your BTC and they pay you 1% interest PER DAY. They were shut down by 2 states for being a scam, and now have folded. USI Tech seems to have been connected with them in some way. This is consumer affairs. It's not related to USA and Canada crypto regulation. Bitconnect did have highly professional marketing however - who could possibly have guessed it was a scam based on this: "Proof That BitConnect Is NOT A Scam [All Evidence So Far]" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbR1SXIje1U&feature=share
  11. I don't recall reading of any crypto companies shutting down in those countries due to those countries having crypto issues. Mining has been moving to the state of Washington and to Canada. What companies have shut down due to US and/or Canadian issues?
  12. running bare-chested

    "man boobs" = moobs
  13. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    It relates to smoke in Chang Mai. Seems valid to me. Also it's good to see Lola showing concern about smoke.
  14. What's the minimum age for a motorcycle driver's license?