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  1. Thank you. Best option is for her aunt to pay the money into her account one month before she applies for the visa.
  2. Thailand comes 118 out of 135 countries. It is worth reading the methodology for how they calculated this part of the report. PILLAR 2: SAFETY AND SECURITY 2.01 Business costs of crime and violence In your country, to what extent does the incidence of crime and violence impose costs on businesses? (1 = to a great extent, 7 = not at all) | 2015–2016 weighted average Source: World Economic Forum, Executive Opinion Survey 2.02 Reliability of police services In your country, to what extent can police services be relied upon to enforce law and order? (1 = cannot be relied upon at all, 7 = can be completely relied upon) | 2015–2016 weighted average Source: World Economic Forum, Executive Opinion Survey 2.03 Business costs of terrorism In your country, to what extent does the threat of terrorism impose costs on businesses? (1 = to a great extent, 7 = not at all) | 2015–2016 weighted average Source: World Economic Forum, Executive Opinion Survey 2.04 Index of terrorism incidence Simple average of the number of terrorism-related casualties (injuries and fatalities) and the number of terrorist attacks, each normalized on a scale of 1 to 7 | 2013–2015 total This index has been created on the basis of data contained in the START Database (National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism). It is the average of the total number of “terrorism attacks” during the 2010–2012 period and the total number of “terrorism casualties” (fatalities plus injured people) over the same period. Prior to aggregation, both totals were transformed on a scale ranging from 1 (most attacks/casualties) to 7 (no attack/casualty) using a min-max formula. On both measures, economies whose terrorism incidence is above the 95th percentile are assigned a transformed score of 1. Source: World Economic Forum’s calculations based on data from National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), Global Terrorism Database. Retrieved from http://www.start.umd.edu/gtd on January 17, 2017. 2.05 Homicide rate Number of homicide cases per 100,000 population | 2014 or most recent The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) collects statistics on homicide occurrences worldwide, pooling information from national sources as well as other international institutions such as Interpol, Eurostat, the Organization of American States, UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO). Note: Higher value means worse outcome. Source: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)
  3. That is one thing I have been considering. What is the difference in tent price for two 5 year old PJ Sports, one with 100,000 km and the other 200,000 km? In the UK its important but here not so much.
  4. My niece is being sponsored by her aunt to do a masters in the UK starting Sept this year. Her visa agency has said that sponsorship for a masters or degree can only be by the mother or father of the student. I find this very surprising. If the agency is correct, my niece has worked for her aunt's company for three years so I thought the sponsor could be the aunt's company? She will return to work for the aunt after she completes the masters.
  5. Thanks but link no longer working. I could use a simple calculation (Original price of car - current value/odometer) Depreciation: 1,179,000 - 600,000 = 579,000 579,000/198,000km = 2.92 THB/km
  6. For my work I am now driving a return trip of 200km a day 4 days a week. I would like to estimate the cost of this, not just the diesel + tolls + servicing + tyres, but also depreciation This will work out at about an extra 40,000 km per year on my 5 year old Pajero Sport, current odometer 198,000 km. Any suggestions how to calculate this? Compared to the UK, Thais seem to place less reliance on the odometer when valuing a used car. I don't want to include annual running costs such as insurance and tax as I would pay these anyway.
  7. I bought the policy directly from them this year. No claims to date. My wife was also interested in purchasing a policy but as she is Thai she was declined. But I could have added her to my own policy. I am British, so if I move to another country apart from the UK the policy will continue but I may have to pay increased premiums for USA and some other locations. My only issue is that they do not send receipts for my monthly payments by email or post. They have a website for members to log into but it does not show a record of your payments either. See screenshot. I have asked them to add this to the site. If you need a receipt you need to email them and they will email one back. My main reason for choosing them is that the premiums were reasonable (2) good outpatient cancer care (I did not select OPD option but cancer cover is for both in patient and OPD) (3) pre-existing condition: if no treatment for two years then it will be covered.
  8. Thanks. I have asked her mother to add her to the mother's credit card account
  9. I normally purchase travel insurance from Worldcare or Axa but this time I am looking for travel insurance for my niece who is attending a summer program in the US. I would like to find a product that will pay the hospital direct rather than the insured having to be reimbursed for hospital fees. Bupa, Axa, AIG all pay by reimbursement. I am checking with Chubb. Any other suggestions?
  10. Thank you for the replies. Very helpful.
  11. My one year Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant O (marriage) was issued on 6 September 2016. It states "Enter Before: 5 September 2017" I will depart Thailand on 3 August and return on 7 August. Am I correct that I can remain for 90 days after my arrival on 7 August?
  12. Summer program is in Seoul
  13. I need the information as I have arranged a summer camp for my niece in Korea this July and I am beginning to be concerned about the security situation in the peninsula. We would make our own decision about whether to proceed with the camp but if there was a travel advisory notice by the Thai government to avoid all by essential travel to Korea this would help with refunding the fees paid. But having written this I just remembered the camp is run by a Canadian company so we could use the Canadian govt advice. Thanks.
  14. I am looking for the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs' country advice for Thais travelling overseas regarding terrorist threats, health etc. I could not find anything on the English language website. Maybe they don't provide this advice?
  15. I have two nieces who need to renew their Thai passports on Monday in Bangkok. As it is approaching Songkran I expect the passport offices to be busy. Any advice on the quietest office to go to?