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  1. No crocodile skull is worth that price Its a common skull not a dinosaur. Maybe $200 USD or stretching it $300
  2. After 10 days a Bar singer. No Thank you If she thinks a dowery is more important than love and marriage then this girl is a bad deal I have been with my Thai wife now for more than 12 years She is 28 years younger than me She never asked for a dowery Find another dude
  3. realenglish1

    What’s in Thailand’s New Mini-Submarine Project?

    Thailand needs subs like a fat boy needs chocolate cake
  4. Whatever became of the Watchgate How did he justify the watches?
  5. realenglish1

    Student-loan guarantor gets reprieve

    "The house and land plots are an inheritance from my late parents,” Vipa lamented. “Had I known that I would face such foreclosure, I would not have signed on as a guarantor.” " What did you think you had guaranteed? Although I have sympathy for her she was not well educated in loans Something Thais are not well versed on . This should be a required course in high school but sorry it is not
  6. realenglish1

    Drunk Ratchaburi Man Wakes Up Without Penis

    No, they have been hired to look for it
  7. This is science and nerves of steel by the cave divers that rescued the boys
  8. It goes down to the professionalism of the divers involved .Thailand did not take that stand that they can do it on their own They allowed people from all over the world to help out This is another reason there was success in getting them out
  9. realenglish1

    Surprise bathroom visitor: identify please

    This is a huntsman spider Not poisonous but can still give you a nasty bite be careful
  10. So if they were Thais how can they be illegals? Weird don't you think
  11. realenglish1

    Scaring pigeons away from the balcony

    I usually sneak up on them then jump up and go BOO That scares the life out of them You should try it Works well for me
  12. realenglish1

    Louis Vuitton scarf in London lands PM in the soup

    I do not understand how someone on a salary like the PM can go and buy a Louis Vuitton scarf Smells
  13. realenglish1

    Doing a runner

    Just ask her Did she make it official with the amphure or just with the monks
  14. realenglish1

    Bizarre moment it rains OCTOPUS as freakish storm sucks creatures out of sea

    This is #fakenews folks. The octopus you see in the photo is a rendering photoshopped in. This never happened. Sorry but you have been duped It was on twitter before with the original rendering
  15. More importantly What about the watches Whos watches are they