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  1. chuckd

    Ecuador 'analysing' Snowden asylum request: FM

    The "right wingers here" couldn't care less what happens to Snowden. He will evetually be arrested and tried for treason and go to jail. The "right wingers here" are much more concerned about the current governments continued and increasing violation of the constitutional rights of Americans than Snowden's unusual travel predicament. However the NSA subject is off topic and not allowable under forum rules. Ta.
  2. chuckd

    Driving in Thailand

  3. chuckd

    Ecuador 'analysing' Snowden asylum request: FM

    26 million is peanuts & nowhere near the billions you tried to imply 9 million this year pfft Go look at countries the billions given to countries that do fine on their own. See who they are But I do believe the USA should give $$$ to none at all. Food, meds....sure But $$$ no, charity begins at home & we are broke I did not imply anything. Reread what I originally wrote. The issue is what your mind tells you when you read things is not consistent with reality or the drafter's intent. $ 9,000,000.00 this year up to what month? Nice how you cut that out of may statement you quoted so you could misstate facts and what I wrote. You are very deceptive. Even $ 5,000,000 to a bunch of little countries adds up and I would prefer the money spent at home. With the money being paid to Ecuador, the IRS could have had one, maybe two, employee get togethers at some plush resort.
  4. chuckd

    Drivers license

    Do they provide a vehicle for the driving test or must you bring your own? Bring your own. No vehicles provided.
  5. That would excplain why they charged me 360 baht for blood pressure medication that I pay 300 baht for in a small village west of Udorn.
  6. chuckd

    Drivers license

    I did it from scratch in Loei. My US driver's license had expired in 1988 and my Saudi driver's license was in Arabic. No joy there. I took with me a doctor's certificate. Cost me 30 baht from the village witch doctor, but it worked. The DL people gave me a booklet to read and become familiar with the questions, road signs, etc. I read this while sitting through the obligatory movie of about 30 minutes. Took the eye test for color blindness and the reaction test with no problem. Passed the multiple choice question test. Must get 23 of 30 to pass. Went outside where they asked me to drive around a track laid out on the grounds without having an accident. Accomplished all this, went inside, paid my money and got my license. A little over 4 hours, start to finish.