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  1. I asked about this at desk 8 Chonburi immigration this afternoon. There is no change as of today. I think the Chang Mai incident may be an isolated case. We shall see. As of today the income affidavit is accepted at Chonburi with no other requirements to verify the statement.
  2. Any reports from Americans at Jomtien/Chonburi doing a retirement visa 1 year extension using the embassy affidavit income verification? If not I might just go there myself today and see if I can ask for the list of docs and income verification methods accepted.
  3. Just read today that Chang Mai Immigration has started asking for bank information to support the USA income verification affidavit for retirement visa extensions. Is Jomtien/Chonburi Immigration NOW also asking US citizens with and income affidavit for bank statements? I need to do my Non-Imm "O" retirement extension in 60 days here at Jomtien/Chonburi
  4. I just successfully did a conversion from a tourist visa to a Non-Imm "O" for retirement at Chonburi immigration. I have listed everything I did. I used the income affidavit method as I am from USA and this is allowed for US citizens. Read here for my complete experience.
  5. There is no comparing a US tourist Visa to Thai citizens and a Thai Tourist Visa extended to US citizens. Most Thais would never be able to visit the US legally because the restrictions are insurmountable. First the have to prove they have at least 20,000 USD I believe. etc.. Most Thais can't even dream of having this much money. I believe the OP has not investigated the current circumstances or been given bad information and posting out of incorrect assumptions.
  6. So did you finally get a Non-Imm "O" from inside Thailand? What finally happened? Do you now reside in Thailand on a Non-Imm "O"?
  7. OK so the polite secretary of the Imm Officer in question was correct in telling me that I can apply only up to 1 month in advance for the extension. Thank you. Seems Chonburri immigration and other local offices have there own policies with varying rules etc.. I am very surprised this female IO up and asked you for 20k THB straight away. Things must have changed because I got my Non-Immigrant "O" for the purpose of retirement for the application fee of 2000THB. Sucess! NO AGENT... thank you!
  8. I would expect these associated privileges continually change quality and quantity. When it comes to follow up service on any purchase here in Thailand -- realistically how good is it? Anyone currently have an Elite membership have experience with how good and consistent the associated perks are?
  9. Resolve the matter on the level. Also, even to try and do this a bit dishonestly does the OP have a re-entry permit? We don't know. If OP gets a re-entry permit will Immigration notice the failure to report anyway? We don't know. Doesn't make sense to exit just for a late 90 day reporting. Do the right thing. Go to immigration and resolve it on the level.
  10. My experience with the 8 desk, the 10 desk in the past have been very good. The queue system in the office runs well. The 7 desk is unique I think. It is only visa conversions there. Both days I visited the 7 desk they had very few "customers". Each day they start at 700. I had been there twice in the afternoons and saw the queue display read 702. Very few walk ins I believe. They may be primarily dealing with agencies there. Conversions to Non-Imm "O" for various purposes. In my case a successful conversion from a Tourist Visa to a Non-Immigrant "O" for the purpose of retirement.
  11. Thanks very much for the info. I may elect to take care of it sooner to get it out of the way.
  12. You know I have a lot of trouble understanding how somebody can do an overstay for either 5 years and exit the country legally or get caught with over 1 year and get a 10 year BL. Why? Why not handle your personal business responsibly? You are on Thaivisa asking for advice about how to circumvent the Thai immigration system? Why were you not asking questions here a long time ago about how to stay legally? Sorry, and I don't mean to talk down, but I would take a serious look at what you've done and how you are handling yourself. To me this behavior is very reckless. Myself, I am not sure I'd feel right helping someone who is so reckless with their personal business. In fact I never want to be a party to anyone who is illegally trying to deal with the Thai Immigration system or any other government entity here. There is NO reason why people cannot live here and do things relatively ON THE LEVEL. Sure this is Thailand but lets keep the dishonesty to a minimum. I try to be a straight shooter. It keeps me out of trouble. May I suggest the same to our new friend here. What else are you NOT doing? I would say friend, unfortunately that you are victim of your own irresponsible behavior and trying to fix your problem with more dishonesty might get you into real trouble. the kind that has real pain attached.
