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  1. Probably the same reason some OP's don't use English properly :-). Why is it so many expats are so bad in Thai. (Bad grammar) Translation: Why is it that many expatriates do not learn the Thai language?
  2. Funny the Thai taxi drivers use the wall at the entrance to my condo as a bathroom everyday and the police have done nothing. OUTRAGE!!
  3. I drive a motorbike and use EXTREME caution when I drive. I rarely drive at night and when I do I make sure and try to stay far away from everybody else, even if it means speeding away from a group of cars. Too much unskilled, aggressive and foolish driving out there and then there's the bad part. Defense!
  4. Just go out on the road for about an hour and you're sure to see a pickup with pipes, wood boards or rebar sticking out just at head height ripe for a motorcyclist not being to careful to run right into. It's frightening to see the lack of common sense to safety and the police don't notice because they simply never look for let alone ticket anybody doing such nonsense. I can't see that Thais are ever taught anything about safety measures of this sort as it is done all the time. Once in awhile you might see a used plastic bag off of the end of pipes or board ... maybe because they had a friend or family member impaled or decapitated.
  5. likerdup1

    Downtown Bangkok’s Boom Seems Unstoppable

    With this kind of growth I can't see how they are able to sustain the infrastructure let alone manage flood control. I would bet there will be a breaking point and Bangkok will become less and less attractive a place to live unless they take some drastic measures to take care of traffic, flood control, water and electricity infrastructure etc. I was there a couple of weeks ago and the BTS was very crowded even on a Saturday morning going into town. The BTS line being extended has brought more and more people in and the trains are not getting any longer or more frequent from what I see. Also, think about this. ONE single breakdown of the BTS on a commute morning means a big mess. I read not too long ago that the soapy massage parlors are using vast amounts of well water actually devouring the water table and lowering the already low level of the city making floods even more problematic as the years go by ... I don't find it attractive in the long term.
  6. likerdup1

    Flu shot / vaccine availabilty? Where?

    I've been in country since about May and had a cold once for about 2 weeks. Since then I've been fine. I might just do it as a precaution. What's to protect us from people who bring the virus from Europe/UK etc..?
  7. likerdup1

    Flu shot / vaccine availabilty? Where?

    So, is it worth getting the shot available at the hospitals/clinics around here now? I haven't had a vaccine since last Oct 2017 back in the USA. Where can one find the Northern Hemisphere vaccine here in Thailand? Is it available? How different is the latest North vaccine than the older south now?
  8. Where have you sold Bitcoin for Thai Baht? Where have you purchased bitcoin for Thai Baht?
  9. likerdup1

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    One reason I am posting at all about this topic and what is the program of AA and what is not is because I have great concern for new people who show up to meetings looking for help. The reality is we of the fellowship are in a unique position to save lives. The Big Book and 12 and 12 give very precise and specific direction about how to help new people and what to show them to do .. which is the 12 steps. Clear cut and precise direction is given in our basic texts: The Big Book and 12 and 12. Here in Thailand and many meetings around the world the true message of recovery the AA way has been watered down and damn near lost. The message of AA is simple .. I consider my self still a student of the program and I am 25 years sober. But I have learned one thing that is most important. The message of the program of AA is "recovery from alcoholism through a spiritual awakening brought about by doing the steps" So many people seek to profit and lift themselves up as self appointed recovery gurus. Doctors with less than ethical standards create programs that they themselves are "only qualified to deliver" It's a damn travesty and is frustrating at times that one can go into a meeting of AA and never hear the message of recovery the AA way!! its sad. I started my own group in Pattaya for just that reason. We are trying our best to deliver the clear and true message of recovery the AA way. We are the Pattaya Area Big Book Group
  10. I wouldn't bet on using the METV or SETV as a long term plan. Right now it seems like a pretty good method .. I would bet that Thai immigration will continue to make it more difficult for long stays by doing visa runs etc.. Whether it be a retirement, marriage, work, tourist visas I would bet it will continue to be more difficult. That has been the trend. I have done 3 retirement visas over the last 6 years. Each time it was more difficult and more hoops to jump through than the last.
  11. On a good note, aren't there some Thai banks that actually give pretty good interest rates on savings? If that's the case, I'll just move 25,000USD to one of those accounts and get better interest on my money anyway. Or I would think having a Foreign currency account might also be smart, especially if they offer a decent interest rate on the money. The money just has to be in a Thai bank from what I understand. Although it would be a lot better if I didn't have to move the money here. I wonder if they would just except seeing bank statements from USA banks?
  12. likerdup1

    What is a 'normal' drinker?

    I think there are a lot of AA's who like to make this a big point but for me, I stick to what the Big Book and the 12 and 12 emphasize and for one very important reason. Hitting a new commer with this idea of Alcoholism is a spiritual malady up front will turn off A LOT of new people ... because a lot of new alcoholics have all kinds of prejudices. In the big book in the chapter "We Agnostics" it says that "more than half of us" felt that same way. So while like me, if you've been around a long time ... sure I know my alcoholism is also a spiritual problem but most important is to illustrate the physical malady and the mental obession to a new commer. That's what the book does. It does not go on about how alcoholism as a spiritual malady .. except in one place .. that I talked about earlier in this thread. By the way, this essay written by Mike L. is his opinion. It is not AA approved literature .. I will read it and from briefly looking at it I think it looks pretty good. But it's not AA approved and it's one guys opinion put in writing.
  13. Yea, it was convenient to not have to diddle daddle around with getting the money here or arranging monthly direct deposits etc.. now I've got to do that for the next one. IF I WANT TO STAY ... which I am beginning to think maybe I'll go elsewhere.
  14. yea, just got this in my Embassy alerts. See attached print out of the email. I verify this to be true also. IncomeAffidavitStopped.pdf
  15. likerdup1

    USA income affidavit

    it is NOW official. USA embassy WILL NOT SUPPLY INCOME AFFIDAVIT AFTER JAN 1 2019 IncomeAffidavitStopped.pdf