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  1. realenglish1

    Scaring pigeons away from the balcony

    I usually sneak up on them then jump up and go BOO That scares the life out of them You should try it Works well for me
  2. realenglish1

    Louis Vuitton scarf in London lands PM in the soup

    I do not understand how someone on a salary like the PM can go and buy a Louis Vuitton scarf Smells
  3. realenglish1

    Doing a runner

    Just ask her Did she make it official with the amphure or just with the monks
  4. realenglish1

    Bizarre moment it rains OCTOPUS as freakish storm sucks creatures out of sea

    This is #fakenews folks. The octopus you see in the photo is a rendering photoshopped in. This never happened. Sorry but you have been duped It was on twitter before with the original rendering
  5. More importantly What about the watches Whos watches are they
  6. realenglish1

    Election ‘11 months away’

    They keep on moving the goal post Now its May Before it was February The will find something else to move it even further down the road
  7. "The Council of Engineers has criticised the plan. The civil-engineer occupation should remain reserved for Thais because it involves people’s safety, they said. " This statement is ridiculous. It would seem to me that countries like the USA EU as well as others have safety standards well in excess of what they are in Thailand Have you ever seen a building site ?
  8. realenglish1

    Relationship dynamics w/Thai wife questions

    I have been with my wife now for over 10 years We fight That is normal And during the heat of the fight she says some nasty stuff as I do We threaten to leave each other She says she will move to her sisters and I say I will leave her Then the next day its very normal This is called marriage I would wonder if there was no fighting As far as talking about stuff Thais do not They do not like the confrontation of it So I accept that and learn to love what I always have loved about here There will always be negatives about someone you live with. You can choose to go with someone else Sure at the beginning its fun but when real life sets it more than likely you will have the same just different circumstances
  9. realenglish1

    'Suthep’s new party' to seek registration today

    Suthep ROFL
  10. realenglish1

    PHOTOS: Second largest Starbucks in the world opens in Bangkok

    Their coffee is way too bitter for me and they do not seem to have anything smoother for my taste The only reason Starbucks is successful is they were the first I have had much better coffee elsewhere
  11. realenglish1

    Thai wife wants divorce after 5 months

    Sounds like you married a gold digger Time to divorce here She can only have 50% of what you gained in the 5 months you have been married
  12. This is the calm before the storm
  13. realenglish1

    Wife as a sole trader

    OH I see So there must be some lawyers here giving information Get real
  14. realenglish1

    Are single women in Thailand into make up?

    Really Hey dude just look around at other women "Are women in Thailand into makeup" Does a fat kid love chocolate cake? In one word YES They love makeup Look at the main floor of Central All makeup and perfume