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    Dns fault

    Hi mate, There are different ways how to setup Smart DNS. I have an account since 3 years and never had issues, Did you setup the DNS Servers from Smasrt DNS in your router? And your devices are getting the IP via DHCP from the router? Login into your account.. A bit down, you see "Acount Home" at the right hand site "Options". Click to options and choose Smart DNS Proxy API. Copy the link, it looks like http://www.globalapi.net/sdp/api/IP/update/and_some_digits Paste the link in a web browser using a device in the same local network. The output should be Go back to your DNS Account to "Account home" check if your IP is activated. If the DNS is not green I am pretty sure you have a wrong setup in your router. My advice: At the beginnig I had the same setup like you, I have changed my routers DNS. After my internet was very slow. I wouldn´t use the Smart DNS Proxy, DNS servers for my PC´s, Smart phones, etc. In my router I am using the DNS Servers from OpenDNS. I gave my fire TV stick´s, Alexa, Playstation a static IP using the DNS from Smart DNS Proxy. Don´t forget to update always the WAN IP I am using a Raspberry and run a script for http://www.globalapi.net/sdp/api/IP/update/and_some_digits How do you that? I guess you can not update it with any DynDNS Domain. Cheers Skiller
  2. skiller

    Dns fault

    Hi, did you update your IP adress when you are logged in into your smart dns proxy account? You can login with your smart phone, your smart phone must be in the same local network like your devices you like to use. For me a Raspberry does the job and update ever 5 minutes my ip. Cheers
  3. skiller

    Who has GOOD internet for IPTV Streaming in BKK

    @@ Pib your result sounds very interesting. It seems AIS is giving the full speed overseas. I am living in Sattahip using TOT. The 95 Mbps is w/o VPN the other one is my own french OpenVPN server.