  13. UPDATE: Yesterday was the date for me to return for the "result" of my Non-Imm "O" for purpose of retirement visa conversion application. I arrived early in the morning and was first in line for the 7 desk. My number was called and I entered the 7 desk room. Saw wat dee krap and wai to the officer in charge and before I could sit down one of here secretaries took my passport and receipt. Officer in charge told me to wait outside. I proceeded to sit down and waited. 10 minutes later the secretary returned and gave me my receipt back and said. "You come back tomorrow after 3pm ok?" I got up and started to walk out of the building and remembered that today was the day my permission to stay on tourist visa expires! Also they now have my passport and all I have is a small paper receipt. On realizing this I went back to the office and asked if there was a problem. The officer in charge (who was rather harsh with me when I submitted my application) said "Your application not approved" What? Just then a Thai officer walked in and proceeded to talk with the female officer in charge. I waited outside the door. After about 5 minutes a more polite secretary came out and asked "You OK Mr.?" I asked her "is there a problem with my application? She explained. "We need my boss signature you come back tomorrow after 3." I was a bit worried. What now? I thought. I left the building and consigned my self to the fact I will just have to play along. I am lucky I live close by. For those who live in Chonburri or Bang Suray etc.. what a hassle it could be. Today I returned at about 1:45pm expecting the worst. I didn't take a number because the 7 desk was only on 702. Yesterday morning 701 was my number at 8:30am. The display read 702 and it was now 2pm. Obviously the 7 desk gets very little traffic, at least today. I caught the eye of the female officer in charge and waved my ticket. She directed her secretary to take it. I stood there and watched her sift through a pile of passports. Finally I see my US passport being taken out of the pile. She opened it up and from about 3 feet away I saw the new stamp in my passport!! The secretary then handed my passport to another gal who politely showed me the stamp and told me I have 90 days permission to stay and if I want a 1 year extension to apply for it with all new paper work about 1 month before permission to stay expiry date. I am to go to the 8 desk now which processes extensions. Do it yourself Non-Immigrant "O" visa for the purpose of retirement procured. It was a bit of a hassle. But it did NOT cost me 12,000 to 20,000THB payed to an agency. It cost me 2000THB and a fair amount of my time and effort. Now I know exactly how this all works currently. It was A LOT EASIER 3 and 6 years ago. Yes guys it can be done. Patients, tolerance and attention to detail help a lot. I got a Non-Imm "O" visa stamp and 90 days permission to stay myself. ( I have now done this 3 times in the last 6 years by myself NO AGENCY involvement) I hope my experience helps. Cheers Thai Visa Friends. From your friendly likerdup dude.
  14. What address did you use on your conversion application in Bangkok? Was it a Bangkok address or Pattaya? This is interesting and I wonder if I should have done this instead because of the trouble I had to go through to get the application accepted. thanks
  15. It is pretty easy to understand the thinking of much of the Thai culture regarding business in Govt and elsewhere. Most of them always go for instant gratification and quick money. They do not think very far ahead. So environmental impact? NOT A CONCERN. Enough water and sewer capacity for thousands of condo rooms? NOT A CONCERN just build and sell and get the quick money. Public infrastructure projects are done over and over ON THE CHEAP. It is the appearance of concern and addressing problems that is important. NOT ACTUALLY PROVIDING A LONG TERM SOLUTION If you keep in mind that Thais always go for the quick money and instant gratification then you know who you are dealing with. I've been coming to Pattaya, Jomtien and Bangkok for years. The development in these areas is so out of control there is NO WAY IT WILL BE SUSTAINABLE. It will go badly and this place will be a real ghetto and NOT A GREAT PLACE FOR HOLIDAY in the coming years. Buyer beware.