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  1. You could buy used. Our F48 X1 purchased end of 2017 with 12,000 km and 10 months old was 2,050,000. At the time the list price was 2,459,000 ( but it has now dropped to 2,359,000). The car came with tinted glass, good quality carpets and a ceramic coating with 3 year warranty. It had some slight damage to the rear bumper but that was repaired by us under the previous owner's insurance.
  2. A bit late but I would like to update about what happened when I departed Thailand. Nothing. Immigration officer made no comment. I went through Fast Track security/immigration. Did that make a difference? I don't think so but maybe.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I'm not worried about the fine but I don't want the overstayed stamp. I cannot change the flight date as I am travelling on business with two other people.
  4. I am on a non-O marriage visa and my 90th day since my last entry is Sunday. I have a flight to China on Monday morning at 00:30 so I will check-in and go through immigration on Sunday night. I think this will be OK but just thought I would check here if I should expect any issues.
  5. Just looked at prices for BKK-LHR 2-16 May 1220 USD economy (about 40,000 THB). Plus you can pay another 236 USD to reserve exit row seats on all 4 flights (although LHR-Istanbul wasn't available for the dates I was looking at) Very nice website though. Probably the best airline site I have ever used. Fast and clean design. But price is high. Eva will fly you direct for just 29,560 same dates. Total time in the air is 14.5 hours. Eva 12.5.
  6. pj123

    450 THB Lazada Macbook Charger

    I guess you could always use it as a backup charger.
  7. Nordvpn after giving up on Tunnelbear for access to UK TV. I found Hola unreliable and confusing to use but give it a try as its free.
  8. pj123

    Robot Vacuum Cleaners

    We have tried a Samsung robot vacuum (dead) and an Irobot (also dead). Irobot quoted 8,000 THB to fix our 15,000 THB machine so we are now considering a cheaper option from a company called Mister Robot. http://www.misterrobotcleaner.com/ The website is all Thai and I guess the cleaners are just rebranded Chinese machines. Has anyone purchased a Mister Robot cleaner? They are very cheap compared to say Irobot. For an Irobot that can clean multiple rooms you need to spend 40,000 THB. Mister Robot top of the range model costs only 14,000 and claims to be able to clean multiple rooms. And no we don't want a maid!
  9. pj123

    New Honda Civic 5 door hatchback

    And you have managed somehow to be even more stupid than your GF
  10. I need a second charger for my Macbook Air and I took a chance at purchasing a 45w non Apple 450 THB version from a Thai trader on Lazada. It charges OK but it interferes with the touchpad which becomes fidgety and looses some of its responsiveness. I will return the charger but interested to know if anyone has had the same problem with non-Apple chargers.
  11. Can you provide a google map location for this office. Thanks
  12. pj123

    Replace rear springs on 2012 PJS

    No. Just had a look at the service manual and it advises to check for "deterioration and sagging". Both look OK on a visual inspection to my untrained eye. But maybe they were talking about the shock absorbers and I misunderstood.
  13. Took my 2012 PJS in for a service yesterday to my local Mitsu dealer and they wanted to replace the rear springs because they are making a noise. I hear nothing myself. Is this something I should be considering as the car has now done 222,000 km?
  14. I hate the word falang. Its a racist word created by a racist culture. And foreigner is only slightly more acceptable. I prefer the description "Not-Thai". I'm Not Thai. Can you please find us an example where a Not-Thai living in Thailand killed 15 people by reckless driving?