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  1. My days of living beachside in that beautiful Pattaya fishing village in the 60s has long faded.
  2. I almost chocked on my coffee when I first read your comment impulse. lol
  3. Overstay question

    Legal options or change your travel plans.
  4. Excellent article - Now lets hear his complaints...
  5. Very cool live webcam on Sukhumvit Road Bangkok

    Great. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Two different situations. Just being a veteran does not; however, retired military with a military pension does.
  7. Pushie people who disregard a queue.
  8. I agree with the fine and would also like to see them clean it up with the public watching. Don’t want Bangkok replacing Athens Greece as the graffiti capital of the world.
  9. Hopefully they will be recognized at Immigrations!
  10. No way we’re there 100 staff cleaning up unless your counting the removal of bleaches and barricades.
  11. No water in Khao Takiap For Two Days.

    Plenty of water at the Hilton resort.