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  1. This is the exact reason you do not buy a condo from plans The best laid plans get cancelled I do nto have enough fingers to count the buildings that are not complete and have been partially standing for more that 5 years There is no other way to describe it If you buy a condo off of plans you are crazy Buy from a built condo at least you know you are going to get it
  2. Its clear that limiting visa waivers is hurting big time. I know of lots of people that just stopped coming because of the old rule
  3. realenglish1

    Who has GOOD internet for IPTV Streaming in BKK

    Which Internet provider are you using
  4. I currently us 3bb for streaming IPTV from the UK but it is not great I get a lot of buffering I would like to get some feedback on anyone streaming IPTV and what internet service provider without buffering problems. Tell me the package you are using and the provider. Any help is greatly appreciated
  5. realenglish1

    Flawless IPTV reseller

    Currently I use 3 BB and stream IPTV but I am getting too much buffering Can anyone recommend who is the best service provider for Internet so I do not half to deal with buffering Appreciate it
  6. realenglish1

    Why is Beer So Expensive in Thailand Grocery Stores?

    You need to try Brettweiser beer It is very cheap but some say very good with ice If you like you can buy the labels and spoof your friends and family at the next gathering Think of their reaction when they reach for a bottle with this label on it Labels are self-adhesive You can buy then at www.parodylab.com
  7. They all knew they were married You have to go down to Immigration every year to renew a marriage visa At immigration they are asked about their marriage. Whoever said they did not know are simply lying
  8. These women are not victims. They knew exactly what they were doing. Immigration is making look like victims so they don't have to prosecute them for Visa fraud. Truth is they accepted money for a sham marriage the knew about They knew it was not a legitimate marriage but then did it anyway for MONEY. No matter how you twist it, its called VISA FRAUD
  9. No crocodile skull is worth that price Its a common skull not a dinosaur. Maybe $200 USD or stretching it $300
  10. After 10 days a Bar singer. No Thank you If she thinks a dowery is more important than love and marriage then this girl is a bad deal I have been with my Thai wife now for more than 12 years She is 28 years younger than me She never asked for a dowery Find another dude
  11. realenglish1

    What’s in Thailand’s New Mini-Submarine Project?

    Thailand needs subs like a fat boy needs chocolate cake
  12. Whatever became of the Watchgate How did he justify the watches?
  13. realenglish1

    Student-loan guarantor gets reprieve

    "The house and land plots are an inheritance from my late parents,” Vipa lamented. “Had I known that I would face such foreclosure, I would not have signed on as a guarantor.” " What did you think you had guaranteed? Although I have sympathy for her she was not well educated in loans Something Thais are not well versed on . This should be a required course in high school but sorry it is not
  14. realenglish1

    Drunk Ratchaburi Man Wakes Up Without Penis

    No, they have been hired to look for it
  15. This is science and nerves of steel by the cave divers that rescued the boys