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  1. No water in Khao Takiap For Two Days.

    Plenty of water at the Hilton resort.
  2. The No Smoking policy will probably be added to your Tourists Visa Stamp at arrival when clearing immigration.

    I knew there was no direct billing just as long as TRICARE eventually will reimburse unlike MEDICARE who I believe won't.

    Anyone know if Tricare for Life is excepted in Thailand?
  5. I hate seeing these stories - especially just before I head back to Thailand but thankful to be in the know. Prayers for a full recovery.
  6. Unfortunately Smokers will jump through hoops to have a butt.
  7. To late to change my travel plans to HAU HIN in early December but after reading this I’ll definitely stay out of the water. I booked a cooking class and morning cycle tour so far. Any other suggestions?
  8. Booze sales banned on beach starting in Oct.

    Chair rentals going up $.
  9. The Good old days before the Walking Street existed!
  10. The strange side effect of tattoos

    Tats are like children.... Those with them, have to live with them.
  11. RIP with the linens of your choice. Man, there are some real pips on this site..
  12. No mater what the truth and circumstances are this is a very sad story and hopefully that man will get help healing.
  13. Elephant kills Scottish tourist on Koh Samui

    Shame on the authorities. No one expects to return from their vacation in a coffin. RIP...