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  1. Sometimes the price of freedom aint worth paying particuarly if you have a roof over your head , food in your belly and enough elbow room for some personal freedom. 50 million people died in WW1 in a dispute between European royal family members the result of which led to WW2 and so on. For all it's sins , inequalities , widespread corruption and downright illogic I would rather see this rickety , highly imperfect state hanging together in relative peace and an absence of bloodshed than lurching into the unknown of civil strife and maybe even a failed state. Our lives are short enough as they are to want that for our families and loved ones in the so called Land of Smiles. The junta are at a crossroads now and could yet again make profound changes that could open a treasure chest of bounties. If only a smidgeon of that trickled down to the ordinary Thai people that would be progress. I hope it happens.
  2. North Korea has the ability to produce missiles and atomic weapons - Thailand .........Som Tam...
  3. As they say in the newsroom watch this space. As the Buddha said there are three things you can't hide , the sun , the moon and the truth. The junta as Baldrick would say may have a cunning plan that would make them enormously popular and richer at a stroke.
  4. There is no mystery as to who ordered the plaque to be removed in fact the only mystery is how these stories are still active in Thailand.
  5. The great thing about being a junta supporter is you are accountable to no-one and you have the guns. So therefore no need to explain.
  6. I'm not a great fan of Abhisit - but his recent comments about the missing plaque showed at least some in the establishment care about what is going on in the broadest sense.
  7. So she has gone from believing almost anything to believing you can come back from the dead and live forever in some sky church. I hope she believes in you ! That said now that piii are out of the question she may consider some cheap second houses as a proposition. Hallelujah !
  8. Totally gratutitious picture of former Fox news anchor Megan Kelly - because you're worth it....... O'Reilly must have been permanently on heat - rather like many farangs in LOS.
  9. Thailand never seems to murmer we are all in this together when austerity is needed. Bloody democracy pandering to the people. Good job everybody is so happy or this could depress them.
  10. Hmm a plaque celebrating the abolition of absolute monarchy goes walkies in plain sight. Hmm I wonder who could possibly be behind it. The mind boggles.
  11. Nasty stuff - can't stand it but love most other Thai food. Needless to say the missus and all love it , nay are addicted to it and the tok,tok,tok of the preparation. Shouldn't knock it for it always comes out top when the recurring thread of what has Thailand ever invented comes up. RIP to the poor fella - autopsy report - cause of death - Som Tam.
  12. I sincerely hope what you wrote comes true but I fear it is like asking a butcher to do brain surgery but it seems that one of the most persistent Brexit arguements is that Europe is going down and we are good to get out first. Happy days.
  13. The sad thing quite a few of the bar-stool patriots inhabiting the Land of Smiles voted / or would have voted Brexit if they were back in the UK along with great swathes of the dispossed , angry white men (and women) wondering why they can't win in life. (Hint have a look in the mirror when you put the Chang down). And these are the ones that are going to most affected by the changes coming hurtling down the line. Including the rinsed pound that we are all feeling now. And it's just going to get worse. Stopped caring now. May David Cameron rot in hell for ever letting the lunatics take over the asylum. Yours ever A.N Remoaner
  14. and until the rivers run dry and the sun dims forever - the Buddha said nothing is permanent - well this comes close .