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  1. likerdup1

    T-Gel Dandruff shampoo - where in thailand??

    It's out of stock .. damn. I was starting to feel very encouraged. thanks for trying though. searching some more..
  2. Hmm, Looks like Watchara has some bad reviews on Google. Bad followup service. Maybe it's better just to stick with Mitiyan etc..
  3. Thanks, OK. Yea I have seen some price differences here and there usually, like you say 2k THB. thanks, I'll check out Watchara Marine
  4. I'm looking to buy a new Aerox and have visited some local shops in and around Pattaya. I suspect like many things in Pattaya the prices are higher because it is farang land. Anybody find a good retailer out of town? Perhaps Lam Chabang or Bang Saray? Please no casual replies, only those experienced in buying a new motorbike in the area. Thank you.
  5. likerdup1

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    You could assume that in your humble opinion, but my experience is I had very little idea of what alcoholism really is until well into many hundreds of meetings and finally meeting my 3rd sponsor who took me through the Big Book of alcoholics anonymous. If you study the book you find that about the first 3rd of the program part of the book (Dr. opinion and first 164 pages) is AA's description "of the problem as we see it". It is an allergy of the body coupled with a mental obsession. They supple several stories (including Bill W's story) to illustrate the illness called alcoholism. I knew I had a problem but once I studied the big book and it's description of alcoholism I finally go answers as to WHY I COULD NOT CONTROL MY DRINKING. That is the essence of the problem. Lack of control -- there fore I am powerless and require a power greater than myself to give me the power to abstain for good and all. What REAL alcoholics need is a good groups that focus on helping new people identify. My sponsor started such a group in LA recently. They are growing like mad ... just like the Pacific group which also places huge emphasis on the program AS IT IS OUTLINED in the Big Book. Unfortunately you will find A LOT of meetings where people don't even have Big Books available and just talk about a lot of stuff other than how to recover from alcoholism the AA way.
  6. likerdup1

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    One of the best things I did for myself was to finally give up, surrender and become willing to follow direction. So what exactly did I do? I asked for help in a share back in 1993. After the meeting my first sponsor approached me. He told me I could recover and never had to drink again IF I followed his instructions. First they were simple, go to meetings and call him once a day, then the directions he gave were the steps. Hitting bottom is important in that we finally give up trying to quit on our own ideas. I will not sponsor any man who doesn't follow direction. I have had many sponsees over the years. The ones who are curious, follow through with direction and are eager to do the work have great success. The ones who don't follow the directions (basically doing the steps out of the book) I will drop and tell them why. I don't co depend any alcoholics lack of willingness to do the work. All we have is the steps to give and our experience with doing them. Either I do the program or I don't. There is no "coming in and going out" there is only doing or not doing IMHO
  7. likerdup1

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    Forgive me but to me this is a problem. Assumptions.. We have too much miscommunication, assumption, misunderstanding of what the AA program truly is. The fellowship and the program are two different things. Until somebody actually asks me for help I don't know if they want it or not. And in AA asking for help means we suggest the program - IF they are really alcoholic. My current sponsor actually vetted me to see if I was really alcoholic and I applaud him for it! He is a rock star AA in my view having started two very popular meetings, very successful in business and over 30 years sober. Another problem is since many AA's don't really know the program they will pounce on new people that show up to meetings making assumption after assumption that they are alcoholic and need/want help. This is a big mistake, it can drive some people out of the meetings. I have seen people in Pattaya share at new commers assuming they are alcoholic etc. etc.. this is so bad .. I was appalled at the insensitivity and lack of knowledge about how to approach a new commer The actual AA program takes work. Sometimes A LOT OF work if you want to "thoroughly follow the path" and not fail. So we cannot assume anybody is up to the task unless we :: 1) do a good job of sharing our experience with drinking alcoholicly in order for new people to identify if they are alcoholic or not ( alergy of the body and obsession of the mind laid out in the Dr. opinion and more about alcoholism in the big book. 2) explain what the AA program is and what is designed to do. Which is actually very simple. "Having had a spiritual awakening as THE result of the steps. (Step 12) That AA's solution for recovery is having a spiritual awakening through doing the steps thus bringing about recovery and lasting and contended life without alcohol. 3) Find out if they are willing to go to any lengths and actually do the step work under direction from a sponsor (hopefully one that is not a BS sponsor but will sponsor them out of the big book) Step 5 - a really thorough step 5 takes a lot of humility and willingness. Step 9 can be a huge chunk of work and takes a lot of courage. So assuming somebody is up to the task is a big mistake. step 12 is a challenge .. big one for some people. It takes study, courage, practice. The program of AA is simple but NOT easy. I will regularly let men know I am available to sponsor and talk with them after meetings. But if they ask me to sponsor them I will ask them ARE YOU WILLING TO GO TO ANY LENGTHS to stay sober? If not I will not sponsor them. My first sponsor asked me two questions the evening I met him. 1) Why do you want to stay sober? 2) Are you willing to do anything it takes to recover.
  8. likerdup1

