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  1. Some of the comments here make me realise a) how boring it must be to live in Thailand full time how the place attracts an unhealthy coterie of undesirable , bigoted malcontents and c) I should spend less time here and more in the real world with healthy , functioning adults and finally d) my anticipated 3 month overwintering will be more than enough - thankyou.
  2. Your quiet dignity is rare on these boards and most welcome.
  3. I am proudly British and sitting here still on EU-British soil salivating at the new doors that might open now we have left the no deal is better than a bad deal nonsense.
  4. Like Trump fan boys before them die hard Brexiteers seem to be dissapearing like melting snow in spring - "Brexit means Brexit - suck it up you remoaners - and we're getting out early before the whole thing collapses" was their inane mantra. Glad to see them back to their bar stool pulpits blethering into the wind.
  5. Good only a fool would expect anything else. They are not the establishment for nothing after all.
  6. They say a lot of things - but rather than collapsing and we getting out early they have bolstered their resolve and realise it's not dominoes - other members have seen the car crash that is Brexit. They will bide their time and some deal will be brokered which allows for saving face on either side but maintains pretty much the status qou will be agreed. They need our money as much as anything and in the UK there is now a widespread understanding that Brexit would come at great financial cost far more than we would ever had to pay. Might even have that second vote on the deal ... but I doubt any of the political class wants to go anywhere need a referendum for a generation.
  7. Good words time to shake hands and come together and I'll stop crowing.
  8. She would need dozens and dozens of bills to sail through parliament to get Brexit done. Each one will be fought tooth and nail with plenty of remainers on her side either sitting on their hands or voting against. Brexit is dead in the water. Period. She screwed up in almost Cameronian proportions. She needs to go and go quickly and a national conversation without pre-conditions needs to be had about Brexit. Brexit as it is thought of and championed by some here is dead in the water. Stone dead. Oh and by the way - no moaning you know the rules - you may have won a battle we will win the war.
  9. She is now mad , over-promoted having to deliver the undeliverable. No sane Tory will drink from this double-poisoned chalice now. We are most probably f&&cked. Time for a miltary coup.
  10. Osborne saying hard brexit is in the rubbish bin.
  11. My savvy mate offers the following conclusion ... My crystal ball remains admittedly cloudy, but they are saying on the telly that the old bag has already done a deal with the Unionist, so it does look like that prediction might be right and she will, yet again, sacrifice the greater good so that she can grimly hold onto her tattered robes of power. If not for Brexit, the Tory's dogs of war would have stripped her naked and cast her out into Whitehall by now. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone has an appetite for taking on the inevitable f**kup the EU talks will now be. Its also worth remembering that this poisoned half witted witch (described rather brilliantly as a vindictive librarian drawn by Quentin Blake) only got the job because they had no one else to do it. I don't see a path for her being ousted any time soon, despite that being an appalling conclusion.
  12. yeah , but no working majority and a majority in the house against a hard Brexit - all soft options are really variants as business as usual - i.e, no Brexit in real terms. The game has changed.
  13. Yeah likes she thinks she has a choice - her end will be swift and savage. If you were a hard Brexiteer then she gambled her majority and lost , big and that prize is ebbing away faster than baht in a Thai bar. Time to sharpen your knives and buckle up your boots. I would be absolutely livid rather than delighted if I was on your side now.
  14. My (Thai) wife voted Tory and me Labour in what is a safe Labour seat. It is clear that a clear majority of the British electorate despaired at the hard Brexit suicide mission May seemed embarked on . That stops now - and we start to talk co-operatively with the EU about a mutually beneficial new deal. And as long as it takes - new game , new balls. Get over it Brexmoaners !