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  1. Nothing to do with race, all races are Christian and Muslims
  2. thai3

    Tesco employee slight of hand.

    Tesco have the worst till displays, Big C the best. Items on offer do not always come up on screen as they are checked it gets deducted at the end. Lots of times higher price at check outs than on the shelf, but Tesco and Tops still give you the item free if it happens and you complain, got free wine last time in Tesco. Big C stopped that as it happens too often, probably the shop with least problems and best staff is 7/11. I like Foodland as all items are usually price marked and no long queue at the checkouts.
  3. He was also a member of the Nation of Islam and a black panther supporter, hardly a character reference at the time.
  4. As he quotes all the time from the koran and hadith are you saying that is not truth and right wing then. The Islamic scriptures are what is damaging societies and causing division and instability, and of course attacks like we saw last week. Islam is not a religion of peace and that is the fault of Mohamand spreading his message by terror, and his followers today holding that up as an example of right behaviour
  5. He quotes very often from the Koran, that is the only idiocy in his films, calling him far right and a nutcase is not an argument
  6. Why is it always 'far right' just because you do not agree with it? David just happens to be a Christian with a couple of handicapped kids who is opposed to Islam, that does not make him far right, more like dead right.
  7. Do you do the same at immigration?- look I have a baby me first! Disgraceful behavior no wonder the queue is slow with people pushing in front.
  8. He was released in 2014
  9. Top 3 for knock off copied goods is about all that is possible
  10. But having to take a fare where they want to go is their JOB it's what they agree to when they decide to be taxi drivers, that and using the meter are the basics,
  11. Outside Indra Hotel a couple of weeks ago waiting for a bus, saw one woman refused by 16 taxis before the bus came and she was still there.
  12. thai3

    Defamation threats on TV

    The poster would need to know your name and address to even think about it, it's a non starter and probably drunken posting.
  13. Does the stairway come before the road map on the way to the hub?
  14. The only positive about the EU is that we are leaving, protest all you like it will make no difference now.
  15. thai3

    pet scammers in thailand

    pet pipes?