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  1. Hi Guys, I am looking for advice on the best hospitals in Bangkok that are very good and not too costly. Unfortunately, my wife who is Cambodian, has been very ill for over 8 months. She has had numerous blood tests for many different things, MRI, CT scans, Lumbar punctures, Biopsies, x-rays, urine tests, poop tests and others that I can not remember. This has all been done in Ireland by infectious disease specialists, ENT doctors, Dermo doctors and Eye doctors. We are now at a stage where we think we would be better off finding help in Thailand as the doctors here think as she is Cambodian, she is likely to have some kind of tropical disease that they do not see every day here in Ireland. We have already been living in Ireland 2 years. My wife was first diagnosed with tonsillitus, then the flu then meningitis! She has not recovered, and the doctors can not find what caused the meningitis and other symptoms which include swollen lymph nodes in neck and around the body, she also suffers from different kinds of rashes with joint pains that come and go. The specialist first thought it was TB meningitis, and started treatment for TB which is a 6-9 month treatment course but she has not got any better being on this treatment. The latest is that she may have a parasite called toxacariaris (not sure how to spell) and she had a maximum dosage of this treatment but doctor is not a 100% this is the problem. She is still on the TB treatment, been on it for 5 months already. Anyway, this gives you an idea of her illness but I am not sure what kind of specialist to go see so would appreciate it if anyone can recommend the best hospital for something like this, I would imagine smaller clinics would not be specialised enough but not sure. Thanks