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    I think you are missing out on something amazing .. really being recovered. I know loads of people in AA who have been members for years who have never taken the time to study the first 164 pages of our basic text and really try to understand it. going to meetings and not drinking in between plus doing a bit of sharing never gave me an understanding of what the program of Alcoholics Anonymous really is. it was when I met my third sponsor who was a big book enthusiasts that I discovered just how practical and simple the 12 Steps really are. the 10th step promises are some of the most wonderful in the book page 84. the 10th step promises or what a recovered alcoholic really looks like. Sent from my vivo Y35 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. likerdup1

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    If they are so messed up why are they so popular and effective? I think a lot of this is gossip. Clancy has helped a lot of low bottom drunks out of the Bowery in LA and into recovery and society. Sent from my vivo Y35 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. likerdup1

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    If they are so messed up why are they so popular and effective? I think a lot of this is gossip. Clancy has helped a lot of low bottom drunks out of the Bowery in LA and into recovery and society. Sent from my vivo Y35 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. likerdup1

    T-Gel Dandruff shampoo - where in thailand??

    https://www.lazada.co.th/products/groomers-salon-select-coal-tar-shampoo-544-i161291208-s194575297.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.3.12e75699A2ntKL&search=1 LOL, maybe I should try this. They make it for dogs!!
  12. likerdup1

    T-Gel Dandruff shampoo - where in thailand??

    Thanks for the replies but the coal tar extract formula is best for my skin condition. I just looked on Lazda. It is sold out but one bottle was going for 1500THB. Unbelievable. Must fly it in from the USA. I could get regular sized bottles of the generic brand of T-Gel all day long at any Walmart in the USA for about $4. Many times I was able to get generic brand bottles of the stuff for $0.99 at the West Coast 99 cent stores!
  13. I can't seem to find T-Gel dandruff shampoo at any stores in Thailand. Anybody had any luck finding? Plenty of head and shoulders but that shampoo doesn't help my type of problem. What has worked well in the passed is T-Gel with the active ingredient of coal tar extract "With neutar solubilized coal tar extract." Head and shoulders and other dandruff shampoos I see commonly sold here in Thailand DO NOT HAVE this active ingredient.
  14. likerdup1

    What is a 'normal' drinker?

    I know what an abnormal drinker is. I am an alcoholic and I know this because I have studied the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and identify with AA's description of alcoholism. I am not just a hard drinker, but what AA calls a "real" alcoholic. AA defines alcoholism as a two fold illness. Alcoholism has two features: 1) An allergy of the body. Consumption of alcohol produces a craving to consume more. Once I start to drink I can't help but just keep going. I get this over powering craving to drink more once I start. Once I crossed the line and became alcoholic I could not moderate my consumption and would always get drunk once I started to drink 2) Obsession of the mind. Since everytime I drank I would get drunk I started having a lot of problems. I finally made up my mind to quit because I found I could not even moderate anymore. I had to abstain complely. THE PROBLEM WAS I COULD NOT ABSTAIN FOR VERY LONG. Usually maximum of 2 months. I lost the ability to control my drinking using my own will power. I tried for 3 years but fell off the wagon again and again and again. My will power was non existent. So lack of will power, the ability to think straight 100% of the time is a mental obsession. I could not control it anymore on my own thinking. As a result I was powerless to control my drinking. Only an complete physic change could relieve my alcoholism. I got that change by doing the 12 steps of AA
  15. likerdup1

    Thai AA Big Audio Book

    This is great news! As an "active" member of AA (meaning I actively do the steps, have a sponsor and sponsor three members right now) I am over joyed at this effort to bring the Big Book to the Thai people. Why? Because the BEST thing I can do for myself as an alcoholic continuing my spiritual growth is to do 12th step work. (carrying the message to other suffering alcoholics) The Big Book was what started the fellowship of AA in places other than the original membership in NYC, Akron and Cleveland. After it's publication in 1939 it was sent out across the USA and alcoholics who read it, did what was suggested inside could recover and as a result of doing the 12th step start a fellowship in their I have seem some AA's try to start meetings with out having our societies text which spells out the program. They always fail because just sitting around sharing war stories doesn't give recovery. Recovery in AA comes from doing the 12 steps. This is great news. Big kudos to the men here in Thailand who made the effort to make this audio book. This is truly 12th step work at it's highest level!! And to be so courteous as to understand that many Thai people can't read but do have cell phones with Youtube on it to listen to the book. I am very impressed! Again, great work to whomever has made this effort!