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  1. Crocbait

    Cost of Building a Garage

    I recently had a small storage room built 7 m x 3 m, 2.7 m high sloping to 2.3 m. Specs similar to what you want. Cost was 3000 thb/m2 including electrics. It was attached to a fence that I had built at the same time. Nothing fancy, 1 double width door and 1 window. Floor slab was pored using delivered premix.. Hope this helps.
  2. On a recent trip from the north to Survanabhumi airport I used the tollway. It is 120kmh and cars were weaving all over the lanes to overtake and undertake all the idiots sitting in the right hand lanes doing well under the speed limit. No concept of traffic flow or commonsense.
  3. Crocbait

    CT Electrics Consumer Units

    Thanks Crossy, the unit the builder got has an RCBO...same as this pic.
  4. Thanks Crossy. Had the cable changed last year to 6mm2 for a siemens 6000kw multipoint. Good small unit but not a great water flow. Hoping the Mazuma Redring will be better. Home pro staff amazingly also advised 40A breaker.
  5. Crocbait

    CT Electrics Consumer Units

    Thanks for the replies guys. I agree 100% with what you both said about quality, but In the sticks have problems getting what you want as you know. Had a great time trying to explain an RCBO to the builder and had to settle on the CT Electric unit. It is only to supply power to a small shed so should do the job.
  6. Has anyone had any experience with CT Electric brand of consumer units? Went to Thai Watsadu to source a new Safe T Cut and they don't stock them anymore, only these units in stock. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi Crossy, Just had a look at these units at Homepro according to staff they have the best water flow. They also showed me a chart that stated that should use 6mm2 cable...is that the correct size for an 8.0kw unit? Thanks.
  8. Crocbait

    Prices of US eyewear vs. Bangkok?

    Try a Japanese optical company called 'Owndays' in Bangkok. Website www.owndays.com/th/ I just bought progressive transition with frames for under $300 from their shop in Vietnam, happy with them.
  9. I recently had to pay an extra USD$24 on an Air Asia flight from Vietnam to Malaysia when paying by credit card. This was $6 per leg of the journey per person, nothing but an exorbitant ripoff! I couldn't use any other form of payment as my Visa card bank wasn't one listed. I have always used Air Asia for flights, but now will only do so when I have no other choice.
  10. Thanks NilSS. Next trip back I am going to pull it out and use correct NYY cable.
  11. I think that you will find that it is International. Have immigration counter to the left after you walk through x-ray. Book bags to destination...but only if you are using the same airline i.e AirAsia
  12. Crocbait

    Virus protection

    I have been using Norton for many years and never has a virus on my computers. Not the cheapest, but it does the job!
  13. Hi Wirejerker, Sorry if I seem to be jumping all over the place, I will try to give concise sequence of events: 1. Lights installed on gate posts, circuit hooked into existing lights circuit in carport roof using VAF cable in conduit. 2. Worked fine for a few weeks, then that circuit breaker started tripping every time light switch was activated. RCBO I don't think was tripped. 3. Safe T Cut RCBO started tripping on all sensitivities and all breakers. I wasn't there and wife got some electrician to look at it. 4. Electrician took out Safe T Cut RCBO Unit and replaced with 1 RCD breaker so power could be supplied. Light circuit deactivated at switch. So I want to get some competent electrician to replace the RCBO or whole unit and check the wiring for the fence lights. Initially I was wondering if the incorrect cable started the problem, which from what you said shouldn't be a problem. I know the circuit was hooked into other light circuit in the roof, so I wondered if there is a faulty connection there, because the only other join in the cable is the lights on the fence posts. Thanks.
  14. Thanks Wirejerker, When the RCBO unit failed...tripped on any sensitivity and every circuit, could not source a replacement locally so local electrician wired in some other breaker to get it working. Last trip I got my wife to ring Safe T Cut in Bangkok and they said that the model I have can't be repaired/replaced and gave us some names of repair centers in Khon Kaen, which is a three hour drive away. I can't see why the whole RCBO Unit with breakers in the unit can't be replaced, but the usual Thai run around, so nothing has been done to replace it yet. I have been thinking of ripping out the whole box and replacing it with Schneider or Square D, but haven't found an electrician to do it yet. There is a junction box in the carport roof and probably another taped connection, but shouldn't be any water able to get in, but the geckos and other insects probably can.. Difficult to access, so will have to drop the ceiling sheets to have a look. I had an electrical guy who came to install new water heater to check water ingress at the lights, said they were fine, but didn't want to find the problem. Agree, there's only 4 x 8w CF on the circuit so I wasn't too fussed about the cable problem until it started tripping.
  15. Many thanks Crossy. We have a Safe T Cut consumer unit installed and the RCBO unit failed, though It is approx 5 years old. This happened not long after the lights were installed and I was wondering if the use of this cable contributed to the problem. After a couple of months (after a big storm) when the lights were switched on the breaker tripped. The circuit was run from existing lights (and on the same switch) and worked fine at first. So not sure what the problem is. As usual trying to get them to fix the problem or getting another competent electrician in the boonies is nigh near impossible. I have disconnected the circuit at the light switch until I can get it resolved on my next trip back. My first thought was to replace all the cable, but I fear it will be difficult to remove as the cable is in conduit inside the concrete gate posts with quite a few elbows, with the section between the two gate posts buried in concrete. Do you know any tricks to pull the cable out? Thanks for your help, it is much appreciated.