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  1. My sons girlfriend recently hit a big roo in their new Suzuki Vitara....Insurance wrote it off!
  2. Crocbait

    These plants

    Try moving them to other areas and see what happens. The golden penda likes direct sunlight. Cheers.
  3. Crocbait

    These plants

    Probably a bit too hot for them hanging so close to the roof.
  4. Crocbait

    These plants

    The hanging basket looks like some sort of Draceana spp and the other is Golden Penda (Xanthostemon chrysanthus) an Australian tree.
  5. Crocbait

    Cost of Building a Garage

    I recently had a small storage room built 7 m x 3 m, 2.7 m high sloping to 2.3 m. Specs similar to what you want. Cost was 3000 thb/m2 including electrics. It was attached to a fence that I had built at the same time. Nothing fancy, 1 double width door and 1 window. Floor slab was pored using delivered premix.. Hope this helps.
  6. On a recent trip from the north to Survanabhumi airport I used the tollway. It is 120kmh and cars were weaving all over the lanes to overtake and undertake all the idiots sitting in the right hand lanes doing well under the speed limit. No concept of traffic flow or commonsense.