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  1. realenglish1

    Bangkok could see artificial rain tomorrow

    A first easy step would be to ban BBQ sellers from using coal Us natural gas instead then make Motorcycle manufactures start producing cleaner engines They did it with cars The car mfg were screaming at the time that they could not do it but presto they did I suspect the motorcycle mfg will scream the same song Its time they to regulate them
  2. realenglish1

    Bangkok could see artificial rain tomorrow

    Wait It gets better They are reporting that dust from construction sites is a major culprit. I just shake my head and think Are Thais that gullible? I guess they are if they accept these reasons
  3. This is a tourist killer If this keeps up people are going to choose to go elsewhere where there is less pollution The pollution problem has made international headlines and I am sure it's affecting the tourist trade. Throwing water into the air and washing roads is not going to help Its a joke Start cracking down on the polluters Old buses and trucks. Motorcycles and yes they pollute. Factories that spew pollutants as well Construction sites are not creating this massive pollution problem so stop saying this ridiculous idea This is a very weak attempt at trying to assure residents that the government is doing something They are not
  4. realenglish1

    CM air pollution not so bad

    This is the real joke The local government says it is going to wet the roads down and tell construction companies to reduce dust because this is a major cause of air pollution. Do the locals really swallow this and accept this is what is happening or should the local government take the bull by the horns own up to being totally irresponsible for the bad air and not doing anything about it and start to clean it up. For starters start levying huge fines on any factory or local business that is polluting including a business that is burning rubbish. Set standard emissions factories are allowed to have. Start regulating and forcing motorcycle manufactures to lower emissions on upcoming new models. Sure they will scream and yell they cannot do it Fact is the automakers did the same but guess what they lowered emissions. Start fining people that do not turn off engines when they are parked. Street vendors are not allowed to create smoke while cooking There are systems that can trap the smoke particles. And lastly, make a serious effort to start to clean up the pollution. Build some giant air cleaners. The same as China is building https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-02704-9 You can also engage the University Students Run a contest on who can come up with a novel inexpensive way to clear the air of pollutants Watch the students get involved and see how fast ideas are created Its time the governments started to take the pollution problems in Thailand seriously If they do not then at some point the tourist trade will dry up and the tourists will start to go to countries that are cleaner
  5. I am sorry to say there is an AIS prison located on the Laos border with Thailand. Last count there were 17 falang prisoners being held in detention for not paying their AIS bill Ok I am joking I can tell you from experience this is a civil matter not criminal There is no problem Come back to Thailand and when you have time go to their office and just pay the bill It really is that simple
  6. This is the way it should be She is a true asylum seeker and deserves going to a safe haven like Canada
  7. realenglish1

    Election no later than March, Wissanu assures

    Oops, we cannot hold the election in March Has something to do with the constitution. At this point, we are not sure what it is but give us a little time and we will be able to report to you what it is I do know that the election will be slated for September. I will get back to you with the details
  8. I have lived in Panama back 25 years ago and I would say it is the best. OBTY no reporting every 3 months What an archaic rule serves no purpose other than keep some people in a job at immigration
  9. realenglish1

    Yingluck appointed head of South China port

    It will never happen
  10. 1,000 baht as a reward This woman saves his financial life 10,000 or 15,000 would have been more appropriate I would have thrown the 1,000 back at him and said NEVER MIND