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  1. Biggest cock-up of the year frankly... Announcement done over the week-end already, as of Tuesday night, biggest beverage supplier in my city can still not figure out the new prices... 7/11 (biggest retailer if I am not mistaken): - has changed the display of some cigarettes but hasn't change the price in the cashing machine... - Still selling beers at last week price so WTH is happening 555 Seems nobody has a clue about which brand is subject to how much increase... well done
  2. They have no estate agent in Nakorn Nayok?
  3. Maybe they are coming as freebies with the submarines... high quality
  4. Panthongtae Shinawatra faces legal action

    There is a loose military check point in Sak Keow if needed... Time to book the Mercedes, the plane is already back from last pick up
  5. - Pairat, fresh from his ceremonial oaths, did not wanti to disagree with his blushing new bride. 555, quicky, ceremony, truck...
  6. Ohh, it worked.. I love this one 555
  7. Last one for today.. Sorry for the spam 555