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  1. They should throw those idiots in the slammer for 20 years.
  2. Swampy is a monument to corruption, corner cutting and bad planning. When you compare Swampy to airports in western countries, you have to realize that Swampy was built only 10 years ago and at great expense. And after 10 years, it's WAY under capacity and falling apart, and it doesn't look like they have any roadmap for expansion. From an architecture and engineering standpoint, the building is a disgrace. Take a look at the floors, they are breaking up everywhere. The environment: the acoustics, temperature, lighting, ambience, it's all sh1t. It feels, sounds, smells like a prison block. Look at the fixtures, they are dirty and falling apart. Go to level three and smell the exhaust fumes from the restaurants, it's like they're pumping exhaust directly into the public area. The number of toilets aren't close to regulations in any developed country. There's no seating outside the gate areas. There are ad-hoc electrical cables lying around. It's a complete joke for a modern building. Anyone who thinks this place is anywhere close to the likes of Inchon, Narita, Haneda, Changi, should have their head examined. Skytrax is either full of sh1t or they solicit reviews from troglodytes that have no appreciation for premium facilities.
  3. Did this happen in Koolupunt 9?
  4. To cool my patio. You must have seen these mist cooling systems around Chiang Mai, however most of them use pressure that is far too low to produce fine mist so you end up with either very weak output or a shower.
  5. Does anyone know where to get copper pipe and if the price is reasonable? It seems like PVC is the only thing used in Thailand. I'm looking at installing a proper high pressure misting system and those flimsy rubber hoses or PVC will explode.
  6. Wow, sorry I missed it. For those of you who don't know, In-n-Out is the benchmark for burgers, found on the west coast of the US, mostly in CA.
  7. My grandmother, who was from the old country in Lebanon, used to make this dish all the time. Whenever we were near a place that grew grapes, she would pick the leaves fresh and freeze them. She told me you want the new leaves that are a lighter shade of green. I always found the ones in the jar to be too salty and soft, not nearly as nice as the fresh leaves. Anyway, I heard there are places in the north where they grow grapes. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you picked some leaves and would probably wonder why the hell anyone would eat grape leaves.
  8. Thanks guys, appreciate the reccos
  9. Anyone have a recommendation or experiences generally? I have a nice pair of dress shoes that need new soles and above all, I don't want them destroyed in the process.
  10. Not true Ulysses, it's easy to make brine pickles even in hot climates. I started making brine pickles about a year ago and they are amazing, just like the ones I used to get in the Jewish delis back in the states. There are two tricks, one is getting the correct amount of salt in the solution and second is how long to let the pickles ferment before putting them in the refrigerator. The pickling spice is easy to make and you can tweak your recipe to your taste. One more thing to add, you can make brine pickles with almost any vegetable but if you like cucumbers, the variety is critical. Fortunately, the cucumbers that are most prevalent in Thailand make excellent pickles. Oh, and there's heaps of fresh dill in Thailand. PM me if you want a starting recipe.
  11. I am a US passport holder and just got my APEC card. The first time I entered Thailand using the APEC card, they gave me a 90 day stamp. Prior to using the APEC card, it was always 30 days.
  12. As a loooonng time sufferer of chronic back pain, including many years of sciatica, I'd like to add some thoughts. Exercise worked for me and while it didn't cure the problem, it got it under control. Look for core strengthening exercises and mild stretching. Avoid aggressive stretching of the hamstrings, it will only make it worse. Be aware that MRIs and xrays can be unproductive as the value is in the skill of the person reading the pictures. Back pain can be triggered by many different factors, some of which aren't obvious from reading an xrays and MRIs. Doctors feel compelled to give you an answer and can mis-diagnose. Back pain can be a cascade of problems. The source can be swelling of soft tissue which then inflames nerves which then causes muscle spasms e.g. sciatica. Once you get to this stage, you need to deal with the problem at several levels simultaneously. For example, I take anti-inflamatories and get massage to sooth the muscle spasms and then do exercises. One great thing about Thailand is massage is something you can do every day. You should get checked for Spondylitis. This is what I have, it's a form of arthritis and affects the soft tissue in your spine. They can find the marker with a blood test if they look for it. I went to numerous doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors for years and no one thought to test for it. Surgery should be a last resort and I recommend you completely exhaust your other options even if it takes a couple of years. Back pain is extremely depressing and people get desperate. Being proactive (i.e., getting fit) will help keep you in a positive mental state while you recover. Be wary of chiropractors, there are a lot of quacks in this field. I'm sure some are effective, but their field of study is very limited. They can't prescribe drugs either so you should at least visit a doctor to rule out conditions like Spondylitis. Good luck with your recovery.
  13. That's Ristr8to and their coffee is first-rate. +1, Ristr8to is world class espresso. What really amazes me is that in Central Festival, Ristr8to and Charbucks are just next to eachother and the Charbucks seems to be doing 10x the business with a more expensive product. This is a perfect example of how Charbucks has created a vanity brand with a sh1t product.