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  1. Thai Wife unable to get permanent Visa for Aus

    Very common for Thai girls to do this They have 3 or 4 guys on the hook and live off this It sounds like your son is one of them Proceed with caution
  2. Is DHL ripping me off

    I was notified that a shipment of vitamins has arrived from the USA at Thai customs The cost of the vitamins is $30 US Dollars DHL just informed me that to clear the vitamins from Customs the want to charge me 1,500 baht which is more than the cost of the goods Is his normal on a very small shipment or are they ripping me off or both
  3. They ditched the drugs Have the police trace their steps and they will find discarded drugss But of course, this is too involved for the police to do
  4. When a foreigner is found dead from a balcony mishap its always ruled Suicide However when a Thai is found dead in a pool of blood like this they investigate thoroughly and say it may be murder What a double standard
  5. Elephant dies under scorching sun in Trang

    Just because there are hundreds of years of use does not make it right
  6. Elephant dies under scorching sun in Trang

    Well it sounded like you also mistreated this poor creature. Elephants are not on earth to serve Man Shame on you
  7. This guy sounds like he was on drugs Lock him up
  8. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    It's really simple to Tell her it's you or the ex-boyfriend Period If she picks you then you must finish totally with your ex If you choose your ex-BF then tell her you are not going to be her GIG (means hidden lover) Very simple
  9. Super-tiny bugs in kitchen?

    They are called IKYDOOS
  10. Here is what they need to do Have a team of 2 officers roaming the city looking like tourists spot checking cabs on an ongoing basis They will find offenders all the time and over a period of time word will get out that it is not cool to not turn on your meter Of course, this is too logical for the Thai authorities to implement
  11. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    How is this system going to work well when they cannot even get the 90-day reporting online to function properly Pipedream
  12. Air quality in Bangkok improves, but still deemed unsafe

    As of 16:42 the air quality in Bangkok is 156 This is not an improvement There are holes in your story
  13. Just saying that to keep his job
  14. Actually, its not a bad idea Rapists should be fined and imprisoned in the west The money from the fine goes to the victim
  15. Air quality in Bangkok improves, but still deemed unsafe

    Propaganda The air quality is just as bad as last week, As a matter of fact, I just checked and the reading is 178