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  1. Here's their Facebook page - reminds me of the song below - the name Outlaws tells you all you need to know.
  2. Ban on ‘divisive’ Shakespeare film upheld

    Lese Bardjeste.....
  3. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I retract as I am being vituperative and tarring many with the same stereotypical brush. That said there is a sizeable proportion of the Brexit constituency that are frankly unpleasant bedfellows.
  4. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    The 'truth' from those pesky evidence 'experts' who have only spend their lives and beautiful minds sweating out policy , strategy and delivery. The ones you know who keeps the lights on and the trains running and the internet up and running. And those that man our hospitals and clinics and universities and make sure your pension is paid and the atm's that work. Business and stuff ! Those folk the technocrati who toil often in obscurity but we would damn well miss if they ever stopped working. Rather than the disadadvantaged ner do wells with life sized chips on their shoulder spluttering into their Changs about too many immigrants. To put it simply (and bluntly).....
  5. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    or the truth Khun Han - the TRUTH....
  6. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I have and I out you as Michael Harvey Khun Nauseous Khrap !
  7. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Absolutely. We can of course train up a British student to Nobel Peace Prize standard- can't we ? What the dunderheads just don't get it how international the UK has become and a world-class vibrant hub for the world's greatest and good to live and prosper in. A rising tide lifts all boats and all that. Brexit threatens all of the gains we have made post-war. The vote should be seen for what it was which was I think a cry of despair for those left behind in a shrinking , globalised world. We need to get them back on board and away from the backward looking golden age fantasists spun by likes the spiv wrecker puppet masters of Farage et al. Hopefully the pragmatic signals coming from on high will solidify into more certainties in the direction of travel and Professor Geim and others of his ilk can be persuaded to stay. Thailand is a country writ large as to what happens when you close your society from the world and treat the outside world as a threat. Brexiteers in Thailand take note !
  8. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Wow - just wow - hard Brexiteers are now an embittered rump on a sinking ship about to go down. When the Telegraph prints an article ostensibly about the perfidy of the Europeans against the British negotiators and then does an insert of the seven types of Brexit with the hard Brexit options highlighted as a disaster you know the 'Brexit is now officially off' memo has been been received loud and clear. This follows on nicely from the Mail on Sunday Vince Cable op-ed. I expect only Dirty Desmond's head banging Express will keep the faith now and some of the more enfeebled minds here. You were never going to win , and thank the lord you didn't and won't. The pound and your pension will thank you for it even if your head can't yet see the wisdom of the path we are now on. What does Brexit mean Mrs May - it means business as usual by the back door. Cue irrelevant tired mantras from those whose fox has just been well and truly shot. And at last we have got their hands off the steering wheel where we were heading for a crash. Now if only the US can sort Trump out we can have a double win. I feel like a Cameron cheery whistle as he left Downing Street coming on..... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/09/britains-brexit-negotiators-denied-water-brussels-divorce-talks/
  9. He was great , has left a huge legacy and showed the world there is still magic in a dying brain. I had the priviege to hear his daughter Ashley and his son in London recently - they were a real credit to their father. RIP
  10. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Damn wrote a long screed and seem to have lost it - never mind. I'm sure you will all cope.
  11. Marijuana use holds three-fold blood pressure death risk: study

    I used it daily for years and gave up about 20 years ago. Best thing I ever did - it makes you lazy , indolent and passive and prone to having 'lost years' in which f'all happens. Am pretty much anti it now.
  12. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    Some welcome news from deep within the tory ranks and who worked with David Davies at the Brexit Dept before the election. Chaps like him know the reality of the situation straight from the horses mouth so to speak and he certainly doesn't mince his words. Once May is back from her hols we will have a longish transition period (3 years +) and some variant of the EEA thereafter with the EU modifying some of the free movement rules (but not by much) so that face can be saved somewhat. What we most certainly won't have is a 'hard Brexit' with Britain 'uber alles' against the world. So all this hassle, angst and expectations needlessly raised will pretty much be for nowt. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/aug/09/brexit-political-party-james-chapman-david-davis
  13. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    That's the problem in their abject destitution they have incubated toxic world views that pivot around if only so and so had happened then they would have been succesfull etc. Always somebody's elses fault why they inhabit the slow lane of life. Brexit was a once in a lifetime opportunity to stick it to the man and feel potent once again. Sad to say they will lose even this and go back to peddling half-truths and salting their bitter and twisted personalties on the Pattaya bar stool. Inger.....land .....
  14. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    The biggest moaners on here are the ardent Brexiters moaning about the so called 'remoaners' . We 'remoaners' are becoming increasingly happy about the realism and pragmatism entering the debate along I would think with the larger majority of the British people. Ultimately it's about winning the war not the battle. You better get used to it and stop brexmoaning !!!