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  1. Visa section is open 9 -12 5 days a week. If you go in person - get a wait ticket as soon as you go in and you should be seen within 30 mins max, Have your visa form correctly filled out , two passport photos and £25 fee and you will be given a receipt. You will then have to wait two days before picking it up from 11 - 12am. You may be able to have it posted back to you at some cost and I have seen agents handling bundles of passports so for a fee you would be able to get somebody to handle the process for you if required.
  2. Yes Thailand is truly a world class hub for sex tourism. Along with no 1 in the world for road deaths. I don't see any country challenging those record breakers anytime soon.
  3. "Normal" nightclubs in Pattaya

    Damn a trip to Thailand is never complete without the obligatory Hotel California (or Wings of Change / Zombies) - I'm surprised someone hasn't remixed them ...edit they have this would get the dance floor going wild...
  4. Just bought two ultrasound dog repellers....

    As I have two it will be interesting to see if a double dose makes any difference. They are 10 quid each or around 450 baht,
  5. Just bought two ultrasound dog repellers....

    arrive Thursday for an in country test. BTW have noticed that stray dogs who live in temples must have to have a placid nature if they are to stay and remain there. As I have never had as problem with any there.
  6. Just bought two ultrasound dog repellers....

    the self-confidence bit is key I think - that and treats (I hope). I want to not feel inhibited from having a wander when the mood takes me and I've never felt threatened by Thais even when stumbling through the slums by the side of the railway at Baiyoke. One of the great things about Thailand that it is relatively safe - god knows what would happen if you take the wrong turning in the USA for example and find yourself in a ghetto.
  7. Plunging British Pound Saps Expat Pension Spending Power

    Well let's leave it on a positive note - hope you enjoy your trip !
  8. Plunging British Pound Saps Expat Pension Spending Power

    like I said thanks for that. Brexit has personally cost me around 30k in various guises. So pardon me if I don't cheer with you at "taking our country back". Glad you're happy though - cheering on the Uk's downfall from the sidelines.
  9. Plunging British Pound Saps Expat Pension Spending Power

    err the day after Brexit vote announced it dropped 10% and has languished since. Direct cause and effect. Like I said we have all lost there are no winners. http://www.bbc.com/news/business-36611512
  10. Plunging British Pound Saps Expat Pension Spending Power

    well looks like we will get neither and a rinsed pound as the tories have guaranteed no hard border with Eire which will mean some sort of paid union fee. Thanks for that I will salute your Bulldog spirit when counting out my satang on my next visit. We have all greatly lost - you do see that - hope the feelgood factor you got when watching Uncle Nigel celebrate on that ghastly night has proved sufficient recompense. Can I have my 50 baht to the pound back I would happily settle for that in these straitened times.
  11. Prem refers to PM’s recent lack of support

    Long Live General Prem !
  12. Just bought two ultrasound dog repellers....

    Have just come back from a walk amongst the pampered English pooches of Kent - with the devices both hidden in my jacket pockets I sneakily zapped them on when passing any dogs. Maybe it was the traffic noise , or the fact the devices were snuggled deep in my pockets but they appeared to have zero effect or at best they looked up barely distracted from their poo/wee seeking truffle noses. Maybe I should have just bought the one first.....still Thai dogs may be different.
  13. Just bought two ultrasound dog repellers....

    sometimes they may be one and the same thing.
  14. Just bought two ultrasound dog repellers....

    they wouldn't be Thai wolves though would they it's the Thainess that gives the critters a real bite !
  15. Just bought two ultrasound dog repellers....

    ouch both ways !