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  1. Thanks UbonJoe - Ahhh OK That's probably why I didn't get fined - Even after 12 months without submitting the TM.30 by the owner.
  2. Question: Has anyone - Taken a TM30 that has been completed by the condo owner, but without the owner present for TM30 submission - And successfully got the receipt tear off signed and authorised by Immigration? Reason I am asking: I took a TM.30 to CW Bangkok (application for No Immi O vIsa - Retirement) that was fully completed and signed by the owner - But It was rejected! I took the same TM.30 back on the same day with a power of attorney letter signed with National ID signed photocopy and it was accepted.
  3. Your experience Nyezhov was pretty much the same as mine (last week) Taking back blue receipt for getting the O visa stamp. The only differences was I used a UK Embassy letter and the trainee handling the passport she told me I can come back between 30 days and 15 days from end date for my O visa date stamp. I did ask if it was possible to come back 45 days before and she gave her answer as NO. However I was not convinced that she was fully knowledgeable since I asked her a number of questions on the detail about what I need to bring back for on the date of 12 month extension application and she could not answer any of these questions - In the end she directed me to ask the same questions to the reception / immigration officer - He just gave me a form and said read this as everything is listed on this. It would be interesting to hear back from you Nyezhov if you apply 45 days prior and get the extension. Lastly I also had the same question about when the 12 months start date will begin (Application date vs end of 3 months O visa date) and UbonJoe gave me the same answer as you got - It starts from the end of 3 months O visa date.
  4. Good Info - Thanks Ubonjoe - Fast and clear (as always).
  5. Today just back from Bangkok immigration (CW) - I got an O visa. I was surprised that the 90 days started from the day that I applied for the Visa and not from today when I received the visa. I will go back to get a 12 months extension (based on retirement) on 20th Dec - The end date for the O Visa is 19th Jan. When does the 12 month start for the extension - 20th Dec or 19th Jan?
  6. Interestingly - I was asked to give them my mobile number - So the officer can call me - When they come out to actually visit / validate the address i entered on the TM.30 form.
  7. I did my O visa application today in Bangkok - They Definitely want TM.30 notified on the tear off bit at the bottom of the TM.30. Notification occurs in the 'A' section of the immigration building - Application for 'O' Visa happens in the 'C1' section (right next door by a few metres) - Don't expect to have a meaningful conversation in the 'C1' section about TM.30 they just want you to have one. Hence if you don't have one before you get there - You need to be having conversation with 'A' section before you apply for the 'O' visa asking them what they need while asking your House Master what they have for you to take. This sounds simple, right! - But I was surprised that the condo I have lived in for the last seven years (84 units) - The owner said in the last 6 weeks this was now the very first time he has actually been required to get the tear off bit at the bottom of the TM.30 back from immigration signed as proof of address notification. Before this he simply handed over bundles of TM.30's to the local police and got a signature for receipt of the numbers of TM.30 forms provided. Any further dialogue on these supplied TM.30's was then through the police receiving the bundles, not with immigration. I am not sure if this is an isolated condo owner or its a much more general methodology used by many more condo owner. And while my experience has only been for a visa application this might have some implications to Visa extensions.
  8. Since proprietors register their rental guests with immigration via an online registration system, Looking at this from a different view. - Does Bangkok immigration have access to this system? Or since they do not issue the O Visa immediately - Must return 1 or 2 weeks after application - Do they check this as part of the 1 or 2 weeks processing they do?
  9. I'm applying CW Bangkok - What is the policy there?
  10. There is no requirement listed for proof of accomodation / rental documents on https://www.immigration.go.th/content/service_80 However on different advise blogs and the experience of some when applying for the O visa (on a visa except - applying CW Bangkok) there has been a request to see proof of accommodation. Hence my question - is any proof of rental agreement or even the full blown TM30 required for o visa application?
  11. Thanks Ubonjoe - Just a quick clarification. When I asked in Q3 Do I retain the original income letter? Your Ans = Yes. But then latter suggesting I should keep my own cooy. I am guessing here that you are really saying the original wil be retained by immigration (not by me) - Is that correct?
  12. I am making application (I am currently on a visa excempt) for O visa with form Tm 87 and BE income letter. 1. I intend to apply for extension in the last 30 days (or can this now be done in last 45 days?). 2. When I return for the extension - will I need the income letter at this tme? 3. If so - Does this mean that I actually retain the original income letter at the time I apply for the O visa? 4. If not do I need a copy of the income letter so I can use this at the time of the extension?
  13. I got my income letter yesterday from BE. I used bank account, P60 and pension statement originals scanned in electronically from UK so I could sent to BE online. I am going to immigration tomorrow for O visa conversion from VE - are print out's acceptable or do they need to see the originals that need to be sent from UK?
  14. Whoops - I guess this has been well and truly covered - Posted this about 20 pages before reaching the coverage.