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  1. beautifulthailand99

    Bangkok Hotel Features Hitler Hotel Room

    Stick the Thammasat massacre in for good measure and the student hanging from the tree beaten with shoes. Obviously in funky day glo colours.
  2. beautifulthailand99

    May vows to hold nerve after Brexit talks hit impasse

    The Nordics make an interesting subset of Thailand expats - they are mostly retired couples and live in their comfortable condo ghettos in Jomtiem and Hua Hin and Cha-Am and overwinter during the cold hard Scandinavian winters. My wife and I made the mistake of going to Linda's in Jomtien a favoured and watering hole and club/bar of the Nordics. Their very generous pensions and favourable exchange rate makes them pretty rich by expat standards and as one has commented on here they hope a big sterling fall will clear away some of the lower grade , riff-raff Brit sex tourist / sexpat who they regard I would think with disdain. European disappointment with the UK is hardening now to vindictive punishment an a degree of schadenfreude as the reality of Brexit dawns. The howls of British perfidy ring hollow as others have said you want to leave the club but keep the benefits and stop paying the subs. Sorry old boy - the free money referendum was a lie peddled by chanchers , spivs and vested interests which has doubled down in intensity with the incompetence with which it has been negotiated like Trump in the US was a big <deleted> to the establishment at the pain of those left behind in globalisation. Sad thing is the the bill is on the way and it aint't Project Fear now it's how can we stuff the UK / move our business / capital into the EU. And for a lot of the better migrants Germany / Netherlands / Poland looking like a good bet to go and work and help to make these countries even more prosperous. May knows she is on the cliff edge. Politics has never been more depressing / interesting in my life. But if you're still a Brexiteer now you have to ask what exactly will you have won that makes the grief / economic hardship / potential break up of the UK / dislocation to many millions of folk (and of course a million plus UK expats in EU) worth all of this apart from chest-thumping meaningless living in the past sloganeering. We have a trillion pound plus debt and a load of problems we need to work at domestically such as education, housing the NHS all of which seem to have been forgotten in the pointless waste of time , treasure and energy which is Brexit. Sad really , just very sad.
  3. beautifulthailand99

    Disorder, deal or dead-end: How will Brexit play out?

    the Germans and French can't believe their luck the stoopid Brits shot themselves up and there are still idiots that think this is a good thing. Bitterness and failure in middle/old age is an ugly thing to behold on a national scale - still they had their moment of satisfaction on the night of the vote. Soon to time for the bill and the working class Brexiteers are the one picking up the tab. Oh and expats relying on sterling already had a big haircut - get ready for the Thai/army cut soon. On the plus side will be able to drink Archas or lao khao with the ruskies on the 7/11 step and celebrate their countries role in bringing about the 'greatest act of economic self harm since WW2.
  4. beautifulthailand99

    Disorder, deal or dead-end: How will Brexit play out?

    Good points but what I can and do blame is Eton toff David Cameron winging his way as PM - first threatening the Union with the Scottish referendum and then for what he gauged was short term electoral advantage over UKIP giving us 'The Worst Referendum in British History' . That in turns brought out the spivs, has beens , chanchers (Boris, Farage et al and let's not forgot the Russian troll factories pumping out their lies and propaganda and setting the crooked agenda. Rees-Mogg was late to the party but he has some big bets on the and money to make in the disaster so I don't blame him from exploiting and profiting from ensuing chaos and pretending to be the champion of the working class. To the working class low paid left-behinds who thought this would improve their lot - I'm afraid the opposite is the case they and their children will be the worse affected as broken Brexit Britain slips down the league table of the Asian Century whilst they wistfully watch re-runs of the Great Escape and the 1966 World Cup Final and wonder why we still can't build Spitfires any more.
  5. In the Shell Hq in the Netherlands they speak in English - smart move from Panasonic - where they go others follow. But but but the British people have spoken. Yeah they have and the golden geese have heard their message and exposed the incompetent fools who are in charge. Calling last orders for sterling / baht - get your orders in sharpish before the bar shuts.
  6. beautifulthailand99

    May vows to hold nerve after Brexit talks hit impasse

    Cometh the hour cometh the man .......
  7. beautifulthailand99

    May vows to hold nerve after Brexit talks hit impasse

    Brexit is now a religion to the hardened working class Brexiteers - they feel emboldened that they have taken back control and 'stuck it to the man' - there is as much point arguing with them as there is trying to convince a fundamentalist Christian of the non-existence of Jesus. My hope is May calls an election again then the fun really begins.
  8. beautifulthailand99

    May vows to hold nerve after Brexit talks hit impasse

    He's a smart guy - using the cap-doffing rabble to advance his business interests claiming to represent theirs. To the manor born and all that. Come the revolution he would be one for a quiet word in the woods......
  9. beautifulthailand99

    Prayuth World Tour Announced For October

    The army's well settled in , can do what they want with impunity , pivoting to totalitarian China, succession gone well Thai people back in their boxes scratching a living best they can. Have to hand it to the elite they have made a good job of brainwashing the populace into a virtual slave mentality. Massa he treat me real good. Many may fester inside but they know the price for stepping out of line. At least there's no bloodshed or chance of a civil war and for that we must be grateful.
  10. beautifulthailand99

    Disorder, deal or dead-end: How will Brexit play out?

    well said that man - just sitting back and enjoying the car crash now as I'm fed up with boneheads with their empty promises and ignorant hopes of a new Jerusalem. Might as well get what little cheer there is in the greatest act of self harm a developed country has done to itself since the war. Our competitors can't believe their luck . Time for Wat Tyler to tell his peasants back to Kent and execute the leaders to encourage the others.
  11. beautifulthailand99

    Disorder, deal or dead-end: How will Brexit play out?

    I can understand the no-hoper living in Lincolnshire who says F'em I ain't got nothing so what's the difference - but for a pensioner on a fixed income living in Thailand they will get really rinsed. And yet still they cheer on the destruction. Just transferred 10k sterling into Baht at 42.1 which is starting to look like a good rate .
  12. beautifulthailand99

    SURVEY: Elon Musk, incredible genius or crackpot nutter?

    When you see millions of young people walking around /sitting in public / stewing at home totally absorbed by rubbish on their 'smart phone' you have to wonder how great it is. I remember being in Laos in 2003 just before mobiles took them over - happy smiling faces , wide-eyed chatting with friends and family a world long gone now and never coming back , or a Valentine's day meal in a pizza restaurant in Lad Prao where nearly every couple was on their phone photoing the food course by course and reacting to the phone feedback - for all of the evening , barely talking to their squeeze sitting opposite. A world long lost now sadly - #riseoftherobots.
  13. beautifulthailand99

    33 Hours Of Defiance: The Thai Airmen Who Resisted An Empire

    A lot of truth in that a corrupt military to a pacifist is the best sort of military as fighting wars is the last thing on their mind.
  14. beautifulthailand99

    33 Hours Of Defiance: The Thai Airmen Who Resisted An Empire

    The real heroes of the war were the Seri Thai (all volunteers in the truest sense of the word) and the greatest Thai who ever lived Pridi Banomyong - but that is all forgotten now and Pridi died in exile , unlamented by most who had never heard of him but regarded by the UN as one of the greatest 100 people of the 20th century. How different it could have been......... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Thai_Movement https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pridi_Banomyong
  15. Army reminding the cops it's their money box now - coppers need to shake down more low life farangs on motorbikes without helmets or passports for chump change.